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Will Bobby Valentine use Daniel Bard as a starter or reliever?

Mar 23, 2012|

Gerry, Tom Caron and Jackie MacMullan discuss Daniel Bard's role on the 2012 Boston Red Sox. Signs point to Bobby V wanting him in the bullpen but Bard has said he wants to start. The trio also chat about the Sox' chances to make the postseason.

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Dennis and Callahan Show it against you. Sports Radio WEEI. A little better. So I just should things turn out very rendered her good I'm sure being an individual players -- the same time. They're perfectly good defender Fabio goes -- maybe there's Bob. You know there wasn't. Okay you know very weird though. No let -- before that you know don't want her daughter don't have an adorable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does dinner barred yes today on the job mid day show here in the month Maloney show. But it's suddenly become a discussion once again because Bobby these sort of keeps making it any discussion once again welcome back. The Red Sox baseball along with everything else that happened last night Tom Carroll -- Jerry Cali and clearly they didn't think we could handle the show. They clearly didn't think we could handle the show alone so we welcome and so much help from the bullpen it's finger didn't bark. I -- McMullen with us the only person in this town who -- early on -- -- in -- -- god bless your house -- -- Okay actually early it's just. I think you're gonna you're gonna get really -- individually -- I'm habitually early my husband is habitually late into one thing that could do listen. Hope you're listening to -- that Patrick -- We didn't know what do you know that we want to command or on the board that -- -- -- -- -- -- don't know that is not Lilly was challenged. I couldn't wait to see shots to you'll -- and he -- not in panic meters out here -- it's unlike Kansas and Mikey had a nice to see you how are you can't do you -- I just -- to know I got this on the black the panda black -- the stock market and I know. At thirteen dollars. So let's. She's got a connection might -- this -- -- Celtics who in the title. And I didn't say that we'll get to that I -- you got your misquote and stop that's you know that's what do you do the trade deadline you know did we went all Mikey Adam Zahn must have sometimes said. There is a chance there's only one thing you know wanna gee I'm doing is going on Mikey -- -- thought I had gotten -- well that's what he did but -- -- that's so funny -- it is really went Mikey Adam -- let's play without our really originated out of -- baby panda -- everywhere. Yeah. That would be fun but no Mikey are now uninsured. He should stick let's just switch bodies for one day and he just imagine that us. It's draining -- okay -- -- right okay freaky Friday lineage the public liked about the same -- to any school graze at heart attack for -- and we also. I liked to agree and I'm still living Rendell -- governor -- -- these grandchildren Richards and -- -- children I know again he's. Angels and the role in the my children's error and oh yeah he's got a beautiful family and ended up obviously where there's so much capital last night but we were area you -- early I was gonna save all that for the next hour sorry that's -- -- -- -- we're talking about the Red Sox. A -- a lot about Bobby V. But this old Daniel Bard then yeah I thought this has been put to rest didn't you I -- it was a done deal I thought he is your fourth -- should be a done deal well he's he's walked in everybody. So you could have -- an old man. Let's solves the problem -- if you -- if you put him in the bullpen you risk. Really mess in the -- I think at this point it's a week away a thirteen days away he can't say yeah that didn't work back to and by the way back to bullpen in what role. Well the role that I'm not sure now -- they think more -- and is the guy they thought he was. Right demo Linton is supposed to be Daniel Bard in 2002 right Billy Ray Rice is title bought that lets you replace it sounded that was done deal -- -- daily replacing Papelbon really almost. But I have to go to that now. I understand right but TI I I didn't and I haven't been to spring training this year first time in a long time -- -- -- And so I haven't had my my dose of Bobby -- yet but I thought what he was doing with -- Was trying to toughen them up mentally because that's a big question with partisan if you're no weakness that would Kenny handled the pressure -- and I think I thought what body he was doing was you know what. Let's let's stick with this mental pressure early let's do a spring training or it doesn't cost the same thing let's see what a kind of metal he has up. And apparently he's not thrilled with the results. Well and Bobby is getting very specific about this is the -- on use of the changeup which is what we knew this would all be about Daniel -- has always asks -- so -- -- some enemy mr. baseball man -- involving -- Bobby -- even -- -- like game -- say throw the -- changeup well apparently he's in my and I know he didn't throw the changeup and he said afterwards bars and afterwards because. He wasn't effective -- wanted to give back to my straits what you