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Tom Brady, Patriots QB

Aug 16, 2010|

Tom Brady joins D&C to talk about training camp, his contract and his new hair style

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It's the first patriot Monday cop with a quarterback brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts good morning Tom Brady how are -- Good to be back talking to -- Voice say that we need to know. -- ten point your finger right outcome -- you talking to us. So -- is life threatening. And right. It does it hindered nose picking and all. The go to -- -- everywhere that's true. Okay. Did you -- someone off in traffic on your way to the stadium with no problem with. I actually guy help it -- so it's it's not to. -- -- -- let me get uncomfortable question out of the way right at the top of them will be done with it. You probably don't talk I have a public connections in town not a lot. You on the other hand apparently having difficulty getting an appointment to the hair stylists and stars on the street now I have mr. -- -- cell phone number if you want I can probably put a good word for you and get shoo in for an appointment. -- -- The US football part you think get over that values -- few days that are currently itself as a playoff but I. -- that are comparable stage with that -- like you know -- -- bought. So this is elected Justin Bieber tribute -- -- -- It's gonna keep it. It makes it like this at the pony -- stage. I don't offer or that are eight it's like -- they're -- get back any day. I think he's veterans I think they stay in a -- give a buzz cut scene did you see Tim Tebow is there. But on that the law yeah lot of pack that that he had extra. And it there it. I don't think he did it I think you're involved with. That it it there aren't at all. I ever got it that. Apparently they they did allow him to fix it for -- right to lose a lot of photos of will be assumes I guess shape the whole thing off which -- economy to look a little more even. -- it's one of those things we do it here I think Josh brought it. I did it and her body. Into a. Is it possible. To assess from the quarterback standpoint -- effectiveness and the quality level to training camp. While it's going on like you don't now with the guys -- get it done -- we you'll note to opening night. There's a lot of there's a lot of unknown. At its partner a lot of executive. -- over the course that he's made it. -- so -- practices that take place over the course that your. That we that there are probably -- by the third. We probably apple under two point you know. At the oracle -- in the practice. Obviously. Injuries play a big part of that he's in the role that I lay. Really -- start identified themselves. Who continue the war. It certainly over the course that. A long period I felt I bought -- and make a couple good place straight after I hit play and an editor. Get as many bad place there are good I doubt it will make you a bad -- and some people that's just the waited another you all bigger ought to wait at that made the mistake -- and -- albeit -- -- really. It can have all. You got it pretty well at out at all or about it daily Bateman -- Elliott spike. It that you get the outlaw any bought it right Wes Welker a web only guy -- I -- that we we don't what they're doing everything. Are -- on every play but. -- -- -- earth orbit on a daily basis to break it that that immediate let. We're trying to built at that up as have order where you know you have to reach out -- -- argued that out. Scoring drive. Here in the -- if you wanna get a at all. No word and made it very good up and we're gonna need for a lot of -- Back in the right area and I think we can't be I I -- we can't be from what I've over the outlook or certainly. You know we're we're we've been -- at that level that he's had been pretty -- so I ever want excited about that. Why why should fans that question we think that this team can be better than it was last year Tom we seat. And I'm not Torry Holt on Ty Warren's gone Logan Mankins is in here and and we see that jet set and guys in the ravens that you guys. It seems like from afar that New England is treading water just. Go with the status quo and it wasn't good enough last year why is it good enough this year. Well I thought it -- Belichick has proven -- -- -- make the right personnel that in a you know the guys that you really -- and that it. Now he'll hit the game although guys ought though. And there's a lot of players that -- bat that you know we would ever act. It expected about the right fit whether you are. Whether it eight -- career. -- -- A lot of the guys. They don't they are apt to be a certain kind of player or in our our team what we're trying to build and I think that -- -- -- -- all lot of players that have helped bring. It -- or. You I don't know what the ball get when you look over out what players are you have a right. To get the job. And -- I -- on any data over the or that we felt again we over the years we haven't bought -- back to back game. You know why is that well because. I think what it what you do in the game. Guys and figure out what they need to do their work and whatever they need it but it worried that are without any -- that they artwork and you know we're going forward -- That's. What the our part in it it felt bad that the kind of player that -- felt that the -- Tom I know you're not gonna disrespect any of Logan Mankins teammates but would you feel safer I mean literally safer. You Logan were protecting your back. At Logan. Logan got the best target. You know one of the best part of me so. Is