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May 18, 2007|

Red Sox Pitcher Julian Tavares opens up to the Big Show. This is the "unbleeped" version.

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I -- to lay up shot 677790850 will get back to the phone calls and just -- you know. A little bit and now we have no word yet on the game -- game is still on his -- -- although Indy is continue in the rain. Heavy rain out there it's going to be him for quite awhile. We mentioned earlier the program one reason the Red Sox right now looking at a very comfortable lead in the American league -- Because the beginning phenomenal pitching an advocate phenomenal pitching from this guy who gave us seven strong innings once again yesterday -- -- the bars. Joins us on the -- Julian I don't afternoon. I don't know them. Yeah but in the model my opponent about it -- I agree with that. As just as we -- you're talking often with him. During the course of the game you don't speak Japanese correct. Lit the bit -- about as big a get out of fall already because they are you doing. And that can happen. Why do you converse back and forth when when you speak two languages English and Spanish and he speaks Japanese. I'm gone okay you know not bad it's because as what you -- -- -- -- -- It is ridiculous that there -- on. Julie do you speak to him in Japanese or English well. So would you say something to us and Japanese now they'll call city name okay okay that is in the league unity too awfully put each spot -- -- -- utilize. Definitely yeah and -- -- -- about what. Are -- -- out what day election -- popular today could. Well it's a gold very very well for a for you right now I wonder how much it help for you to start down the stretch last year. In that it's been kind of -- was for you -- that you picked up where you left off you know like skills haven't this -- this year it was -- -- yes and this is so bishop four is well. I've been local -- one ready for what people I think eventually -- Julian isn't the most fun that you said. In in quite awhile in your career did you know and they and they -- in this city was. Publicity in into the ball and. Is it because you're starting more than. More than anything else I'll say yes because I -- that -- was it's inaudible AA. You don't involve you know about it in the world and it is two but -- -- -- you'd be it is we will pay you won't we unity. If five they say you I just want this over. All right. Iliescu this happen how do you feel in that you're holding a spot from somebody else you're performing at a very high level right now. As the number five starter. And yet. 30 days from now 4050 days from now. Somebody else is going to command Jon Lester is going to command and take that -- has settled what you enjoy it starting does that concern you at all. No you know because. To me the audit and -- and commonly he would do I have community happy. A lot but it's a pot and you know is four and the result sees Brady is back in. Basically help art into its World Series -- -- -- -- on you know who else but it -- -- Korea. That is mostly an open -- he has -- -- -- in Lee is. Pena hope that he thinks about it was ready. You know I use it would be -- on the play and then they keep it on its via. I going to be happy you know in the world. No -- -- it is is they can oh that my unit in -- in the you know what I mean in as it turned -- And they certainly is back it was 13 to you -- Julian what is the feeling like in the clubhouse right now with this team -- it looks like you guys are going on the field thinking you camp moves. You know Indy one -- it's funny pivotal vote about basically you know that they've worked in the record on minors. He that -- by -- -- Day cycle I'll article was this moment besides you'll achieve. You know our ability to play cars -- -- like it will be the only that always goes. We know was so glue and a lot wait so we looked like against it would -- -- able that we. Next but he is in the rose so. We know -- -- -- added or abided and we you know we are all saying that we know we -- -- the is that ultimately go real fine you know the only way it is -- we going to be fine. Doing the you know we've talked in the past about your upbringing in how far you've come I mean you look at where you are now can you look at. We're tell talk a little bit about -- how tough it was for you've grown up and and what you kind of had to endure grownup and we a year ago at such a good spot now you can look at back at it with. A little different perspective maybe. Who knows a lot of this I broke when. I was that's where our policy is oh dynamic it was one one day -- There were severely pennant mind Altman. I think it would in the it was for -- is over then that's it's -- keep it in mentality that is on these. Netted you -- three in -- it would -- or both final when it comes through in number of two on the oh on the in the closet and once -- Commute has been and it's. And is that -- it's the only one they greatly -- -- -- -- -- Tuesday I think you've been glory you know. But you know what those big -- -- you know -- not used the lowest I'd like we go quite right utterly dissimilar