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Danny Ainge believes Shaq will play on Saturday night in Game 3 vs. Miami

May 6, 2011|

Danny Ainge joined the Big Show for his weekly update on all things Celtics and focused on Shaquille O'Neal's return to the line-up, and how the Celtics can overcome this 2-0 series deficit vs the Heat.

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I let's talk some some Celtics right now they will play game three tomorrow night. Over at the at TD garden joining us right now as he does each and every week here -- -- joke. President of basketball operations for your Boston Celtics -- any change mr. -- show you today. Wow how are at a dog great but it is more important question. About how Shaq doing today. I think -- to. Borrow. You think a lot of -- I don't buy it can you repeat that -- So that I take your proper comment and don't take it out of context would you repeat that. I believe. Tomorrow. Can't tell if Shaq plays tomorrow what are the expectations for per -- when he takes the floor. In terms of minutes. You know what that's a good question. And I. The that it caught up well blockages. I think going to be determined. On how well he plays and -- affect the ideas. And -- the. I let let's ask -- a different way what do you believe looking at the first two games can he bring to the table. That can help this said the state. You know I think probably the biggest thing disorder called it big -- -- bounce. And they'll possibly -- the basket. It Jennings -- look at those those first two games in Miami. -- we all have hard. Our reasons all have our theories on why the Celtics are down -- to what do you think the most pressing issues are that you took from those games. My biggest concern is that. Electrical and you get -- I have a great respect for our own -- they're in very well. And I think the second biggest saying is that we're not we're not playing at a high enough level. And -- into the court I think that there were happened to me. Is to mini break. We're not playing her best that's -- You know we need to do -- there's not a lot of prayer led a team as good. In. But I guess say that that's. Those are very. The turnovers are killing you and many times they're coming not because you're running up and -- the floor but the ages four crosscourt. Passes but. Why -- guys taken the ball to the whole you can see differential right now that the free throw line Kevin Garnett two games zero free throws -- why. Are you guys taken taken the -- little. All. The ball. And and abroad. Are two guys that -- -- -- -- year in and year out the top of the lead at getting to the free throw. You know arc as the ticket to the basket to treat -- C hall as well as well that are well he's never. The topic in the -- -- they're not really seeing. But 02 games though is. To meet -- I agree that's -- a soccer. So with the so I would say wrote about the -- it to the free throw line a whole lot more. I think that the biggest factor is we've got to make it's really well -- computers. And not ethernet but -- Betty -- wrote that we get to offer made it a shot. LeBron wade. Bought both guys are the -- -- better beating. Up. And elected that we just got to be better at that there's too. Little say. Their break point to one player one person. Where we're at -- -- and that probably. Discouraged but you need to get by him. Do you think it would be it would be different. If he had different personnel for example roaming -- keeps tell me about. -- her arms and acknowledge she's you don't you don't you don't like mentioning Kendrick Perkins where Miami. Is emboldened now they drive to the basket because the Celtics. Don't have somebody in the Arctic challenge and can I just clarify I've said that the the loss of her. And Shaquille O'Neal. Has opened up the lane. For all our public ever worked for Miami -- I don't know his thirty said that the one thing that -- and bring to the table and again tomorrow -- clog up let's turn out that -- up. But I but I -- but what I will say the ball about that is. Says. You give us another. Body to go to close at eight at. Probably got it at bat at ought you know the eight. Our this year there has been Germany I would agree in this series -- group. And remain in the last year and does it mean to me it better shot up and in order. Degree of that and so you know I don't think edits but. But I think that in the -- small. It makes it tough on guys like Shaq and expect -- to play with the speed. And I don't think -- the president I think that the presence of our weak side help me it's always so it's all you need every doubt read out there. Where -- -- it also spread out -- they've out two guys -- more than one slayer and stop the penetration. -- a -- the free throw line and -- about. -- -- out to spread the court because not repeat three point shooters. And then. Third you've got to get the belt after spot after taking more than one -- that stop penetration. Keep it in the corners of the three point shooters that are so devastating on their and they get rebounds so. It's