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2-6 Laser Show with Dustin Pedroia

Feb 6, 2010|

Dustin joins Mut and Bradford for his weekly appearance on the Laser Show. Dustin talks to the guys about getting closer to re-joining his teammates at spring training, what he has done to make Marco Scutaro feel comfortable with the Red Sox, and where he would prefer to bat in the lineup.

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-- joining us on the eighteenth -- hotline AT&T A better three G experience Dustin Pedroia the laser show Sports Radio WEEI Dustin much rob howry you. Super we're doing good on a scale of one to ten will start here how annoying was it to have rob volume on the video camera for day. Yeah that was pretty annoying and and besides the fact that you know we all our rock you to join that group -- after -- he. Now. When -- can. Answer for you know discussion -- at -- but he you know that your take. You know getting Jack -- -- and it -- are not an eight Snickers bar or that. That's funny rod Dustin because rob has been eating ribs off the last hour here in studio it's -- protein. And and answer cute atmosphere that's right not just acted in a minute mark on that. What's that so you're on order to -- that -- -- That that's great yeah and Carl whatever you let yourself right note. Not quote what -- content to sit and then I don't care what you would knock you. -- -- You know for a ball four listen just -- the first part of what you said -- and that was not accurate I did have a response when you kindly offered for -- jump in the work out group group in and throw around some way it's my response was I freefall must capacity. A -- about maintaining now. You guys have a waste ago. But you know so. Whatever and I do have a a recommendation for the -- included deep to do so as other youth player right. But I've had more than one person say they've changed your fancy football team's name to the -- nation station. It's it's mark -- relations station whenever. You can bet costs and not the other about it but I had. -- -- my -- about inaccurate to. To repeat. The organ or take that title back again and out of a dynasty. Before we get to the baseball stuff for those who don't understand the murky elation station which was. Clarified an administrative did on Dustin was is the but his video game room. Where he claims to be pretty did that but I don't know on solid death and destruction in the call of duty game he was playing but. Anyway so that's what that's what they the impetus for awhile set but let's get back to baseball so you you said that you talked to Marcus turow. Yeah yeah I get my -- a call. Not just. To reach out manner and not forward -- returning demote him shout he's in Miami and not. And he's excited in the pro you know -- -- on on news. He's really excited about energy and not now popped out to to get down to Florida and -- you know being caught that he. So -- on how long's it gonna take to get integrated with a new double play partner are just a typical snippet and a bucket. The it would go back to -- though. Is how well so much how important is it too just communicate he said you call them what was kind of the reason for UConn just did you wanna. Actually talked to a guy before you met him when you get to spring training. Our warts don't put gets in the last couple years and you know he's he's got a lot of energy it may seem like a great got to play it -- Our -- argument -- sailors and I know I've been offered on you know it it they. Oh I'm you know man out in the world here we're in argues got to make those guys fill notes local economy and and the -- from the start because not one and replacements stuff. A sure but you know just just know that you know or on the outside world were off fight together -- -- markup -- Well certainly watching the video that rob did for the website eating called Google golf we know that at this point you don't golf. Given your your quote about the the putting green in your backyard. I didn't wanna talk about you know that the work out itself and and rob talked off the year about Audrey -- -- you worked out with him and there was kind of -- none cup part of the video -- -- -- is working out you set out to tennis at the a look at this. What does it mean to have a guy like Andre he played college with who's your friend at. Is that does that turn into competitive thing where you guys are trying to. You know one up each other and that might help raise the level of these offseason workouts working out with a guy that you are so familiar with. I'll you -- I think we push each other others know you know we're not trying to one up each other by any means you know on or pretty close apparently -- votes. You know put them out. You know -- college and then go to France for a long time and not. Our our our biggest they have made our chief architects that -- be here don't just watch and I get on music and start -- awkward on -- game. At all -- about stuff than. On your portrait you you're you're closest current obviously -- not aren't on our team. But