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Ed Reed rips the Baltimore offense in a radio interview: is he on to something?

Jan 17, 2012|

Ed Reed went on Sirius radio and was very critical of his own quarterback and coaches. A) It's something you'd never hear out of a Patriot player and B) Was Ed Reed actually on to something? Is Flacco under-acheiving?

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I'm back here. -- the bank job. Port Dorian Holley is 6177790850. Pro free. 85250850. You can text us am in this on the hit it tee -- like get a faster with four GAT and T rethink possible. Emailed Bob big show at WE I don't count brought Cuba I wrecked cars -- cap because by car random line. Effective got over 6000 vehicles that you can choose from do you -- -- -- -- debt -- do you think people like cocky teams. I mean in that town they -- national. -- I think just the opposite I think. Not outside the town they probably sit there and save their bullets in the talent you absolutely adored sometimes -- -- yeah. Times sometimes the fans of that team get get lumped in with the team yet so I think a lot of people. What went patriots fans come around nationally. They think patriots fans -- little smog thing patriots fans are. Are arrogant although you don't hear much from the patriots before these -- don't hear anything but the fans to speak up and somehow. Of the team and the fans become intertwined. -- said this recently. Remorse. It certainly does rooting for that we -- -- trash he wrote for the Green Bay Packers. To go undefeated this year. And the reason he said he was rooting against the patriots had nothing to do with the defendant is Miami -- record was the fact that they were talking trash. They never talk trash. Adjusting one so which which leads me to this this giant -- I got a different one point I just found it's even even better and we'll get to the giants won. A central role can't help themselves either. But. Yes it reduce the patriot player would ever ever do. Readers are serious radio today. Bar rich Gammons on serious trade with Adam -- average. I mean atlas of every week Ed -- said. -- talking about Joseph flock. I think Joseph was kind of rattled a little bit by the defense talking about the defense of Houston Texans. They had a lot of guys in the box. And I mean they were getting too. -- a couple of times he needed to get rid of the ball. I don't know how much of the play calling he could have made some audible or anything like that checks or why not man. But it just didn't look like Seattle hold on the offense you know old times past. You know it was just kind of like. They was telling him to do throw the ball or getting here you know get at a certain guys and he can't play that way. You know one particular play that sticks out to me. Is when Ray Rice came out of the backfield he got washed down. And Flacco still throwing on the ball. And you've got a -- on one would Torrey Smith on the outside. But it's hearsay for me I can say that sitting on the sideline you know we're sitting in the stands. You just never know what somebody else's shouldn't I get another. I love that kid he is given a breakdowns that in no way I'm -- side. Dollars and I mean I'm. There's one guy with an opinion I don't have much about it but let me continue this criticism wasn't just directed to a -- obviously not as it sounds like it was doubles campaign. The offensive line got a black letter reads -- -- You know how to communicate better pick up blocks Joe's gotta get the ball lot of it's. Got a -- good job of using our weapons. Weapons number or any other set at all. I think we do the -- we got to get beyond what I I think what you've figured Joseph Flacco is performance yesterday. All. Oh router loop -- the they have a lot of guys in the box. I mean it would -- -- you know I think that -- on your root ball off. I don't know how much of the late on all the all of he could hurt you know made honorable thing like that chick lit up there but it like he had a -- or. You know. You know like it was -- new. All go to ball. In the year you know it sort it. Let you know what. They were right back Leo. Doubt it will ball. You got -- what George Mitchell out you know. I mean there. In -- You know. In the day you never know might be true. Does he need to play better. In order few guys to win on Sunday. Yeah it definitely we ought to -- You know -- Brady is all quarterback. And you know we -- that -- -- play any late. Likely gave Brady would -- really capitalize. -- not making mistakes on the back. And golfer who are got to buy that you know they got to communicate better got to pick a lot of it all out and you know we gotta we gotta look good job that I Welker. But they are they were Ricky Williams should at ball on the mortgage. You know. Right right -- -- -- got a bit of those guys their back or. You know. Oh. We -- to -- correct caught in the league and he did a great job. All -- make an adjustment you know in game adjustment you know it not just common -- scheme and play in the game got out of the year to make adjustments. You know lot of games in the low. So when will we ever heard of handwritten original thing like -- if you're ever a patriot player -- Monday patriot Friday patriot Tuesday Wednesday Thursday sudden your current. Anything like. Only one time went just one time and that was -- de esta okay and believe me believe it pissed off Brandon thanks DeLia gold ounces. Well that's that's one out Modesto what else they get a good -- when Andy that's ago when. We're Richard Seymour after Milosevic yet. That year we were outplayed -- we were out coach. He made he made a point of saying we were out coached -- and and asked to follow question today. We we talk about their days we don't play well right you guys say we don't play well yes you're right Richard okay. -- their days. Our coaches don't coach when I -- -- as a kindergarten but I also that doesn't happen very often defense supply. Criticizing the offense I -- out a little slap but the that the defense -- himself and that the defense but -- hole. He ripped the quarterback he -- the offensive line and a coordinator -- offensive coordinator. -- see he complained Ricky Williams didn't get the ball and obviously bracket at camp and lead to me it's unbelievable. There's public now I'm not saying that I disagree with anything that he set but the hero player on the other side of the ball actually criticized. His own