WEEI>On Demand>>NESN Bruins analyst Andy Brickley talks Tuukka Rask, Tim Thomas, Rich Peverley, and previews tonight's Bruins/Coyotes game.

NESN Bruins analyst Andy Brickley talks Tuukka Rask, Tim Thomas, Rich Peverley, and previews tonight's Bruins/Coyotes game.

Dec 28, 2011|

Andy joins Tom Caron and Chris Mannix to discuss the matchup tonight between the Bruins and Coyotes, the goalie tandem of Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask, the Rich Peverley injury situation, and Tyler Seguin.

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-- Boston Bruins being a three game road trip tonight Daryn Phoenix taking on the coyotes. Mean Zandi -- get ready to tee it up in just a little -- joins us. Andy Brinkley's. Or Colin and his parents there a WE are brought by Norfolk power equipment and the boat tractor visit -- -- nor folk power today to enjoy money saving your income -- deal days. Check out -- power dot com for more. He's also brought to you by -- Chevrolet and rain and the first place and last place you need to shop for a new. Or used Chevrolet and joining us. On the AT&T hotline is any brick -- normally if someone's calling in this -- from the self herself last -- what to do and up this early. But I'm guessing you're gonna get the squeeze a little golf today if the weather's okay out there. Well I don't know that share. Not a bad right now that. And since we might get out there and play a little bit. The only person I know yard -- the -- you don't need sleep you're all about to about this team could be in it in the job to get to the morning skate get the game. You -- three gamer archer appear brick with the Bruins and in the about a lot of time off has this been a good break this team this indeed a little bit -- here before they get on the what is now I have you -- scheduled the next six weeks. I think it's -- favorable the stage will light the around all cheers to Ian Cole a couple games. -- a couple of days off for Christmas -- eagle hole what they state rated spot since it's time heavily. Gotta read the rest and relax. Actually have a chance to reflect a little bit on their accomplishment at this the -- it's evident that. Just ticketed I hear me. You don't expect to have these kind of -- to expect that the last this long. You take a look at this -- you see where the weaknesses so. I think it's pretty good break that policy used at the right way they come back hungry like duke played before the break I think it's all of that. Yeah I think a lot of us expected this team did to be as good -- -- -- -- -- -- it all last year having Tyler Sagan was a big part of that we expected him. That to continue to grow we didn't does seem that much from during the regular season last year. Or city aired -- which. Marchand Brad Marchand is the number one star in the NHL coming -- I had triggered a five point game. -- how surprised should we be by his offensive contributions to this team. I think we should be a little bit surprised to the degree that you play you know what he's played I think -- could even any young player. It's it's it to a real good hockey club that speak about like Boston you expect those are pleased to get better from there rookie season and they certainly see that from both say that Marcia. To take if you keep this good pitch early this productive. This reliable I think it's a little bit of brush. But keep in mind all those young players that bring in a base element of speed along that it still sets the Bruins to play with a guy in the middle Patrice Bergeron that huge benefit to them. That allows them to play this -- have a little bit more freedom offensively. Because spurs' front will distribute the popular optic -- all regional and -- it's a battle city so reliable dependable. They didn't get an update to -- themselves so to have that kind of center that is the bill that kind of experience they had a hell it is issue that the most. Any -- amnesty for top to bottom it seems like -- acted in virtually every position but the play devil's advocate forming you know entering this tough stretch of of the schedule and what nearest -- to proceed to shore up on as we move forward. Let him get deletes little more frequently earlier argued that a first period. I'd like to see that there's the puck a little bit better when they played teams that are past click on the fortunate in that they have believed lately gave. I see it -- the puck over too frequently. Under arrest. But he could sure up that area I know the numbers suggest a double the Bruins are second and third periods searchable articles against but. The eyeball test will tell you that they really after reliably goalie someday to -- the puck over those -- to ought to be against. If we work to be -- advocates in this conversation. But I think those are the two series which upon it be the most like to see that I'll play although it's been much better. This year that it recent times. The numbers are pretty good at the can be horrible weapon at certain times -- he would meet with and deletes. A -- so I'll play they have one goal lead -- you really put teams away so. I think those three areas that if they get any better at that they'd be almost unbeatable the way the plate right now. Obviously they've been they've managed to stay healthy -- in Berkeley of -- and joining us here. On the AT&T hotline rich -- hasn't played since the Montreal game they've had all that rest he's back on the ice -- will not play tonight though when do we expect rich -- back in the lineup where. I don't know the stepped into Israel now OTC immature. What