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Big Show Podcast Ep. 8: Red Sox - Yankees, Patriots Preseason and Tony Brunos Twitter

Aug 8, 2011|

Big O and Holley are back for another edition of the Big Show Podcast. They talk about the Red Sox and Yankees weekend series and look ahead to the MLB playoffs. They also talk some Patriots preseason football with the first preseason game coming up as well as Tony Brunos Twitter comment over the weekend.

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And you we found this. -- Illegally and legally in the way easier on WTO they don't go. Or why at a -- back with our podcast. The weekend that was in the Red Sox once again -- -- The New York Yankees and it's it's it's under the cover. Efficient any more money well not of course is the competition it was a great series this one blowout game and four game. On Saturday in between. 21 run games and now the Red Sox are ten to -- of the Yankees the one thing is obviously it's going to be competitive with a Red Sox yankees. One thing is it is hard to grasp is that CC sabathia. Is a bad pitcher vs the Boston Red Sox and a great Pritchard has and everybody else I don't understand. -- four against the Red Sox with -- earned run average of over seven. Elsewhere against the -- only lost twice and he's been a totally dominant. -- the the the better question. The Yankees been able to hang him. If -- injuries if it pitching problems. Their bullpen has been very very good but for some reason. They seem to find somebody right now Garcia -- cold before they find somebody to fill in that holder wrote I think -- the cup. Well things wandered damned good and they still have some talented players and -- to if you got a look at some of the top teams in baseball. Let's just -- at a discount the entire American League central. And say they don't have a legitimate playoff team so much economic playoffs obviously from the division probably Detroit the Detroit is not -- any legitimate. World championship caliber team look at the two teams from the west a very good -- Texas is very good as in the World Series last year. That angels are good. The teams outside of Boston there's nobody on New York's level so we keep looking -- they get it done. Because they're better than everybody else in the American League except for Boston is simple. Outscored everybody they've given up fewer runs in the Red Sox damn good team that don't match -- well threats -- do you think. That people are going to fret over winning the division from here on in with the Yankees or is it going to be. Skip to the post season and hopefully we'll take on the no we always fret over the Yankees we always sort of the Yankees I think it is important when when the division. For for psychological reasons after practical reasons to get that game that -- it's going to be Ailes yes Red Sox yankees again. You've got a seven game got to assume it's going to be a seven game series in your game seven in Fenway Park first Yankee Stadium so yeah I think it's important with a division. I couldn't believe the broadcasting crew talking about the possible changes we could have next year with an edit while -- team we're going to get an avid walker team. They were talking about how great will be. If you add a wild card team and the -- -- one game elimination. For the two wild card teams and one of them is a woman it. To me that's the dumbest thing in the world -- I don't understand that if you're adding another level of the playoffs that's one thing you're -- gates and each one of those ball marks. But you only have one game. Then that one team is not gonna get a home game. And then you could have one pitcher they could be a dominant guy. And you could move on to the next -- as well as -- makes sense that a wild card team in the first Republican right now if they wanna they wanna create more money I don't know if they feel little get. Senate races in the same respect that they did when they wild card team and if they -- -- second one now they keep everybody does. 80 I understand why the suits. Wanna bring in more money is all about the that's what they do the -- always one of wanna bring in more money. -- the game. As does the game demand another wild -- -- -- -- -- at the end of the World Series you say you know what I just don't feel fulfilled there was a playoff team. Left at home in a we have another wild card team man -- would have been a much more competitive post season I don't think anybody. Outside of Major League baseball's offices. I think anybody's been asking about it look at the American League right now. The American League right now it's also pretty much right as it should be if you added a wild card team between now and the end of the season. You would have the angels you would have the Indians you would have other teams now that would have a shot. Ed getting out of the -- team and it would create far more interest that's a Major League Baseball is looking you know maybe Major League Baseball and these dues you want more interest. And that's what -- cut out money. But you want more interest from more people. Maybe cut the season from 162. Don't want 54 -- port 115. Because over the course of a 162 games to think we've figured enough. But we heard about it you know the best teams but get back to the suits that you were talking about taking a calculator out. Go from 162 down 154. Multiplied