not altered it's not ever about one it's not ever about a big guy or at present a specific player. It's every time. That they eat something you're gonna get rebounds three point -- law on everybody in great position and you can't get the ball. And at other times when your perfect position and someone just -- -- and don't want to frustrating and or there's a -- that you don't box out he would -- -- attention. You're beginning to the basket in game three on occasion but it although. The audited. That were not a -- right now. Seeing the same type of play we saw out of Glen Davis during the course of the regular season to me. He's been a disappointment here in the playoffs table was the reason. You know I I would I would go -- played up capability. Consistently here in the playoffs. I don't know the reason. -- gain weight during the course of the season is -- you know. Now. Because I know he's always been challenged. Obviously because he doesn't have great leaping ability he's not that big he's wide it usually does a lot of his damaged because he just gets great position because he's. So strong but lately looks like. He has less leaping ability that he said during the regular season. Not sure I agree with. I think that you the other night. You know become -- -- -- -- behind by six points. Come out of BP. To and give us a three point play in the past few -- Where were struggled score and the next thing you know -- Heidi eighty. And most of it is Glenn has helped us in this comeback. And bad at the very next possession he takes the ball to all. Get them blocked. I wanna -- could have been. You know where are sitting in what I see I think he could have been a row. What is called a good shot blocked and -- another good post up move by -- all of this -- their belts alcohol. You know at a scoreboard for the Oakland on the street back on Wimbledon and visit to mean picture right there. I don't necessarily think both are bad plays by -- he didn't finish the bulk of -- He was trying to keep an ally in the penalty. In order to get out. You know I the same time Goldberg good offensive possessions because Glenn Steele and yet to great place right before. You know the ball and the thing that we got two or you seem like -- We don't a lot of room for air shall we keep it down six grade climb back in the you know of course they're gonna make a run as well. And we don't score a -- to the actions. They come down. Here for two free throws and the thing you know we're down by five down by eight -- gets -- And fourteen point run over. About the turning point after 88. You know I think LeBron scored by all straight points a couple of step back three point. -- can do about some of those plays because they are those players. About 5% and three point shooter but it is brought up that -- keep. In the first. You know -- from my position on your team is if you have your four best players. Playing your normal game -- to be able to play with anybody in the league and beat anybody in the league but. With that said I'm gonna ask you about a bench guy. Who was acquired mid season Jeff Green what you think ideally his role is I guess the team like Miami or what what could his role be against team like Miami. Well you know so yeah. I think right now we meet up bench players. It's like game don't come down 25 points per game and -- in the back. That's typically what happens -- role players in playoff series like. If they don't get the minute LeBron -- -- forty and -- -- forty manner and boxes in the forty manner so. That guy. Out yet. And a lot of the science we don't go right. Yeah easily beat duke but there are at the department become that for all all the court -- the straight -- said it. Just in the -- course at all. Like in a matter. And played fantastic. All art it'll all come back and eat them back in the game. But -- Is it because he played behind. All fierce. You don't get a chance to the content -- that sort of rubbed their good look through and that's the nature of the role -- same thought. -- -- got that the group the other -- game two but he's he's back. Ray Allen you know and our our. I'm old boat guys were bought CITIC Group and -- they got it at the plate 3540. Both by the airport. In fact -- But that's just the nature of being a role player verses are you know and number three player that he was then. Oklahoma City. Arguments -- ballplayers Danny he's got a rough start to the series he gets hurt in game two gets thrown out of game one with seven minutes of play what did you think. Of the objection. -- I still don't agree with the objection. You know I argued my case. But I argued my keys to the -- and obviously I don't -- Well why did you agree with that what what what what should have been done differently. I think that would put the play him in the whole context of the game that you take place by itself. And need to. Try to analyze it and say okay. Here will a screen -- we got to get this green art. And you know here's some part. All sides are chirping at one another I think you can justify. Why. From an official. But