his situation is -- from now to the end of the year and how much. That could happen and it's it's this physical situation. Licenses is going to be so that needs to be taking care of the -- they can accurately deal with this that dated date -- -- game. What's the best course of action depending on how -- feeling situation. The beauty of it is to make up philosopher that we don't want -- -- -- -- have to watch her because he's so important Steve his versatility of his speed. And its ability to played every situation so. Yeah I think it's going to be a Little League says. You know as they see fit he will get addressed what he needs. I guess with the position that there -- believe they have the division they have the luxury to be able to do that with certain players. And they've got a guy in Zach Campbell who's kind of become an interesting player for that kind of plug him in some different roles here and he's responded pretty well as. Really -- and you know some players to a little harder to figure out -- he comes it is certainly the pick overall high expectations for first rather. Things don't materialize. He -- a mature as a player struggles a little bit loose talk but it's the American actually not sure what its future is the organization. I get a get a better opportunity somewhere else but it go to get that opportunity yet to be a good player the American League he wanted that. The terms of the guys that -- achieved coveted. And now at this point they played -- at -- a little bit the American actually that's she became a little bit differently he's older more which short we might opportunity. And now he's trying to make the most of them out I assume he's been out here. He's played wing east plates and he's played awfully late to pop place kill penalties -- strip right it. And if that's a credit to coaching staff the American Utley but more poorly credit -- him. He's that the panicking about it stated our first place they. -- 101000 to -- of playing unbelievable hockey right now Annette how. How long can this relationship last year of two guys sort of idea that not a -- Toms number one but cents a two guys were tuning. At that Spock and generally should be successful. Well it is the blood it'd be sure sure. In all honesty my expectation is that might educated guesses that the -- it would like to see. Almost a reversal of games played. As we move -- to finally is -- of thomas' contract and he gets closer to each for the where's. -- -- -- a little bit more often than him because he's gonna ask the vehicle to the honorable. As TV -- get steeper and whether this career. It's partly to say that because we played better this year that it it'll actually arrives as a trophy winners so but I think that's the expectation that they and it's. That it's a global expectations. As credible goaltender features. The -- battled that machine of the double what position it will be seamless transition and it was just -- reaper roles but. As much as you wanna talk about that it didn't this year. It's hard to see it because to me just -- spectacular but. Two days -- totally understand where he -- this career yeah it -- to play sixty games here but that's not the case here in Boston but he's happy to be wary is. He understands his role that he wants to be -- Buick championship team with bad sport to consult. Yeah you can't answer my my next question and and as far as long term goes on next season -- of Tim Thomas is still playing at this high levels leading to -- as the kind of personality where he'd except. That reduced -- knowing like you said that he's probably gonna be the heir apparent at some point. Yet it's patience is a typical safety solutions that -- -- that slate. He wants to be Stanley Cup champion this is his best opportunity is still a -- is now. The Bruins haven't got depth in the organization -- goal just say that the Tuukka. Really want it out chuckle -- that she has to really be available once somewhere else and Iraq teams that are. They're crying out for alternative crops to leak. You know that question or two because it's -- but. It's hard to get to the organization they don't happen. The don't think she moved to get because they really don't have got to step it could be behind Tim Thomas and if it ever went down in that situation. Are your real trouble. And -- did talk about Tim Thomas -- playing better than he did last year as -- as a trophy winner right now he's on -- to play the same number games as he did last year 55 games but there are more back to back games more road games coming up you think he'll wind up playing fewer games as they worked to get into this a little more. No I don't I think he'll play right about that that the TC knows he'll be somewhere between. If he too and if he's sixteen I think this year. I think that's yet -- that Tim Thomas. It take a look at this career when he played his best but your political schedule. They gonna have to play it to me it's -- it's like seventeen games in the month apart so. With that in mind. Goaltending really be crush your position and we talked about the depth about stars as the positional play as well they have a goal -- -- -- needed. Because that high concentration games plus travel cost imports of games yet they're all worth two points. That you guys know they've become more more difficult to win the lady get this he's with the play operations. Ask you also -- about Joseph core volume text there riding in a -- ball. Was expected to come in in and put more pucks on net the gavel he -- Campbell is penchant the past. First and and you may be second