mom indicted them on it's always worth about five that is -- -- They -- -- I want arms and it was so flight I was. You know and I hit some really buy it make it -- and of the Soviet. Everyday as it was what was old -- me. Does and make you appreciate more what I have right now. Is always -- to make this isn't right now blowing more than you normally are. They I I oh what other polls now. And ordered in -- -- I'm trying to think about it but a lot of time helping me although I was money. -- did you say that you never. Went to school what a single thing. Not not a live one day. So as it so as a youngster what what would you like the every day. Well I used to play in the street in raised -- favor for it our neighbors you know on the over the these bodies of those. Market like that would mean it's. It was what I was permanently in the -- you know whatever that over they have they -- in the united they all go overseas. And couple wasn't eliminated if it isn't almighty oh. Buddy let's reform you know it is it I think if they -- -- Those of Normal you know when very in all eyes in pain and anybody -- is. Most most people that well at least they can realize. It was so good to me. So they could see what you've become. A pitcher you did you play a lot of baseball as a kid when did you start point to be honest I don't more or less -- -- -- vehicles they. Yeah I was -- Albert yes sir colonel close animals -- your lawyer -- messaging. In analysts separations and I believe -- -- lose so. Did you see did you see baseball as an hour from that life did you did you see that there was an opportunity for you. -- take your talent as a baseball player and make a life for yourself. -- you know even know that I don't that would you know lead in it that was one -- -- play. You know what I wasn't Michael -- autos is on you'll play -- -- we've all -- and we -- you know. -- this or -- -- -- -- adequately for me is seen me in you know one. We -- you know please go for food. I think everybody reminded that every year -- they Kosovo anything that is I think -- people that I wasn't going to make it. They are right now of the -- say you'll overstated as you know make. -- don't -- -- -- court as you know once. Julie you said you were you get a thousand bucks the signing you spent on building are putting a Florida house system like that. Yeah yeah you know is and it does is it oh -- my mom. Is -- myself. That was our Olympic veto -- what I was Ladainian gambit in the ninth or march there. To boost -- national day -- I don't like to leave -- city. Oh Mike I use violence 8 lap ovals who all I don't rack. -- flew it's immunity you know you'd right now. Pineapple pineapple about -- -- that you play olerud is you know what it would be fine. You know -- -- that someday you'll witnesses it's double play. So to -- what they got the you know what I reality is that what -- -- senate -- as far as oh the teacher. In my I was involved you -- of the Oakland. And they helped me 800 bucks that I -- -- on in that ball as they might call it true that it is right now you know -- always Winston. A little more money you know. -- but it -- have it the I want to open the door a little bit. Cause I think -- wrist. You know. And then there's so how -- or you'll and it feels weak and because it was feel like what in the singles in. In doing he said that you'd like you're saying that you're never going to school when your first class. Was when you English class for the Indians as Aaron. At least four -- what name is now the first time -- ever been. Yeah if they out and they it was the guys as saying you know me in that I have a few what are they took over me it was -- girls. -- the play is. What in the media -- there was quite well that yeah its velocity to double play we opened right. I think -- is -- and Leland and he oracle but it. Lose the are -- Or not football ones ought to want lies solely on his but -- is -- acutely -- -- well. This if this game. -- if say -- -- if these people that handled it was. So -- I say that you say everything was in -- -- It was you refuse refuse and it's and that I want to murder. Eight TDs is it is. There's you know there's nobody that was as we use that word. So it'll -- our UN -- -- -- on our. We've come -- -- -- ordinances I was. You onto the a lot of -- and I adore this titles six well like. I would need if would normally -- -- oh -- what was. I've told you one oh in which -- -- play. So I won't say a number I always -- that basically does it is -- in the and it will. How much Julian. Learning English. At that stage how much did it help you out there when you get a guy like Daisuke Matsuzaka right now who you obviously befriended. How important it is it for him maybe to learn enough English. We can't make it a little bit easier for because I've got to believe culturally it's very difficult what you went through coming here and what he's going through right now. Well utilized as -- any -- salary each insulated. I want -- the only people it is on the but he knew it probably going to. -- I -- it -- make into the say it. Marte in 1982 what -- never pay in taxes guy is but it. In another American Allison an event that