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Former Patriot front office execs Scott Pioli and Thomas Dimitroff talk about another Pats Super Bowl and the "Patriot Way"

Feb 2, 2012|

Former Patriot front office execs Scott Pioli (now the GM of the Kansas City Chiefs) and Thomas Dimitroff (now the GM of the Atlanta Falcons) stopped by Radio Row to talk about their post-Patriot careers, the Patriot Way, and the Pats being in their 5th Super Bowl under Bill Belichick.

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Joining us right here on on radio row Scott -- a long time. Patriots guys now running the operation Kansas City -- scripts -- it's great to be here great you're great to see you guys it. Long lost basis here you know Michael has gotten any better has hit six you know being that you know he's a perfect for radio and at the -- Happy to be here. Yet I am at what went on and you're not because if you team here again you're gonna go there right and negate the -- Yeah I gave you Larry you're not happy pioli who are you worried your team learning you know we remind via. You know it's it's the first question I -- for you know how the patriots doing that you look back at this in the salary cap era you portable this. If you have to get this many times during. This era and we became his play we you -- players whose coaches lose front office personnel on a regular basis points. You're a big part of it is he is consistency a large part is consistency in the consistency. It its stability and consistency starts with Robert starts you know that is what I'll say it's sort of the Robert Jonathan bills quite honestly and it's I was insomnia today it's it's a matter of consistency and being. The same people every day everywhere knows what to expect when you know what to expect in the workplace with your player but trainer equipment guy video guy the entire. Everyone knows what to expect. And those people are just the leadership at the -- people every single day and that that just makes for great work combines them and allows -- to do their job more efficiently. The feel like the organization is better off without -- the metro. Area absolutely. I think maybe the absolute got a lot better when he when he left. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That it has little say that it feels it is well. And you've got Catalanotto grounds why don't you sighed knowing what to what is known as I know it likely that nobody knew he now he did he -- it -- do it well though you do very very well. You are over drugs you. Vocalist I realize that and I realized the -- -- -- to time but I guess. How much the same question we asked Scott Johnson that is. On how does that work how to do this camp where the patriots that a human part of it. You're trying to build this thing right now. To come this many times. Well listen we we have a lot of work to do still and we're. Or a spot right now we've got the list and we've lost some we've realized we're doing them mass of critical analysis of our team crossword. -- had a lot of changes on our our coaching staff. Will be really answers as to how we manage it on the salary cap side because it's a very very tough decisions to make players. What what's it like when you guys are here now looking at. I'm looking at the patriots and looking at the height of patriots giants the last time. You had just left the patriots when they play the -- you were still -- -- with the patriots but tonight announcing that the sequel against people on. Is it. It's a mix of emotions I got. I'm so happy for the craftsman I'm happy for bill for bears -- happy for Ernie hands Nancy all the people I know there. And so genuinely happy for them. Yeah it didn't there's this other part of you dignity and if you little -- which is why I mean here today in a bigger ticket it's -- for the very bright Red Hat are absolutely and on the day on the -- government. That's well that's it but no yeah I did you talk of princesses before -- that's OK he was throwing warmup pitches -- to come into the heavy hitter. So for instance the Pacific images for the things I. So not that I'm not your long term. How was how Bill Belichick when it comes to this week we're talking an awful lot. This week he seems very different we -- download them on at the beginning of the week and it was almost like he was on nightclub entertainer. And you'll laugh at that he had forty lines. He was going deep into some of the questions he was quoting Dave Chappelle guessing Amman -- -- -- I think -- -- particularly. Don't want -- -- -- but only really hasn't been America. That allowed easy breezy and very relaxed -- doing this because. -- senses that he's got a change up from what he's done that. This village just on the fly like that you know I've said a citizen -- -- we're due for sixteen years I've known since 1987. That's the bill line. Unity mean maybe it's not shown that often publicly because he's. It is simple why -- -- now obviously you don't I don't know. You know I haven't seen it this is this is news to me that I've vigilance. And delivering the cocktails and I'm not sure what it is maybe -- Thomas who's gonna. No but what I will say is an ideal. Bill last year he came on one of our local radio stations and was waxing poetic about The Grateful Dead hands. Bon Jovi and we had it a half an hour talks so. This is it's not that new for me I can maybe get her to use me as lighten him up a little muted. The two most you know we don't -- amount. Now it's it's a different it's different ball game for you guys away from New England because you know England. I think there were certain things that people got used to the media guide -- to certain things him access is going to be limited. And nobody complained about it nobody complained because the fans didn't care winning games OK don't talk goes freeloaders and oppressed we don't care just get to the Super Bowl. At any Kansas City you know