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Sep 6, 2010|

Neumy is joined by Kerry Byrne to talk football. They discuss the Patriots opening game, cuts that have been made and what the Jets resigning Revis could mean for the East.

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What fair Labor Day about new -- -- for. Joining Gerri will be back tomorrow. Tom Brady's it'd be will be on Wednesday. Patriots Bengals to kick off Sunday at one in what should be. Another. Terrific. Season in the NFL. Lot of excitement great schedule and a lot of question marks to help us. -- answers some of those queries we bring him. Jerry -- from one of my favorite web sites cold hard football facts not on May carry. -- To a well hey you know what brought it up yet. I bet you he's been awhile we thought we you're really wanted to we've had a great run its -- -- football back but you're really wanted to -- put up on the map out a few years ago and not just -- that we've been you know. Just had a great run it yet you wanted to get. I carry it its its like this it's. I always say you know and when among the show and among other shows either -- against her cohost or whatever that I always like to bring some good material to the table. Because it helps answer some. Football and sports debates with cold hard facts. And read that in mind your website provides that with the National Football League so as you analyze the patriots. Into this season. What can you tell us about their prospects. Well you know I think it is it the good. Dakota on the opposite side armed break in and they gotta be tackler. I think something in particular that worried about radioactive you know he had really been. Second best statistical -- his -- to note that the season. Any impressive thing to me is that. The patriots just -- up but are incredible and you know the way we looked at some. That have. Even that the that the ratings are an appointee and it'll ask you to check it is which. Of course it up to united it would appeal to the exit of what -- two games against the bill it the same sort -- -- -- edit you know -- -- right here we're talking -- But the football and the patriots played what sort of it yet what those leads in so. Consider the quality opposition of the patriots play operating an incredible he's he really did -- -- proud -- that even football relative to that. Quality of the defense the quarterback -- -- -- You know the bad side it sees that indicated that news is that it isn't just -- Put together all -- look at. So Oren and at least one and one football although he has been and that's really -- -- -- -- -- can happen. And keep me up at night wondering how they partly can be able put together. Lockdown of all Albert and then. And -- get the way to Egypt have to wrap it -- secondary over the last five -- yet I'm not. Particularly confident that that that even going to be up to stop it yeah and and I don't think we have any reason to be competent in -- in a pretty I don't see guy like him -- it is. You know rookie if we tear apart -- defense that got the one thing that can keep it. -- at one of our techsters. Chime in about 7:30 this morning when they mentioned one of your pieces that I read about that comparing Tom Brady with. -- meaning in there their career. Production. It was an -- for would you when he writers wrote this incredible load. Credible report about Brady having the edge over remaining in one of the Texas and while it's prejudiced because if you of one of the writers is from. Quincy. So therefore you know it throws the whole thing down the map but isn't there are plenty of cold hard facts supporting Brady over -- Yeah especially in a -- either and yet I -- -- when you're proud when he got you know what. -- with the number at what the numbers tell me so I have no allegiance and the result. -- -- don't get that when I was I just wanted it known I want quite a while my numbers are we by no dog in the fight in terms of you know what it says that what -- -- -- -- -- we -- a couple of years ago it will be without simply inadequate got -- white. -- is better than me and and it that was that we had you know it and things have changed and then but the one bit. Huge advantage separating adult audience it will put that they get it but a much better policies and -- that the -- the and -- he's had a couple really incredible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Almost all the worth it to look into the plate if -- well yeah yeah. Octagon to make a big mistake that. Leopard outfit when he at the greatest game is really let that affect -- It goes with it it's okay it's really not been a guy up. -- what it last year and look at the oval. I mean we we do we not only did we pick. I think -- over the ivy app. Read we kick -- win outright which what exactly gonna win it because. It's the -- one at a great. -- even in terms not Republican in all -- I'm gone make that. It's taken a big game and you know what what get a chance to technical -- Brit I could feel it you know let him in what we wrote -- deception. Return for a touchdown with -- game away and I don't we really Brady out those melt. Which which yet has yet -- we've really -- -- -- -- that's what are at what our analysis is based upon now one -- been. If the court here in the court that at one over a decade now incredible Rick looked at with one or shall I think that sums up -- well. John -- -- of cold hard football facts dot com as you analyze the AFC east how do you see it play out. Well you know the big news is that there -- rivas and about the jets. At night that it went about it indicated that the passer rating and all that does it take you formula you'll find it would've backed. A quiet he's and it really incredible indicator that our quality apathy unequal relationship that football field -- duplicate -- -- that. Exactly you know 888 touchdown. It was about what it was. Numbers of touched down after the cloud over the last thirty years that felt like him and and they would not -- -- in -- -- in the chat -- in the past and it eight point. Eight and after the really. 