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David Ortiz, Red Sox DH

May 20, 2010|

David Ortiz joins the Big Show to discuss his early season struggles, Mike Lowell's situation and his sudden resurgence.

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We're back a big show live from Fenway Park on lands downstream with Ian Browne Steve Buckley yours truly my -- were joined by big poppy David Ortiz. Yahoo!'s second down to the studio it is say no we're gonna talk a little bit I would -- about a big event he's got coming up next week. For the David Ortiz children's fund it's going to be eaten greed over dipping poppies grow which have been to have by the way properties great place like this could it's tough thing. And it's near me -- in Framingham so that sent. That's can be but before we get all I want to talk about that event to -- coming up in in great detail. But I gotta say my wife -- machine hooked on watching on TV less residual then you have you lost some weight. But over the Iraqis here look good you look good and in person here in new victor already go of course the numbers are looking pretty nice lately from what the -- -- a guy who owns a restaurant we lose only. Magical. -- a -- -- been been of course you know drastically different as we don't know from the month of April army you feel when it. Feel good you know youth and a bad man. -- -- I've dubbed him looking him Mark Teixeira is numbers you know here's a guy of course you know I hate the it's the Yankees are to shares got seven home runs hit in two or ninety I think he's above what you think. The -- united figurative and you know how to -- back. Kinda crazy today is the the one year anniversary when he hit your first home run -- I was like crazy that he or anyone. Eight right now just to think that -- the senator covered the parking -- had that one -- Well that. That they -- -- thing you know youths. And that you -- And make to the from. We will we're that it was the when universal before you just mentioned it now though. So last year's last year it's in the past it's forgotten that stuff you want to revisit again -- is not enough just on the paceman enough. Over the -- you. This Syria got you know different bunch of people I mean I'm gonna take Jason Bay and there was a lot of talk in the offseason holidays out of gonna get -- you know power numbers without Jason Bay here on the -- point one home run for the Mets. But that the Red Sox teams in the top what 23 teams in the league and in note delivering power numbers is that surprise you. Not really a -- we -- that they. They know how -- They know how to from the bad a big big big influence Tynan. And being -- for those are you know use the fact that we've always. And mark questions. You know borrow our team in -- we are -- to the time. And and disease and and so it looked over. Is there any chance that Pete he's gonna have more harm Peter you both have eight. Is 32 it's gonna have -- as you the end of the year you guys talk about that. And Pedroia and a the -- view we've agree here it is. Is heart and soul of this ballclub and whatever you get down to booties in his -- Dave what's your take on Michael's situation until the media a couple of days ago he might be better off if you were treated and released in question playing time he was upset that he wasn't in the lineup that. You being -- left handed hitter got wind up against CC sabathia was left. Well you know pro we might be loaded gun Mellon kind of focus is -- that that is supposed to be an -- condone what in the game. And they mean what you might he use Washington gangs -- not content. You know so now. Whenever in my case thinkin' I think he had the reason in the right to not answer. Two. They -- want to stay away Felix but he built in a reduced role at the -- that's a better team right now with full fuel on the team. We know we're gonna -- -- both of us in the lineup you know so. Like SA you know his his his situation in this. This stuff -- a situation. With a little lamb that. He used to play every day in and now being seen now -- in the game and then I turn this thing was point. It was to take in the whole lot of they -- -- a situation that happened couple days ago if Peter Gammons report that you actually reached out to. They Hammond of course you guys are teammates briefly Carol what kind of things -- you tell Hamlin. That case that has helped -- through that situation. No I don't have to go way back and paying penalties like. That little road from me you know so. I've basically. -- you know you've you've unique tool. Do the right thing. Grace in the situation that you and -- use the -- -- better -- they can. And do -- a lot of people do what you in everything you have to move you make. Is this is the son in the people what I thought about it. If it doesn't matter you know you gotta -- you do is pretty clear. And thing is the right thing doesn't violate any. Any other. Until -- -- rules you know so. They understand you know he is a good kid and -- it's one of the best in the game sometimes frustrated when. And somebody who. Write the curriculum from either one. You know you you don't implement doesn't go by years -- you know will he go balls away so I right I -- you need to -- -- in -- humanity it. Closed door you know you guys -- things which is gonna be the best for the organization. Since all three you've been like day you're as amazed and unbelievable source the big