these are the player and the guys. Guys in the white at a global level or three years the last three years that maybe you can edit the first art graphic artist by the way ever the -- -- very and then. He's. I everything in the port says there are rules on all the or that there's a lot of guys are -- situation. I wish obvious that you would quiet I would keep it out there what I know heat -- do. I know that you guys do it yet. -- -- business aspect that come out that somehow need to get all. -- -- -- I would say it after it. Have you talked to -- and if you have do you think it's salvageable. I don't I don't know I think unfortunately I don't. It may. Negate the AP that statement it out of eight auto. Idol wannabe actor art and -- -- -- -- The great guy great teammate and leader. -- great work of art in our organization that -- you guys. I I got that I hope you buy it but there are seen -- here I hope you. Got ready but we want but. I like that that that are really edit or any ever added that all of it being. You mentioned business aspects and I'm wondering being the player -- not Colombian union guy is a change your perspective here and you look at things differently now that -- involved. In. You're more involved in the issues. Yeah I'd probably get more information. That I have in the and and with -- what their status the EPA it's pretty good I'd be on what that information and to convey the message that a player -- may the players. From what I've. Seen are more aware of what's going on than ever before. I think prior to this site Eilat EPA you kind of a few people at new and then. You know she came hey get hammered all -- you know what the deal with -- -- piano players but okay. Where's the Morse says. I think a great job -- really give an error by any information that that we need that we need to understand. Know why we're in this situation where I felt. You know obviously. It's. It's a big responsibility. You know I mean. The reality is you know we acquire wanna play games back here and and you know we get locked out then. That hopefully hopefully we don't that they gave back seat but there are a lot of good -- That needs to happen. Is we're gonna see it in your opinion do you think will see an eighteen game season. You know I think that obviously wanted to point of negotiation and it's hard as well as as players that say okay guys you guys are gonna work. You know you're gonna work. 12% more at stake point 8% -- -- Well you know like that that I think. -- Kind of -- -- are gonna do whatever collectively -- such as a matter of you know what it ends up being it. -- -- owner let you win on the golf course to soften you up for the negotiation session stump. You know you and I haven't had many chances to talk over the last. Six or seven but so. You know he'd get I guess -- come out and play and I I would do my wife felt I had -- the play much golf because I figured they applaud. And that was going well when when Bob Kraft called for grounding his club -- the -- who shot penalty. Is the relationship as is the relationship. As it has always been Tom you're the owner. -- -- -- there are a lot. A great. I've been here with with myself and it in an organization I don't want. You know any day ever. In the way of that. You've got to give them separate. You know by. Whether -- -- relationship isn't a copy these are my partner relations that you'd rather not to let you know you have to deal though. Always. Code ballots it was correct -- text my -- and note obviously as a yet a lot of rules that organization but when he coach -- -- Mike Houghton and at the level of respect out though. And and you know mister Kraft job and his family and they. Let their. They say. That everything -- and make it organization. The best one and -- and the way to a tree -- the way that. With 80 -- with -- practice facility with the way that they can't alert travel. Would work so well they air. Got the great by the way obviously Arnold on air -- log. -- You've always told us she wanted to play -- and you couldn't play anymore TO forty or 42 to your you know Brett favre's age. Do you do you see yourself. Doing that here plan do you do you ever see the -- we play somewhere else. I hope so I've had about the I'd love to be here my whole career. You know I have goals in the game -- goals and you know hopefully -- They're they're kind of on the same. Got it say why. You know it. But. You never know I mean I like it they don't like at a got traded and and -- -- did not. Watch out there that really the best player ever but there but this so. Cut -- that they get those guys are not play hurt in that wild wildlife like that -- really be booted from that so you know I I sure hope not common at work my butt off make sure I. -- That you add value to that he's on the white. What you can't add value -- it's not gonna -- our responsibility to be in shape that play a high level. You know beyond the yolk every data you know leader that I need to -- but that the other -- -- come out. I think everyone would agree you've done you know all you can do you held up -- into the bargain do you feel like they have done the same -- you do you wanna deal done before say opening days -- timetable in your mind before the game -- for real would have been good. And dates to get something done. Well you know it they have no matter what I want -- really you know it doesn't matter. It doesn't mean I can say it that what I want. I'm not gonna you know you really -- It's not at that -- There's a lot of he. He went -- so. All of us every player on the team want. You know a contract. That he you know fairly