when you look at Powell Dwayne ready to wait wait go to screen. Throughout the course of the game. And then you look at that particular play. You see that he did not try to fight through that screen even intentionally burning Rhode. And I'd say -- That was much more of a lake Albert -- ill. -- the Carter going away. Which -- sort of ought to do it cracked. And you know bleak resent that that that you know that ever ever issued -- -- -- -- -- The leak came back after the game said okay. All -- the -- occur or -- should have been a flagrant foul but we sure got. And to be put them all and should not have been up -- -- so we should be able to take. Those four points away from our -- extra. Oh wait this corporate that changed the whole context that the game. And -- and I think one not a one should have been that tactical and it's all air they just do not think it's all did anything to warrant an ejection. I'd agree with everything -- -- -- obviously the league. Responded the way they did the day after. Who and of validating everything on the other hand the host 20062007. Paul Pierce who's become a leader of this team and a guy who's really got his act together should be of realized after he you'd get the first TE. That you have to be on your best behavior after that I regret that I. I don't -- go storm like that wait should I got a flagrant foul but -- This guy shouldn't be responding should. She couldn't do anything particular. Street you know what do you do you know exactly what he said I I -- know what OK you don't think it was that bad did you tell us what -- -- Absolutely not a topic that you tell us what he said. He says. You know about not gonna bother me in on little more colorful language night. Which you don't you'd you'd violate -- a code if you use the that or. The bottom line is. That it's not I mean all would not are all was not. You start a confrontation. You -- simply. He would bring itself. Wait with bill and -- rare currently emit it would basically let you know you're not you're gonna get to -- out. And you know and it where. There's there's trash talk in the -- thought through how the game. And that is not be on that track -- in the epic it call. You can you can make a case. Or you gonna base about what she. Needs a little I think I think -- -- all. Practical all the it. All it's ridiculous that you were -- I do not think that warned that it. Bought. The first technical that you got in your. Little. Those rubbing it. Jane Jones you can bet that that pixel where he wrote prayer. And deepest ever know what's gonna happen so I thought about what was uncalled for and should of avoided -- -- display output in all -- get -- -- we think the bottom out stairway that age of the it is. You never know what -- out back I think all emotions were in control. I think Paul would game the way you all please name and I think that frustration. Well based on what you just said -- ball. Is telling the truth that that's what he said in that situation. I would agree with you know there have been a lot of stuff out here and here we go again with the Internet. Now -- a lot of stuff has gotten now appear that he said something that was a lot different than what you just said and obviously leaves the door open. For an awful lot of criticism but you're right the stomping that happens on a regular basis out there on the floor and why would -- official whistle -- so quickly at that point. Unless it was something that was. Out of the ordinary I am sure what out of the court seriously -- it more. Right. Now I idea. Well I heard on it different from a different perspective. So he's got sources that an official has been different -- And that out and although break confirmed that all that. That you were true -- still. War -- that might be. DR Herbert and and daddy we have a lot of people trusting -- a lot of people call station and thank the officials are against the Celtics don't believe that Mike Adams Ira I don't let us up to that they officials are against the Celtics. But I don't all -- romanticizing. Basketball from the eighty's or ninety's or not. I just don't remember appreciating being like this in the playoffs at that thought it was me and I can't say. You can't talk about -- Raleigh area but fine now what I'm an artist. I thought there was more competency I thought -- was -- there were better performances in the eighty's and ninety's. In the -- dammit the NBA with all these resources. NBA cut down on some of -- mediocrity with its officiating. That. -- that implying. -- no -- questions about officiating I think there all the questions every cold. Exactly so. I think today. I. I in the game. That makes the game I mean I've sat with a and so -- -- in the league in. And disputed what they -- role and how they even interpret. The rules and so I think there will always. Disputes that this -- you know I would just say this and it's frustrating and it's frustrating at it is at times for me. We do have the best officials in. These. I I got a round -- -- call it either but -- -- where actual -- or college games as national games. You the World Cup games. Of the MBA at best -- approximately in the -- mostly. We have about them about and -- it's frustrating that they're not hurt the frustrating that they don't see the way I you're altered our. You know would be officials are not. The reason that were there were. At least the show this interview were crushed any money. Com. