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Is it time to panic for the Celtics?

Dec 28, 2011|

Tom Caron and Chris Mannix, SI.com, filling in for D&C open the show discussing the Celtics 115-107 loss to the Miami Heat. The Celtics dropped to 0-2 on the season and play the second game of a back-to-back tonight in New Orleans. Could they be 0-3 coming back to Boston on Friday for the home opener?

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All right the morning after what do we learn Paul Pierce not the Celtics last night and all belongs to the heat Celtics made a game of -- -- the end too much. From LeBron James and company Miami wins it Celtics -- Q for the first time since Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett can't count on care -- and Chris medics and Sports Illustrated with us here. Talking a lot of hoops over the next four hours of that on NASA would be back match on vacation to find out. If I'm doing is -- -- the outlook of one Redick and you're behind me is it right there it's the course is a month vacation from NASA. But I'm here doing this and other pointing it but I can't see any market the way he put exit garden over. Presently these -- your window there kids in the city anymore. It looks -- six -- -- -- like I gotta I gotta call the good people HR or brightness and find out the right does this come to work. Or is just WV I think it should get out of work and so anyway the way you personally waving away when you're up 3 out of 5 o'clock in the morning navigate counts double will go to the whole hockey -- potential to yesterday but -- if you got kids to play argue this is not slept in this morning. But at the fourth. I'm Chris -- -- us. And obviously. It's all about the Celtics being into going to New Orleans tonight as the road trip continues what -- we -- last night Chris is this all just the thousands of ball players are that big. Concerns I think they're bigger concerns and and I first got to give itself is a lot of credit for the way they hung in there you know this is a team that was down double digits I think early in the fourth quarter you know a lot I heard that. That the TNT broadcast team suggesting and I -- the same thing that you know perhaps stalkers should pull starters because of the shortened season because they play again tonight. In awards to give the Big Three year or at least the big two. Some arrests. Out there on the floor but but they they fought back and they hear of -- were in that game up until the last few minutes and really. You know if not for a few bad calls by the officials better a chance to pull that out and that's amazing to listen -- show yesterday I spent virtually the entire show defending officiating. -- puts -- -- saying you know these officials not as bad and there just is as bad or not and not as -- Are on the same level as baseball officials hockey officials and lo behold. Dick Nevada comes along. And stirs things oh my goodness it was unbelievable and Danny Crawford wasn't much better but I mean Dick made some really horrible calls out. The president and conspiracy theorist I really don't believe the NBA called the officials last night that we want to heat to -- of people believe that our of their money. That said is errors sport that has more an image problem with things looking -- that then the NBA now and so especially early on. Away that first half when it was Tola. A four point game a five point game there are three or four consecutive calls and they flashed a dock a couple times on event and his looks at at all. Well now that they're trying to dictate the flow of this hard not to believe. That somewhere in their subconscious the officials didn't feel they had -- -- Florida's game to open it up to let the heat. My god doc was apoplectic on asylum there and I don't blame him you know it's that the phantom calls were ridiculous and he -- giving a call for on -- Jermaine O'Neal when Chris -- clearly lost the ball going up the basket Norris Cole. Pushing off -- climbing art to -- Chris Bosh or call fine. -- Norris Cole Norris called I mean I love the way to play it last night but he's a rookie at Cleveland State let let let let's not give him the benefit of the doubt. Over Kevin Garnett who clearly elbow out the way. -- but that I mean I like in the event itself. You know Milton from office space with -- -- do everything it can't. Kind of push him outs but he just -- leaf and he's he he struggled again last night. You know actually the one called I thought he got right. Was the on the block -- he was on Jermaine O'Neal or Garnett. Where did Crawford come swooping in the end give yourself some make up call Kinect game it was just. It was just no rhyme or reason seem to be officiating it almost embarrassed -- spent Easter -- saying these guys. Were completely competent but. Thank you Dick Nevada thank you Danny Crawford for coming in -- And making me look like a jackass as a result they go to the zone and they -- -- very sloppy defensively and also they get back in