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Jun 14, 2010|

Dale and Michael talk about the Celtics winning Game 5 at the Garden and outlasting a great offensive performance by Kobe Bryant

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He does have the smarmy factor covered doesn't need. All right there's just something about a moment. He's the he's the Laker -- of decades. Mechanic and and and as much as I tried can't even hate -- As he said damn good learning year yet you almost admire what you watch from home right which you can hate fail. Absolutely. Listen this is the supposedly. The greatest basketball coach of all time. In terms of rings he's the greatest basketball coach of all time but I have to get everybody in their prime target. And -- John karma go all the way back. The original Minneapolis Laker coach and give Phil Jackson and -- our back and don't throw Gregg Popovich into the -- anybody you can bring a Pat Riley. I get everybody in his crime I'm going to read thank you very much is supposed to be the greatest basketball coach of all time. And when this team needs -- most all he can do. Is -- stats from the media notes not a little weather that's all we can do it okay this team. What India had that this team lost the home games to the New Jersey Nets and and the -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- center timeout likely didn't have time to get to the second parents have to do with anything I'm. This team has lost more fourth quarterly OK but we're trailing them right now what do we need to do to beat this team what are we knew need to do to win this game. They -- the media notes bill. And come up with a plan were to win the day. Last offseason. When the Celtics were willing successfully Rasheed Wallace. And the lakers. Signed Ron. About in the -- and it was it was you know which guy. Will will bring something to his team you know which guy's gonna be hard to coach hard to handle. And all season long probably Celtics fans were -- lakers got the better not job. What do you think her awful 'cause I'll take our not job. White font hit the single biggest shot of the game last. -- they needed points desperately needed to score any data came out -- popped a huge three. Another thing about our Rasheed Wallace all season long now. Your animosities long I was two out Mosul to experience where. Something was I don't want to throw -- the gym to have don't you come going got a hall let you don't wanna be here you don't care go away. So that's why I'm sitting here from ten to -- in Doc Rivers is about to board a plane. On his way to Los Angeles. But all season long even when Rashid was driving you crazy and drive me crazy and -- in three -- that he should've taken and this being a a conscientious objector on defense. All these things there don't want. He has always been a good free throw shooter he I think this year. He said his career high from the line this year. In terms -- percentage. He was on his way that may be sixty games into the season when I'm looking up at cal lost tracker Rasheed down the stretch the last twenty games are pretty much gave up on. So he's a guy you can put into a game late if he gets followed he's got to make those free throws. Where is Ron our test. Just defensive game has has slipped a bit on lock this offensive game is a joke. He takes a shot you're feeling good about it. You -- issue it's it's like. All the times that the Celtics past the ball to Kendrick any soap and all the time there's a reason to these open all the time they want you to pass the ball again. Ron. I had -- -- flies come on now forget up there. That the defensive. I -- I thought Paul Pierce just schooled him they had a great little thing post game. Where they were talking about about pierce you know makes the drive in separate stepped back and gets the separation. In the very next highlight they showed our test his brightness mason pierce drives around him. Gets to the rim. I mean Ron. Eight Hillary -- he was a great defensive player -- the -- the entire post season he's not. The same defender that he was three years ago my guess is defensive game really has slipped and he's an intimidator. -- he's a big guy he's physical I can make it difficult on you if you just let him lean on you but it but if you're if you're scorer. Well with the with the resonate with the with the abilities. Of Paul Pierce. You should be able to get Iraq around Ron Artest that -- here's the difference. He did you go against the guy. Of of Ron -- defensive ability. And without his physical tools. You scored 27 points 28 points and okay I got my 27 you do against Roberts -- to -- police -- 128 and maybe you'll you're hurting the little more. Then you would -- against somebody else that's it he's physical. But he is not he's not a great defensive player anymore. Not injuries physical anymore he has I'm I mean I. He's not the sort of physical presence inside who might intimidate you a little bit looking over your shoulder the Rasheed sometimes you know Rasheed you kind of thinking is he gonna hit me in the head here. And -- and and our test. You wonder if he's gonna back office -- is he gonna take I