moments. Delivery for the fans of this town. And for you teammates as well 03040506. Osama. You get pissed when you hear fans who would abandon new during a slump -- had April last year April this year. Would all the stuff you've dumped -- a waiver of a comeback question you feel let down by some and it's not all of them obviously made some of them though he's done you know it's an idea of the how does that. How do you react that you -- Thing about the fans that -- that is that media animated one that banged that everything figured out. He had guys sitting down other than ever play the gang -- four. Talking about whole thing possible to we've that you are done that you can you know more than you can lose you can do that and you never hear before -- -- -- forever you know not -- You know well you tell reinstate them or let him. I'm very air working hard on my thing. You know in an open and attention to another cut and other crap anymore. Progress we can't get the next players to credible baseball the money is good enough that's right. That's -- some. -- -- all right do you know like your buck yeah. What what what it. When you got to the point where you you know you're -- feeling kind of bad about all the stuff there was going to the media you mentioned media questions honest W teammates. Clearly -- behind you 100%. They know who you are they don't you David Ortiz in the you're gonna Camara last year was a great example of that you led the league in home runs after the first couple months rover. I just wonder what is about the media or whatever fans want might be -- what they did think that suddenly. He's 34 years all that you would possibly be done. Does that through. I'm gonna be done when mandates are that I and am now an immediate thing that on them. I'm not I'm nobody to tell you. When you gonna be done. Momentum you you know. Even -- -- -- -- that I learned because you know and do your thing I mean you can do done when you've done now when somebody say that -- we've done right. And as does indicate here you know -- true for a month. And they let me. Start killing you know lately you've done -- in the more you can -- that you gave Reagan -- you need this. In if you put attention today you know from -- on a fly would you like to -- me. Note for you David you said that. You throughout the sports writers who who said he can't play in the gonna play the game is over Terry Francona played the game and if I can play. No but he was also it is not something you're used -- and you in the order and he tried he sent up pinch -- for that game against Toronto. So. Wouldn't what you question Terry Francona for sending a sentence of up to that view of the situation. I was met. I was mad. I was totally man absolutely -- you know let them. You know that if you write looming you've been -- that -- thing. He that you and when we do and that would. That's the way it is that it would have been an on the serving as you know today so. You could have been able to place. Period. You Q accused of I mean you roster since they want. Got to -- So you sanitary -- on that they didn't believe -- you. Houston. Normally he must the Senate because he scent of a hit or you were in the -- I turn -- page -- -- I'm in on things though. Going to be. That I relate that in more than do you. How much Betty -- you know especially this week it seems like he you know on have to come to the park and -- excellent they pretty much know. Righty lefty in -- -- and it there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Best articles done the season and economic guys that I pull myself to that the great again and I'm not out there is getting. I know artist who played his game in. And since late as people use this -- -- and -- thing that you are capable to do. Why are now hitting and then magical moment you dazzle me before now you can guess and a -- than ever reviewed before and you can be like. He never done before. And I gonna do. But it Donna doesn't die and you Steelers believe that one there's something's gonna happen. Net porn on your second and up slightly percentage amongst a designated hitters eight home runs -- you know right up there amongst those DH is well. Looking for and I got money so I get serious money would Tommy car and on 35 plus home runs Rio. But you know look at the numbers you're looking at Windsor look at situation all -- -- -- Which you prefer beginning fourth. I'm looking. At the laser show common. I think if they previously laser show. Knowing that I know you spoke with an. On winning game you know rape murder. Misha you're an artist on impeaching. Is this would in his book would it mean to be the -- gain you know we know there is. And everything -- -- little Leo over the place. I believe my my teammates I know they gonna do better. We're gonna be great don't support -- and they know the games ago diesel ball -- last nine. Outstanding. We gave me now and enough on the DO. Hopefully complete -- Princeton. Some of them always spec does you know -- are raising and we came we can count would. And everything mrs. Bloomberg complacent flown by. -- -- -- Which of the two teams that are currently ahead of the Red Sox do you think is more ominous opponent I do obviously the Tampa Bay Rays are doing very very well right now there. They clobbered the Yankees last night in their rough few a couple of games ahead. He really in this division you've got. You got routines and Friday of both