this game got the three. Relatively late is that. Is that one of these you know just a snapshot in time where it was working and they went orders or something we might see in docs play but I don't think we'll see on a consistent basis because I think there's still a very good man to man team the problem is that -- match up very well. With Miami and all that you saw in the second half Miami is vulnerable to his own -- I mean they love is getting out in transition beating you up and on the floor playing one on one basketball. You put them in the zone and they start to think a little bit more and Adam called dumb but this is you know thinking is is probably Miami's biggest weakness at this point when they're up and he looked a little bit lost. When the Celtics went to results like you've got to be a blueprint for the Celtics. -- for other teams -- four against Miami but I think by and large genetic Steve Kerr made the comment last night that he's never seen the Celtics. In his own and W -- I haven't seen the Celtics in zone. Very much at all not at all. You know will probably because lots and -- Kendrick Perkins and size to match up. I don't think -- be something consisting going for but certainly when you see Miami. Again you have to start out almost right away in that zone defense -- you can that they need but a right now that seems to be the best strategy going for is how to defend them. 691. Half points for the heat most giving up by the Celtics in the first showed us this 8% at one point it was unbelievable and it and you of the points off turnovers at 33 points in the game off turnovers it seemed especially again -- a point where got away from them. Maybe the last. Five minutes of that first that any turnover was to put -- like immediately you know two seconds later at those points on the board got the ball again. They are gone when they get that -- tradition epic at 23 points up eleven turnovers in the first half last night -- some ridiculous number I mean date. They have made a conscious decision this offseason. You become an up tempo team your record read the reports but Erik Spoelstra a meeting with Chip Kelly. -- organs pricey you can find a way I did but how find a way to say to integrate chip Kelly's spread -- up and down offense and in Oregon. Who the Miami Heat basketball team and I think he's. He surgeries -- done that to a certain degree because all they're doing is getting out transition and running -- -- off -- made baskets they're running in transition I mean they have the horses that do it mean LeBron James. In three steps is past the half court might -- -- Dwyane Wade. Chris Bosh was at the center position. -- he's very good transition means the team that's built to run. -- is built to run and I and I think that's if they're able to get stops the defensive end they're gonna be able blow teams out all across the -- They're young athletic team we know that -- a little younger in the offseason. Oklahoma City -- young athletic team we're gonna see a lot of back to back in slot three games were a lot of three games in four nights. The Celtics Dallas the lakers were to win seven combined. It's a slow start. The Celtics talked a lot about the lack of a pre season and that might affect about how opens or if this is a regular season I think we be concerned about their getting older. How much of a fatal flaw is that -- going to be an. Shortened season. I ticket's gonna be problematic in the sense that if these guys start to get banged up like Paul Pierce's effort ray Allen's little bit nicked up at this point. A Kevin Garnett historically. Has has run its injury problems of the past I'm sure they're gonna try to sit him down. Over the course the season for -- you know maybe eight to ten games to give -- some rest. I think that that's something yet keep your eye on but look the way I think Boston's approaching the season is that they don't care where they went up and in the seedings they don't care -- -- it rates they know. At some point they're probably gonna have to win a road series at Miami or at Chicago's whether it's in the first round of the conference finals. I don't think it matters to them as long as they get everybody healthy and rested going is the post season so if you're XP if I was expecting Boston to compete for the top three spots. In Eastern Conference you are absolutely out of your mind that's just not on their agenda right now. I picked -- -- it's been six before the season I think that's still a very realistic possibility because wanna set because I don't think they're back committed. To winning as many regular season games they possibly can. Because ultimately it's all about being -- -- post season. You lose that I Euro in three. Odd -- they've got that note now back to back games owns a tire that they need to rest some of these guys about earlier last night another drama that is some of the TNT broadcast. You know I I thought they should have but and get back in the game until -- enjoy getting out a you know again every game if