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Celtics/Lakers Recap

Jan 31, 2011|

Dino and Gerry open the show talking about Kobe vs. Pierce and the Celtics big win over the Lakers in LA.

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In my humble opinion the Pro Bowl was a dreadful old joke the NHL all star just the same. The golf at Torrey Pines was interesting and -- say riveting all the way down to Phil's approach shot to eighteen. But without question the most impressive performance of the day yesterday. Turned in by the Boston Celtics in defeating the lakers and the next flash boy. I hearsay. The late the Celtics won in its bite out. 41 points from Kobe Bryant. Is getting turned off and never turned on again you know ever again do you understand it because Kobe Bryant scored forty -- at the Celtics have their way with them in the fourth. He's cute but each is really hope types rhetoric got -- the outs on. If you said it won in -- in my line of -- absolutely in agreement weakened that we can all hold hands yeah. Unless -- thinks that they want in spite of 41 now I think took -- it was a non factor will bode well. The opposite it's government and non factor -- daily life is why don't they want but I wasn't what it was it was to the detriment -- to correct it and you know what. Here's what you gotta look at the games. Look here's Briscoe. And you'll hear the commentators. TV national commentators who will give credit to cope and more even mentioned yours. Here's could have scored 41 could have been. Pick could -- 29 shots that he took eighteen he differed he he trusted his teammates and his teammates date involved in this. Hope we did just the opposite -- takeover. And we all these typical by themselves we use to. Mean more than you know Microsoft yesterday our test -- involved and all this. That's. Not entirely -- all partially. He is to blame and I. Could not agree more Colby gets to work at a different game this game changed the reason the Celtics -- is that their star score. Decided. He didn't have to score he didn't have to -- -- -- when they doubled in the trap -- deferred. Hope we did not steal shot even though we have three guys. In the last half of the fourth quarter it was five verses one. It was Kobe with the ball and Kobe shooting the ball Celtics took turns with the Rondo in the Alley oop to Garnett. Pearson a couple of jumpers Ray Allen hit a couple of jumpers big baby worked underneath everybody got a ball for the Boston Celtics making it much more difficult to defend. How's this for a stat I wonder -- Phil Jackson. Do Phil Jackson and do Colby. Have access to the metrics that say how they do -- Kobe does a certain thing. Check out these numbers Kobe took as you mentioned Jerry. 29. A Los angeles' 66. Attempted field goals that's 44%. Of the lakers shots Kobe Bryant talked. That's the tenth time this year. The Kobe has taken more than 40%. Double lakers field goals and their record of those ten games three and seven. To now use it in a much more at -- in in 28 games Kobe has taken. Less than 35%. Of the lakers shots and -- 23 and by. -- how many since scooby he had a look let me just in the -- -- -- drives what do you say -- get all broken down yet. 00 assists zero says -- guy who took 29 shots and had the ball is but he -- the lakers in assists with zero with cricket equipment at a that's right about his average Seattle would you say he had the ball fifty times. Sure fifty yeah probably fifty times in the Robinson and at the ball he had zero assist and he's got. Every bleep and Bynum he's got Gasol. -- and get big Fisher can shoot good players. And he can't set them up a single. -- what is there anything good defines eight team concept. Defeating a -- -- concept the -- in the stats of the -- the Celtics have 34 assists on 44 field goals to get detonator. 34 assists on 44 field goals the lakers had. Assists on 36 made field goals. And and I guarantee that the other one that's two point six Google's without. Analysis correct isolation plays. And they isn't that has to be very frustrating. Projection projects in this step and I wonder how much of the -- so on. With who is boredom frustration. How much that this is the best basketball player -- right obviously Kobe gets frost and his teammates and this is how he. -- about -- shoots just takes it himself he goes one -- pretty. And if you Jackson I know he's X. Sydney on the bench never gets emotionally never gets me is that -- Which is unheard in the in NBA coach just sits there has -- -- And watching -- get off the -- now how often does he say this is this is wrong we gotta be running a play we have to beginning. The ball down low have to be setting up so -- he wants the ball. And if Rondo or play with Gasol. Salt would get the ball when he needs the ball and score and he'd stay involved and he would indeed be much better player Aniston that the point. They don't really. Of Coke at the point Amy's every ball -- -- music it's exit two man re Manny point forward is a point guards to guard. He's all of that and he probably wouldn't tolerate. A port garlic Rondo one distribute. Everybody may wasn't until -- wasn't this. The performance that led Phil Jackson to say and then Kobe