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Why now might be the time to trade Rajon Rondo

Feb 21, 2012|

D&C chat about Gerry's column in the Boston Herald in which he writes that Rondo needs to be traded now.

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So it's it's not -- panic it's Callahan panic everywhere you look everywhere -- last couple days get all got all out of here and now this morning. Gerry Callahan Boston Herald says time to trade -- point guard. Maybe now and so that was -- also have time to trade -- point -- -- don't he's now. Jury's conclusion the -- read the read the ending before the beginning. So for change in the Celtics their next game is no different from their next season or their next era. They would rather have Rondo -- not have Rondo but in the end it doesn't really matter it's going to be a struggle either way. Jordan makes the case that. They -- eighteenth and falling apart after the Lindsay Lohan. March 15 trading deadlines come around Rondo turned 26 tomorrow. I he's signed a real body top ten point guard in the league by its nasal hire the top ten point and by the way. And fourteen point eight points per game proving he can score when he wants to he can score. And when he does that loops back off or just just you espouse your philosophy and you think that this guy is not win the Big Three disappear. A leadership material guy leave the Celtics. Into the next you don't think that's what he's built for clearly sees -- Very good player with a lot of lot of strikes lot of attributes. But one of them is not carrying the team when these young players around him when they're rebuilding around in this is not. A cornerstone guy it's the guy who needs help who needs. Allen on the wing Pearson the other way and Garnett in behind him on our defense around him yes and which means to me that he's a lot more valuable to another team than he is. To the Celtics pick out you know your affection for a mature album and I love this. Everybody says I'm a big Rondo got an uptick. We can't think that way. Think about what he brings to the table as a player all -- -- those weaknesses and tell me this is he more valuable to a contending team that has. Couple of all stars. And just needs a point -- needs a distributor or is he more valuable to a Celtics team that is going to be. Rebuilding in earnest beginning this summer. -- doesn't that scheme that would take Rondo on need to give the Celtics something of of of serious consequence. Would not make them less of a team that by the acquisition -- the -- that is yes. As far as I'm concerned it's just my opinion I think Rondo is a guy. That you can use to help. Re invent this basketball team has he been the most mature most level headed guy will be a that I -- not -- -- -- the water ball to the TV screen it proves not however. Keep in mind that that that that not unlike. What was required of him when he had the scoring people around him of a viable Ray Allen and Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett before you know -- started taking -- -- What he was asked to do was distributed not to score. Now that they are short of on the -- he's been asked to score a little more and he's doing that I don't -- -- and then I might do in that -- I might suggest to you. At the same thing what happened when it comes to leadership roles. Rondo was not the first or second or third leader on this team maybe not the fourth of the theft but once these guys are gone something different is going to be -- Rondo. It would seem to me that you're trying to recruit. Up Max salary guys in here big create probably one hopefully two in here. Part of the attraction part of that that recruiting process would not be. The weather in Boston would not necessarily be the city in Boston. I guess we've heard a number of times it would be playing under Doc Rivers I think having Rajon Rondo running the shell. Would make a Dwight Howard type guy more likely to come here the let's say Avery Bradley. Was running well I think you have to gauge that and I think you have to would put -- on first of all. And and decide whether there is any hope at all if Dwight Howard would ever consider coming here to play with -- aging Paul Pierce. Andy they -- Rajon -- in his prime and you have to reach a conclusion that no that's not likely that's not. Possible and then you move to the next plan to move to the next that. Would you not agree that without Rondo here and all those guys gone it is a bigger rebuilding project to get back to where you wanna go you already have a critically important point guard in place -- on Rondell we can debate ten or seven or fifth best. Third pastor whatever you wanna say. But after critically important piece of the puzzle to get this franchise moving forward to two to dump that. Means now you need that piece you need a big and you need a score a lot more stuff. If run a big god do you think he's better than Deron Williams now you know now. So why top five point guard why would you rather have Rondo then Deron Williams is gonna get -- Toronto's freeagent freeagent freeagent so I mean you're going to be way under the cap. Yes you could if you want to and Dwight Howard would rather play would Deron Williams. Not to that's likely. But. In on the it's he's a better player we we get. Enamored of a Veronica as we see him every day and we appreciate him and we -- what he's done but he's done it with three hall of famers around them. What's gonna happen when instead of pierce Allen and Garnett it's Juwan Johnson and us to. -- run in the way it is I'll let him over John Rondo has done in the last several years is just throw the ball those three guys and let them shoot at these these distributed -- -- -- -- -- he -- the -- -- -- challenges -- on the fast -- -- -- defensive problems -- their point -- -- -- other people. He I think you've got a tremendous job and it the other thing I'm the -- that's I corset that aren't we asked to forward not back right I think he's part of the solution not part so I and I ask you do you think he can be disaffected would you want Johnson run on one wing and and Sasha probably coming up. It would be right there and what not wouldn't be as effective as it would Derrick Williams -- -- puts more. The airwaves can shoot threes as a as a result last night. I think the larger question is the petulant with Rondo is he going to pout all season if he is the big guy and he's he's he's not getting anybody else to help. -- -- Doc Rivers and a quiet moment to say that he would be war he wouldn't say definitively that. He's going to be a pain in the ass but he is concerned. That when they go back to square one. Which they might have to do we don't know what with -- bring in and we don't know who they can sign we don't know who's going to be here next year -- when they go back