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Barry Pederson, NESN, previews Rangers/Bruins and talks about the NHL Trade Deadline

Feb 14, 2012|

Barry joins Mut & Lou to preview tonight's big matchup at the Garden between the Rangers and Bruins. The Bruins are seven points behind the Rangers in the Eastern Conference and will look to close that gap with a win tonight. Barry also shares his thoughts on the NHL Trading Deadline and what he thinks the Bruins need to add to make another Stanley Cup run.

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Let's stop our Mott and -- ID 37 WEEI Garrity two chances to win Celtics -- tickets already got another chance. In the 1 o'clock hour on this Valentine's. Day. 2012 we'll get to all your phone -- start a lot with a baseball. Here early in the Red Sox and the ownership what you look for out of of owners. Bruins play big one tonight against the Rangers and joining us NASA's very -- he's on the ATP hotline -- TNT four GL TE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible. -- reading a lot about Claude -- turning up the intensity. On the Bruins practices blast weaker so is that a common practice when you get to this point in the season early February couple months to go before the playoff -- that. So remind your team the intensity level they need to play with the rest of the way. We hope you don't have to but I think it's a situation where the Borough of implant so poorly the last three weeks or so. It is a bit of a wakeup call it's very similar to what they had I think at the end of October when they weren't playing very good hockey. They lost those back to back in -- -- much -- what was kind of the bottom. If the coach got their attention then from there it -- -- that great run of course in November and December. And the -- lost their way a little bit here and I think uncharacteristically. Bruin. Game has disappeared where they're just not playing good solid team defense. Goaltending has not been as strong as it had been but I think that's more. Play the guys in front of them and I think most importantly they just haven't had better urgency that. Temple where was so strong they -- coming actually way he's playing good 515 o'clock PM and attacking me kind of been sitting back and I think. Of one the other aspects of the -- really I think in these situations cut dwelled on as they -- a lot of retaliatory penalties and it's time to initiate not retaliate but both of things -- kind of the working -- You know they've struggled lately and on the wanna say that every -- what Tim Thomas -- has been a distraction at this point maybe it's leading to that at what point do you think. What -- become that -- as far as he continues with this do you think that they're feeling at all in the Clinton in the locker room. No I don't think it's a problem like. Again I have a little different bet on it that I picked immediate making a lot of -- but I think Timmy not really help the situation by going on to a public. Placed on FaceBook and in doing that. This is a veteran team that that knows how to handle adversity it's going to support situation the bridge Bergeron concussion situation as well -- they've been down two games to Montreal two games the Vancouver of course when the cut at the very. Strong mentally tough team with a lot of veterans. But that being said you can see now is that as a question and start to pick up the guys don't look all that. Comfortable with -- for obvious reasons that I would think somewhere in here. The recent discussions with the mean it was some of the guys talking about it. And maybe you become a to a different conclusion but I don't think it's a problem yet. But to continue to it will become. Very -- you say some of the guys do you think that conversation would apple with the teammates guys that they reserve mutual respect for whatever come from the Bruins front office that is seemed. Camille Little bit put off that this has become such a a public issue with their goaltender. Why don't they the Bruins office made any. All the bottom and let everybody know they've been talking about a before the Washington. Game release that the -- six weeks inaugural was aware of what was going on they talk to the but they also. I give the organization a lot of compliment on that they've handled this to be like adults very mature they understand that is somebody's. Freedom of speech and I don't know what you -- the way I played thank god we didn't have all this public form because I get I don't go on right now I -- -- old school. But man to think of what what some players say what kind of away from Jimmy's situation completely but what you what some. Players are saying and doing what games are going on what playoffs are happening while it's just it's just crazy to me but that's just me a good old school. Yet a dozen makes a lot harder to form for that. Old saying you know what happens in the clubhouse locker room stays there will only get twittered everybody up they're talking too much it kind of -- and now this team. Because -- I look at the schedule Barrett back pedal like this mean they have. -- what what a perfect way to step Bobbitt a lot of people think OK you're struggling you don't want -- aren't right now but this probably a perfect time to Gordon and -- the Rangers. Tonight and then even beyond that six game road trip a six game road trip rather. I love that does not these guys to spend time together that's all -- focused on and hockey it's guitar and kind of turned things around. Yeah I agree I think if you look at last year for example when they really start to turn things around when they went on the West Coast trip just before the trade deadline of course. Yeah did probably get a some of the other pieces in there that really have kind of made this team Chris Kelly. But it really made solidified just keep the playoff run I think they need -- right now for only the reason that you mentioned but. Don't you go on the road eat your attention to detail I think as a