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Vince Wilfork talks about shutting down the Broncos

Jan 16, 2012|

Vince Wilfork talks about the defense coming up big Saturday night and how the defense can handle the Ravens.

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A bit of -- now. That says okay. You saw the result. -- -- right yes it down here in the box while. Our way holly and the -- the patriots win in the divisional round it's the AFC championship game. Patriots and the ravens coming -- here on Sunday you'll hear. Right here on W -- A time breast spent some quality time events while mortgage sponsored by -- restoration specialist. The disaster to in the doing of property managers and insurance pros depend on Iraq serve dot com. And by the all pro lineup of Kabul a tractor and zero turn more dealers like North -- power in rent them or -- got in its arms in gore remains. Now that was more like room there that was more like he's come -- -- interest. Yeah not to talk about it -- all that's when I come out of their opponent. Oh yeah. Gary Asia that was that was more like how much the fact that you. Were able to see it in Denver to see that options -- what they were doing. Guys have difficulty in the in the first quarter. The fifteen negative place in a game last how much to familiarize already now that you already seen that out in the field. You know. Com the first Jeremy you know kind of go when he and then. Looked -- himself blizzard warning and -- -- -- just missiles on which we did and we instantly will. All of them after the first quarter so. I just thing going in this you know with the next week -- there -- about weeks and you'll do some things. As a defense just to the benefit of the ones we you know gotten on that repayment uncles. Adjusting geysers was it was a lot more comfortable with play him again suits on certain things. Honest and what we Q and you. And this -- corner and have appointment four point payments we came down to you know win. We were very slightly injured certainly. We know was it's sense what defense Savoy on. No stop on the -- there's no no more than the rest and then there is also went before -- leave here. On notice from north pass and then. On the big please. And we knew -- was ever has never stopped up big plays and do that are used to run so. Registering guys. You know we was just focuses. Mean what do we have to do -- -- think you've rated the police Burkle teamed him Iran's powerful for me first real win. We had to do it in gas respond -- respond army presence was good news. Preparation was great well and do you know when you get three phases all things visas Christie's. To play together. Good things happen. First term all you pretty six and then some good football. And if you feel real good so hopefully. We won't miss him -- so hopefully we can go out. They better because. We will meet -- -- -- these there's also so continue to get better and that's one thing that. We all stressed the whole year you know when no one is gonna happen project prepare well and -- believe that you can you -- and I -- We we believe you believe in in Paris fired every week. -- -- do work -- made their adjustments prepare well. -- -- no older if in the bay is one of pills song somehow gonna pay off and just keep believing in and we have so. I do the same thing Newsweek's -- what a great week and stars in the film room and start a practice so hopefully we can get they're going and good things you have. I'm sure playing for the entire game was a point of emphasis but how about negative -- I care about the last time I saw. A team play. And you come up with fifteen negative plays for the games that's something that you talked about or it just kind of happened organically. -- -- -- please come from home or bar hustled into a ball all just want you know and we had their minds it. We notice you you know these bags and the quarterback most -- bring down. You can do is caramel one -- to be an open field or. In invective and respect for him to make it -- -- bears good runners order so. I want our fans were giving more people total ball. And more -- gets the ball on the more fun you have the more turnover opportunities you there. And more intimidate you be as a defense and I think when you -- this -- more you see a lot of blue shirts around. On the ball cared and that's what we love to -- so. Do we expect continue to do best defense good things with continued after what his defense. And in the main thing we wanna do is is get the ball and now for instance. You know and Iranians and let them go to work and and we will be okay. Talking of people would watch a game this of that defense just looked faster than it had in some previous weeks. Is that a direct correlation to the swarm and in the hustle in this that there's a white -- -- a lot of people. Our pairing our fingers as flu report part of and in Augusta that week. The week we head you know column with a buy America are thinner than a dozen different aspects of the gang -- healthy get guys back healthy. Don't have to form mainland colleges do is just doing what we need to do to better -- -- team is as individuals. So that also review partly a guy's wrist slapping it one user term. Good they've managed to turn real good in about a week because they know what we look we're what we're looking forward looking for a bit of football and in the -- season so. After all every airport personnel -- morning in the show so. You know now that we've seen in in Paris. To understand how it feels to have to play sixty minutes of good football. We wanna keep this one accuse him and everyone knows is start -- practice this mess with storms that preparations are. Yeah you guys excuse me you guys are playing in the ravens this weekend. And I was put him back awhile ago some that's tomorrow all articles and what did you think was your first season playing college -- Miami was here just you know. BC stings all the mater had delayed or or going to have for the lead. And there was like a deflection. Met Wall Street do OK okay ready smashed front and read -- so this guy has been make him play he's. Even colleges like what was it like being a college teammate -- is in. Did he always have that. That sense of just where the ball was just being in the right place to rest. Me he's a Smart Smart football players and knowing college you really don't know how good a person isn't to US and make it to the next -- if you're fortunate. And deceit here in a career it's a call for an armed person in our -- -- spears -- you know first manages. And our little burger assuming you know he's so let me know please ultimate practice. Not just days' practice -- he he's just a type a live where. He works so war. In the film in practice. If we -- -- all because you wanna know exactly what you're doing. And he could not open one and wants Biden be. On the opposite side of the field its terms on me just you just have an old little boy he's very Smart when it's all about playing football and that's something I don't think -- can teach. Are paying. You know. That's justice -- and he's been right there and that was seen in the -- who went from what I hear he was right there in our schools so. You can't he step down he was ball one day Q he's a special special player and workers there are seen