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David Ortiz, Red Sox DH

Jul 27, 2010|

David joined Glenn, Lou Merloni and Tom Caron to talk about his year at the plate, his perception among fans and media, and his contract status.

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Joining us live from a -- Is David Ortiz mr. Ortiz tell you today. They had burned there also. I -- I would just hanging around here you know trying to figure out what's going on the trade deadline you know you have any ideas. Quote who. Why we want that is reviewed at a remote. -- -- -- ploy you just searching a surgeon -- You went home run you when the home run derby. You obviously have turned everything around in the last couple of months you were really reflected here. Recently about this. Lot of people talk lot of people came up with different series. George theory why did you have difficulty bowl last season. In this season getting off to a good start and then suddenly -- all your back to the old David Ortiz. -- A sign of things but upbeat but. Out of the game. You well because things. All. In it renders them whether -- -- want that I where borrowers. 04 or what -- it is of people out by. And that in. Well people. Oh and these and they. In other. There's that resulted in that your. -- -- it. -- -- What bank that failed. Was. These evil when you're the first month of this. Do you have to approach it differently next -- look at these two years and say. To yourself maybe I have to have a different approach going into the season. I don't know yeah. I mean. Almost. What is it written but I I guess people are. Or in -- lot -- work that we. Do you -- as they did we've we've talked level last year in the first couple months you kind of finally were like you don't want them. I'm just gonna -- -- play you know isolate the sick literally went -- -- about the numbers -- have some fun and stop cared so much about you know. Appeal but my numbers are right now did that that experience help you in early enough that just aren't capable of data going. You know at least in May after the tough stuff stock. Development -- realized. The about. -- If we. Expect it. These. Qualities Ava direct view of The Who have physical. Oh I haven't figured it out well. But. People only or. Up quite so it doesn't work right or beltway. In. What it would not work that way. And -- at all. -- -- -- -- is that it is. You work into it and -- these -- all you want. These democratic people of Obama for what let you in April if you buy it if -- won't vote was about or. Oh what was the point of oil or. Oh. Out all day upon his oh it was. You know they would have personal page of personal matters is what Merrill -- you uniformly. And may have thought well let's. Oh so it all -- why -- I mean if you want apartment here. It's -- great let's go over it I think the press ought to ought to look at. That place. Remember -- MySpace and whatever happened. Didn't didn't think to all the people I thought to be honest with yet. I thought on hold people were very supportive and I think they were supportive because. It was you and I think people like Q. I said this many times I was guilty of of of doing it as well where somebody else I probably would have been far more critical. I think that we wanted you. To do well and yet I almost got the feeling that you've felt that you were betrayed the people did. Turned their back on you that they gave up on -- I mean let's face it David and the the manager was the one that. That that you know. What's -- human instant and and pinch hit for your cell that was that the fans that wasn't the media doing I thought people were really supportive. I've never. Over spectrum. Of fans in my -- or order. They want I think it why it's not vote -- -- -- -- earned. Remember that you'll -- -- it's -- -- in oh there you go wrong that bad. Pick up pace of the money he earned the fact. -- or belittle what. They were cute -- years. It'd be. In the white or about what you're saying that. But they thought you know -- or up. -- -- Or to order oh in the problem -- -- flight that a lot of play here. But the fact that they edit the old order. Edit you know we want. That we -- Well people's -- -- you -- all you all want is you -- I heard that it. Let they let that. Buy it it was it was on the new everyday. Well you all. -- -- no it in. Layered hurt. So what I think it was. Quite. Edit it and they are low. It. -- I think a lot. If they don't -- -- so it may well. Anything. I work every day. -- -- -- -- All that that automatic. But. I work five. All. Back on what they think that. You know I think. David did you use that when when you heard it in the media when you heard from reporters when you heard it from may be some fans did you use that as fuel. I did that had to get yourself going but when you were struggling a little bit in April. But you -- I got it proper way of the other end of the -- -- If argue that it it was. What. It is not bumping. I don't wanna go back in Ottawa like. I got it back as if -- article old. Erratic all that is you know. People all of this. That he or what is that simple what you've bought. Every day or anything we think they'll think oh well. If people what what we we -- what to -- Read it if Palin -- What -- that that that didn't make a lot of sense at the time and obviously people come up with with with you know. 08 right. Look at what went over right of that book let. I I. Did I understand I. I understand you being