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Curt Schilling on what Steve Buckley will face in clubhouses as an 'out' journalist.

Jan 6, 2011|

Curt in the Car called in to voice his support for Steve Buckley and broached the subject of the challenges Buck might face as an openly gay reporter in the lockerroom.

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I've back here at the lake show -- toward my boxer and house today Bradford and ask you don't hear Brad you know I'm just making sure that box Wikipedia -- -- And I get good news televisa -- official. You know it is updated via this sort of -- thing in -- A quick time -- -- -- -- -- that's what I thought Hillary Wikipedia had probably -- global success but wealthy you're always has me as an ardent supporter of Bert Blyleven yes so that's that's exactly what he says yeah ardent supporter of Bert Blyleven but that's -- -- I vote form every year but aren't behind them out of that -- always sending -- actors -- aren't -- -- the baseball they've -- stating his case of W yeah eyes. And out and -- -- I don't or any topic state my case -- -- island don't vote if summit called to vote for a thing boat seller in America policed exports we have always struck me is a pain. I now consider you -- -- I deeply respect. I see it's a good quality -- without precedent. -- I shouldn't -- on TV he doesn't seem to have good fashion sense Andy likes sports way to disprove those stereotypes of black. That happened and the White Sox I don't like I'm getting killed on the White Sox or hold -- live up to the sports writers and affection I do business. That's a stereotyped or is it true one now I -- the pack of mr. type a telephone line Kurt Mark Barton cars on the phone like. You get something you want revealed today in the Sean did know about it. Real clear -- articulate regularly it'll probably yeah thank you are. Last I know this -- Oh. I didn't know you had no idea because you wake up before you to read the paper -- -- look at the right hander got I had no idea. So you so you were shocked when you read that paper to. -- don't work like what. Mark. Mark mark -- -- stop principal or in the call about median pulled out earlier portrait -- Cleveland Cleveland. And then we -- over the yeah but what. I had no idea no. Candidate can last against part of me packing 100 -- think back in. -- -- -- A lot and we talked a lot of baseball but also a lady hundreds -- -- sense -- -- -- -- it's -- things -- that's such an iconic anti environment. In its way it's always better and so my first thought it part of me feels horrible that. -- was in this situation where you couldn't meet who what you want. And then -- -- it's such a pain in the ass that oh points. About a way you consider to be a pain in the -- you'll have to you the best got asked this question because you're. Nearly removed from the from the game here and by the way gonna tell you the second one I think you all think chances are increasing by the day. But I know -- barely removed from the game. -- guy's going to react or going to known now they -- know for you to know before I should go to no now -- -- -- Well all I did you know like the guys that will. It got that big guys that -- will have a conversation with or an onkyo compliment. -- won't be any different than the guys make other people want culpable there are bad people. -- -- And there are there are parties can be extremely well away because you look up articles in the Bible thumping Christians who. Go too far. An -- -- movement don't want everybody. -- the specific at specific way and people just have a problem individuals individuals as art but I would be stunned. If if any. It. Happened that that you put sparking a bad situation in this club in this organization of the I can -- Brett. Yet -- bought back about their budget good guys and promote. I agree with that there are recurrent I don't know if you heard that I know that you were the ones once reach out to -- but. A lot of people that organization already dead and I think that says something not I I -- I want to know it you the first person you text in your early this morning. And united people over how listen and I said you know and of course some -- drug that could -- And and you the first athlete it's a text me which I really appreciate -- than. It's I'm from other police aren't -- -- because what do it doesn't wanna. Here we go Cleveland thing I don't want a shot him because I thought you knew where everything. He's -- job as pitcher. And current speaking argument and it. -- to be. Yeah. Company able to people that are openly gay people -- Equipment like. It OK that's. OK I'm not gonna. I'm gonna. You said it would yet that's exactly let's say -- other way to read this is Brett page you want you back yet. I'll tell you what you -- sent the -- Right. -- -- -- -- -- I want to ask you this question again because I agree that most guys are are not are going to be very supportive of Spock what happens the day. And you've been here before -- -- rights appeased really pisses you off in the old days if you didn't know you just go up and called every name of the book cable and everything else. Now some guys are gonna reach down and dirty. To try to throw something at him that they believe can hurt him. Oh no that's not. It won't happen just like it won't happen -- because most companies. -- of the it's. Those guys are open perspective of someone -- beginning and at a passing game which street in whatever piece about -- I come from a place. And it's not an eight -- -- that there is gonna applicants on its world militia. No I don't -- problem with the guys that it did their job integrity of the I'd never while. What they wrote that you'll want -- -- and when -- but when they -- bad things there it's called board. