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Dec 27, 2010|

Bob Ryan and Troy Brown are joined by Tom Brady and they talk about the win in Buffalo, locking up homefield for the playoffs and MVP voting.

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Joining us now -- as luck would have it. On the ATT hotline find out with possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T. We think possible what's definite is that Tom Brady has joined the says he does every Monday and Tom first of all you got to -- auditory. I know that might surprise for me out of money market. Anybody let my name is Troy Brown if you don't remember me -- you up they would do it for several years. You know you -- you big that now men and you know doing doing well police men out I'm proud of you in. Great to see sets a lot of success man in and you've got to talk to me about this. There's 319 passes in the room and without the one in the Simpson turnover as -- pretty pretty amazing go you encompasses. -- you know I think that's as much as. You know wherever one point -- -- for -- I think there's there's a lot is a lot so much that goes into what we're doing offensively so. With the protection that I get from the offensive -- you don't really know what sports. And -- Russian rooms. Also we don't have a lot of these games so. You know you really don't need to do inaudible and to those key areas that you would if you -- no really desperate effort at trying to get back. No the receivers are at that a great job security catchy isn't. And there's a lot that goes and it's so. You know I think it's it's been pretty great we're couple -- -- -- the last I think seven games and -- -- that we. It's been like you know we've got the ball 42 title turnovers and haven't didn't give it up one so I think that's a pretty impressive stat just. From from an overall basis. All the guys were pretty hard. As you know try to up outward. That's preached every -- is is. Turn over turn the ball. I think that's really -- that we can win these games so look need to continue. Tom I'm sure the question that is going to be. Foremost all week on all the talk shows. Everywhere is going to be with the Miami game not -- needed in the sense how will bill approach. Interview you particularly and than anybody else that -- that it's. -- -- -- -- I'm not sure obviously and but I upgrade it. It's not a surprise me one bit first book there. To do everything we can't win this game I think that's just the way he's an approachable so here so. I would really expect nothing different. -- and I know you don't you want to know sixty minutes. At this -- -- Speedo. I think that's not the best part that we can exit and they're -- and you and I just could have released. You know. Game where we all played this week and the following and it really put -- -- okay -- could I think that bill except good. Yeah I mean and they we will begin a lot of calls about that people Sam you know I'll just sit Dino will look -- that an attack on the definitely Wes -- listed. And I've been trying to explain to -- I mean that's you can't approach to game and we've been afraid of things like that happening to human maybe you can help me out and kind of you know says -- I don't have to an island that somebody's called Muslims know that you really can't go and play the game anyway. No question I think it's also point that. You know there's only 45 guys active -- -- -- so. It's solid college where you have bags and -- and -- -- exactly exactly. So you know in a situation like -- you fail let you know so it's so important because we're not important. I think that's properly it is we're all. Part of this team and listen we've all been Clint harper. You're tired seasons so. It's called twice this week I think all the guys are excited about of fourteen to two record and portrait through gravel record so. I'm of that spectrum Greg gold for -- You know I just think that that's a good record retract the other than 2007. And -- quite a lot of good football this year and to finish it off the right way this week gets a -- that really is always a tough opponent for a. You know this would be greatly and he's. This is at least -- of in the fourth time that you would be fourteen to at least before -- will be at the back to backs them this year requested that the seventeenth. So. That this this tremendous accomplishment. And speaking of which as these things -- in in the commuter Tom. You have any difficulty in in and not typically should thank you ever have any inclination. To think about these kind of -- going things or you. Always always always focused on the moment I mean this is not really true. Well I think unit in -- way you'd. I don't reflect very often a trade -- maybe -- -- the -- -- and mark tour. It's (%expletive) I don't think it -- any good at this point. And I think our goals if you are still ahead. In an -- -- different goals and last year we had different weapons and those are really common goal and so. Buick thing you really focus on his which you have -- and which are trying to accomplish so. I learned from from coach Belichick really almost players take the lead from him and that that's all that's where your satisfaction as the -- It's in it's it's in the trying to accomplish those things we set up were so. If I feel that order. We're really not where we need to be and although we're going in the right direction. We've got our games are at and a outlook for screw up this week and play play great game against Miami. You know and then if you replace the article expert. You know we got when it's time to worry about the playoff in the playoff -- start next week. You know we have won more games for that -- I think. Truly where -- -- And I agree written and a lot of lot of great courses dominant right now Tom I think one of the other ones. One of the big course -- this becoming news. You know your your role as a leader on this football team I think the policy in a much more demand and Tom Brady a much more. Passionate Tom Brady