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Steve DeOssie defends his position on attending Giants rally and his words against the Patriots

Feb 7, 2012|

Steve DeOssie went viral when a video of him at a Giants pre-game rally this Saturday surfaced, with audio of him talking up the Giants and taking shots at the Patriots. Steve calls in to defend his position with the Big Show.

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I can't really big show I'm glad -- right that's Michael Holley. I'm actually got to Connecticut Michael's bacteria not in Boston but to tomorrow will be together once again. Back at our studios and it is Thursday were out. We're doing now -- -- he's on Thursday is their right mind I didn't know -- Intel you now not I didn't get a real -- so I heard we were going there in order Meriden era that's what I heard I. -- wait a -- where was the last ones to know Greg. You tell your -- sir -- if you've probably heard about this in the last couple days -- I was so I heard about it last night. It's been all over the Internet and every saints picked up on that but Steve DeOssie apparently George Super Bowl week. -- someplace for the team. He broadcast many shows including a show that that I do the New -- to Haiti appears on the show was well and channel four and other things here in Boston. Was one of the ex players ex giant players who was up on the stage added New York giant rally. And here's what happened. Yeah. Good yeah. Okay. It's. Kind of doing or how soon -- -- up. Didn't. -- Well. I I have known brands. Quarterback but how hard you do to prove that -- reduction. -- How cool it all the time. I didn't. Yeah. -- home. Yeah. Why -- Steve DeOssie live on the telephone you have this stuff a lot of people here in knowing who what when a news Steve. Erica probable probable -- Jiaka ever let the what they want to hear -- -- petroleum. Basically sit. A lot of things are good that we'd like to charge we're gonna win the game has nothing to do with my -- and and people -- take it go somewhere -- -- disliking the pitcher says it's on my Europe. My heart when it comes to football there is with the that gave me an opportunity. -- championship where would that be ownership. Tell me Indy very difficult position Martin. That was in my life and go about it. Recrimination and I applied local arts organization -- Mira you know I don't feel strongly about the -- Larry -- really looked like traders here was great and it was fun. But what might might look back commercial poker or consider myself a New York dirt. And so I could stay and help people get so well book about -- You know how much are sitting in that was that was untrue. You know they I -- the receiver Greg says they're quarterback was great I. You can't look at this and say what are also certain that the right to the New York Giants because that up with a better. It's I understand you know -- -- so people here agree that want to future leader of the book. But the whole team but I've never been out of government which earlier one way or the other. And remember a lot of anger electric pictures to win. When the Super Bowl in Arizona beat her so what promotes a big deal -- Serbia. Execs at the same -- to rally and are going to have -- about that but -- socialism very -- -- they were picked -- world where thirteen. But there's no reason -- couldn't pull something -- so. In this situation it's you know triggered a rally you have fun with it all great and he's enjoy yourself. And I complex and that's what we have. How. Likable little sort of. I got I got a couple of things forward Deon -- one when you said you struggles sometimes in doing what you mean what do thread. A little worker -- red in it now or where -- -- When it comes to -- you. Might we took a picture which -- -- -- Bill Belichick has been great to me you're in. We use those Democrats -- sent it to me in the recruits fans have been great and then a football context I grew up in Boston remember or grow here that it -- make my home here in all concerts sometimes when we come salute. A choice between the patriots in the -- that there's a conflict there and it's one of those scenarios where -- about struggling with a lot going to -- where we're somewhat -- I -- Boston convert -- pure love that it's and so it'll be my home for -- forever so it is troubling is struggling with their. With the choice would be your yard your third. But I have been old -- probably the greatest organization. In in New -- go over the last. Or thirty years certain. And it sort of post local some cards this when they when they're playing the giants when the plane just like to return to based like X. Based on more than just people Marleau -- Loper or what she might feel more -- -- -- gone -- -- went to compete to win -- that's important when the ball. Well I'm I'm I'm surprised by this I mean just and you said you said I'm not a cheerleader. -- -- so. I don't see you as a cheerleader either I don't see US a pep rally got a guy either put if you would to a patriots pep rally actually help with the Altidore. Surprise you went to a giants pep rally could I just don't see you in in that what. -- -- scenario that's not an -- to dish that's not analyzing. Anything Obama on the public cheerleaders are not sooner given -- Expert opinion that -- with a bunch of shared some a bunch of former teammates who would you rate decision was stripped to see Michael. But teammates but in a pep rally scenario here it wasn't -- -- about when I'm when I'm sitting. They have a would much rather talk about football about an analyst umpire Marty -- proper proper there's there's certain situations where