corporal at the beginning of the year logging a lot more ice time. We don't -- quite as much time out right now recordable he's still be an important part this power play when you get. To that play off point where where power play goals can make or break a team. I think so I think so I think a lot more comfortable today that he was the first two months of -- season. To be honest with you I expected more from him when he first came here. I didn't like the fact that kept hearing well -- major transition we played in -- -- coverage defensively Carolinas there's a big adjustment for me. And you literally keep report in its history yet -- made that adjustment rate from the start of keyboard of the regular season. Okay give a little slid to get a look at what culpable. Solid state he took -- fully he -- the what's possible at all those guys play a lot better today. But to deploy it about him being put on -- -- -- -- to push the party can -- He can shoot it -- he it will go on the Blue Line laterally he's got a good straight shot. What he's confident he can say that you actually be able -- literally get shots too and I think you see a lot more that from Jill. Right now that he did earlier in the year -- right image shot probably your best rated charge charge I'll placed concern right now so. If you like the righty on the oval side. Whether it's great cheer perjure apparently whoever might feed it almost a really key. A key guy gives -- the option player available outside as -- right as well outside. Or two portable let it shut the other side virtually out where they can really move laterally across the lake. That allows more freedom download over the -- so yet he becomes a -- -- it it's -- but he he becomes important guy you pop when they expected it better. -- -- Any kind of a logjam right now atop the Eastern Conference with five teams separated by really -- one or two points. At this stage we -- looking forward at that potential threats the Bruins down the road knew what team impresses you the most outside of Boston the Eastern Conference. Well I think Philadelphia -- competitor he missed the question what they had in goal in the mid majors as Briscoe lost -- some nights he looks like she's worth that investment other -- doesn't. A little stronger I think that she Tuesday achieved ideally a little bit I expected -- -- -- -- to play -- -- -- defense that I would be surprised -- -- -- Talking to national -- and with this situation or do you which shooter in the Weber. But that team that I worry about. Pittsburg always scares me what he's a view his crotch the other -- -- he -- what that need to achieve that optical data about me it's a lot out of that even. And they can still -- you. I don't know what's coming out of the southeast to be honest with Florida's a pretty good cheap but I. I think you're proving that they're it's air virtual chip is all about this year Washington's. They don't seem to have things together so about -- of the Southeast Division. And whether the brutal division one team that I thought was gonna be real good and I think a lot of I was it was -- I don't know. It's hard to wrap your brain around the east because other than those -- Q in the Atlantic I really don't see awful lot of challenge from anywhere else in the talk. Read before I let you go here just style lot of real quickly bring up the world junior is going on using Canada both of big wins to start -- Doug Hamilton had a goal and an assist. He signed a deal probably see a -- in Providence start the year next year looks like what are the project this guy and they're pretty happy to get him at the draft this. Yeah that projected him to the at worst case it's a -- -- -- the NHL he beat gore talked to. They loved his skills as a -- apology can really speak for a pick me it's quick this is is decisions with the puck when you watch him play. And you have to make adjustments you have to prove leaks level that you live bird they're really really excited about this kid -- When you watch him play and I think as you said you know Providence a year from now what. Maybe only a short -- -- he's that good when you watch plays his ability to make decisions. It'll -- so homes at this point in his career. It's. You know from the solicitors that there are unaware of or only have a passing interest in the work featured check they'll -- troops. These these are the best twenty in a new kids in the world. And it's awesome to -- -- mr. but I played that I covered it. It's it's really really for these guys explain their country. USA goes editor at 3 o'clock this afternoon against Finland Bull Connor Brinkley be back in the lineup he took escape palladium -- -- they say going to be okay husband Matthew. It's like to have to be honest -- -- -- you know I watched him like late in the nearly Deborah has an interest in in this young -- that delicate. In a typical year -- not a great team out there. -- an opportunity the other world stage right now I talked to bill -- Florida was -- because it was right and they're really excited they think they have a part of financial players arsenal. Hopefully he's healthy -- support. Albright to enjoy the sunshine and might not be long before you playing before watching this game in Quebec's own jointly can Phoenix at a Oak -- it through Iowa -- Barbara good stuff as always thank you. They hear any Brinkley joining us the Phoenix Coyotes for now on playing in Phoenix. Hi Andy Brinkley joining us on the AT&T. Hotline again it fast with four GAT. And T. Rethink possible.

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