little bit. Brought to the forefront your you're supposed to go in there and you're going to be playing Bruins hockey which means you play an up tempo team defense. Good goaltending. Specialty teams you're on the road to be a little bit harder for you. To do your match up for your shut down for Chara or Seidenberg for example. They're gonna have to pay attention to detail when the Bruins play like that there is no the team in this league it's as good as they are five -- five. We're talking to Barry Petersen and you mentioned the trading deadline last year. Look for the casual fan guys like Beverly has like Chris Kelly or not they weren't household names Barry. When you look at team needs this year eleven days out ten days now and trade -- 2012. How do you rank this team's team needs heading to that deadline. What but the one thing that became pretty evident when interference was noted that they're gonna need to have left and it defenseman. And I think we can go around and feel that throughout the league. There's a lot of people think that will be seller you're going get I was kind of look at me go to Gleason. -- Carolina -- a player than I was very interested in for this team to pick up. If I'm not as worried about the right hand cycle I think Seidenberg obviously can play the -- But the right handed shot have a real tough time going over -- a web -- to wanna get a guy there. I also have Doug Hamilton coming up. From junior for next year's I don't -- overpay on the opposition and I think that difficult part -- -- surely and his team is. What that -- also see throughout the league major city you're trying to make some decisions. Regarding concussions. In -- is that the concussion where I think the guy could be back in a month and two weeks a day or keep it up to shut it down for the year. And it's not not only -- of course it's throughout the league I mean think about the -- preparing -- with Crosby. But he Crosby comes back he's able to play Z -- along with the Rangers the brutal three favorites in the east. And but do like that there make a change not knowing what he's gonna do I really think that the concussions. Really throw a wrench into. And some question mark into this year's trade deadline. Yeah Nathan Horton I think is a big question for this team -- you know that might be a -- when you know you look at that team last year and yet -- cup and but you like the Corbett this year's team is different you wanna Stanley Cup he'd love the court. Now of some of the most of -- -- -- second -- -- -- -- you -- heavily for Stewart -- can this team go up there and get those pieces without given up some of -- court. What do you hope so I don't really that good enough desperation yet could eat more sellers I think to get to get that situation. What I really like to -- Peter surely move away from the cab early -- and I -- at the time I was one of the guys like everybody -- the thought would be helpful -- a good move. My only complaint what I thought they should have signed -- -- -- term deal put a big deal so thank god they didn't do that but -- that you ought to think that I like about his pick -- at the deadline with -- probably was that he didn't. Get into wreck and -- the player he went out. He saw some deeds he saw -- teams that were a little bit desperate that want to be to get rid of salary cap they were trying to rebuild themselves. And I play took advantage of a situation where he was able to make his team. Better for years to come we a look at Blackhawks who won a couple of years ago I mean they made an outright run to win the cup and things fell into place. And they were able to do it but that's summer. They lost 79 players and the Bruins to me were a team that was being built for the long term bull by the way along the way they want -- And I mean that to me is the Bruins spent what would makes it exciting for me to go over the TD garden is that for the team barring injury. That is set up to be good for a long time. -- we know Tim Thomas says that the trade bloc in his contract that is up July 1. You hear a guy like Rick Nash might be available now -- last 24 hours is -- come back on the market in any scenario. DC the Bruins stealing one of their goaltenders to bring in a world premiere Rick Nash type players for the dead. Well I'd stick with with Nash it would have to be one of those goaltender so -- like they could possibly -- it's possible I just on the -- Columbus is gonna do yet. And I think it when you do give up a goaltender like that would you're probably gonna have to end up doing is bringing back another goaltender return -- you're not gonna be giving up salary. But you know management makes no bones of it like every other -- management should which -- you're listening to every deal and if you think it's -- better your team you're going to do it. But I have a real hard time. Envisioning him -- Leading this team with the what he would accomplish last year I think what he's still capable of doing. He's one of those three or four guys that can take you to the promised land. And oh by the way that -- they're facing tonight despite capable of that as well. Look at some names and yet you matching Gleason before referred does a shot maybe bring -- Knuble back who's been inactive. As -- dressed roots who goes down last night with I don't is lower body injury I think it was. But and it and go back Knuble -- Jeff Schultz maybe Washington packages these guys -- what are some realistic names. Well I I think the state numbered beings that you're looking at I really like Knuble I think Knuble would do a lot of things for me personally very familiar with the area. Was very popular here as a player. He's the top guy he can play the I think he still has the -- of weapons that he could play on the first slide if you had a Philip there. Or was very capable of playing on the third line he can play left -- he can play right wing. And he is to be a guy that you could also make you look at on the power play he's one of those guys who Goldstein