we worked out we definitely -- -- we have to record first he's an. On and he he looked like came to army he's he's passionate about baseball saw my odd -- exit art you know we know that. Gary Player based what you don't play -- play for a prolonged period parts of the and we have planet you know we're out while the work was each other. On -- were returning better and better every year. I have figured mentioned that. That you do feel different this time a year and then maybe -- last couple years and parlay is you worked a little bit differently. But. As the as the video shows that your working hard and and you do when your stuff but how how do you feel different compared to the other years. On terms your legs especially. You know -- last -- to detonate it all right. A player like -- -- on -- never let them into -- allies are at our bureaucratic 130 -- -- are -- a on the the next you're a -- and broke -- -- 16 year would want to uniter not. And you know I I are obviously -- -- -- -- and the world that he's -- And I remember going to go -- -- I missed it I looked in my -- -- heavier and a lot of on. You know I I felt good but -- it -- into the in my late start -- feel heavy. And got in and I and I remember you know that. Now about you know it -- a little bit slower. Compared to the forward -- in -- actual you know strongly felt light Belfast. On the I was able to you know not get better you're on the certificate -- routed. Elect a lot like -- with my leg and it a lot higher reps and in my likes -- a lot of my feet. But -- lot faster and out you know continue to work out during the he's and so lot Elway August September October. On -- better than I am and then in the first it must be. You mentioned changing the work out Dustin is that something that you know the folks at your facility your you talked about -- them and he said hey I wanna do this and they gave you batters their former player. They talked to maybe help you out to to give you an idea that that might help you get that feeling you're looking for late in the season. I thought everybody and I most I remember in the you're not sure our our strength coach they patronize that dictator -- my legs were heavy. On you know I I think I lifted. It I mean I got real sore leg got look at lift a lot of heavyweight with my leg you know let. The the big in Ottawa but you know our squad -- epic on the bench about it but. But you know I thought we -- about that you just said you know do more flexibility stuff slider way. You know hire reps in and it's not fun about it not -- partner -- it. And not so let's start to do a curiosity -- you know electrical we got hurt and and I like so great -- to continue that. Our process throughout the whole lot these and then not like a Phil Dawson. You know another thing that you were able you said that you were pretty optimistic about -- the way -- swung the bat the of today. Where is there -- Monday over it down the community college. You've said you felt like okay you have that swing for the first time maybe in the offseason locked into where you wanted. Is that something that -- around the this time the off season you start feeling that way or -- -- -- US -- its schedule when it comes to feel own optimistic about your swing. The you know I actually. The last -- -- he's not felt so bad -- -- in spring training and and those first couple -- A bit bigger magnet to be out there -- you're going to be. You know you get back feel like popped everything out of a back -- but. -- -- great right now man on in the walker. You know I don't feel like a bit re elect I don't working out hard and now it last year if not. It is a must viewers like long so thick and sort it out but. Obviously those sort and not you know open night about the comic down in return in -- -- get up and and and considerate of the. -- talking to -- the -- the laser show here a -- Bradford Sports Radio WE ER he takes your phone call 617. 7790850. Toll free 888. 5250854. Get to these calls are lined appeared Dustin. Text message from the 413. If you had your choice where would you prefer to bat in -- in a lineup. I don't care. I'm not its second. The last locked up Peters and no I ignore it lead off buster and perform well. -- but detonate it bothered me artists. I was upset that that I was -- even when I was hitting leadoff. -- -- that -- won the World Series so it you know it doesn't matter where it. I know like Alter my approach I am good at bat helmet at you -- that you could it -- so. You know answer that. Sure -- -- -- will will put together could learn. So and so they love you GI Joe shared by the way into. -- -- That make yours on the trip. Let's thought let's go to Northampton Massachusetts beat is there'd on the dust and the joy of being how -- you. I'm -- -- out there today. And I'm. No good character. My question is. -- the changes that are happening in the infield. At is it -- the -- is. You know what -- coming and then. Who knows what's going on what they're made that point -- at bat. I'll Tuesday -- -- -- it winds. Up the good at that. You know it