by the number of teams yet that you that you have in the American in the National League. And then the price the average price of a ticket. In each one of those ball part of that only really come up about absolutely never never never got to start but the patriots because Bill Belichick is suddenly bringing in every marquee name. On the defense of line that He can fine. Who's available out there. This is is this a different way of doing business. I hear Charles Haley might become and it will I don't letting -- -- we're gonna get us you know comeback for -- for Lou. Her little rejuvenation of his career no I I think this is definitely a different way of doing business for Bill Belichick. This is a 43 attacking defensive scheme that he's trying to install in Foxborough. And it could buy Tully Banta-Cain goodbye Ty Warren. We're gonna bring in some of these guys. Albert -- were. Shaun Ellis Mark Anderson gonna bring us some guys who are accustomed to getting up field. Not to gap and guys not playing -- -- on with your left licked your right gonna control these gaps now. Debt that is gone. And now you've got attacking scheme and I think He He did it because He had one of the worst third down defense is. In football last year they were like there were some in the Detroit Lions. Well on defense on third down Masterson got to do something -- to. -- so you figure by the time you get gained 1213. And fourteen. You're probably gonna improved dramatically what's it gonna look like though from the outset how ugly could this be early on. In watching the Steve you just described how poorly they played defense special third down where they might look like this guys are trying to learn this. Well you know but think about it a lot of these guys are trying to learn it. You're not you don't have you don't have defensive tackles were being asked. To do something that that there that they're not from there with its just the opposite thing about Vince Wilfork was your masters 34 guidance. -- playing over the senator. He was asked to do something you've never done before when He came from Miami to New England because that Miami. He was playing in this system. So Wilfork has done this before Haynesworth has done this before -- has played both schemes before. Anderson is a 43 guy Carter is a 43 guy and the linebackers. And there are doing this in college of public colleges schemes have. 342. Gap in techniques are a lot of very few that's why a lot of history fourteen to looking for projections he's defensive and college. Any place standing up to -- play linebacker can understand coverage. So they don't have to do that anymore a lot of these guys are going back to what they've done naturally. It'll be adjusted to see whether the offense for the defense. Is. Ahead of the other early on the process and a much sure we're gonna get that during. The pre season because I think the pre season around the league is going to be awkward. Can -- the you're hearing it would Tom Brady sits there and says it's so different this year than what we've dealt with in the past when he's saying it and this is one of the real students of the game. You can only imagine what it's like for the guys that probably dole spoke Korea as hard as they show. Always going to be crazy and then were out for Brady. He couldn't assume that well -- the lockout ends. Bill Belichick is gonna trade for Chad Ochocinco so let me. Go to Florida where Ochocinco grew up in the media. Awesome football to him so we can be on the same page. So Ochocinco and Brady. That's an adjustment period and the draw some of the young receivers and Julian settlement. Is in his third year just trying to learn the position didn't play in college. Taylor Price -- have a lot of reps last year he's still learning Brandon -- is still learning so you're right and -- them the second your guys from from Aaron Hernandez -- to Rob Gronkowski. So it did there will be a bit of a period of of a rusty period I think for all of them as they just try to get in sync display Ochocinco is trying to -- Partisan and He hasn't. Really been seen much out on the town. Tzipi did show up at the Red Sox get a good hold some form of entertainment and -- sergeant -- -- and even though his fiancee is from New York. He was regale -- the complete Red Sox outfitting of the -- of the shirt tech note LeBron James -- you're of this say her. Where you're at their home cities in your player for the home team. Don't go out of your way to antagonize huge trying real hard to fit had a huge ovation when He was shown absolutely -- at this this quickly and we talked about this in the big show a little bit. That's Tony -- -- situation. Tony Bruno. I sent out -- -- He was very critical -- -- -- This ever Cisco giant to call one of their players in illegal alien now he's taken some heat in the people one his head in his job. What do you think of this whole reaction. Well first thing -- guys want his job and I think that's stupid I don't think and I don't think that -- should overreact. To this. What He said first -- -- was factually incorrect because Ramon Ramirez is here on a work visa. He's getting paid an awful lot of money and therefore he's also paying an awful lot of money in federal and state taxes. So I don't think He should get fired. On the other hand should He be scrutinized absolutely and I think people should have their own opinion based on what He said