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I agree with -- the other night. When he came in for Paul Pierce realizing that maybe Paul Pierce was really hurt may not come back in the game I was totally different Jeff Green. And I'm wondering if it doesn't become. A little bit psychological for him is that he was the start -- -- -- city it's a lot different starting that it is on the bench you've done both Danny. So you know what it's like is as a as a player. And he seems to be lost out here sometimes on top of that he's playing two different positions playing before sometimes with that smaller lineup out there. But going forward when you look at the -- certainly for next year I don't see where he gets a starting assignment. -- this basketball team does she have to change. His approach. In the way he's approaching the job. Get a game to game and when he comes to games. I think there's two things are set for the very beginning to read the changes that we made a -- Only one time I was concerned. Was. If we have our name and yet -- To figure out all the things that he can do. And I think that we. -- have gotten better and better as each day has gone on to suggest that spewing more culpable in the different role. And in different positions. I think that he has provided us with a lot I think the key is call. Played it different positions but I don't I don't think that that. I'm not down until green anyway. I think Jeff is is a good player who's sort. Agreed cities trying to find its way to get -- I saw what he's capable of doing maybe it was from my second at an earlier may be. You know wonder what all the going to be out gained any place. More -- consecutively. Maybe because all -- in the game and more things to him we are better players on the court with him. Instead of being focal point of not as. You -- but mostly second unit guys. I think all the things. Is a success of this trade as it heads in this series or or your mind that traders already successful and there's nothing that will. That would change that. You know I think that that's a discussion to just out. You know when the year's over and really to evaluate everything we stand Nazis. I don't think that if we don't -- -- betrayed if there's any differences that where we stand today. -- -- Just one quick thing about Krstic because he was somebody who gave you something. Initially you talked about that -- it happening -- no center at the time because perk was still out injured and he really helped Janet -- -- initially used. It at times when you better players. He's not providing. Much at all right now. During these plans what is happening -- Not so. Insecure we got a great starting -- eight gains you averaging fifteen point nine rebound confused right now right. Right and then and they -- Leo he went into a little bit of all. A body went to a phase or resist thinking too much and many bruises mean remember the first time any bruises -- struck it. Like in the New -- series. I would say right now. She's shot back. Right now so he's been going been able to play you not been -- percent. But I think he's been able to contribute and you know right now so be -- you -- now and because he hasn't been himself. You know what's hard for doctors you know have a great -- trot doesn't know for sure. That that. Even more proof that tomorrow. I think it's huge period you know. A lot to offer our -- I. Say you're telling me that it looks pretty good that we will see Shaquille O'Neal. Tomorrow night in this game now my understanding was he practice two days ago and then felt sore the next morning was that true. Yeah not to keep practiced. I think is sort of came on and the game day. That you practice Monday. And would score on Tuesday. So it was a still day to day thing or do you feel more confident now the world over that we're gonna see you tomorrow. What is it more. OK that's good yeah. On I'm generally not cynical I don't I don't buy -- Corporate -- -- you don't you don't you don't let it out why I think I think he's gonna apply I don't I think he's gonna. But the thing that I would be concerned with the shook advocate we've heard that we've heard so many times I mean how many times you gonna get. Sucked into it -- -- check in New York you wouldn't travel -- not gonna play travels he doesn't play. -- in gain on -- in game two who's second in the year. I've learned my lesson mr. ranger learned. Okay I understand you know I think that I think -- almost -- although I'm you know that there was some hope. Because he was making progress. By. You know I will I think exceed. You know more. In amber. Did you go. Back to back days. Things like that so. I sit and I don't I can't sit here they are a 100% either. So