Internet host there's certain situations where -- where you're and injury. Former teammate someone who. Appreciate your organization your your there was an important the giants game it was or your company that does travel -- -- the council in the New York Giants. I'll have well it was a -- a company that brought it about so -- people to -- yet. There are a lot of drive the energized fans most of oh yeah actually it's another as you know that you were being. Eight. You. Actually no local you have to review you have to know -- -- no matter what a public situation like that when dispute over microphone have to know which have been treated so I'm. Mean that you think about it. Well what did what I say that was so on ten years or her ability comes to sort all my my -- with the giants that I picked the giants are gonna win the game. But I think the patriots receivers and quarterback who has great. And what I'm not sure what concerned you're part of. I think people don't know I think people again and this is what it is Steve it's just my guess what people say. Is don't be homers be objective that's not what they're saying for the most part in a different rooting for another team they haven't completely different agenda. I think what patriots fans want I think they want in -- They want information. They want you to be on their side. So it's not quite objectivity there are some subjectivity there but some informed they want informed subjectivity so a lot of people are surprised that you weren't on their side. Of course I can I can absolutely see that and I caught a lot of cheap. Tom York from a lot of -- -- in -- Arizona -- Serbia pictures -- gonna win again I I understand that completely you're not gonna make. Everybody happy. When push comes to -- -- our ticket like exceed I don't picket in terms of oh. -- sort this study every record you're absolutely right there -- people. -- you could -- the same story in in new York and you'll hear that the also story him. -- In Boston I mean bill that is held protecting her husband -- -- saying you're sticking up for husband and -- people might that mean whereas everybody in the right in the right I would love their wife or husband. To stick up for each other of course they would but when it comes to this at the very sentence you're like get it back into the finger. It's been very easy here. Could be. Up hatred supporter because they've been so good. And when you call like you see it and they've been so good it may -- people assume. Which is which is somewhat of a cheerleader or something for the from Cuba. Just because you're you point out what's what write what you know what should. So what -- good about into the senior years there's a cheerleader between things out there there's guys in the media. W that are making so all sides of the equation good or bad for the pitchers depending on their depending on their inclination but the fact visit. That you don't file my body work Coventry to -- that there are certain. Straightforward and some -- as possible and and start -- would be Michael glad I completely understand. Via pictures forever community so but he is different. I -- -- for every one person mr. Doug called me about this suffered from person scope -- people call them and congratulate respects. The championships or so ago I understand I understand that it's difficult. See the game that -- -- especially to the giants beat them four years ago unexpectedly. I get the I get the at a -- yards given that their listeners. It is. If I actually understood that scripting that it's great that the pictures and love the pictures like that well and I also understand. How they might feel loved all the -- but I love but your cart organization and they will forever be indebted well Cabrera for the for the things repeat it for me and then turned my life around him and help them forever be indebted to my teammates for from being part of a leaping part of that championship -- so true I get I really do what I understood it and the if anybody's truly and sincerely. Bothered by it I apologize -- there that's the case -- the effective in order to rent. With some friends and I basically said the record some good things up pickers are similar spot but the -- to be aware of I remind our little and. Now well it's what I want ask you about because who was hosting this who was that the person that was talking that was the host. Actually it was OJ -- Anderson. OJ Anderson -- so it. I tell you deal little spiel we've just heard little spiel that you did. And and then he comes on and let's listen to it he starts giving you. -- hard time after you've already given up the microphone and you have to reach over and get the Mike back you get some -- My body small oil that was -- -- and -- So that was that was. The Dallas guy ever -- a great group air guard and a tax -- -- and great friend to remember. -- -- OK let's let's do this. -- It's. You him. It's. Gonna. -- joke between two friends but you can understand. Of course how how that's playing it's like I -- care of ambient dance event on national team -- say it. You know what I Europe's that are of course WB and treat us that's not requested and she -- you know. You know what. Michael order to -- you a lot of secrets and Margaret album river area in the pitcher can win what are offered they -- -- the giants we're gonna win the regular superior. And say something that's. Office it'll -- my beliefs you know -- you know that you're. I get people don't want you're someone that I do publish the pictures but ninety's. 5% of the time. I think -- most its weight in public that the pitchers to win certain games I'll call -- in -- 2 