it was an insensitive comment certainly as I said it was factually incorrect. But if -- little label anybody. That has a -- Latin name and suddenly they're gonna be grouped them as illegal aliens they gotta wonder what Tony Bruno was thinking of that number. Remember it was on the court -- Well quick tweet but radio is radio is quicker isn't -- the radio quicker yeah and for him. I don't know how long the show is but that's where you were on the air for four hours a day. Some of -- five times a week others. In twice or any other -- sometimes here sometimes you're -- here Arabs in England. Twenty hours a week. Every week on average. You're gonna say a lot of stupid things you're gonna get some things wrong. So I think we should have bought some wriggle room to to be stupid there's some wiggle room just to. Just to lose sometimes you just lose it sometimes you do say things. You go home and you say that was great -- -- in this case Michael He was factually incorrect but here's the but He didn't say it on the radio that's -- edit and only problem with the -- on the radio get it. With a tweet. So for me you look at something and you read over before you send an office yet time day as emotional as He was as the Phillies beat the Phillies fan yes. You read over detained and I don't think so you don't have you don't have that luxury get a business continued to your radio business opportunity was that Twitter editor. In orbit takes the fun. It's by an army -- in this -- added provocative comments of people but I know one thing I did to Davis. As an African American I'm so happy. That it was -- -- -- -- I brought outraged. You're always accused of it but no beginning -- fear of Bruce. -- to -- -- it's getting back to your original point and you're right all the -- were on the year wilderness and stupid insensitive things here's the problem of the world today is that. You're going to offend. Somebody. With a lot of things that you saying on the air it doesn't necessarily mean. That you don't have to write or should necessarily say it right which you can find something offensive to anybody out there really can't. And that's and that's the problem today that's why I figured I'd rather hear a flow of dialogue. And then allow the audience. Now granted there repercussions. If you do something really stupid out there you're gonna pay the price but I really believe that we need to flow of dialogue. And then let the audience decide. Whether this person with a you can label was person in whatever labor you wanna throw it. But CI how to say that the guy who has cabinet. Not that He did anything wrong but who has kind of stated in this. As being a very influential principle. Is Bruce votes whose boat she was called a powered by Tony Bruno. So yes that old school come back on no I'm not gonna get you the way the government support to get to another way He and seriously -- pubs and again and joking in a lot of stuff. But in all seriousness. Bruce votes you use this form uses very public forum. You call Tony Bruno Bruno essentially races up. It is it is indefensible. When somebody calls you were races. The more you try to explain yourself. In the more you try to prove that you not. The worst the worst you look that's why don't -- as He really cornered. He really got its payback on Tony from Tony Bruno called him a coward okay I guess up the better tell him I'm gonna throw the attention right back -- you go ahead swim. -- that's why the choice of words sometimes can be very very vicious but you can only really judge somebody. Knowing knowing and understanding your body of work and that's we discover whether somebody has a racist and -- -- a lot of times people will say some -- sometimes it's generational. Older people you know will come out and make Hamachi is that they say only go -- -- -- -- and you can a city itself well they're just not. They're not using the new terminology. And it doesn't necessarily mean that there racist you have to really watch the body of work but I do believe that. Where it out a point right now and a media. Where companies that we work for wants to push the envelope they want you to be provocative is that creates interest. On the other hand so there's little too much heat right then when the heat is on it I think it in in companies have to judge it on case by case basis and also have to look at a body of work. Of an employee before they make these potential because there will be in today's environment. It's gonna become of from all directions -- used to be OK maybe maybe some TV reporter or some columnist some media columnist. Will be putting pressure on you and you would be able to find out what people were thinking until the next day. Well now you've got blogs you've got Twitter you've got FaceBook got -- got TV. You've got this torrent of criticism coming at you in it does cause. Some of these companies to overreact and sometimes and the rubble there's a lot of tension out there amongst people. Which is the -- And it really and that's what we do we see here used the language for four hours. And that's why I I hope companies do not just shut guys off. Fiery guys destroy the allies let's open dialogue and let's find a group -- persons -- I wouldn't that we have open dialogue on time let's close up is dialing by products through that comes has given warmed up where oddly.

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