and a football field and you know about kind of explain a little bit to about you know you've always been that way and maybe didn't have the short as much because of other leaders you have on the -- were just as vocal Missouri this year so did use did you feel an editor -- the system be. More deadly your own as football team just because of you go -- on the team issued. I think you know certainly you know partly yes you know there's definitely. You know that element where. You know I don't have you could look at relied on like -- did for so long or David or word -- -- dividends or. -- certainly feel that I do and west side you put it out yet do put you know the running back position at the receiver position that -- deposition. But it really a very young team. And -- and even some Mosul in the deepest side of the ball we got didn't speak out at all really you know. No question no question and and I think you know we're we work. Know early on in this. Decades you know we were. And we are very much the defense fatigue and so the -- of leadership was so important to -- And that's where a lot of -- veteran players were so that's really who we listen to it took our. Took power it took our cues from but I. I think the other thing is. Eric you just trying to stress the importance that we were you know the kind of opportunity that we have because. It's not every year that your in this position. You know -- but you don't take -- what you do you have an opportunity. You know look for example yesterday because he's not home field advantage commercial buyer like -- Go to -- the cut by the other meaning that that doesn't happen so. You've got to take -- competitor when you get it because as that you're not gonna be -- And and I think what you do you have that opportunity. You have to make. Com but I. Try to -- upside. Without. Placing new in the middle of labor management. Discussion. Would you just address how -- -- -- contestants it's about. Well he's he's been he's been phenomenal because. In -- set the tone for everybody Logan is that you know Logan in the different kind of guy you know he's just. Logan all business and he's he wants to go up there and he wants. He wants them all people that would that it. It's just his personality he's been like that since the first -- he got here. So. -- -- just. Exactly which used the on the sideline has been the kind of guy Logan is -- you all about the team. You all about team's success. You know he's a man of his word and I think it's -- Logan just. -- -- -- teammate coming equipment -- aren't real physical skill picture look for. And in his attitude what he brings to the toughness of work group. Is if -- that's really irreplaceable. So. That someone that. You know -- huge asset to this offense. We were talking a lot of textures and colors they've been -- reminiscing. Their favorite Troy Brown reminiscences and when asked you to. A Jordanian and and and a little memory then strolled Tom Brady reflects on playing with Troy Brown. Sure well I yeah I think for Troy have be. Yeah I have very vivid memories from you know being in the pocket looking downfield and certain route that he ran. You know like for example in the Super Bowl that was rolled out in those three at Carolina rolled up to the left in the two minute drill. And I fired the ball over middle Detroit jumped up and -- held the catch. In a situation we were back. Third I I know we can remember his -- -- actually on the ball. You know compared eyes would light -- in the biggest. You've ever seen. As they're in -- -- concentration and focus. Whatever -- -- common folk that go to them that I think it would Troy he's. Are these -- the best there's only one Troy Brown there's. You know in the -- during the preacher in the dictionary as a pitcher Troy it's violent hatred there. As as a -- who say it's only -- -- Those -- great reporters and do it your favorite. That. As as does -- great leader Tom you are thirteen to. And what was your biggest area of concern. Looking at the schedule this season and where you guys were back way back when. September 5 that you're ready to start the game first game against shingles and and house materialize. Well I'd you know I don't think anyone really realize. How would go -- -- I think we. We as players it was a totally new commitment. And it was a going to be a different style that we -- -- deal with a lot of traditional record this season with you know warrants being gone and Logan come back -- -- being treated. You're adding the did he would hit all these critical piece of the -- without over the course the fees and so. Got in September strip on the literature when it was taken. You know then just to try to figure kind of team we're going to be -- -- -- the way the team worked in training camp who worked in mini camps. You know what I thought we would we be pretty good to connect and they've got. That we had ever -- will it looked practice -- one loves to work or not one. -- -- bitch and complain about the things that car coach that has to do. And and I think that's really remarkable picture Bettina contribute to make improvements over the course and he's and so. And it really we're not done making improvements that guys are still department rules themselves and become more dependent we tweak and this is what you need to start. You know really be played error free football because. We played now. You know fifteen regular season games and pork production -- -- nineteen games of football over on the practices. So. That we got to be really hit our stride at this point. And you know this week could be it could occurred we finished up with. You know of it is likely write -- this is is a great time to be it in stride and and and improving -- -- -- -- that we -- a week but. All your practices and everything like this to. And you -- in the the Randy Moss trade and take you back a little bit. You know because I think some people wonder how. Easy how difficult the transition was that you've made from you know causes obviously