teammates. How rare is that would do you ever hear that you. They've done it before remember sizzle. After a loss of it maybe is a loss to Jacksonville was one of those. Reynolds inexplicable losses. Early in the season. Anything about it that I I don't know what's going on but. Ray Rice can do some fantastic things and he needs to have the ball. So -- we gotta figure out a way to get the ball with -- already Cam Cameron. On camera or any. He didn't -- it is. Flat out said that's what we need to do Clark says the Sunday you know you need they need certain that certain teams certain teams are built that certain teams are wired that way it's okay. Yeah go ahead say what you gotta say. Blow off steam and then come back and practice good -- argument it's good rating but they need to do that they need to get the ball ray rice's hands the -- is no question about that. Does it Hillsborough what's up -- Egg dilemma that thing like. I want it any color or never ask or at Intel that considered. Are conceding that -- -- though. If I understand the division winner get the playoffs but they -- but you know it -- give it play out below the procedure lowered since and that -- got the better record and. I mean it's something that. You would think. Would be Libya under consideration in the last couple years you've had a seven in nineteen hosted. Host a playoff game you've had an eight and a team host a playoff game and I think in both cases I -- both those states were twelve to four last year eleven a five they were twelve and -- -- somewhere in there we know the Steelers are twelve for this year so you are four games better than the team you're facing and they have the home field advantage. But but the flip side of that is you won your division. It is not your fault that you know your divisional opponents aren't as strong as their divisional opponent. You did have that you did -- in the NFL -- deems important so you should be rewarded for that not just by making the playoffs but getting a -- home playoff game. But what could put Seattle and -- division and vice -- Obviously you would see political start. But you wouldn't but that's impractical -- more to do that. Our -- yet you let whatever and -- that you can do it all day long yet you know what -- Seattle was and then AFC North Carolina would have the Broncos were in the AFC east on and on. But there -- division at therein and in the get that you you reward them for for handle their business and -- division. The only -- -- just reward them with a playoff. It might -- and that RJ you might be absolutely right you know the system hasn't been this way forever. They have at tweet that playoff system in terms. How many teams get and what the seating is going to be so maybe you're right you know two -- three years down the road if not sooner. They come back and saying well we don't like we don't want the Seahawks. Posting a playoff game. We don't want the Broncos hosting a playoff games when change. It's not a case they weren't great team but it could be a situation where you get a team win a lot of games in a bad division. Because they just go six and all against teams that capsule -- and so -- record could be. A little bit skewed because they're playing at a bad division I and a big problem really. And they get it it does create. More competition during the course of the seasonal affect the league is changed substantially so the last two games they'll play win this division to create a little bit more. But it is that you're seeing him if you Pittsburgh you're you're at a disadvantage. You couldn't play. When you're starting safeties. Because of where the game and game have been in Pittsburgh -- -- plump for there a Nate. You know based on the merit of of the regular season. You would think they'd have home -- so it's very rare situation I know it's a -- generation British it happened because the game was in Denver. -- -- I games at Pittsburgh player but I don't -- -- a result I don't know but I don't think that'll look at the right Clark's that you don't know what it costs Alice and it's pointing out an example Elijah. Overall. They might change -- -- a. You've got to bay you've got a better record you probably should be playing at home against team. That is not gonna he's got it once they do that we're gonna find a great division. We're three or four teams are going to be battling for the top spot and teams -- not. Going to even make the playoffs and gonna be better than teams that are that are in the playoffs as a wild card to. I don't think you come up with a perfect formula that always going to be situations a powerful through the cracks. A stable at cards next up -- on the big show a state. They were -- I got listed. I'm putting I'm glad are you like the -- even stand it I hate it my -- It was a all right -- Steve it's likely. Only like you know we let you know we like we love you Steve. I thought I'd like even the ravens -- -- squad we've been put into the kind of put out I'm on Brady I'm not a well. Undergoing a patriot. I think it's a very competitive. -- well how about this. You know it's up to up via western seasonal average. Seasonal average grade -- average again. I wanna say. Don't need to bring awareness thing. So probably there there average somewhere around her average. Two money. Tony three. Don't hold it don't take that topic definitely it can hold it in all the majors under 23 point. I don't know yet. I'm not court did not. What does that mean honestly of course not it's nowhere lie back yard he lied to me is your name that's the arena in the car that ravens now. All -- it all right now are so about an -- to -- that is them. So you'd think the patriots. You'd think the ravens are gonna win because what. I do think that really let me put it Hungary. I need big got a lot of -- guy Greg kind of adult. You know I'm picking. I have a feeling that is gonna you know it's it's there's still good even though we don't -- CNN Boston we looked for an example of our basketball team and and we don't look at -- teams in his. Being hungry we look at them being little slower. Yeah you know our white light we'll put -- true. Yeah he's not he's not -- brilliant I don't know. When the more hungry -- you know it it's great to feel that way but what can you get done on the field. Against the high powered offense. -- -- think we have the talent and the ability. Maybe not take. It all stop every play. -- ask you this is Eric yeah they're talented team