decided to screw up the game in the fourth quarter. And the next day put in reverse rhythm -- get beat up or back up beeping -- -- -- screwed up mess about. I met ratchet up the intensity he screwed this game up -- the lakers although. They don't win either way I mean I think the reason it screwed up is because he's frustrated with the inefficiencies of of the office says let's try it my way right in the -- big cult they pulled the with a four when he got hot. And you know he could he could will them that -- on his own but I I don't think if if they continued to. Share the ball run the place on the offense. They don't win you know the the of the cost. No chance -- like his defense just in the capsule at the lakers were jogging. There was one point where the south have 41 and saw was Little League jogging. Cross court pass rushers with all right. Very gut is that you don't jog in this game -- was a some funny it's equity -- audience so many close it down a life that don't tell me how you wanna show you -- right exactly so question but this was such a big games such a game NG. There plays ones and you just -- them. And I could be there at the end at all says -- -- that could be there at the unit to disperse. Experts are -- tidbits. Here's the thing you don't know we have no -- an idea the one thing we do know is this year for the Celtics is not like last year. Last year they went 27 and 27. After Christmas they have -- a point not to let that happen again they might have built walls. You know that might have their nights like Phoenix or like the wizards game where. Things with -- not completely focused you know they're looking ahead but but they are smart veteran team who can turn on the switch flipped the switch like last night. And if -- help it's want to you have to know is it Garnett had been recognized Garnett is playing his ass yeah -- And and and his bloody does that mean that just added to the aura I think. They made. A statement that the lakers know now that they might get to the finals. But they going to be like last year it's probably not going to be game seven at their place yet. Up Paul -- lead on W -- dot com is a good one simple but good. To watch the Celtics play at their best -- to wonder how they ever lose that troop. When they're healthy and they're playing like they did certainly you know promote that game but but within. The last seven and a half or eight minutes of that basketball game. To watch them play like that you wonder how they ever lose and go to point out so far this season the Celtics have defeated the heat twice. The bulls the magic the spurs and now the lakers. So it's a seventeen and five. Against teams with winning records. -- -- Good and bad. Mean because they -- in Phoenix off you know he had an auditorium and all -- that it's just like in the NB it's out there some you know. Reston sometimes you fatigue. Jet lag or whatever and I thank. The shots -- when shots well and the silently if they can lose. Because it'll have the greatest post and worst rebounding team. In the NBA but the highest percentage of -- -- vote he'll go to union via the greatest shooter ever yeah on the wing plan better than ever to do at some point 4 o'clock. It rails January and it's just off the -- -- Eat each shooting shooting 50% from three point eight and January in NBA competition. Better than you can imagine those guys shooting -- impeach him -- more than half. Then of -- breweries -- -- great shooter ever who generally has a hand in his face as a running as a yesterday. On underneath his disinterested. Me. By the way -- -- these quote was horses trot men run that it -- is Travis and run. It right and and thick of Garnett in the intensity brings out at some point ago like missiles can't keep can't match him. It's crazy in at least. An Internet again it's one lovable watched him to thinking new. The economic points and Garnett. -- eleven rebounds I don't think it matters to him and it's about anyone but. It's probably not through most of the -- knows how many points he has yet I think Allen knows how many three sees it. Just Kobe knows. Well the thing -- -- -- look and he won that big. Know 4040 point 98 and he wants to use that as any experience in spite in -- why don't forty gallon. The lakers went down. Almost -- show up steam it's as they say you bombs can't. On the -- that you can't contribute screw you suck let me show you how to do it sucked out -- how many guys on me I will -- and and watch Adam Sandler meant it Nikki wants to perform. As a soloist who. On the bright lights in. It should not go unnoticed that symbolically. The last seven minutes of that game when the Celtics had a four point lead and turned it and go blow out. What that's sort of not as best you can regular season game. Sort of a demonstration of the way they should have could have felt like they might have been able to play the last seven minutes of game seven yeah in the NBA finals. It's group of barbarism group absolutely them. I mythic it's a whole different deal then because of the fatigue -- Perkins Perkins output and it was never right right. And an energy expended. By Allen pierce Rondo. And that's just that's -- in the rocky points. And right. And and this is just