can't get back. You're strange says they do pitch pitcher. If -- start well and where does the catcher come into play are you calling for the change Japanese waving you off right. That I don't know that's why why why why isn't just in Bobby -- saying hey Danielle. For all the change up because he's probably be -- anybody be set of publicly he's probably been told privately that you walk into many guys he's probably want I I didn't check -- his changeup for strike I think he's trying to toughen him up when he's trying to well maybe shake him up a little but you cannot tell me he's thinking of putting back to -- well I can because of once they talk here's to you because here's the great secret. Talk to scouts say that is. By most people's standards a better option as a starter and you can't I don't think. You can put them both in the relies on -- nearly one of them in the bullpen. I'm trying to remember when Papelbon was trying to be a starter and I was -- spring training and you know and -- I remember talking to men's locker and saying to somebody when I left. The guys ought to be a starter he's he's got that close until I bit my recollection was it was pretty early on in spring training that did they decided. You know let out we can't do this because you have to give the guy time -- -- -- What's the opposite the stretch and go yeah creating them now -- kinda shrink down and was an honest straight inning guys. Let me add I think he would risk -- win too much amassed some of them will now. But if you put him in the bullpen if he's just gonna crushed again because he has is all his hopes up he's a starter now and I think he's my prediction. Every year this something we had that happens the know once saw a common and end core or everyone expected. It can be you know like the opposite he's going to be good he's going to be a good starter. When you sit in a Memorial Day and is going to be you know five and one or something more Debbie that's surprising guy that doesn't surprise I thought he would the only set Donna Harris I would be now -- our rules -- doesn't just talk. They're I I I heard chilling -- talking about it too and he's just these sketches had baffled he's in chilling never says sister says I have no idea what -- always going to be as a starter. The eat. He didn't he doesn't really understand it on the move understand that. The approach right now I don't either I'm -- I don't know if you have a problem with a monthly change at the. But he's got two more starts edit and and running out of time and if you Daniel Bard it's the same thing that was so interesting the -- You're better off being a starter for your career post are being in every every sense of the word free -- now financially and otherwise. I tell me who both sides Papelbon wants to be a blow them up accordingly like the adrenaline -- -- right now the bullpen with the music but most guys. Understand that being a starter. Is a great job. John Lackey makes 82 million dollars and I'm this year C. J. Wilson got more money than dappled lawn and -- couple months twice the pitcher Brett. But not Papelbon is Smart because he knew who he was new is that I remember that shoulder with Papelbon you don't hear about it anymore. Because because you control flames for an inning dornin in a corner and I thought one thing that. You know people can I love the way people don't follow -- Francona now he's got but you can never talked about him over using Papelbon he was always really -- really conservative Winamp unlike say Joseph Torre a hall of -- measured it just destroys relief pitchers right and and he was never that way with Papelbon Papelbon should send him. They bouquets of jump up but it's -- really -- here we -- -- -- he's come back -- back to come get closer -- gets more -- right now -- who's tobacco. Eight inning guy. -- perceived as since there's as seed so facility they barred the back up anything and now. Now that IBM (WSJ) Michael Bolton becomes here you know I mean that's. But played just got my little they've ever had only as they connect and this is and they had some here in the organization -- one is -- going to be -- this something in the next next time he's got two weeks inherited these out of options he IRL it he's at the end. It's but he might make. An interesting addition to the ball you know because he's a guy can go long and you got a bright yeah you gotta have somebody to round up -- throw an alcoholic -- maybe that would be that he turnaround. The need to think think though let's say is because knuckleball like we -- -- -- I don't know probably well -- I do any backwards did you see that check you by the guy did a lot like I did with -- -- -- -- camera hog -- camera a camera on his handlebars. Like your TV -- TC didn't have to ask permission they just put it there. But he I think you would -- the end Abdullah by getting -- -- -- -- -- And I know enough about why can't Italian you know what I saw last night that I hadn't seen before was the commercial with that the Jordan's Furniture commercial was about Indian yelled out points and -- -- already a couple of cellular you know early at a walking around you don't -- songs -- they -- grand talking about the promotion and on the you know since last week somebody hits the