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Apr 12, 2010|

Ray spoke about taking responsibility for his performance this season before and after the trade deadline, how the rumors surrounding him being moved didn't affect him, his reaction to the fans booing the team at the Garden, how each player on the team can get better, the uphill battle each team faces going into the playoffs, how he is able to maintain his game at his age, and what book he recommends everyone to read

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Joining us right now on the AT&T hot line AT&T a better three G experience. Run your Boston Celtics as Ray Allen good morning right how Oreo. Doing pretty well you up pretty early today it was going on. What about that. -- ago. Yeah I guess it's early for all of her sharp professional athletes is a test let's -- you're gonna. -- I -- to ask you about this because dock undertook this at the beginning of the season kind of get away with shooting rounds and and I and I kind of wondered at the time whether it was gonna disrupt the timing of guys. After the wizards game the other night docks at this my fault I gave the day operated of the shoot around the timing was off. Is this new system this year been comfortable for you. I believe that we'll be that this kind of I get up for the early in the morning anyway. But they -- know we didn't have shootaround. You know out statement it this will probably already. Always thought that there really make a difference would be what would other artists whatever dot that forces team. And I think we -- You know what they -- layer by this the same page you know body -- I -- this we just. We called out on a new routine no rhythm and you know I don't like that. -- -- -- -- Taking responsibility look for a you know we we think both those expert it was much just -- much because you know we've still got that episode that gave. -- we talked to you about this very early in the season before. There are any trade rumors before people settled the Celtics do something with a Ray Allen but now. After the trade deadline has passed so what did you think of all of that stuff fan and how would you assess your season it's been pretty interesting for you I'm sure. All of you know got this that's who wouldn't you -- -- probably. -- every. You know every. Double the weight throughout you're you you do with some type overvote situation -- over -- you know whether it's. Talk about -- -- -- outlook treat that tomorrow I want to play and also news this this is typical. Business fully open that this was before -- notes Seattle. And that's in a contract that they were this stuff. Well well -- each person so bill before wasn't anything that would mean could be. What. People work building what better it would bother me which it is because. But you're not that a little hole along. On the content -- the then this is the outback ball out of there you go onto a covenant to defeat -- that you know what contract will. Very attractive to a lot of scene that wanted to open to treat people pictures there of the -- so it if you're just part of it and you know from leisure. You know if you look at what we're told that -- -- practice facilities UCL. You know before that there. Eddie how country to recreate the feel -- what is don't nobody all about it because it worry about it we just -- were blocked well aware or recommended there's. You said it didn't bother you but. You have a family and and they like it here that it bother your family did they they talk about it. And say c'mon while we don't want we don't wanna go want to trade it. Now now won't -- or lower fees. -- there a special special loan. We we talked about it. About disputed that shouldn't she says it's. I got sent to the left it'll play that well this you -- -- -- brought to wear cargo she's not. In its forward -- what I don't shoot it because it's being executed so. -- router and a or so little regard for what happens you know we're going to be Harlem the center. Friday night was about as ugly as soon as I can remember it getting at least since you guys have been together here the Big Three has has been together here. And and the fans can election habit and I read some things from KG and some others where he was a little upset with the fans reaction what did you think he's you reliever in the court on Friday. It is disappointing and partnered Nicole parent who marvelously. Nobody don't seem more. The way and they out there on the floor. It is it's still want in the wrong direction our river. Being in the game in the game game. And in. No we are came out and and before you know it is well run up the run and Arabic and everything at this you know we could make a bet we could -- but it. You know when they're good looks -- -- so optical it and now that the steam rolled in other router supports. You know I think -- -- know you know it's her tribute part of by the -- during the hour period there are no but what you do. When apparently occurred there there is particularly could put the youth movement turned around and known commodity go to the keep all of this occurred that goes to people -- to local local harder. All of our book. No I didn't date you know what do we got a lot -- thousand don't know where about what we need to do for felt personally event between. Rape scenes here lately that that I know what doc calls 5050 balls