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David Ortiz joins D&C at Spring Training

Feb 27, 2012|

Ortiz talks about his future with the team and how much longer his career will last. He also talks about how he deals with the negativity from those outside the team.

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But Sox designated hitter David Ortiz making his way to the broadcast site. Which we asked for mortgages going to be thirty seconds -- the dump it off let's send us your De'Angelo -- yeah that's true we want an autograph but but an interview. With the pendulum. I think he's put too much pressure on the -- yeah he's -- and -- in the big leagues which it looks like he's enjoying himself doesn't think he's so good yeah I mean he's signing up he's not. -- everyone -- the same question. These happen in seven and got star public he's about eighteen -- -- Obama fans he's thanking them for common it's unbelievable. Look at -- comes. On -- W yet David how aria. And it's you know you got us an interview with the Angeles avoided an imprint on the ground autograph too. The star of the show around here and man. In new enough for gears now taking after his old man does that -- yesterday at our marketing director and yeah. I think the more leadership role with this team to feel compelled with with Jason not hear him not here. -- you and -- you're the guys that other guys look up to. Are around me. And always been guys that are doing spoke to in. And just turn out of bloopers and much it's. Straight to. Do the right thing in and more well. Would you have been happy I'm happy or just say it is what it is had to go under the arbitration case a -- that -- auditors. Would make any difference. No I think once -- agreed to go to rotates arbitration. The vocal that you. Gonna be playing where you sort of it into an agreement so bright. -- I think from where. We as pursuing my arbitration case knowledge. When things have only used them into an agreement the last day. Before. We go from -- In. Everything was so good. Do you think it's wise to sit in on it as a player because it's it's business he'll say an all time baseball as a business isn't but they're gonna present a case that. Kind of tears you down in your guy's gonna present a case that sort of build you up is that good for beauty here. The management of his baseball team say well he's not so good in this area we think he's lacking there and that's what you who will pay him -- some element is that healthy for you -- had to go through there. So. Acting really Unionists Provo. But and yeah I mean got to be crazy. This is listening to the team that we afford to leave very that you're so if if if it. Why it why not go. With the process you're gonna win mean they offered a poultry raise. After you put up numbers last year I thought it was a slam dunk you were gonna win that 11 not all through that he didn't wanna. Listen to their. Well all right I do to be -- which you're right we just break -- to going to a negative meaning they dig into me I agree with and and you know I think. I learned a lot of things of arbitration and there have been arbitration before and that is in case welcoming to. And for energizing wherever you know so. I was looking for -- in that don't work out. -- what I. We. We got into an agreement before who worked into the rule them and I think it was a good respectful tremendous come going to be -- he's his own data whatever you know and and that and then that is targeted to it in and in -- -- throw in a loan that as the -- here. Are you. Through negotiating and you want them to your deal we're thinking right up to that date that you might. Work out a two year deal you're backed plan for your free Derek and I chipped. No oil a day. Ago is and always open to whatever you know when these things they do Weston in -- a two year deal and you know it's not like I was sorry that this business and it's not narrow is we what you want. So they can that there. Looking at you as a one year deal that after this the Soviet do you feel that way. And through now yes. You know until now I mean. I asked for it to the idea then. He means it -- the more so far. Interest and and do me do you do they have from where they can I want you do the -- -- and here we are once again. Would you take us through the emotions from the end of the season up to now you personally dealing with September getting that passed -- removal on -- forward. Products it was it was it embarrassing at the end anger frustration. And then now motivation. Well home. Prior -- this season. And you I don't think it was one person. And the Red Sox Nation that was we have. The way we end. And things you goings at the and it was like. Joining -- which. For us and now. Me when I Soto where were great in August. And again and in June -- are you an engine. I was like well. There's no question though is going to Oprah. You know and haven't had drug. And their way happens. Aegis. So long all you energy and and and and thing to -- so thank him. You know and and and what -- wasn't I don't realize is that from from from situationally that you do nothing more learned a lot of things. You know you can never take anything for granted them -- You -- you can go from the talk and talk to -- men and and Harvey. And -- up and goes right -- -- -- reassuring them on the position that