you if you are trying to win games of the regular season like this I think there's a -- is more of arrest. But every game is gonna be invaluable I'm not I honestly believe that seeds three through 8 in the Eastern Conference can be sat all by three games at the most and you look at Indiana Philadelphia. On New York is better Atlanta looks looked okay. Out last night and in this these are all teams. That are going to be right there in the thick of Orlando is going to be right there all teams are very bunched up together. Where every game is going to count so if your -- you know if they're trying to win a game. -- against Miami and they think they have a chance which they did. I guess keep those guys -- wasn't the worst thing in the world we believe this would be a better bench we believe they would have better depth obviously Paul Pierce not being in the air right now you know start putting guys in positions they won't be -- when they're healthy Mickael Pietrus. Hopefully will be back pretty soon he'll be in a good addition the right so you get these two guys back it's better bench where does -- such a problem it's. Ultimately fit -- with the -- because I know it two games it -- there's -- popular real good at the end it. He -- -- way at the -- that parents like I mean you know the reason the Marquis Daniels is starting is because dot believes in keeping this bench in tact keep it consistent rotation and Paul -- likely coming back. Either tonight -- more likely I think on Friday's home opener. At the garden I I think just putting polity in the -- for fifteen to eighteen minutes per game at the start letting him use. Five or six balls during the game I think that's something that the -- live with is this going to give Marquis Daniels. Those crunch time it's to keep that bench rotation -- if you saw. When the suburbs went down big in the first quarter holiday came back was when they went teams what their bench Daniels was effective Brandon Bass once again effectively this team. A key on dueling very effective last I think he wants to keep -- unit intact let them grow together as a core which is why sort of it's almost closure rise -- when moments with with Sasha -- we don't. You you don't just sort of you know hoping to be something over those couple of minutes but overall -- he is not in this team's. No plans consistent -- Daniels -- Wilcox -- it should be a more offensive second unit that we've seen here awhile -- -- a pretty good offensive -- -- are -- I think -- he had eighteen points -- that -- -- -- that was -- bit of an -- All you wanted to do is be consistent playmaker behind Rondo not turn the ball over occasionally knock down the three point shot you do need -- To be everything he's been those first two games you need him to be offered to threaten low post you know make that fifteen foot jump shot along the baseline same -- would Daniels you need to him to be almost. Almost go to score with that second units -- you need to -- those guys ought to be consistent but you know. You just need to get yours back wants -- comes back I think that wrote the the bench rotation settles down and a lot of things get figured out any chance it's tonight. Pierce I you know just based on what I saw I and I talked a little bit new York and wants to walk parliament New York up on the opener on Christmas. You know it's and hearing about it shooting around so limping around at shoot around practice I I don't I don't see it I think the give one more day's break in try to bring it back on Friday. So it would do is a panic time that's what we're going to be talking about the smarting because you know this is not -- ago this is 64 to -- you can join the conversation six what 777. Nine -- fifty. There's a told recover get why there's a little freedom I don't know how do you deal. Anybody. Who is still paying for long distance phone now I think even if Michael tells you get free long distance phone calls. Is that like codes to make calls my -- cards that say forget. Eight a date if you are still one of those plans 52508. These -- you can text us. At 85850. To join the conversation there will be talking about the patriots as we go into Britain is gonna ultimately join us he's out Phoenix. We're gonna get a properly is that we played 36 holes of golf before it's all said and done. On the Tex lines again 85850 lot of people saying bureau worried about the rest there are much bigger problems and I don't think. More. To get. Is ready to lay this all on -- -- there are plenty of bad calls that didn't help the bigger concerns with a torn I think there's one thing you're worried about last night it's a sloppy they were over the ball. Yet where both teams actually pretty sloppy with the ball last -- you know you talk about biggest concerns my biggest concern continues to be the center position I mean Jermaine O'Neal's is a walking corpse up there he's not giving you. Anything at all at that position if you didn't -- rated bass and Kevin Garnett out there for big minutes you're gonna get beat