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Seattle. The world real well and and those guys scare me a little bit in that they just won't get it in they won't necessarily know what they're saying but it's the way of I'm really getting down and dirty and really getting to the you know. Any candidate fox got the integrity park going for him he's always written from a from a pretty honest place and as players you respect that guy again in Europe guy. -- a TDs climbers -- Europe -- -- those -- the guy that is in the U but the idiots that do the roundtable talk -- you know there always look at Jamaica outline and often rapper and it's it's sort sort or writing about the game. And that's a huge difference report that yes you're right there are ignorant people in every profession and there are going to be -- -- going to be as the experts now I think it's in the right -- options with the right. People in the office there'll be capable and up and and defend -- Against the player. It's that would ever happen I'd -- -- which I know guys I played with would have been one of them and I are -- -- -- I can't type you'll bat. The ultimate situation contribute to a situation that -- allow someone to -- they work -- comparable unit work. But I it might feel good professor fox you know it's which which were happy. I bark bark -- said he was aware of players. Athletes who are gay who. I have not announced on your. I was gonna see you probably don't know that. No no no -- at all but if that's the case and -- is correct. Why do you think those guys in that club box if what you're saying is true that guys are pretty of the mature about this stuff right now why wouldn't. One of those guys come forward and say you don't want I would do the same thing Barkley did I wanna lift this a weight off my shoulders man I wanna be able to tell the war one volume so I can live my life the way I want all of my -- You know what I would target -- to -- one it's very different being bought position and -- in in the -- position. And number it's it's not the world that we -- athletics about the strongest that office. And -- in and we decided that -- people can beat the strongest or the most about. And it's a. That's just excuse me that's -- stereo -- -- New York you're totally. Fool is buck mark obviously doesn't fulfill that stereo to. Tried apart too much of the Dresser just it's not quite -- But who is gonna wear White Sox with some -- expect. -- -- Not a player you know what it's it's just it's different and are not so sure that -- -- what -- hit -- -- we dual player or multiple players or people in the media. Doing what you know seeing coming out he'd been doing aspect. It's just it's a very challenging environment that the so I mean a lot of players who are gay who aren't themselves in part on the -- because of what's the need for. IPod and -- welcome to hear from him he wants an alarm call often an alcoholic and you want literal threat to come up a little the surprise -- -- a card -- of the Texas monument a lot of answers that you feel it current shall we currently a coroner of the of the union we had such -- -- -- -- that game in Cleveland. He's pissed off. It was a -- it was that if that's what negatives. He it was it was like a cold misty are diverted three pitches 130 treatment I remembered and and into your that this is I referred to the lunacy we've been showing it -- -- beautiful thing about that that -- what I remember. It added up that month he threw more pitches in that month and -- the entire career I did not know that so and so so I wrote that. And and he's a member of a couple of that was at two city trip it was Cleveland and NCP has worked. And seagull Mike sixteen degrees to eighty and we get to Saint Petersburg and what's this Tito is upset all boy that was that was a major. We just have another celebrity texture it's well. Yes we did you know Brian -- -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Source losses -- What should he be where are gonna ask me question people out of it -- ask -- the opposite end of Nam. The fact that blow it up until today. -- -- -- Multiply your media mogul Boston Harold WE yeah -- idea a good champion Bert Blyleven now -- -- -- patent and I think I I got an editor. But now I worked didn't go for not. Now suddenly you're gonna show up -- access -- -- which. That's -- the that bother you that the yeah that mouse suddenly your different today that you have more of a can I say celebrity status because we're we're looking all of the united. You're everywhere well. I'd like to think that seriously that that this will pass over your good days and weeks now if if over the next ten years. All I'm writing about his gay causes and so forth which is which is a great calling obviously but that's not what I'm paid to do a regrettable exports. And I went about right about gay causes I'd I'd get myself on a different state. I work on this stage covering sports relating and I'll go back to that within a couple of days and there will be no. They'll be no gain you window and everything right and it's gonna break the way I write all the time. And I will then become I hope -- sports columnist who he is gay rather than the game. What's going when you talk about gay causes it is clear pressure within the gay community. That if you do c'mon you're our celebrity you're getting all of this attention today. For somebody who sit there saying I feel good about 1 AM phenomenal and everybody you know. Is -- pressure out there from others were saying hey -- your position. Where you can make an impact you talked about a little bit about it with. -- -- the ranking in the kids committing suicide knew what I had this conversation as what was in there because it really wanted to be just happened Michael weakening Ewart -- got real emotional when we were talking about it. -- do you feel some of that pressure in that now maybe you've got to be like a spokesperson. Well I