this are my teammates think of the same thing. You know I know. And like I was keeping them before I don't blame the situation however let him the last game there was. -- things. What we went through the hole would you -- those -- that we have right there that we never look we we've they got away from us and situationally. You know yes. All of that count -- of the season. And I SA overdue idea learn from it and and in thing take a restaurant here. You were upset that. I guess the globe the globe for that little thing -- -- X compared to you Jim Rice. Is Jim -- was done at age 36 -- but he was gonna nature's extreme -- -- hall of fame career he was great put up numbers. Unbelievable player but done at 36. What do you blame people for thinking that might happen you might happen any every player at that it just. It's you know -- I don't really care about or anybody say -- You could say what are you want these. Don't go to my way. You know I look at myself what's. That that. You know. When I was when I was feet -- Odierno what I wanna be. So awakened coma right now in and tell me one going to be tomorrow just today you know. When the next few days in the prong or. -- people. Wanna put negative TVO people's. I don't think it's fair you know I'm home I'm I was watching. These. And that I get in and in my heart and look at the news order just this is good I guess our question every day. So so and I wanna keep open and get to know how things are going to us. It's not like you are supposed to nor does because you believe there -- no say so. But I'm looking through it and I so this -- talking that was right after -- I went through arbitration and and David was saying whoa. And this from ever making -- -- When you -- it was -- basics. He was done it's going to be certainly you know they were just gonna be like -- you so. I totally agree with terrorists are using when you did in this and that -- You know like I. You know this -- borrowers -- contreras you know. I've been here ten years and I never. They -- us on to say you know this game is easy -- Washington -- -- is easy for you to say oh these -- from NASA. When you -- between those two large. -- the game TO disease you know say. So would you you have people -- over the negativity -- when we go into the kind that was going on right now. We turn into who. To put it this season to bear that in -- and have a program that I mean. What why -- -- different than Jim writes or different and whatever that any number of sluggers who you know Gary Carter we just read a lot about that passed an unbelievable player he was like 34 to -- -- human rights and duties. We've got to be different. How long do you think you can do. I don't know that I on this guy wanted to do. Forty. Hopefully you're golden just go until he can do or you work hard every year to reform. We want you to come by here. And I can do an old war. And in that area of their. I assume bench Harrington or whoever's thank him he's got one more year left. They -- for the -- for years that true that's true does that make April may more important than ever see. My whole season is important to me. We kind of walked to the play. Where every somebody. I wanna change -- game I wanna do -- thing that can hold the ball close to winning game so. Send it to mean that vision not a quota or -- -- that can tell me what I'm gonna that. Just between me and the -- A lot of people are pulling for Carl Crawford to get back to the top of the order which I think means David Ortiz with its sixth and have not much protection behind him. That's got to be a bad idea in your mind. Normally do I know whatever they prove me Maria. -- -- He's just above. Come to the feeling pain and Gary -- in out in though it. And though I mean. No way in February mother and a relay at the end of the season. Now on the other hand. -- -- an idea what it would have been. So. Like I say man this a lot of people that are. And and I -- -- no way to would have been because they're saying this for years. Everybody. Steve Coleman and see -- rather computer right there and and be let go its 36. You're done. Today you big -- me. I know more body I know what I need to do. I know how to keep over the game. You know it and those are things that I you're learning. Kelli give up drinking. Junk food that kind of thing. Why are these. -- holding a broad. And it's. You know I just think that -- and die you edited things is to make India's human and. And we you yourself -- situation. Do you think you can play better this year that you -- last year. Hopefully that's my goal. 31 hundreds at a 29 and 96. Is that read the post up at all they continue to battle that is as you expect yourself to do better than that IOs look forward to the weather in the U four. Always. And then and they always. Relate to be. Get better soon. What would you do if you if you. After an -- that. You come up with a club sometimes it gets loose whatever and in this teammate sitting there just not paying attention you know eat and drink and whatever. When you -- that we. Well that will be where the leadership comes into play where you. Kind of let your feelings be known if you allow that to happen again. -- good question. Do you think. No I don't you wouldn't you wouldn't. They think that what I don't think it I don't think -- -- no mandate like FAA Dinka people learn from their