by bigger more athletic teams mean you can probably hang. With Miami because -- is demanding percent of position either but. If you go up against Orlando yeah I mean to be even a Chicago which has good size. Upfront you're gonna have a lot of problems and I was up last night doused I was I was texting a much sources from the league talk and -- people let -- close to different senators erupt there Dampier or Joel Przybilla. You know I know -- kick the tires on them in the past I don't know why the report don't pull the trigger on what those two guys looked. -- Dampier is not the it's you know he played sparingly last year Miami was not part of the rotation. Come finals time yeah I just think that he's the kind of guy. I -- it was he went with my in Russia forget but if he's the kind of guided my appeal to give you fifteen minutes per game be physical -- imposing -- the middle is Tom. To do we don't have last night nobody easy Bree breaks the basket were Jermaine O'Neal just was ineffective a brand ambassadors to small ought to block shots and it just. I think you need to get the 88 physical presence in the middle whether it's Przybilla. Or Erick Dampier signed to a minimum contract just to have there's an insurance policy I'm not quite sure. Why the -- some marched in that right now what is KG played like seventy minutes already and two games they've got another game tonight we double the age of the Celtics. It's ready to KG getting word about yet because we've seen in the past that KG breaks down after a certain point the doctor percent after the June at the 2010 finals when -- yet to play those big minutes. In game seven as Perkins went down that once you hit the thirty to 32 minute per game threshold. The cages -- lose a lot of his his effectiveness and when you're counting on him. Would pierce is out to -- county road to score putting rounds great around the orbit around the screen kind of guy if he doesn't set up as -- shock quite that easily. Paul Pierce usually that guy when pierce is out it's either KG Ray Allen and of KG is worn down. Over the course of a game that presents a whole also at a new problems after the Celtics the majority of their inside game last night it was Rondo penetrating ends there was concerns that he was gonna check out because of the offseason. Trade talk got clearly he is engaging himself right now he was at best player and I talked to a source close to him during -- trade talk and say you know as Rondo. He -- is fired up up this is yeah okay with all this upset is being from -- as Nixon he said in the source said no actually not Rondo understands the business he learned a lot. From the tender perkins' deal last year that that this is business in this kind of thing. -- happens right now but man you know at a couple people text yesterday that product not top five point guard. He crazy I mean did meet doctor need you for that probably taken out of I would say Derrick Rose Russell Westbrook Chris Paul Deron Williams and that's it. That I would not take anyone else -- -- -- Rondo and he has proven in these first two games that he is a lead point lead he has taken over these first two games. But the south is whether it's attacking the basket posting up -- you saw. At times last night and he has been. Not every bit the franchise type player of the subsidy needed him to be in these first couple games. There was a perception out there with some Celtics things that they were trying to get rid of -- And maybe early when when will we saw early in his career there -- some of that talk that if he wasn't going to commit himself the one Doc Rivers was doing. Then they were do you agree to ship them off we heard some of the rumors of trading him to bad teams but it it seems like this just case -- they know he might be one guy who can get -- real blue chip dish yet. I agree I think it's -- they're open to dealing him if he gets them make Carmelo Anthony -- -- them Chris Paul. Already eight in their prime. Franchise changing town they're not looking to dump him for spare parts that doesn't make any sense -- point guard. Is the toughest position in the entirely Ted Ted develop a guy I mean he is probably the most important position. In the entire league and Rondo and -- it was 2324. Has already established himself as an all star agrees to -- party stabs himself. As a guy you can maybe not build an entire team morality could Chris Paul. But certainly -- BB one a guy. On a championship team I don't think there's any question the Celtics would love to hold on Toronto but obviously are willing to the deal him if he gets them a franchised out. Other attacks are heating up Bob people waking up this morning hoping it'll lose power like me two while the rest of the game and -- this morning and we lost power for a while those wins last night. Do you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you back in -- NBA season or are you worried that it's just gonna get away from the Celtics quickly.

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