up at their core of guys. No spring training that a lot of the other end. Oh whoa whoa -- Redick for oh we're -- it really well. And that. It ever but it does not like art it really -- so I'll. In the problem on communication are not report he's at now that are out there so. He should not sure about that one and the. This clearly clearly everyone is concerned about this stuff to the biggest question -- -- -- decisive for disease straight week that someone's asked about. How your -- I can be able to handle. Having a new double play partner -- scooter. Let's go up to Maine Dustin -- is there he's on WEEI talk with Dustin Pedroia can. Everybody is on. A -- -- a couple of quick he's way. It's going to be any of the grade. Back and Nomar as they used to it is my goal that lead while -- -- -- -- Utilities along those lines. -- It's sort you can a smaller glove like in practice. On. No I don't I don't Ronald really believe and I you know I dispute the other companies game you know -- Eric. You know my my thinking on it it a -- and and nine -- scrub like bought -- one in. You know Mark Teixeira still but like trying to catch -- out. That outlet and perhaps it is in the what I need to catch the ball it's -- not practiced the club that's what do it and now. You know not. Products that brought up well like in on the practice the late flight so I gotta go full speed got to use the equipment that. That -- you're you're it's our. The name mentor and players were -- -- -- they have there them -- -- -- Okay that's all right the -- and I said you're spunky little ballplayer dust and that's all you wanna hear right. Is that what Francona cause you every day. VR -- -- -- along the lines of the glove. Didn't he say that you had used. The old glove -- glove for a long long time in the and you broke it right away or maybe your first professional games of the like that. Yeah because I actually -- sent not ten years old all relate to all the way through college and then my first -- game. I gotta I -- throw from -- the outfield and and that you went broke off about like band that this. -- turmoil right now so -- that. Be it a new book broken and it and start with Allen and not. And not forgot that they are great they're great -- her the first three years now -- distribute it and it while. So you know brook and it -- same model it ought to get there's. Like at the background while they hit it straight out. I got a couple followed questions from from my time out there which -- really. I really landslide personally you'd point him out on the rookie of the year plaque that you have when your wall that your name is in on it. How -- how do you get your name back on that or was it on it to begin with. Aren't yet they had they been they would like. It would be great honor but it would whipped it like. Sticker you know like. I don't know one of those -- -- so also I woke up I don't know might well. Couple months ago and are now locked up always and there's little luck and a warrant -- -- -- my name come like what in the world. That I try to super glue it and then that'd really works so I just sit for electoral. -- -- Yeah I Netanyahu it took Eric. That that they're going on the list clearly whoever made that trophy. Yeah absolutely absolutely there's been a lot of conversation but I remember last year were played -- input and Evan Longoria goes -- What a regular. Rookie -- -- plaque and -- -- parent. Ottawa or butter the buster thing -- you're gonna like it's not a high school -- -- scholar. You know I I got Eric Patrick -- out. Mike and that not plaques that are not bank you know but. -- -- on a circle on the back or whatever -- that. I like this the fact that the headlines this conversation going to be Pedroia ribs and LB for a bad choice of war. -- -- I'll just give me a break off the dot dot -- You are ripping the awards go to post here if not troubled about this it's all of the Internet it's already gotten their people ask is it the posting on your -- FaceBook page right now if Dustin from the 50 wait a former second baseman doesn't single level we play it's not sure how to gauge this but. A former second base Jerry Remy. That. It it. Rep Doug Watson now speaking up the -- dog or your favorite middle infielders. Of all time as a middle infield yourself point second. Our. I I I like Joe Robbie Topps set for the Giants back in the day. And then now Fernando vina is one of my favorites -- he grew -- not in the Sacramento area. And then not -- and they never remember -- the Cardinals. And he you know he's fun to watch them do. You know much about having happened early watch games on TV I was always. Are trying to go outside play you know I didn't I didn't really have a favorite you know. Speaking to secure grown up one question that we forgot to ask who is. When UN -- to -- -- last weekend I think fed. After you would much had bonded. Without me on the show last week and include want to tick me off with the best segment ever in your bring it down again this makes our -- our objective -- of talk in front of the kids at woodland by he