you know. Three balls balls on the floor you know that the want to who plays for lack of a better term here have kind of gone against you guys. Can you see where effort at least as a question in the minds of many of the fans who watched this happen here lately. I hope I'm the only one bigger than don't know how bands out as you -- ground war -- -- -- they're part. The work we put it who you know over all off period. Or give prepare regain. We did I think the -- we're gonna stop being their pivotal Florida -- you know I think we're. We indeed Eric that we. Apparent that the -- now we'll look -- in the league. We have great now looking we have guys that look part of war that bad though so no -- -- what has -- -- with -- -- -- about. That'll be old political road game whether you know -- guy you know they've got a hot -- whatever it is because that the. Africa are black are -- the spurs assists. You know you can always the next favorite that was done. How do you feel about. But -- meetings and in team you know players only meetings this seems like you guys have done a lot of fun talking and thinking in. Analyzing this year of yourself how you feel about that kind of stuff. It voted interesting. We did the same thing let's go to weather this year has been anymore -- -- get. Now more he talked about it you know we. You know -- my -- -- and beat it. Last week we legal grounds that around all the effort -- There was a lot says about that that we got -- -- and you know we didn't know what he's being it was a sucker up indeterminate amount. But that happened last you're -- -- -- is the it's a -- creed you gotta well Steve a beautiful thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People seem certain they they won't talk or moral and had to do what reporting Norton beating the -- -- we've done that -- -- been and so battle. Question that'll oh with saint or worry about it's -- -- when you're working you know -- set who about a month ago. Which makes a lot of sense he says at the scene he does have the U. Better adopt such and so the more and then not -- insensitive or call will bottom right. -- it's such teammate and a building -- their that can only make sure that he knows that so. This is something that you know we -- subscribe to. I guess we got that we were all spoiled brave button -- -- we got we all got into it you guys got into its order the fans voted the media. Doesn't appear that Ubuntu is as alive and well on this team. -- are there any factions here to get did you sense any problems that prevent the team from being. The unit it was in 20072008. Premiere elements they're assuming. While Ubuntu I mean that that that team it seemed like it was a much closer unit do you think the team is as close now as it was and 070 wait. Currently there are quote we -- that you reflect back on thirteen and it'll you know we have a little. Locker has now there are competitiveness. Have it for you -- that it would probably get the you have open -- there was not this they have definitely virtues that. The complexity so. Change. You know make if you -- about but you know I know -- even more now I'm no. I don't know cavity more now though northern unit were given -- -- so we we only you know there -- and don't look. Ray -- the Boston Celtics is with -- here on Sports Radio. You know you think about this and I I was talking to dock the other day about this were all of these so called mom putting up my quotation fingers the so called struggles of this team. You've already won fifty. You get to a lefty won fifty games I mean I think in a way you're almost the victim of your own successes in the past work. Fifty wins doesn't seem as big -- deal is used to to us. That's nothing that's sports flights. -- a look at the the the great thing and -- in my -- I'm -- look -- the bad things -- We know we have a tendency to look at the that the great thing and take for granted you're almost expect. And no -- -- a decision that this announcement in the -- about a probable that it. But if you look at the lakers on the other side of the country. Bear in somewhat of if they are Arabic and -- are are probably. You know there -- current world record -- -- -- -- -- -- our art or broker because great but our our own world. Well it insists -- sports it's always think he'd do something a little bit better and more players to be better. You have actually rebounds and -- point did I mean as always open and. We wouldn't be your marketing Mark Clark of that that we could you are pretty you'd better Ugandan. -- people who want to in the road -- well we'll read your neck and incredible. Teamwork that we spoke -- The process they were both there wouldn't. -- and you know or even care if it weren't. We still would -- -- -- you know there -- so horrible for probably their you know he's Derrick you're but no there's no evil this could. -- -- You know and barred the scourge you know it's such expand -- in New -- we you know we have a wheelbarrow or failure if we want. Sixty game that would allow -- battle you know playoff. Their itself all you know if you think about the inability -- pork. Another tree looked it would attempt you know it is -- you don't anybody but the reward -- do you know what we all will -- -- for. It's a veteran team and in some of your guys' cases championship experience team. Do you feel confident that that this team won the playoffs