months I'm commentary as soon -- against what for the pitchers are good for the market to go and a pick against a market to -- -- All right I've already -- as fever earlier because you broke down the game last week as as I didn't Fred did Fred had a might think 73. Three years like that. I had him in a very close game going down to the to the -- I was wrong as well. And you did break down the reasons why you thought the giants were gonna win the game. So yes you did like them beyond your your son and I do remember. Four years ago you played it up we made a joke about it on the air that you're rooting for your kids that family was more important than the the team or some like that we made a joke of that but. When it came to analyzing the game and breaking it down you do it like the patriots and it. Closer to bush and I really do understand and have to figure I don't I don't care about that secret trip that that sort -- try to ridicule the organization. That's that's silly also a lot of the most the most of the utmost respect for -- for the organizations for a long time now this. Especially the way it's been run some slopes -- Malkovich. Twenty years ago so it you know it's one of those things where I I understand people can -- so they're -- -- where again I had my insurance will not to. To (%expletive) everybody off excuse he put. My intention was to enjoyed to date. Appreciate the the giants fan support and and that I called electric solar saw the giants winning that game and inching up forty years ago great yeah I appreciate I understand the -- -- Is more accurate than they might be upset about it but not paid by the patriots. I'm not employed by the patriots I'm not I'm not -- by anyone other than to give my honest opinion. That situation was male role that was me -- on -- and Asia at a pep -- for the giants. And I enjoyed I enjoy the time it was fun but it was a legacy it wasn't in my analyst. Roll with what you see brokers that we had a great caller named Claire before you came alive and I wish I could do her -- justice that she said it much better. Than either either one of Alaska but her point was. Are our larger point was she thought you were on on on the patriot side but of what was it -- Steve -- makes his living in New England. He's got a steak house the steak house is probably made possible. Because of patriots fans supporting him. How could he do that she was very she fired up man she was ready to go -- So I think I think that's what comes out to people that know people get knuckle that you felt this way about the giants. Okay -- that that's that we have true because I've told people what what mark -- -- it's untrue what I'm saying is that people sometimes hear what they wanna hear I've been I've been more than open about. What I think the giants organization differently that W they're going to play football. I'll put it termed the problem which are my life around I brought it more than almost spot better of him well documented. You know and I can appreciate all that put -- I understand that as far as mistakes coastal people come because the food is great -- the supreme. -- -- -- -- -- -- I know -- -- double red although a couple hundred bucks. It might be able to get people there want but if you're you know others -- -- -- and supermarket they're coming because it might. Affiliation with the pictures -- kept their interest are coming to the two great -- But and I appreciate I absolutely appreciate that and you know what -- -- handle -- let's talks. That -- to bomb -- adamant about everything -- talks you know look Celtics even more so and I guess that I understand it but better be right here. That I met in the MP employment of the New England Patriots never been the case outside of 1990 -- -- almost clinical. I think the word to got you in trouble I think that woman was was clear about it used to run deleting the Joan Amos were urged to run again laying. That's storage to -- building in New England. Like your -- like year old laboring appearing don't wanna be amongst us that I think that that -- children other than that I get it. What is such -- case you're absolutely right our -- have been in in sometimes in football situations I struggled. I can actually pollute wherever you want that stuff I actually with a Boston. Because I love it I grew up here on the release. A provincial down melanoma going and where it's it is what it but I am told that I and I appreciate that struggling in New England okay. That's always want that -- claimed to be out of context because there in terms of our should have explained myself better -- struggled sometimes. You know when -- when it comes to giant -- the pitchers. -- -- Audio guys I really do understand completely how fans who could be upset that I got the right thing and I know and and I. I appreciate -- interest burden on and that's all good but you don't live I also -- back mark potter worked with pictures. What about a lot easier to falcons were in Super Bowl wouldn't. You -- you actually talked to the troubled floppy -- -- -- -- you know what goodbye and good vibe I'm done with -- -- I'm sure huddling just listening to your voice now okay. Let's let's get my voice is hoarse from the U from brigade troops by Steve -- go to actually believe. Celia appreciate I appreciate the call I appreciate -- WM and and 31 -- by altering I apologized. But look at my yo would too much body work it would -- look at our. Opium what my initial malfunction I think -- and so. I'd Steve Dubai started -- Steve DeOssie we won't give his address in Charleston. Breaking -- and they'll be right back.

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