mean but the light up that Rondo had was a great example where our test should -- taken him out. Glad he didn't. Should take -- and -- make -- -- those at the free throw line because chances are real good he's gonna miss at least one of. Not ball yet today there are a lot of plays the lakers probably want backed late in the game or Rondo has the ball. And they they tried to follow -- that was our test our test couldn't catch -- Rondell put a football move on and it was like a running backs like Adrian Peterson in the open field. Or or even even better Barry Sanders back in the day you'd think he got them lined up and then he goes in the other direction and you word you're just grabbing air. So Rondo escapes. Ron -- the linebacker. Passes to Ray Allen they're forced to file Ray Allen the best option on the game thank -- -- team and again is over. So that there are a lot of plays like that lakers were the lakers were close to doing something in the Celtics. We're just tougher faster. Hungrier now they found themselves one win away from the championship which I can't believe. I can't believe. Rembrandt so when Jackie Campbell let's skip it there and it's that you raise your hands if you thought the Celtics are going to be in this position at the start of the playoffs. Where at the garden the other night you and I -- and and we were talking of one of the garden people there. And and and I said boy it's great for the building and you got teams go on ended June Lisa truthfully if you'd asked me beginning of April. Which team I thought had a better chance of still playing in June I might not thought either had a great chance but I said the Bruins. Of the two with the way the Celtics -- the final 4050 games going into the into the playoffs and -- -- -- been legitimate if you'd set I don't know. How far the -- and it's interesting how series working me we're out we're sports fans and and and we overreact to everything will react overreact to why we do -- positive things in negative things we overreact to them if you think about. That the contrast between the lakers and the Celtics the lakers for the first time. This entire post season run find themselves trailing team ministers they have not trailed anybody in the series all season long. I'll post season right in the starting in April that about the so they're down three games to two. And they haven't been in this position for and they have people doubting them. People calling up Kobe Bryant a red LA times today TJ timers -- can on the part about a guy. Jays got pride on the line here Michael c'mon SPN that the ten to four of four and another minute I'll guarantee it -- a second. So the lakers are down three to them but in this position before the -- the Celtics. When they've been down to one in the post season. How nervous they've made people how many people have jumped ship. Just down to one way -- down to one and a series. Barry White said the series is over that's also Michael Smith Michael Smith had to -- the series is over they're down two games to one. Elusive Derek mission featured guest that they say that Tim. -- and moreover they'll partly so that when Cheney about the lakers went championship. And you go back to the Cleveland series they're down two games to one after getting blue blue blue blue route out. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers. There blown out worst playoff loss in franchise history at home. If people thought okay this is that you know LeBron is gonna take over LeBron has a 21 point first quarter. And they bounce back in each situation. So they're used to this is this is nothing new for them being down two games to one and then coming back. The be up 32 looking to close out a series. Haven't played a seven game series. All season long question as they play a seven game series and NBA finals this thing going seven or do they have the ability. To win and in six. And win three consecutive games against the lakers. It sounds silly to say it but all you really trying to do was win one game against the lakers. Mean that's the way they look candidates the way all coaches look at. It you know it's the wave Terry Francona on the Red Sox look data when they were down three games to none of the Yankees we don't have to win four -- we have to win one. And that's where the Celtics are now they don't have to win three general it would be a byproduct of winning one but. Look I said that the Celtics were gonna win this thing in six I'm gonna state I'm gonna stick with -- it doesn't seem logical to say. That the lakers will lose three straight games in the finals but I'm gonna -- -- Yeah I think I think the Celtics can win this thing Tuesday night. It just seems so improbable doesn't. Sure I agree. But. If you can wintour or you went through -- This comes that I'm looking at them think about the match ups here and one of the issues. One of the issues with with the lakers continues to be Andrew Bynum not surprised that he played 31 minutes last night. Where he was in effect and I'm also surprised he had one rebound in 31 minutes. You know wanting to kids get. Courage to hear and I don't really -- credit has gotten it out I don't think