the way in which a win any other division. Which team do you do you think represents the biggest threat to the Red Sox winning the American League east. Or let him know that the Yankees the wonderfully the game. Does that does that doesn't mean that you. Now can be more by the end. Of the season but right now I think we need to focus on. It's. Make sure that those stand that they're not. Even. And their division windows game in on the issues. We came when the game fighting the good thing between the teams that are playing good. And that's what account of that. How much -- -- talk. Compared to guys used to play as he hit it trash talking than anybody ever play with -- -- -- view them -- -- beat me that when he he gets you going you know that the to a level that it. I think he's a little knots yeah is that hostage you have to be to be that if if if. They got a big -- -- we can today as a matter of fact may 27 the big poppies grow over a number of nine. In Framingham itself the actual address for those of you the use GPS. Thirty Wooster road. And -- is this is it tell me first of all if you would about the cause they David Ortiz children's fund it's it's at two country cause right it's not just here. Well yeah it is. In David Ortiz children fund though we. Will open heart surgery. What Cubans and and by it would my uses. My generals -- -- and we we we do in this Judy to a great fun. -- -- so. Going to be a monthly. -- the real. As you know have a lot of it's it's not just -- -- -- it's an immediacy you're gonna have of artistic pictures with. And I think for a man. But once the prices. With -- -- Peach mango salsa that's your new product common. Itself but is that your recipe of course at that I was there right now and I can order one thing it wouldn't be. Oh there it your restaurant you lately. -- guy burger guy. We have some movie news. And with a burger. We most logical to peach mango salsa with active. -- -- that the food that it. It's very. -- on. And weirdest looking again charged just handed to me -- -- -- chance you know it it just used to beat -- and pretty much everything everything everything everything. That you that you they use they like -- the things. Haven't been obvious we've been in. The different. He's the picture view as with a wearing a chef's hat nodded to pose for a picture with the shaft Saturday they draw that in after the paint box I tell you about. -- -- the Michael. It looks pretty good he's just loving it got a -- channel one of these days opposed live from the Dominican. That looks like pretty good settlement against -- don't open -- now we're gonna take that moment right after this policy with that. It's it's it's got that a lowering mixtures sweet and spicy right now the chips in some of that. Now I understand that a portion of the proceeds from all of food products that you is the hot sauce is in the -- -- benefit the the David Ortiz children's fund as well. And that's something we can find in a local grocery stores as well yet. That in. -- -- Okay so it's already it's already stocked in there and yeah. That's at NATO it's a pretty good line to be end -- for because people are gonna be eating for the rest of for eternity have been doing no matter what happens. Now on on the 27 what do people do to try to would attempt to attend the event is there wrote you know what time days and again. If made when. The department -- you from eleven. You have limited have yet there it is how can people get tickets and how the media is -- -- website that they can go to to find out more about it to copy the this WW. Guard David Ortiz to them on that or slash the meeting -- injury. How how passionate he got about the whole thing about. Raising money for the open heart surgery for kids and you've seen a lot of these kids up close diameter and the outs of how much how passionate again about the whose brave men and values. You know those kids are grown from family that it the and who finances them would make Angola and and get -- he. Better hope so. I think we've been doing that for years and then we have over a 140 kids don't really. In Oakland are -- that's the cause a lot of money and and you can he did this family. Changed. Do you. You don't know. To those here so. I love it I think. And -- get to the it was somewhere. I if I get to see them before. They get -- you make it to him after and uses that use different. A buck coaching him that's also please don't have to -- translate forming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- we're gonna try this -- when we get home of the big putt from big pop each kitchen peach mango salsa. Salsa. And -- the of the big event the -- is a luncheon hosted by David Ortiz celebrating the launch of said. Peach mango salsa. And the net proceeds to benefit the David Ortiz children's fund it's Thursday may 27 from eleven to two. And you can get your tickets online and on the website which is David Ortiz children's fund dot org gonna get that right yeah. Perfect poppy it's great to see you think they're a really glad. That just smashing a ball that one Detroit meanwhile was about 460 feet that you smashed out there. I think it's got the guns going to do that they go to the place I continued this executing them. Continued good luck and success -- not just through May have a right to the World Series thank you good to see it David Ortiz not here and a big show.

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