so different. Advantage he has that against the they got their arrest -- that the plane got in on time and all that they got their. -- Rose to the occasion at that the so encouraging about the Celtics. Who wrote this morning's news now looks likely. It's. That the win the Indy title and can't know there's no wait it's. But -- here. A mind around that this team is capable of winning at all and we kind of -- there are more capable than last year when they went -- seventh. Finals at this stage on their health meter radar until of that Jermaine O'Neal to just just an enormous. That was sarcasm positive leader pedestal -- Unbelievable. Unbelievable in January -- shooting Ray Allen 52 point 61 ran the 53%. On three point. In complete and -- want to to Larry Bird overdo -- a month now while Britain Aikman. -- -- -- -- look at the numbers it's amazing how -- Threes birth he's a few three's everybody in the -- Europe now its use. Part of that office. There are games. And trees and bird took an eight year in the case raised three point shooter why. You sit here and applaud the effort that you saw yesterday and you. Are impressed by the level which the -- able to play on the road in Los Angeles against the very very good basketball team is at all. To be tempered. By the fact that this is an aging team has a long way to go meet what did Kevin Garnett do it was so dramatic when he went up for that lay up that -- To get hit Knoll did he seemed -- -- -- know that he had a high ankle sprain and all you put up delayed and and something popped in his calf. Now there's a long way to go between now in game seven of the NBA finals and I don't do -- did you hear you establish a run and bill you know whenever play defense. But with this team based on how it currently constituted and what we have seen drag them down in the past does all of this just galway in a puff of smoke. If Rondo or Kevin Garnett key guys suffered a serious injury is now sometime late the seasons. Yes yes it does it does but two things that rivers is the perfect coach his team he knows what he's doing knows. Spends the minutes and and and watch guys and and and and without appearing hopefully. Protective protective -- and these guys know how to handle themselves -- The wildcard it is no run out pistons team via I mean the only whack. Is big baby's young and healthy. But as we know you don't expect them to do stupid things in new -- Ray Allen. All he needs. Many in the growing like Garnett and on -- -- -- I mean now mean allegedly -- on immigrants. Have ads in video yet but. Yet but not expected him to pop off you know it did their very stable toward stability. Stables. Stables ever applied Kevin Garnett if things stable applies here. No birdies to win and I think. Stupid might have a few like erroneous moments like you did Friday but that's pocketed. Derailed them you know he didn't wipe the blood off that cut because he left that they -- for effect. I told him he can go like this kind of like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and you know. He's pissed off about it. Use the biggest -- -- back again and come back -- and he looks so good on the offensive meant to -- compared to -- -- and last year. It wasn't just me and you know sure he couldn't dunk it seemed. And and we did this a couple of times and up the minutes -- minutes off the charts and it was only 3033. But miles humor and a high school you know there are a million miles on this guy in games and practices he never lets up no one place. The kind of intensity plays yeah he's done it for you know a whatever it is fifteen years. And he does -- day in and day out so it means if there was no reason thank. That it wasn't the beginning of the end last sure it credible body was project in multiple on a lot of people that people said they didn't it's probably history. He would that is -- spurs just. Just look like he didn't have any bounce left and couldn't get a shot in. It wasn't comfortable low post. It didn't elevate. An absolutely no Bruce the cost of doing them the Alley oops Rondo and look like. Wasn't just something that was going to be surgically repaired and go back to billion. Young and spring and look like it might be the beginning of the end. You think and this is a significant of nothing that Johnson & Johnson band aid brands might wanna consider. Skin tone color. And days I know they have them but the pro white people to happen. People of color I'd I'd I'd guess not of these is there such a thing. -- -- Maybe even if there were that would say give -- the one that stands out more if there doesn't catch on my head is Al Sharpton awareness yes isn't it's Kabila class action suit -- a and that's a big -- class action suit. -- 6177 so -- 0850 toll free 8885250850. Woke up Boomer Esiason at 805 for the next to the last time. This year. As we go to this 92 break. I'm what -- run Ford numbers bodies. Don't give some thought as to what these four numbers mean don't shout out think about it obvious when we get back ready -- very. 34. One -- five. 35. And 38. There you have these are not measurements 342535. And 380. Those two shots Kobe took a quarter. Pretty close but not exactly yet.

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