he's getting any kind of support or an account. That there's no there's no common sense. On that sideline in my opinion. From from Phil Jackson to the to the medical staff. I think they're telling him. That he can't hurt it worse. And the fact is again. And now -- -- the people who had the injury before one of those folks. It is probably going to be on the big show today I think if he's not traveling and that's the center max -- senator Maxwell yankees on the plane okay so set your massive numbers show tomorrow. He was saying you can absolutely hurt that hurt that any worse it can be worse yup. The continue to play on that if he compensate. You know what you're trying to do to alleviate pain and one area. And in -- you're walking differently you're jumping differently. You're running differently and that's how you get hurt somewhere. So I think Andrew Bynum is the key to the series. Another key to this series is. Is Paul Pierce. -- is finally have a game last night that I thought he should have had a couple of games ago he had a solid game game four don't wanna hit on America. Nineteen points in game four. It was good made some big shots in the fourth quarter. But I thought that this was their -- and one more thing. So easily got you got Andrew Bynum and how he responds. Got Paul Pierce versus Ron. The most still big man in the NBA where was he last night when he disappeared in I have I -- he made it to ten points but barely. I've always had -- can assure beacon score. Very a very good player. The points have been here for Kevin Garnett the entire series Garnett hasn't missed. Some open shots. He has failed to take some shots. But if he wants to take -- result of the basket. If it's a wanna once situation very regular public -- help Kevin Garnett can get what he wants when he wants. This is not a defensive -- -- is this is a this is another cliche about. This is a shot maker. For -- The story when when all is said and on when the story of the finals is written and the Celtics are the champions that I think they will be. You're gonna look back on on a single fact that's going to be mind boggling but it's gonna be true. At a time when Kobe Bryant. Scored 23 consecutive points and could not miss a shot it just seemed like he was making shots that are beyond belief. The celtics' lead was growing. While all that was going on. The Celtics were increasing their lead or not increasingly maintained no they increased. At the time at the time though the third quarter started. I think they were up by six they ended up going up going up by as much as twelve. They were increasing the lead while he was doing all this stuff. I know one point -- in the third I know that this streak started in the second quarter writing in the third start with the third quarter. They went into the third up by six -- then it increased it to 121 point. I were up by eight at the end of the third yet gore back and forth yeah they. It didn't hurt him didn't hurt him as much as you think it would expectant. A streak like that you would expect that things just blow the doors off. You know somebody a guy's going off like that. 23 consecutive points. You think you should be down by four or down by. It docked joked about it he said were up by twelve and I got a call timeout to calm my team. Because you know you're watching him and and is he said the most to get the -- shots is three lot of times he's given to. And they're up by twelve he's calling a timeout to calm his team down because they're getting a little. A little -- C a little nervous they were increasing their lead while he was the best shot maker on the planet. Shot maker. It -- back to the -- would -- -- back to TJ servers. One of the great things about being involved in sports talking about sports writing about sports is that. Believe it or not it you know you might think we're -- old fart but it keeps you young. Writing about sports in and then. Talking about sports keeps you young. There's always a draft there's always a new game. New players for whatever it is there's always something happening in sports we just felt like comments is -- your your re starting over and over. And it's easy to have your motor running high when -- in on our side of the business outside of things is easy to have a motor that just keeps going. Because it's all new it's all it's all fresh. And once you lose that it's time to get out -- timers there out. Not because of his take on on the lakers Celtics series. You'll read this column today and you tell me. You tell me that's not a guy was had too much of the sports writing game who's had too much of covering professional sports. Just a bidder. Old guy who needs to get the hell out of the game. Mean some of some of the lines that he hasn't -- -- -- critical of an insanity about the Celtics. These critical of Kobe Bryant you know I Kazaa a making him look back so so I come. I'm not even being protective of Kobe Bryant but if you read TJ Cymer today tell me that's not a guy. Who is who has been in the game too long and -- to get out. Some bitter and just jaded and wait to set a goal and his way to everything.

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