emotional about your proud guy and you're right you earned. What you've got in this town the respect you've got in this town I do disagree with you that maybe there was one reported here there I think on the whole. I actually think that the media in this town was pretty wimpy. In that you weren't producing and I thought they had your back I thought the big they would do you think you. That that that extra breathing room. To try to get it back together again because they wanted you to get it back together because they like Q and you that are in that respect now maybe I missed something. -- -- areas Kevin Bacon and make a point. I'm not very innovative. Mobile. Every day that vote that -- it. What you're saying on the field but they have. I'm not -- well every single. -- -- Like to -- You've probably heard of that date back -- back volume. And I know. -- -- -- -- -- Basically it was it. What is going down. And it. Lately 01 day I annoyed -- my whole life. I know don't want. By that want it back away. If that. You want it right. You know. I don't know why they vote so we. If it -- ago. I don't -- -- -- work you're. Cool with 21 up so. We what you wanna be. -- whatever you -- that is not what -- You know what you don't wanna -- Yeah I mean if you did tell me I said you know. In this game. That is -- That while it. Late in the -- it they're all in -- what. The I mean I thought it cryptic. These. It's not like it up. You know it's not like okay in the face. We make it. -- it oh. Five already this year yeah. It all -- about many. Game development that's well it won't vote yea you know it. It's about the game though. I I I hear I hear what you're saying you'll also spent a lot of time in this town in you know the one. Of the things that makes. It's such a great baseball talent and great Red Sox town is that every single pitch every single pop pop pop up. Everything is scrutinized. And that's because people have a great passion for the game and when a player doesn't play well is that they're they're critical. And when a player does wonderful things and you've done a lot of those over the years. I don't think -- you can find more support. Then it any other town and I and I think that that goes with a lot of the median all of them I agree with. There's some good that the have a contrarian. Approach to to their business. But on the whole. I didn't. I think. You know. This topic papal what I perk can't go by it was great group of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was there. I was. The. What -- if I always always be -- -- aria might want -- It. A lot of if it is saying that you. That we -- for the rest but it -- or. In the lay it on. Google what we have all. We're reading a game or why oh. I don't. I don't let -- where. Are out -- late game. Lightweight. But while. I don't -- -- -- It all -- BC. -- well it says. -- -- I don't. It. -- -- -- or use only the whole impeccable but more about back -- 97 model developed by way out of our. Apparently -- remember that people would say it that I think that the. What that did. Entering that home run. Entering that home run derby. I knew was that extra special feed you going to Letzing won't win just like DC was talking about that ship sitting -- gonna show guys -- still got that pop Pakistan with the ball long long way. So what. I've been involved -- If you don't -- what Michael -- of these. But. Whether. That. I work every day now. -- that I would say outlaw -- thing. Way back you know what you. Thought well what. It is not vote in -- like it would open they don't. You know upbeat that game that you need that. They have it in play. And walk away you. In an open it was what about what was -- what they. -- last week last week David you said that you would like to finish you career with a Red Sox and you'd like to play for few more years would you be disappointed. It's a Red Sox came to you -- just picked up that one year option. And didn't have a conversation with you about a multiyear extension. You know it is. Is on in. These are. Or what what what it. But I can't say you know. The -- that I. -- thing. Well it on. By my main. -- it. That -- unit or. They go well. Are -- people here. Get it done. I would like -- -- it but I think -- I don't know I don't I don't feel. And I say it or. Yet day. You I see. All of the oil. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All. I mean it's the low. -- -- I know what you. I thought it in my game better. The only thing I do is work work work work every day. Might let back way. I've got if I if I want people. You know. I don't put words in your mouth but it it it sounds like what you're saying is that you wouldn't necessarily feel. That comfortable for or only one year that if you were. Playing on a one year deal again. It. All that well what -- it was very. Over the matter. I don't of the Red Sox money until you want to help yeah how are. While I. I can we let's be frank that if you're looking at in -- CEO and I'm looking at some of the other guys right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- With the Texas in the off season one year was it six million dollars -- Guerrero having a terrific -- like you -- a very very good year. I'm looking at some of the guys that have been signs like ban on short term deals. Doesn't look like teams are giving 1213. Fourteen billion dollars. For guys who designated hitters right now I mean that's just the marketplace. All. I really hope -- all of that. -- vote if it