it was the difference that office now than it was. The week of the menu most trade and and and how you waiver to make that transition so easily and smoothly with everybody. And obviously the first week with the -- with breast McEnroe that wasn't pretty but it. You saw the progression happen we get the week at the bit at the -- went down. Sure sure and I think what happens is. Everybody had a different set of skills and and if we were to ask. You a deal on to view of things certainly indicated that it wouldn't very well. And we're -- you do all things could be on. Could -- that will work very well so really our offensive though which cater to the strength of our players and what. We're able to do better for -- you don't see. You know a lot of naked -- from the quarterback position that -- could and would settle title played the rule when Michael Vick. You doesn't it. You know I'm not I'm not Michael Vick spectator so you know where we do it. The way to quarterback pleased with the running backs where they play. The way to line blocks between two receivers Jerry run routes get open so. Released what happens -- opportune or we will fall or applicable to district where guys can do and if you do that you can still be extremely efficient score a lot of points and you may not have. Certain types of plays an opportunity and more but it. You'll also and other types of plays and offense that you didn't have before so. You know you. Guys come and go over the course of the fees and other people inferior trees or -- -- -- and that's why the -- just keeps -- Yeah yet -- have to -- at times mean you don't wanna run the play I have to cocked it for you which would shock the world I I it's a guarantee. Touchdown and and the reds -- -- five yard line in a quarterback draw for you. Yet you look good already expecting a quarterback draw from you on five. We -- we had to debate who who went to put race between -- -- income and easily one of the millions Danone has scrambled the middle. News in the is the MacArthur yeah you guys put their money O'Connell. Tommy may. That you may not be aware. You may not be where you have been discussed as a potential MVP candidate. And the other day Michael Vick was that's who we would vote for 3M VP and he did smiling we say Michael Vick. What's your impression which are feeling a missile MVP thing. Well you're not I think that -- And in my last my feeling has always isn't it and most valuable player that can export cabinet. It's really. You know -- can -- it doesn't make a lot of sense so. And I can understand -- most valuable call for -- like best but it comes to. Michael Vick to either outlook plug in -- a great player and -- spirit he's the best player. You know for that team and you know he -- what they do well and pretty and it fits with his team does well. -- unfortunately it's really it quarterback award. You know not not a lot of other great players get that recognition which. No they probably shippers are so many great players gently put it. You know it it's just gonna get -- that they have to do. You know. Only reward temperature matters you know Super Bowl right now it's only one that's. The next Olympics as yo we say -- and every February 7 that about nine -- -- -- that's -- -- looking forward to it they. And smiling broadly while fumble obviously done Amanda and you trust me you won't you walls that but I must tell everybody -- the Tom briefing BP. You deserve that he's the best player in the league. You know and no matter what he's there's -- on the radio he's been he's a damn good football player and he always has been. We are of course talking with Tom Brady -- -- with Troy brown and it is time now time for our quarterback. Question of the week what do you by Irving oil when Mike which is from Rochester wants to know and by the way used to win the other Rochester you guys. Yep or just -- here and -- looking out the window and no -- No value when you get back home. And the question is Tom how much -- the production from the run game in 2000 then made the offense better. Well I think that that you know we talk a little bit earlier cut off at the ball and I think it would be any end with with any. With those guys likable willful and harder just paper it. It takes so much pressure on Monday that -- football team -- -- tell you that the first thing you have to do is establish run or stop it could if you don't you'd lose total control the game. And to -- it would run the football great this year very efficiently what were you when. You know put right -- -- were officially registered to efficient so which means we're gaining yards. And we're not losing yards and I think that is set -- -- a real -- to type an offense and play action passing game. Because we're gonna run the ball you know that we really took control would be yes they could run on the ball. -- If that was just that's really what what would it carry yourself freedom -- this is the running game and and has set up. Our play action. I'm Mike -- is just won a fifty dollar gift -- Irving oil -- oil once we she was safe and happy holiday season. Make sure to visit any of their over 800 urban locations why you are traveling to find the location nearest you. Logon to Irving oil dot com web -- we have to say goodbye to Tom. Tom it was it was a pleasure talking to you man I appreciate it and you know bill -- in the and is safe travels back -- and has -- -- the middle because they -- -- tonight some time to see your family's not a good stuff and but don't talk to you before the new -- -- have a happy and safe new year. And I'm definitely give you my vote number lobbying for you for the MVP obviously. I'm Bob lobbying coach O'Brien coach Belichick Porter packed with. Just like I'm great thank you very much. Great it there it is the one and only Tom Brady what -- can I say. On the AT&T hotline find out what's possible but the nation's fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T. Rethink possible.

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