begin next week can flip that switch and go into a different mode. -- object in question is. One that needs. You know what happened today that -- what we have you know we're we're or not -- -- It's you know -- markets -- not know beaten up very or some. -- what we need to be going on out there on the floor in that order isn't critical there are things are part of -- wait for you know you know we'll look. Here but there -- situations. Outfield or whether her problem murders are. Not a playoff -- -- team that it is here for a reason they're used in Europe where there are. In -- and -- they -- when you can hit folk you know be open about -- competition and you know we won't be furthered our department of McCain. If you went to the office of any general manager in the NBA including Danny -- they could probably give you lots of stats on shooting guards. In their in their mid thirties and what what happens to those guys but. I'm look at your numbers right now. There's shooting very very high percentage from the field for two 47%. Making 91% of your free throws your averages sixteen points a game. And at 34 years old. That's supposed to be a red flag. And that that number but have you done anything differently do you feel differently do you prepare differently at 34 than you did say 24 point five. No no I don't do it -- different now. But that they are out -- -- when we travel and our own. On now more so ever are reluctant to more easily been about the thing that really. It's about it's so great which is this month are not treated on it the problem number three put. Terribly now in -- more so -- everybody is is. The on this side of the spectrum as far as. What came into the when you know I don't drink it. Not ever bring out a lot so in the summer problems aren't into what such -- -- -- -- expectancy. -- -- -- -- -- Right now player model great date that the -- my body earlier in you know my -- are figured maybe it's coming back from now on. I'm a better grasp of you know direct to remove it and I want to -- -- when it looked so. You know we talk about the news you look at. If it's still appeared on great productive than in -- and you know there's been a great but the lonely planet like -- -- -- put -- -- -- -- can't put faithfully as parents that. Little situation in the first need to Google because you know there at all with anomalies are -- side. Lately look like he had a hell -- -- summer last year mean he came back I'm just looking at you look like you're about 195 -- to a five elect. -- and in more spell. -- this year then you have in the past that you do anything differently in last offseason element of drama coming into this year. -- if you had no you'd go back into. The democratic. I actually. Are there in September. Now without nick -- about -- that the long term then and number in this photograph but this firmware addresses are more -- I'm really burned. A lot more. Just running treadmill stuff. You know harder without that it happened you know what I regional allies that heard this term but. I -- want -- -- you don't begin this September in there have been ordered all foreign but what I got. In September are returned to Europe where. No more -- and they're really really burned in Alberta lot of calories and garner about art that there'll. Pretty -- they're so that is training camp is this kind of you know what -- reported that the kind of you know the current flight is right. It looked at the -- was. With a smile about it earlier. Well I'm not a group be so low -- You know at least some new -- -- it -- -- in pretty new places and nonpartisan group was prepared not bombard you ready so. The dual independent look global. Based on your recommendation. I've bought and read the lone survivor you were all right you're right you're exactly right what's the next when I got five. Order it was it was spectacular and it it makes me realize in my day isn't really all that bad as that in all things considered. Right and apparently the long trip Republican -- No permanent right I have who have read more -- nothing about the current market the trail. On a treadmill and now he fought so that -- you know you look the last that they look at all I'm so just stay like that motivate meet people love love not that bad on it. The hole now what's the next recommendation you're you're one for one would mean that was great what's the next one. Outlook award that you read out in the I have not now. There happen business -- it -- have been on -- on the campaign notebook overlaps in twelve years in. You a couple friends lose a model we've been talking about -- so that -- silence that did today because yesterday we talked about. -- -- Obama also Barbara yesterday. And -- -- not last week got a -- out the front of -- companies that really doubt it's because it's neat about their book in -- -- that you know it's it's almost when he -- you that you put itself on life and it must -- worms will be watched people on my life you know we all have those questions you know what's going wrong and worse and I don't moan and shut the -- We read -- is gonna make their payments and. That's next on my lest I promise I'll read it we always appreciate the time best of -- in the playoff. OK Greg thank you. That is Ray Allen joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- three G experience.

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