for who has been a different story there was a story that came out of Kansas City Star. Very critical about the way the organization operates -- what was your take on that story -- and is there anything that you. You know here's what I do know is it -- there's a lot of -- -- US two different people in two different stories and I know what we do you have there. It is a lot of employees severe and very happy very energetic and really enjoy what they're doing. And they -- accountability they love being held to a certain standard and it's. -- I -- is a place where there's a lot of people who are very happy to work there and and while the ownership. But -- coach. Who was climbing to this phone was being -- Yeah I heard that or read that and all city you know Clark remarked on it called -- and mark Donovan said. Said at the time I'll say it again unequivocally completely totally untrue what do you think what you think something like that would c'mon this is them. A disgruntled ex employee I mean other than the Soviet Union I don't remember a lot of -- you know phone -- going on when it comes to professional sports. You know I can I make a habit of not speaking for other people so ways. People feel certainly -- think certain things that Monica -- try to please you know. Dime store psychology from Israel because it exists -- the majority brought -- up three appearances. Haven't been able to win a single game that put an awful lot of pressure -- -- on him. Further I'd just like say that article ridiculous assertion I mean. Scott Gil is one of the top notch executives in this league when you go into a building you try to turn things around and try to change the proverbial -- move it up. There's going to be some very tough decisions being made -- aunts and from what I understand and Owens got he's gonna do on his power to make that organization. What that organization should be -- and historic organization. And he's a man that is the city of Kansas City needs and -- confidently that. You cannot get back to the other question answered -- industry games in the second did both that you experience when you come in you've got a lot of people that are already entrenched. They know where everything is very you simply saying I wanna bring my own people win but I got hold on to some of those people -- If I keep those people of those of the people what I got to watch my back or on a regular basis. You. It happens and every it's not just sports it's not just football happens in every organization and that's it you know it's. Changes to changes tough and in generally change happens because things weren't. Well before so when you come in you may change its that's ridiculous to. And and to Glenn's point on changing things and sometimes you have to switch positions. And Thomas you know you you came in Phil Emery is a good man. But you wanted to Dave Caldwell to be your director of college scouting had a conversation with Phil Emery. You demoted them. But that turned into actually turned into a positive. Well I mean Clinton instill a series of fantastic guy very very hard worker but I was bringing a guy in as a our college director -- call that I knew very very well so yes it was a demotion but I knew that it was a temporary demotion and one of the first. First -- when he. And made it sort of very very evident and apparent that he wanted to be a college directory again. One of the -- first people that I've called the Scott feel it was gonna get the job I wanted to recommended Scott knows I don't just recommend anyone. And and I call them directly and make sure that he he put -- on his list and interview and I think from there it was a it was a marriage made in heaven so this. You and he was the first one analyst I remember the morning Tom's call me a tough call one road incident and said you know it's it's change you know -- -- -- -- bill. But you know when things go through -- is it's a great job handling -- -- called the most of those circumstances. And Thomas Hudson you sensible way and he did an unbelievable job for three years for us and -- -- it. What we didn't do the last couple dresses -- or you can feel Michael yes he -- first hand he's amazing to anyone Chicago Bears. Very which and the Chicago communities get -- -- feel the guy. I -- the great -- great guys have is not a good guys Greg he's a great guy he's been incredible wife and and wonderful the water there they're special people wanted to do that. We're very -- to -- but the city Chicago should be very thankfully. -- those three losses and pressure you pressure on -- Brian pressure on the entire organization -- yet there's no question about it I mean we we we've. Had a very positive. Regular season run. But when you get to the second season we all know we have to step up our owners been very very outspoken about it as I had to have and so has Mike Smith. We need to win those games Matt Ryan is -- win those games I as a general manager need to go back and have critical analysis as. As for what I'm doing and make sure arrived reevaluate. Our approach my approach with Mike Smith. My approach with the the rest the organization policy. He player acquisition there's a lot that goes into this and I think at times when you have a season like we just did all of the -- six but the disappointment. Can help that one step back can help propel you live believed to you know really analyzing and making some positive steps and we're very confident that we -- gonna do that ability. Are you a little reality check to thomas' -- they've been there. -- for winning seasons in a row now playoff. Here's the thing that that. They're there they're doing it does a lot of us wish we were there -- you know we have been up to three years. And and sometimes. You you know I've talked to -- simply how much we talked through the last couple weeks. Who's to a Thomas is saying he's doing it's what great organizations do. They are. Key he's doing a lot