in front of the net. And take a lot of punishment. And again I think this team needs right now we you know we look at last year we were gonna talk and all Manning needs and score a new power plays terrible won't develop -- power -- -- all right it'll be distorted it and also there's but it's getting better. But also does not been a problem for this team. We would not of said that a year ago the city to meet that need maybe like a role player you mentioned return which is pretty good offensively but he's got an edge to him as well. And you're also look at those guys that you know that may -- can give you like Kelly and I have relieved -- not only good players offensively. But they know what to do with the game is tight they can win those playoff games for you people have edges. They our great team players and obviously coming from auto line from Atlanta they were well scouted. Are you hearing anything about the Bruins expect -- -- -- -- important we've been guests. Winner of the Scotty back this year for the -- No I have no idea I think you guys are here in the same thing that I've that I've been hearing I think again that's what makes it frustrating for -- everybody including me and of course is that you just don't know how this is gonna. Take some days you have good days you have bad days and of course. Mark was in town Marc Savard was in town you know -- long goal we interview the poor guy just looks like he's continuing to trying to find his way your heart goes out to them and it's one of those times -- you know -- as an athlete just trying to hold the people get. Get better first then you start worrying about the athletics but again it only a problem here it's a problem throughout the league. You ought to think about this matchup are against the Rangers trying to envision seven game series of these guys who don't want to read it to overtime games. You know it -- it. It it's inevitable that every at the beginning of every year you'll sit down to take a look at these that the Eastern Conference and wholesale OK who's gonna make a big splash in the off season. The Rangers. The Rangers don't get the guy that does the offense right. But this year -- -- got a better around a player Brad Richards but more importantly upfront they got some help. -- get erected and Ryan Callahan are doing a great job but what makes this seem to -- unique is that this team. Is built from the backside just like the Bruins I mean you don't want the best goaltenders in the world and Lundqvist. You've got an extraordinarily. Underrated defense one through six. A Girardi whose you don't just -- not below what Chara on shut down but he's right there mark -- has come back. Built autos returned to his form after off your last year Ryan McDonough has planned very solid. This is a team that's physical they're well -- of the John zarrella looks the same things the Claude Julien -- his team. They're heavy on their stick they know how to battle there -- tested every night they're a tough division. These guys I think the real deal that they can stay healthy. They Boston across becomes backed. For Pittsburgh they're gonna be the favorite because they can -- you you know one nothing game they can beach unified four game and they can match any that the Cali you can throw out. A very last month from either 77 points representing seven point lead over the Bruins the pretty. Decent size -- with thirty games to go are they back go to a seven points better is that inflated it all -- ranger team just that good. No I think the I think it is just because they've been more consistent the pro -- slow start you know which really -- have been knocked over the course they got really hot. But to me the Rangers -- their because they're the number don't they've been number one and number two goals against. All season long the Bruins now slip down a fourth and I think for them to find their way. And a little adventure getting on the -- play an active defense they need to get back up that -- they need to deal that. The shut teams down at that point or shot to gained not forty -- -- won't play like they did against Nashville. Doctor Reddy was begun a course that made the the big difference in that game but that was in the game to be with a -- -- the -- deserved to win the last. -- the buffalo game which hopefully with the bottom. For them the story started to see some signs that the ready to come back they haven't done yet for sixty minutes that's with a got to get back. We gonna see with a red tie on TV tonight from -- today. There are a lot but -- want to get it tonight but I sure you're gonna be red tides. And I'm going to be doing instigated after the game but it'll be red tides not only in our boot but -- I'm sure throughout the other -- Big what for NASA tonight what again this be for Bruins fans Bruins and Rangers very Peter sees him and ask you see what is theaters tonight. After the game very thanks much we'll talk to down the road I've got to do what he's the best Barry Peterson of NASA and and what a spot for -- and tonight. -- case is a game is with games all year. Look at the ratings numbers they've got a regular season ratings they are blowing away. What they've done and they'd they'd do good job on the telecast and you got towards -- greater -- Tuesday. This is going to be a gargantuan emblematic grammys number Lou at the grammys to the other night record setting but -- -- when he five point eight analysts -- -- which is double. They had a double double game -- easier Meyer's team five finals couple years ago -- partly washed by the way -- grammys -- Gave us a breakdown -- check plus. Yes it's great. That your voice dissent. We still more point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this Maloney breaking down no voices on the grammys. We'll continue with your phone calls a huge over the Bruins tonight 6177790850. Told -- 8885250850. Celtics tickets next hour and before 2 o'clock. Nice addition -- ask Randy any.

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