mistake. In. Appreciate it going to be better just an end this year. -- situations. In. And like oh say. This this whole. -- inning getting crazy can things being blowing up. Beginning what it is. Just USC but there you Joseph. About it to you said if you don't know slumping home right back to the fried chicken. Is that how you guys -- gonna handle it as humor can you laugh about it now I mean you can but do you think. Shuttle. Like I say Amador has meant it and and Jeremy in my -- mind. No oil being at ten years and have him being. And I don't say that it never gonna have amber. You have them being the day that a our GM or owner or -- -- whom it is just to. To correct me on something that I. That undo draw on the violating the rules here you know I I I work here one day and since they want and they put their rules and the board right there for you to created. And so did you if you wanna -- so. Was too upset -- you for sticking your head in the press conference. You guys have words about that though you guys -- that -- just ask him. You get as low for me in if you had it to do over again would you do it again or if you read today in every Iowa from me yes -- at -- yeah I mean -- would but sticking your original press conference. Well I I wasn't looking forward to. To stick my head in the press -- over in our work in it was in a mirror of the press governor -- totals and at the Tokyo after you've done. Yeah but then you guys find out what it was that it was going to go to an abundant balloon blow it. Didn't look at them. So. He would do it again and you if you read today in every fairway from me yes. You you have no problem Valentine saying no here in the club house correct. And noise is we're. -- -- issues with anything with Bobby V so far how's that going area. That -- -- -- batches -- there's a benefit to contrast Valentine and Francona. Are -- different. Well I think I think they they. I can really do too much of Obama you need. You know -- gang Starr. You know -- -- more confrontation more. All things. Commandos you know. So. I -- would -- since 2004 -- into last year. And feel. To mean deal was due to me Tito. You know we used the word reminded. -- way and it comes. We were doing some trauma we were. Forgetting about things do -- pulled me aside and tell me. As gorgeous but they just go back to do is a -- today. Or it was -- it was to -- communication between me and do. That's why when when there are a lot of people saying number took -- -- veto. He was. Not responsible for the thing that was going Dominic -- to us by us and -- it is that easy to the people we everything. Something's gonna get out of -- something's gonna. And walk away from his first in the situation when you -- to win all things. It's this is space. It's on us as far as don't know what we need to do when he goes -- into the situation that happened last year I mean deal is in the -- yeah. Very winnable day. As a player we need to you know back him be -- read their -- You're backing up do you have a theory as to why somebody in the organization maybe somebody in the clubhouse somebody on that team. Felt like it was their business to -- and information from Boston Globe is didn't seem fair to -- get a series to watch somebody would do that somebody had a grudge against him. Our idea was you know what's coming on next have to you don't some late day what once somebody find out you. In the though you know say because is gonna facing. That's the -- organization I mean you you -- -- or everything organized and it goes on to. The situation right you know saying that's what we have bosses who. Pool pool. Made this season. Let us -- all things go. You you get picked third by just about everybody. So far of -- almost everyone think you finished third in the division out of the playoffs. Give a problem with that cute cute I you do you welcome that does that. Right now -- on a pro. That amber I would have approach. -- -- -- people who got us this on the I like him though is this expression. I mean last year we did he and -- that we have -- anyway it was elections under games yeah -- games the computer match everything in a day. Right now. Okay and done respectable to have them. And and and we've been on the though before. We come on so. Hey do you feel are you glad happy for a run and run. Florian. To me now the situation -- amber does it did do meant is that am I am happy for. Him. Now I -- to be mall. You know India's. The -- games you know. Nobody knows the real deal this I don't know you guys don't know hopefully always say this is true. You know and in this -- Do you know him from the moon from Milwaukee from out there. Yeah we always. Exchange -- reckoned for when that whenever they come and and we've. We've played in order you know it's but I have a lot of people say and he's a good kid and in. And. Can always. May leave you player's decision in -- -- Who are supposed to -- -- what was the deal is going to be afterwards so. I'm gonna let that underhand. David Ortiz thinks the time good luck in the rules of the Boston. And you you can focus of the an interview with that -- De'Angelo who's hitting the Pakistan has. An island in two innings. 66. It didn't pay EU was charging for autographs. It's these beautiful -- enough. Good advice did the talking. It doesn't end.

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