and and again younger and and and no start this process all over again. We'll Rondo being with the program will he be. -- team guy will leave the paint and rivers that. Isn't that a conversation that Danny and doc would have with Rondo and find out what he is embraced -- of the leadership role would be on this team going forward. You would sit down have a conversation with him beyond that. When we've got to help point at the beginning of the season prior to the first game being played after the lockout we asked. Three separate people the smartest player in the on the team was and I believe two of the three all three said the same thing. Said the same thing and two of the three said not only -- shorty. -- smartest player on this team he may be the smartest player in the NBA. In terms of knowing the other team sets in terms of knowing what's going on there went in terms of what how he should be mentally prepared to play this particular guard. On this particular team on that particular night -- but they say that about most point guards but. And I Garnett says has said that many times and docs edit Ray Allen says they -- said -- short it's Smart you know on the ice that's. Part of the problem all pandered to on the all are and they all afraid. That detail you'll get out of sorts they don't get mad that he'll get petulant overhearing the interview we -- -- sitting there and it's just it's it's all it's been a team thing they have they have news stroked his ego and pumped his tires. The last few years. For the for a number agencies you know underpaid in his mind he didn't get the Max deal he never gets enough credit because of those guys I mean it always afraid. That the the the you know that that the bad Rondo will rear his ugly head of the. Run those upset not dealing Max contract PS3 years left on his contract wouldn't play his ass off and B is invaluable possible. And then get a Max contract to be finds himself in the top 23 point guards in the NBA the catcher Jeff there's the financial motivation. Of course there are always there about any player at any time but do you think this latest scoring outburst as which should see. That when you personnel or when Allen Garnett are gone because it doesn't it isn't help and -- that. Sit Everett in the games you scored over twenty that two and four. I mean that's not his job at least trying to do to prove a point he can get to the -- know. And score to do it because -- album went three for seventeen in the first three quarters of that game or Paul -- signal off its title his job to distribute and not a they're making the shot at some point yet to -- the -- load upon himself so that what you want I don't think -- an idea the other guys sucking. The other guys are struggling but he takes some of the slack up and and score some more point 620 something shots it's a bad thing for the Boston Celtics they have not succeeded when he scored but. Is that what you want next year year after you want Rondo -- your school war. Are what brought -- -- topic is going to be around cameras around -- -- they score -- -- lose if you -- let's see -- -- kind of guy around him that yes -- got to be a score now if you have -- if you have a -- a group of around him or you -- I -- -- -- want -- around him I don't have to be a score it's based on what that that composition is the basketball team. Just in Connecticut to the NC good morning Jeff. I got don't perform well thing. -- -- -- -- on the huge -- When I'm worried about at night in every building aid and if we are building a lot of young player but I think we got -- well. I'm -- capture everything you know it well our doctors county. A lack of pick him up for her young players than power back to work out that. We need to go into our building paid all young player out of pocket to handle that -- can't get straight at all. Well I didn't Yevgeny taken -- young player that stumbled towards. It's a matter of changing your stripes I think it's a matter of looking who you have and where the core players are on your team and a thirst published. All the fame to be veterans like KG and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. It would stand to reason that you would be deferential to them coach your team around them and may be Avery Bradley doesn't get the shot as quickly when you've got people in front of him. If you have nothing but a roster of young players he has no choice is a typical and up and try to get that NBA ready. I think you're right and here's why. I have some faith that he can handle rebuilding process because he knew what he was admitted to feature signed up last year that they re upped for five years now I know. It's hard for anybody even if they get more money in the bank to turn down seven million a year to coach NBA. And and I know they they overwhelm them with the money but he knew what he was getting into he -- taken a year off and -- son play it on TV gone back in the NBA. Next year. He wanted to be here and he knew that he wasn't going to be with Garnett and Allen knew that it was close -- much longer right. So we know it was gonna have young guys who knew we was gonna be overseeing the rebuilding process and and don't you think doc is Smart enough. Is it is is is good enough for coached it to make that a general question about it -- -- no question no doubt and he might be tough on point guards. But that's okay yes I wanna go back at 4458 either the year before Garnett came and that that's isn't really you don't thanks so I think that wore him down men that wore it used to upset throughout the -- is a struggle about how we're getting through this thing -- Now he doesn't admitted it to us or anybody else do you think he has a plan in mind set -- plan -- names. And and and years and contracts and money for this rebuilding process who's going to be here. And and who's not. And do you think he has because debt much or dock dock so that the bullet that they both the -- -- targets -- it give aboard the targets on it yet but nobody good on. Of the Dwight Howard are the target. That's the problem it's Toyota bust of and -- I mean and that's not but the truck that's why you trade Rondo. Because you don't get anything for Garnett or Allen mean you get something back and that they have to remember Clarence contract. -- -- only guy you can say we getting back. At least equal value may be more intimate you get back tell you get back something you can build on Rondo is not a guy they look at I don't think and say we can build. Around this guy because he's so much better. I'm a veteran team so much better -- copies -- complementary team already contending right I disagree I think giving Rondo is exactly the -- and built around we'll talk -- and Providence Kevin -- in the rest your phone calls and DNC returns.

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