think part of the reason I wrote a column in and again there were a lot of factors involved here. And one of them is just before we had dinner that there was the call it's it was a record it was like the day before and two days -- and it is. Out of state companies that someone -- would would would take their own life well being of and people try to help me over the years and it's been it's been sometimes. Emotionally crippling -- in Britain never did I ever considered. That ultimate measure because I love my family too much I mean I I can't and we lost my brother 1988 to a car accident. It was it was the most devastating blow life and we it was suffered -- me put my feeling today again. Because might like cutting convenient would be would be -- It to Joan a billion in and John Calvin. And and everybody in my family and you know Matt Michael and -- you know right and Donald wrote all the grandkids and I would ever put them through that. But I didn't suffer what other people so I can put myself with someone else's position. -- before but obviously there are people who felt compelled to commit suicide because -- because you believe these children and so forth. And that that played a role in this now. The white feel any pressure on and taken in an activist no I don't do people. Within the gay community so -- -- we need to stand up well -- -- I'm just in the start -- blocks right now so fell short but the Braves but I need my you know Darren before semifinalists and tell you I can't tell you that I I did meet with with the people -- glad. I'd done in new York and in talk with. One of the immediate field reps in and all they've done is give me advice and counsel and and this is but this is a tactful way to answer certain questions and we you know is going. But they didn't hand me you know a basket leaflets and says you know you don't you for a long time I don't think your phone those rules. -- -- -- -- There's an election I have enough you can sit exhibit over the years people tried doubt you. So was there aren't particularly uncomfortable time with a happened. -- kind of -- and a personal but yeah. Did they did you you know -- there are things that were written and they're -- -- window and and so forth and and it's it's you know because of where I'm sitting right now it's all amusing to me. But I'm not -- why -- you know 1012 years ago when stuff like that was being. Any of boat sank back I don't know how the hell would lose -- you know again and and so what did you do about it people were struck out what would fretted. Credit is to some good -- got upset but how did at the dogs walked -- go out with some friends -- -- -- -- how did that affect view. And -- you know it's a funny story about that I. That was -- 03 I think and I just flown into you know we talked about the division series yankees people don't know YouTube is a writer writer -- And I was actually. In a rental car when I think Tony now as a few of the people. Going over the the Bay Bridge Chris we stayed at a hotel in San Francisco goal of the coliseum the games by the division series in -- I didn't know. And in only and Antonio Michael Silverman the -- -- you know bought at some anomaly. Well. It you know get the press box immediately looked it up -- -- And I didn't know what's happening now. Ed Ed Kennedy it would idea that he approached that you know the sports editors and so this is what I wanna do when they held on with the proper time they ran it. The differences did it you know and -- if you don't normally is just one of the nicest people you'll meet. Ed was a horse racing writer and all it wanted to cover was was racing he was good at it. I covered the derby with a one day in one year and it was that when pitino was mauling coming to the Celtics. They actually sent mediator chased down pitino -- that he can't -- you know read about the race and I end up doing both. And he was such a nice -- point you know -- you know some people or centric about the sport. So it -- over you. He was like you know it's like that's why I love watching football PR scenes moralists because. The big really want to share to stop with you -- the fantastic about data rather than. -- that is in the football great really wanna meet and all the stuff he was sharing it with me so I like dead. The difference was that that the newspaper industry was changing. And -- -- you go back 1012 years we had a full time racing writer the globe and a full time racing where we had a full time media person. The globe had a full time me -- Jack Craig Jim Baker. We had a great at Sam McCracken. You know in the old days fall by one and -- well as we move forward. Paper skin affordable full time was racing writer anymore so a great had to do patriots sidebars Sox sidebars. And that's probably going in this business for you want to do what's racing writer. We voted story he came out that three months later he quit move to Florida. And I think he's -- through freelancing stuff down in Miami now what encrypted I don't I think is they set I don't I don't be getting new witness I would say the spark it. And I remember the story quite well. Out of product under the headline right. But it didn't have the impact I think that yours is in this is known -- a -- but he was covering the sport that a lot of people weren't falling. Through those years you have been for more of the prominent sports -- or multimedia key as -- as I said probably too many. Media analysts the -- also -- of the opportunity go on the big show that dated for four hours talk about right. And so with little white line at 540 by the way. I'd take a quick break and then now we'll get to it get to more phone calls and talk a little bit more about this with the black. Six wants Silva Silva Silva 90 way to do where I don't want a lot of 54617779. 535 -- departure.

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