of self analyzing he's not just -- he's not looking to job other people who I can -- -- we've had a conversation he's talking about. The job he's doing he's I want to he's question but he certainly ask themselves himself are we doing the right things MI doing the right things. And you that's part of what. A big part of what happens is doing pictures that's part of -- core philosophy. Bill has a way about him where you know I'll never forget the first -- 36 come back from New Orleans. Bill and I are sitting next to one another flying back from New Orleans it just when symbolically -- And we worked the entire flight back. And and and that's the way every week and I'm watching and we work I'm telling before we took off we had a books -- you know the next day we had to submit to six names to the Houston. -- for the Houston franchise who's coming into the league. And you know all I'll say this about Thomas to that is something we've learned the patriots. That that I think we take toward jobs and I don't know from habits are learned -- -- and you know when your dad -- my dad. We we learned how to even with a successful times that's when you really need to do analysis so I think maybe they have won a playoff game but. The thing is they're put themselves in position the wing's gonna happen it just a matter of time but I also know you could Toms who worked his butt off. While they're winning as well it's not just the down time. And I know it was he said with bill that was part of the core philosophy you know being critical criticizing each other. This guy over here mr. Demitra still gets me a hard time for putting and the lawyer Malloy conversation he had with Bill Belichick thing are -- him and -- to -- which did not happen was my favorite part of you know there's. What is it about me and that and vegetarian or something the wallet. But if you look at it through the United States the it's got what else was there is a and there but no but seriously that I'd I'd know with with your organization with with -- training with the patriots. And criticism being such a big thing you guys so close I'm wondering when you have these conversations to talk about having the last couple weeks. You guys and you hear you very different. You criticize each other what do you listen to which is it is it that type of communication. Personally I think we definitely listen to each other we we -- things around quite often. I think what's very very impressive about bill and about Scott and I hope hope me. When we're putting together our teams in our groups of guys whether some players or whether it's personnel on the coaches. That we're getting people -- the harshest critics themselves and that's what I think is very very important bill. It seemed never had to really go around the building and in late in the people Florida's got -- we we all beat ourselves up more than I think anyone else would. And you try this on yourself with with that you don't want this like minded. You want to have similar values and similar. Priced quite honestly in in in its when you see we. Before we ever get to the point criticizing one another with -- and I would absolutely happens is. Thomas will call me a -- what you think about this. I think I might have made a mistake or I I'm not think and I do the same thing with him I mean when you have close friends you know. I don't need for Thomas to criticize me. Because I'm throwing at all out there you know like a Mickey you know it -- I don't mind he sees the core of what I am in the mistakes of -- because I know. Whatever feedback I'm gonna give Israel -- and its distinctive so we'll have to wait for that moment. To critique what went down so let's get to the heart of it leave you with this of this stuff to both of you get them when Ali's book was well the did you -- -- Alone -- I haven't bought it yet and are you and me. Nothing official nothing nothing to trying to think. Nothing that says it I don't know -- those are -- go to duke duke with a one parked it. Didn't pissed me off the troubled me was the way eight -- you know what troubled me was the way that people have characterized. What they believe they've read. And one of the things was it that it got me the most was it was a moment where Michael talked about Casey we give him and -- scouts conversation that went on and that. It in that meeting and I had -- discounted discounted room what they thought of Kingston where do you think grant case and we give him in -- -- -- though that we needed to move on. Michael didn't point that way he didn't say it that way however some people may have. Couldn't perceived it that way -- I was talking negatively about player and I loved the guys now that I think it was when Thomas and Michael you know. What happened here but then as I -- and regret it -- meanwhile we're sensing he's not as dumb as we stated. You know what I like to look a lot I think that's not really a lot of really sound inside. The one thing I I disagree vehemently with Michael on T you had mentioned in there that I was a lesser athlete -- my brother totally disagree that you lesson. I miss read your quote because that's not the case. He was the quarterback. That you were through some of them like slap these safety -- the big time quarterback I. I've I've seen utility they want Thomas has much rain you know you're not -- countless and countless I think it's a -- that he. Eating habits estimate was the funniest part of the whole thing and -- the opposite over here not exactly how would you don't start -- we're on the same page your brother. Hey great to see if both of you guys are good luck with each one of your organizations have revealed it to them to come. Back out here here in the next couple years -- thanks England a couple of guys from the Bill Belichick trees don't feel it. Comes to the drop quick break we're right back at July from radio row.

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