compensated. So -- blow it you know noted that last year. All the other urge -- -- -- -- west. Let me make a lot of fight but. You know whether that's because only so. That we all we all want compensated fairly I think we all want. You know we but we also honored that we signed contract that's why we're here to show up about -- That that's really how rival. You know my dad would want to handle it that's -- -- -- it -- -- -- play. It the do which is that you were gonna do and and -- opulent though. It. That's that's that's what I find that at Niagara I want I just wanna have a -- -- I want eagle leaders that you'd expect if you wanna play at a at a level that I expect myself quiet and if it's your mind -- all -- all the things that and I wish it would like this but I wish he would like that. You know what I expected there are you know then there it really it -- what the -- -- -- self destructive out of at everything without the media like -- that. No rational golfer. That there. -- others -- can't work that he. -- relationship been that you buy it but what. That the game as well. It's on what all this contract stuff is finally done and and put to rest. Who should make one dollar more you -- Peyton Manning. Well I know he's gonna -- You've got to make you gotta make a lot he deserved it. You know he's one of the best ever played. I don't -- lot -- -- -- about like you know I think. I thought that I'm not gonna worry about. Made more -- no. Really. Thought it. I'm actually. College that a quarterback leave it but then -- I just want. I've always felt I don't care what they get you know whatever I get whatever works for -- in the if not that's what that'll let -- -- what they're make. It Thomas somebody who's found himself in the spotlight -- -- of time not just an individual but business as a as a married couples well. Any advice for Shaquille O'Neal. Come to Boston in terms of how to deal with the attention and get around town because you get bothered too much in Boston -- with much force a New York right. Yeah. There are. If you're live in the city though. I. I like if we spent a lot of on the river. I've art and it's right on the river so it this. You walk across won the brick is it we're very anonymous you know it it's really comfortable I don't think she got so out of that put it that you know whatever yeah it yeah underrated -- it. -- -- escape anywhere. Is. -- very outgoing personality. Oh we have a lot that -- I mean out where. They in LA LA. -- felt -- so hopefully he's he's the guy that was over. Hey -- you you know better than most what Wes Welker is gone through. -- do have some mixed feelings as he comes back thinking that maybe this -- too tough for his own good will come back too soon I mean you need him in the regular season you need him down the stretch. I assume you don't want the Russian. GAAP and you know less -- -- great -- is happening. He's you know the body better than anybody else you know what he. He feels like so -- eat your lap and I hear it then got to trust that that are. Everybody get hurt you know and obvious Peter biological make that happen in your body hurt but healing but. You know -- is that an incredible job is so mentally not physically. It work ethic is like but like anything I've ever get. It I think you know -- had that chip on his shoulder that you would view it undrafted free agent he got cut by the darker. I'm going in much the chip and I have and then he came here there was work ethic and the perseverance. No he overcame a lot I can overcome a lot with it -- it Pete says he can do it but I know we can do it at all at any. Date through it the -- I know what I felt like. I felt like I do it and and -- that. He's not. He gave her a lot of people wrong -- -- -- -- it is that. But a question Tom it is this the year and and we've talked you about this for years and years and season seasons. That that you're in the offense actually utilize the -- and very effectively in this offense is just a year from. Yeah well we need to do we need to I think. We've we've made it really concerted effort. Over the course of this Spragan now on the summer it -- those guys. A big part of -- and I think what it does it create. It creates its mortgage crisis -- add that item position especially with the guys that we have. That are quiet there now. I had this great group are free of I'm we have at -- and not allow -- awhile as well last it was early better baker a year ago it out Brady. And -- and or edit it. At these guys are really way and the idea that if they -- -- that's right game and the it outcrop where. He's a veteran had here it got out walked -- got the last year not a big -- the end and I can be quiet -- -- -- -- -- many you know long run that out out there. You know -- as a as a dominating blocker so you know you -- young guys and what -- able to do it at the matter then get up to -- with the offense that it really accountable. -- view that we're gonna have a really strong identity. Well talk more often running it's our first major Monday good to talk with Julia -- talked next Monday. By the way if you got appointment with the Newbury Street hair styles like you make that happen for you are right. The good it makes it -- they -- Tom Brady coffee with a quarterback. Brought to you by our great friends at Dunkin' Donuts he appeared on the AT&T -- find out what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink plus. -- works. You know to Zell likes super GO likes yeah so you -- yeah. Right up till she wanted to -- hockey -- -- -- not happy nobody's out.

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