they've averaged he's just over 23 and a half points per game Israel closed the sale clarity he's been in the past. We got some -- games this year so props he's a physical problem. Yeah he is good yeah I have a lot of respect for Ray Lewis the night as when asked is who talked about this earlier the ravens haven't been to the Super Bowl since 2000. And as as the host their -- all they do was -- why why do you think the ravens haven't been able to. Get back. To that big stage although they do have those great players that you mention someone you didn't mention loading not a great player yeah it -- sounds like you know fourteen sacks reflect. Why haven't even able to give back -- Super Bowl in. Over a decade. -- I -- I looked like during the quarter output -- a lot collect the second. We think that -- I don't really. Easily and their lawyers. Are big -- in the playoffs all four US -- We've been playing issue that would -- one mission now and we played them. -- Gained with popping -- and didn't pop art. You don't believe in Joseph Flacco missed them here from. You know I don't think that we believe until I don't know. I Madonna can't block won't be because everybody and I could actually. I -- yeah. Our commitment gorilla you're so charitable that's pretty I know -- you know nobody's sitting with Leo. At cafeteria table you know what. Got to bring your old republic of -- -- Are among -- ace gave it maybe is we're here he's got five days to get a little better. Oh I don't know margins -- I see your best argument would be that Ray Rice is a lot of aspects of McGregor right rate -- is gonna put down while Michael Ray -- -- about a 180 yards against the Patriots defense. And then you know -- will do enough to throw enough against a weak secondary. That's not gonna win that would have been better argument I -- -- up a New Hampshire what's up in the. -- are you doing today -- was an element. -- couple couple quick point. You know Belichick -- Howell is usually -- Problem the quarterback gronkowski and and then went when we when we got such. And it's all well and. Did you plan to get in because you play it again next week it is the Green Bay Packers found out they settle lot of their people down. And your offense lost all of the timing and all of the rhythm. Database -- for three weeks as opposed it sitting them for a quarter write an -- Q but at the but. But but many obvious I'm pointing out the difference. But I am I'm more on the side of let him play then take him out with a quarter left in the games just now is does not house certain coaches. Approach it you know Parcells the same way they -- he gave that famous line players play on Sunday. And he probably went too far playing Drew Bledsoe with a separated shoulder for awhile. That's just not the way they approach -- they think. But if you've got a guy like her but play the game all the way through Michael if you've got a guy hurt that's one thing when you're not gonna play him but the guys healthy in the fourth quarter. And -- -- the playoff game to play the next week. You wanna make sure you keep that machine. On. And that's what they wanted to do in the fourth quarter that's not for the benefit of all Baltimore's go watch in the fourth quarter and see the score that's got nothing to do with. It's internally you wanna keep the machine rolling you'll want your guys to keep that timing -- and how did you better question -- Why it was Brady punting. On third down. In that situation now the situation -- Are you gonna catch our debt Denver off guard you got to pin them back deepen their own territory. But come at that point the camera really wasn't a game why did he do that. -- -- -- -- -- -- And and I think the answer is window dressing. Yes that he wants to show other teams. That when we're in that situation and it really is a game it's something you've got to be careful. When UC Brady back there. You better be careful in the third down situation if it calls for this. You're gonna look at the film you're gonna spend time and failed how many times are gonna happen in it let's say 1717. Game third down. This is the way don't I'm sorry if David didn't practicing this for seven or eight years OK it's the first time you throw it out there we're right okay I'm looking at a from the perspective of the pollen count Baltimore. 1717. Or quarter third down. I'm not thinking about Tom Brady punting and at a time ready -- You're doing us a favor you defensive coordinator might cause your defensive coordinator in its favor tighter and of course also looking at video. Well I don't why else would he do that he why else needs that two down guys now. If -- get it down on second down third down we go out and away averages. That there why are we wouldn't be why -- about it in any close game if it's something it's just something to do. It's -- I think he's trying to get them to. Think about this down the road we're gonna throw -- and outages that you are gonna see in your mind next time when you see Brady. In in in a deeper situation. Back from it from the center. You better watch out and yet maybe they'll have a wrinkle off of that play that don't run off of that and they'll have their defense thinking. That he's going on when they're gonna run a totally different light off of that so if if from the ravens if on the ravens on John Harbaugh. And we get beat on that regardless I'd I'd just July knock on and I don't I'm not gonna waste my practice time. Tell my guys. On third down. Where we're trying to get off the field. Tom Brady's gonna help you argue that Iran I don't think you can you have to. Count for those -- place. Why would why would Belichick throw that went up there that didn't make any sense do you wanna be without pity that maybe at petty on the Broncos in wannabes accused of running and up. By John and -- that he's really did not -- upon another authority borrowers to stop it now valued product lot. He doesn't care fees writing up the story that had nothing to do there's always a reason. Why he does certain things and I thought that was a very strange time to get on the third down I just think he's trying to -- the seat out there. You've got to check the video for -- and opponents that applying as the next few weeks as you know what we might run -- wrinkle off of that human now after what out. But the possibility. The debris is deeper back and a shotgun that's what they might be --

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