firsthand. -- encouragement would work at the time. But in the how greedy wasn't to America are here next season. And -- mean and it's amazing what you do where. You talk about. The hard work in the film study and all that. The -- and you use leave that that's the difference between a great talent and great player actually pretty much have -- a pretty much some PC from all the reporters -- Absolutely I mean. Won't say I don't wanna be good and no one wants is great I mean right now. Good won't get the job done right now appointment. You have to you have to chase greatness to to to be able to come -- and play good football game. Grateful -- -- -- is it at this point you have to. And das was separate. -- from the greats. Guys to want in a separate what you can do all. Your time. So -- your team you are so there's there's there's what you -- -- do. Sometimes this news is no deal really -- prevail. You have to going to get some mission field your going in do some treatment is some -- -- wanna have to do. What you've been going all of you know the whole season. It won't work now because trust me it's about cigars -- out there. This ticket they're here to hold of a low. Point in the outfield I mean. There's just there's there's there's just waited so. We wants is great you know and any distorted last week would would have would have great week of practice in -- telling. You can say what you wanna -- -- In the practice and and what what Ontario mom witness when you have great practices. In these two great Gregory still form field when you don't. We can always terms favorable right in the -- at the same exact place and -- situation we screwed up to practice -- afternoon again or vice Versa. We had is an and we did it got this look we hit it. Come to the game we have the same Lou boom here that make the difference in doing so. Every little thing -- -- but you have to make sort of the little -- -- choose -- -- is that the correct mention the best estimate expect. He talked about Denver in the big challenges eliminating the big plays which they got against Pittsburgh. You look at the Baltimore Ravens team you're playing this week though there was one big player remember two years ago 85 yards for rice. On the whole their team that methodically just control the ball and moved on the field. For you guys than this week how different is that challenge in that you've got to make some stops this absolutely. Defense we've we've just where to we notice -- this is a physical group first of -- and wanna play physical. And only achieve things. If they if they can sit back and run ball fifty times they've targeted to what if you can't start so. They're not hurt and interpreted to mean I mean they don't want a deeper. And archery team in the environment -- really good football. Have a great spurs and great defense. And aggressive offensively in -- have -- that there and have an office arm where. They good at what they do point blank so for us to beat these as we want to be when -- get. We wanna have to come with some big stops. We want to be able to come and they that the please who want to be with some Greek colonels. Because there's type -- team there you know when was that keep the change who they're OK okay if they keep keep concerns -- actually keep your to absolutely so. We would -- -- real good job defensively. And on and off the field and we can do it we we have been it's and so a plan when we won't. That you are so much yesterday yes Washington -- there what what what you think did you did you get the sense. Even though they scored seventeen early and had three for the rest of the games like 45 minutes 46 ministry points that you get the sense that okay. They do whatever it takes to pull this one out what did you think. The Texans had to come back and. You go away and look at it and and -- -- surges. It's old years is looking in different games you plan on. We noticed and they have been on a flight to the death of Arnold cure what the score you don't care what can happen to a course of long was -- his minutes on the clock there won't fight. Do you do if you're noting the -- fight they would not do what they unit for the moment also. You have to be willing to go to law would have even if this -- -- Because they're going to be re so. I just knew it in the game that they weigh -- on the Tivo. And from the looks of -- used to wasn't in the devote so you have two good football of the frisbee football team. You have offices that do what they do whale. Controlled Clark run foot law. You just soon basically -- smash -- game from bulls are you know. So that's what we wanna do you want to let you know when have to make adjustments on the silent as we have to book animals or. -- -- -- -- -- -- From from phone first so we wanted to go out to a sampling hidden from the first play and hopefully tomorrow with the those two different style offenses. He carried over whatever momentum in my game -- from the previous game into this that game against Baltimore defense or are. -- thing we care because reclusive. It forces started practice start about a week in practice. Started to Begin week of this you know last week. -- and again and then when you when you prepare way you practice where. When you require electors are aimed right at the same means. You have agreed to. And are -- with with with that going now and I've seen recently. Seeing how we can we would -- it seems to -- -- for -- round this year. Which in the way we came out the best and if this when we need. Beautiful ball to step up there and when when when when his term to know we stepped up this week so. We can't take a step backwards we definitely we let -- before we can status. We don't we definitely have to move for what are are really that we could take a lot of reggae from Denver. And membrane that is the -- what we've what we've done that week bring it to this week also because we always see what I can do for. Does that take any of the pressure of the fact that so much people of the talking about the last couple years that you can't get by that first playoff game now you went. Does that take any of the pressure we don't -- room or -- -- if you know and you know just like you know you insert its very term. You know we don't gore talk about the years we want soap bubbles these so. You know we really don't don't look at it like there we look at each year is different here. Well we've move tool we we -- told to do from all know from from from those reviews news and there are also also. That really have nothing to do with was one this week I've ever seen you're hearings right away as I from the war chances -- very. -- -- Keep it locked -- keep it locked in -- -- -- there keep it locked. But accuracy on Saturday. -- justice. Before the make. The maker will formally -- and that was that was so. On comedy went lows -- to kill for the I don't know 1213. Bodies out there ha ha how blush slightly what do kept won't. They give you -- Iowa the Baltimore Ravens may not be pretty you're pretty and that's the yeah. Credit. That's not electrical work our corporate pretty we're. I'll stand and warm look. That's willow felt I'd listen congratulations one down good luck on Sunday we'll see -- I didn't think this book right here on patriots Monday at a lake show.

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