you know I'm not I'm not skeptical -- of what I'm saying by. There's no certainty and so -- -- about -- we yeah. Well the thing that concerns me the most to ensure concerns you know it's probably just from recent history is that. I think he gets out there -- question is. How long can -- go out there and do it in we're talking about him now being forced since he hasn't he's played five and a half minutes as the first week of February. You're asking him to play against the team that's playing at a high level right now in peak form into the playoffs. That's a lot to ask for. Right so you know I don't think they -- cases are the play at parliament and -- As you know sex game is really not predicated on -- them. I mean the guy is. You know his game is you know stand in the middle paint rebound the ball and you know poking -- shooting where it. It's not like coming -- screen -- like he's Ray Allen pierce and in the game what it means. He's a big debts which remaining in the wake -- remarks came right back in the second he came back he made a big difference on -- before. And so you know those those guys in here and -- game is based much more brittle that Shaq because he is still a jumpsuit so. You know it'll -- -- same as well how well it would he be able to transition. And you know what sort -- I tirade after the SP -- -- no nonsense question of the week is brought to you by -- alive this week's question comes to us from Jack Larkin. Of Weymouth Massachusetts suggests that Jack -- any. Have you been satisfied the contributions Delonte West has made off the bench this year I guess we -- -- dogma. Is he someone you'd like to have back for next season. Well Delonte. Oh played one of the best game and anybody ever seen in game two. It's arsonists. -- -- assignment. You know plane in print these as I do this green to what we got to dispute and not in -- shop. So I would say it it Delonte has has played very well when he's been healthy. And they'll play in Everett high level right now we need him to continue to do that. So Delonte is somebody when when we signed the market last summer somebody that we hoped. Would work in our system and with our personalities of our team and -- was more than one site. Consider the other night they wanted him to shoot -- I agree with that he was. There's a lot of things I wanted to be even important fault the yup it's. -- Well played that we call for blog page if we didn't get them all that you know get other good options that you know before we actually got -- is part of the play. Shops were taken before we actually got it in the you know. He was in the good state of mind as a good place is feeling. Feeling confident it would -- surrogate and for more shots. But we did it justice. I'd get a good luck tomorrow night we'll talk to next week. -- expanding thanks Danny -- president of basketball operations were of the Celtics. A vision no nonsense question of the week you wanna chance destiny to question -- prizes like an -- basketball. Visit SP buy dot com slash basketball submit your question that's SP allied dot com slash basketball courtesy of SP -- -- double -- and seizure. Narcissus Glenn has just driven too many setbacks and and understand they keep saying it was a the first one is that it was a mild calf strain initially and in I think he's probably deal was something that -- more than a calf strain. Somewhere between a calf strain and and something with the Achilles again so. I don't think they really know you know one day -- good and then the next stated that flares up so. Now I'm not gonna see my big history and I'm not I'm not thinking that he's going to be. -- my biggest fear in Danny's right in that the rhythm of his game he doesn't necessarily have to do all of that stuff on the other hand. Forgot it's only played five and half minutes of the first week of February -- year -- conditioning is going to be tested yet -- night. You're gonna have to go up and down the court you're gonna still have to go out there and fight through stuff and you're gonna have to do what against the team right now that's in condition playing. Very good basketball here and plant that's -- in the concerned. So does he play the key place how long he plays how effective B is beyond -- at the minutes that we saw. Last time a different story -- efforts to our quick break. I won't be corporate quick -- it does break and then we'll get to -- calls I promise you you can dial up right now we got a couple of open lines. At 6177790850. -- courage sell the plants. Now that you're here looks like Shaquille O'Neal's gonna play tomorrow night. Toll free 8885250. Interest. This interview with -- Danny Ainge has brought you might pay our best restoration specialist ERS serves all of New England 24 sevenths at. 774611111. Or they ERS search dot com. They might ask the allies that no nonsense like insurance company making coverage for your team at home even more affordable with the new lower rates for men and women. This as the allied dot com today.

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