bet. Well I've got that number. They've been now almost here. They've been injury is being in the help many -- in late in their great great you know. They -- -- -- out of it now you know. All that -- army gladly. Pay or you'll -- -- you know Malik who. Inevitably make it -- money or that it's about what -- do it right what you know is. It was about remote or you're glad you. And that we want -- -- it back in back. What it will be playing everyday we went. But I think that Utley mediate like -- -- -- -- -- -- many. It was a view and a market. I know what it. We have VA's it was a let the other in let me now divided. If that is the case. Glad it what it BA but -- right you'll mail it. By the it is. -- and now what are. Now you write about that most teams are moving guys around the DH spot I -- ask you David. About this team right now this one if you got guys coming back. And ever since many left ear people always ask you are there enough hitters around you is there enough offense here on Nightline last night when you carry this -- with a couple home runs. When you get everybody back. Are there enough hitters around you to make this a team that can make a run at the plants. -- -- -- -- -- -- As one of the Atlanta. Live on -- -- it isn't over or but it goes. What it right when. Oh. Or wrong. Or why. They. Like you know what we're allies felt. Of that as well. As corporate circle we got it it was the wave of out of a lineup. I think just. But but there have been times in the pal David -- you said -- we need to go get another bad you don't think that's the case with this team because of the guys coming back from injury. Back out there you know. Help. Always. -- -- You know as part. It that we need help. Gotta. -- I think that we need the help. -- -- -- Month month month I would what a right now. What was you know other -- Air. By. What ally and all of that and I -- opening -- you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did a lot of than most teams and a club -- -- -- -- this time a year to sit there and say well you'll be nicer look around you showed teams at players can say you know. We could use the next Sierra front office -- is cool and help this ball club but I had the sense that. With everybody coming back -- the quality players coming back you don't have that sense and a club also then I mean we we speculate on ball and help put. You guys have that feeling like we get every -- gut. A lot of the what you if there's economic and a whole morning it all the late Saturday they let it eat it or vehicles here. Or CEO it. And it brought up and everyone out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I expect that brought up are -- no we. The way that -- -- We. Would that was it. It up for. Now -- -- Wouldn't it. I think that'll. A bit small. And in. And I know that. You know it. What they know what was it but I it would buy it though is that book ain't. That's -- -- And it is so I was. Fighting. If we. -- Over. Several weeks. In song. David Ortiz said not only one home run derby here a week and a half ago but he is now turning. That event around in helping kids. And David Ortiz and children's fund you can go online to David Ortiz children's fund dot org up until twelve midnight tonight. And all of the various items. From the home run derby that David Ortiz won all going to be available for auction -- itself terrific item. And you're gonna help on a wonderful wonderful cause and I wanna congratulate because another restaurant business is not the easiest business in the world but congratulations. The first anniversary of big poppies -- was coming up. This weekend. David's gonna be here Friday from 11 AM to twelve noon. And you're gonna have a home run derby trophy with you right. That. Well. People being in. We whatever that -- that. Lou you've heard framing an -- ever for an emotional well very good and -- Eight -- in -- it. If at all weekend long they're gonna have a raffle prizes of the gonna do a whole big week in nothing for the first anniversary. A Big Papi notes. -- I'd be here in all of my. On days so Whitman they. Well. -- are very. -- Well we're. And that you we'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 08. Of them on or. Making. When -- -- and so it's pretty cool. Almost all the little I don't -- -- with what goes out shoes you wear those -- -- personal -- what they -- In the -- -- didn't yield the upon it tell us about what happens. It's -- that destroyed like -- don't want them to really show them off then what god did and I'm not sure they're meant that they do look good now. -- Issues. Would have in the microwave. On the very. Very bet. They'll do about. It it would I'd just. A pretty. That's a great idea that's a great idea for the the restaurant wanna try and stuff aren't gonna open a restaurant. That might work again David. David Ortiz. David Ortiz children's fund dot org you have until twelve midnight the cornea right now could you can bid on some phenomenal items. From this home run derby -- with the bat the ball most other stuff including the shoes is just OJ. All go into the children's fund and stop by big poppies grow this weekend that route nine east. In Frey began my understanding gonna be given way bottles and del -- lot slots in the the but the main ghosts also they being given out a way to this weekend. Like that's. I David great -- can -- always. The good one. Seed in the Ortiz didn't mention.

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