ball but but Bobby's -- -- moved -- -- all the furniture and I was -- -- -- -- one -- -- guys will do it doesn't. This isn't it. Is -- this. A surprise this is exactly what we knew we were gonna get and it won't matter one iota. If they win it's just won't matter to be the -- to yourself. Well and then people jump all over many expect this I was always want to bosh yeah who wouldn't get that. Right what did Aaron is not getting a jump on here's the what we're talking about Bobby V and not chicken beer but if we've been talking about -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if in July he's the guy they need. But in march of 2000 taught what he's -- -- that's why what how many games does he does he have to make the playoffs absolutely yes absolutely if they lose the 10 AML playoff or a friend and don't want us I lively -- they just. I saw said about that -- and I'm not gonna -- the one I'm sorry. I love it why I love because you know what I loved last year I love that last game. With against the Orioles and everything that was writing grant a stay in regular season history with that goes -- email. What I -- I -- and won more playoffs are also Major League Baseball things today will now have that night to start the playoffs every year. But see here's flannel like out of that is why don't like it because now let's just say you're five games back but you can still be in the one game playoff because you're not gonna -- the timeframe -- -- still communal. Then you start signaling your guys in losing however many games you need to set up you know so you have. Curt Schilling or whoever on the -- and -- -- the same way where you have to fight for that one playoff spot they will -- -- -- now that now they think they've done is for the first time the Yankees or whoever. Will fight for the division. Because they wanna avoid that one game whereas they used to arrest everybody forgets that didn't write that didn't bother because they -- that -- -- just. They have to make the playoffs on the and I guess the one game Plavix until the players and they're going to be picked by most people the first third right so if he finishes third in wins ninety. Is that there's ever wanted to see the light off. Yeah I think everybody feels the playoff -- -- here's the thing I know here's the thing Bobby V. Right now you just -- everybody thinks are gonna finish third so if they don't if they finish second. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- kind of bad for -- already it's like the all that I don't his legacy is intact and elbow question him and -- no question he's there yesterday sent yeah -- that I like -- -- -- or in this had been expected but John Henry called -- the day he said -- five months too late but that's a pretty good this line you know what. They just kicked them on the way out the door and now everybody who loves Bobby V is employee is about time they got back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I tell you something on drugs OK so he was taking some painkillers I assure you he was taking knows when they won the World Series chart right that guy has been in pain. And -- now wanna -- a while Jacqui because I think -- kicked on the way out the door leg he did yes. Pinpointing what color they are really trying to more and should not just don't managers employees Jones they said Casey was on drugs now averages falling aren't I -- -- -- like Miami listening to smear campaign yes I thought I was all right Elizabeth there's no -- those are the Red Sox not as Abbott Nomar Schilling -- a little history here this raise the -- man went -- to -- it was it was terrible. It was a disgrace but here's the thing. Francona has gotten behind because Bobby -- will be different. And he might win too but I I agree with you -- I don't think it changes the way Francona did it and how we how he succeeded. And how his players viewed him now the players are gonna you know they're going great at what I was disappointed in most of almost all these players. Did that to me was -- if I'm Francona I'm more disappointed in their comments and AM but an ownership that's got to cover the Iran Iraq because that's what they do they're all about business. If -- can't -- I don't. What about my guys I took the bullets for you broke a what I said privately was different than what I said publicly and those are the guys that I would want a look at say really guys. When John Lazio there when Jon Lester publicly said we really needed some of the common in September -- shame on -- who did more for Jon Lester -- -- and then another best was very excited. -- I respect them like I respect all my -- -- that was his line about -- you know and that's about that's because tech couldn't couldn't accept the fact that it was the end -- -- -- -- I thought he handled that -- and -- eleven retire with dignity. Detection -- himself and Wakefield should be Sean Preston are gonna fly to -- like -- -- -- Red Line I know Jerry told us nobody in the eye nose tell us is John I always thought. Well I guess so remote control on his own you know I call -- get to do you ever double the calls we've got Jack McMullen we've got a guy you've drinking tea that you on -- -- near.

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