25 point but in the -- and -- -- the big reason why I've been. I've been ordered out and declared the -- that you get eaten yet because he's been. He's an aura about them back in -- last and -- broke back in camp and it really right now to meet the -- dependent upon. Andy's the guy who keep the jet stopped. Probably could get -- -- even if the. Archer tech are now on the Miami Dolphins moving forward I've seen the dolphins a lot you know on the Donna Miami at times during a winner I'd seen them. In person playable for five games last year I like -- team last year. And I know that with that you know adding Brandon Marshall I think they -- pretty tough football I think they're smart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This court got it can really challenge the patriots. In the AFC east this year. Well they've made it one week they want with it wait wait for the dolphins last year especially you aren't it is not -- out for attempted I average. Look at it and you'll you're gonna win a lot of what. Football and in fact it's in the wind the not pretend that went with it but it. And 85% of Evian -- games so if you look at that one you want all of you can hear him to look that. Yeah pretend that it that it it is important that sport which bet that the dolphin will repeat that last. Yet when it they had a great run and eight a that we -- from 115 notes that and so have I been in a way -- -- aperture. Iiroc. Which got -- to elect would -- what we put all -- people of what that number but that was. The reason why they had that great rebound from that 08. Activate belt back -- -- you know and in -- around if they if we need to get it got to that position though I'm not sold on the ball and yet until. Until we know vehicle which is number one quarterback who put up I haven't protected that -- the. About this but they brought this beast wide receiver from Denver Armey -- I don't know I -- now you're right that's gonna that's gonna help a lot of guys bought up incredible numbers but you know like receive it into himself -- got again in you know we. We kept awake and I don't know -- and he has that kind of buy up all the Quebec and we don't we don't know that you until you know secret. On another they've got a lot of good young guys. That they drafted. A big grid positions says it has at least. You know there are thought to be -- and that is the patriots defenders. He pointed out last year they had some problems in that area and to me that's gonna be that the key to the success how many games they were in his house. You know guys like butler and accordion Chung will develop and whatever but you know with no pass rush. -- could this potentially beat. Well that it's not that the potential and -- and I -- that aspect of any particular night. I picked it ain't gonna go on the last week we talked a lot about -- you know an effective way in the secondary in an eight point it out at the other team at the team that little. You know. -- -- but that it probably has been put off by -- and -- but in point who actually was actually responsible quiet scenes problems but you know. They ask that that 2008 and look at polygamy in one weapon with. Which essentially a rookie quarterback in Mac. And it it senses it. They just couldn't stop anybody know what it so I don't. You know -- -- that epic could be worth I don't know I know that when all -- -- -- figure out the that separate entries from you -- -- intended -- not intend it. Is that an accurate -- when -- at the end of the ratings. Below that -- they -- -- up at eight they don't when the bubble that like -- Make -- Break number they get it but if they just -- that. Whether whether you would need credit that the app fresh is a great win but they would have if -- get. That period it has. It's still look at the book and yet but that is -- the one weak link in the team and not like at the beginning I don't know competent that they take this step to that. I -- last question give you a couple of clubs. That you think might be better then the average for both it receives in a couple of clubs that you think will be disappointing. This year. Well one bomb property I wanted. The NFC Carolina you know when not now what if any would we really well what about that they can they went or want in the I've been happy you -- -- -- -- he'd relate touchdown to interception that. Incredible you know what -- -- me it would it means that although. Odd day and they went -- but as aspirin actually got a really strong -- it more in -- to what we are on the last game. It is the team that I think it really to a lot of image in Carolina when they do make the playoffs it seems I'll make it aren't. He -- every year at least for the title game in. -- that one product that the patriots mark you know that if the team that I it is. Too many question mark right now you know that -- and a lot of doubters wrong with a -- is -- you know that the united don't have a lot of competent and and that you know they've been -- start the other ones -- that it -- they -- -- The 881 hit it I didn't even read what -- it is now a record nobody else that would and if football. But I think it's the it will probably at the you wouldn't even -- you know -- that -- That's the kind of step to get folks on cold hard football facts don't -- always a pleasure. -- thank you carry burn from cold hard football -- dot com always a good website if you delve into a stats beyond simply. Percentages. Yards it's that are. What these guys do is -- -- just breakdown performances. They break it down verses. Are deployed to clubs. It is pointed at the top of this interview was an important one that not only did Brady had the second best year ever. That he did it against. The best pass defense is. In the NFL last year seeking to get bonus points about.

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