they -- he at least it -- make a being wasted all of the much. It was it was two votes to whether the in the -- -- new -- -- -- So his body in you know it's a very good though. There's that's that is those or. -- -- things yesterday. I was playing what do you think a lot of great the end of the year it looked like course like what. -- I like I they would sell its seat majority in what you think you know it was right away a lot of my guys got -- We always -- -- -- where there and whether any teammates of yours that help you with English specifically yen and obviously I'm guessing there were some Spanish players but what about American players. Damien -- -- -- -- that next so he has a roaming the well he or. In -- that nine nate in -- via Adam what they can catch the in the AP in oh and we'll. I don't know that it was a little bit black Maine as the elite. It was is going to be obviously it is it keep it you go in the life. And it will be -- -- you know you know -- was. In oh Florida they allow those in. They're about it you know oh developments today -- Martina tremendous let. Big respect is there with a white well. Oh so the moment. But it would India. Also -- so. -- -- -- -- Yeah I hope so I think that we obviously it was based on it very well though can obviously say right now. I it was -- thing when you should inherently that dugout and and -- is rubbing your head. I told my United's only 12 years old Brandon. Miami is -- reach you know it. Is that you know at all those Q it the and it had been better Romania at. And it is obviously I know I wouldn't be able to this worded. Ernie argument come in big guy in this game too political entity that they in oh yeah did -- -- you you don't listen to me about although. They've -- many. Jillian it was great -- and really your story is an inspiration for for a lot of people out there here where you come from. A difficult childhood was. And here you are pitching in any major city in the United States of America. And have a tremendous success so continued success and thanks to spend some time this afternoon here action. Thank you so much reality it is both on offense. That experience that -- ours is -- You know it's the yes -- when he when he came to Boston it was this for a stigma there was is that absolutely and it's rock and it was well it was perceived that all you know because you see him flip -- around fielder has an anger anger but you know by even cock into his former teammates before that was a well -- yet they always said all the strike that stuff only happens on the field and -- he's a great great clubhouse guy -- I think this year mean Tony can attest to this -- it this year -- he seemed even more comfortable and more outgoing in. And more every he just seems perfect fit for that clubhouse. You know coming here you thought this guy could be a bad match for Boston. And now it's looking like the opposite he's the perfect idea player can he keep -- Francona -- seen this yesterday he really does love. Pitching he loves playing baseball and he loves to eat eat you can think he enjoys competing when -- final should you joked about four -- you don't mind. What is -- -- reminds me a little bit or a little yeah. -- -- would bounce soft rubber after it you know get a strike out alone amazes me that you actually get something that he wins -- Isiah it's as well. If any if a guy's office with that is English classes I -- -- I didn't like him. I saw him this brain when when that win the big league team was playing somewhere and him in Leicester Pittsnogle minor league complex system minor league game. You hardly anybody around a smattering of fans and he was the exact same way pitching against these minor league -- in tune -- game. You know jumping around point the first base this and that but that's what it comes down that he dislikes apply it -- people have got her before and I a lot of people go -- -- of -- last year and he did struggle -- -- but man. After hearing that hockey you not root for Julian Tavarez and I -- the guys that as some believe. Never went to school Ali in the talent then was basically. Going it to the neighbors started to some errands to make a -- but you know it in to get a book right now with David Ortiz and Ortiz describes. Little but it is what it's the culture down there and not and that I would I would say this that. We -- when you look at David Ortiz like was not nearly no not like there's nothing like you know I think -- are many guys you know I was gonna say I think that's probably very unique and some people that not a familiar with what other dominicans a deal with the growing up we're -- -- think that this -- the Normal this is not the Normal I talked. I've talked about this with Clemens returning you talked about. The only no floor you know obviously took the money to buy him use a loafers and a -- -- you know hopes well -- instead he said now I have probably the other thing he said that he -- he said it upon the upon entry for -- for the house yet so. You know and yet to go to when he means the water. He had two you know obviously at the go bathroom probably --

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