talked a little bit about how important that lies to you and and and how to ago. No it was great parent it was no -- to go back there are solid regularity and on time. A lot of people that that have helped me. It's -- Major League that in and be successful so a very few people or is it just restrict its October kicked. -- -- outs shocked about how many Red Sox jerseys and and our public stand there where are and what and and not of the great time and -- there are so glad you know that. Everyday not now not everyone note archery field on and not you know come out behind this now now we're going forward. If it was it was great that I had a great time I I like at a great time. And my speech I practically killed it it was smaller. It's it was a better than the week before. Yeah I really don't -- you know I don't put -- little more you know I talked about my my personal life -- -- -- airlift and if you guys finished book or or MySpace friend request it it's not so like deny you. They'll come after arriving at likeness and I don't even know how to operate computer. L I don't know what they're gonna do it Merck on line call -- upset. It but it's on the. -- you play called duty -- -- -- -- -- -- that I saw what they see as the closer and loser is not your name mr. Klain tag go is that what it is don't give -- has made our. -- know doggone -- You know I have some request but my quiet tag. That's what my little -- so little in their or. Or better name in front here. -- -- Sorry could either mercker. HBO or that -- or a lot of things that I put on their cars are. If you're if you're playing call of duty and you see someone what the screen name flare to right you know -- Dustin Pedroia. Let's go out let's go to well -- western Massachusetts Dustin dance and kick it -- de Niro and Dustin Pedroia. It doesn't it is very. Airmen and -- a curtain on the hook up other articles but it's almost -- or step at. -- I worked there are not an Everett. And -- -- out on the I that you. Or it shouldn't it -- it. I've ever won that game. For. Agreeing with an -- Eric -- so he's -- what your first your first Major League hit. Yeah I don't either ignorant fan I heard that somebody in order I'd like to go to double what my first about my my second cut. I soft -- line drive up the middle it it was probably -- 445 mile an hour so that they're up you go to. Our. But I an -- it was not Joe Saunders are just hotter that you look so our idea and doubt your art China about a couple weeks -- there's not. Andrei had ever votes saying hey idiot the first hit off of an injury goes day which your first set up folks and are very serious it you know other. Let me ask US Larry it was it wasn't mandatory that you said you'll go work over Keith Poole plays only if he puts the fat -- poster review. Right in the batting cage. All of by the way that it that that's that it is actually taller than what I air. Excuse that it's at least 5 head and I am iron nor a spot for a -- So. I don't know what's going out that we got a call that everybody that -- regular site. -- sponsorship deals the you did to Sullivan talked your bureau why we -- Sullivan tire commercials this week correct. I I just had to endure at the last two days and -- -- got my acting skills are going to go all the rubble. Well they can only a lot bright -- truthfully. They can only go up at this point -- it truthfully they can only go up from where they wore. Absolutely absolutely are but -- we we we worked our respects and I'm and there are no we we we had some -- on things and Eric. You know there's there's certain things that we -- this year that are -- we feel it's going to be great. What do sol -- ahead of -- and we -- -- besides the -- thought we have you being chased by a dog when one -- on a trampoline with another year. I don't I don't Hornets -- what you -- wrestled bud. The everyone wants to know these things are like a cult following. Yeah that's why -- watch savior and that that's what's exciting about 2010 other batted heads and nobody here. It carried it to see Dustin Pedroia look like an idiot on TE. -- there's a lot of things that that you know their affairs should be a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not last one for me Dustin -- couple weeks now until you guys were port downtown Fort Myers obviously you've got. A great family and a and a son he spent a lot of time with -- try to do some different things that. The fits an extra family -- and before he got to go to Florida report for spring training. -- well outside they've not heard it coming up so you know rigors of chiropractic -- my life obviously but you know I -- you know has -- a lot out every day. And not bigger I think I -- outside it and -- -- decided -- it is noted in consultant Stuart and the -- -- -- -- walking here the next week or two. A spike marks but are already know -- out there and not a doctor. By I don't -- question this one thanks thank you again for letting WI dot com the inner sanctum of it is just the Joyce. Day I guess in if thank you thanks -- give your your personal chef for the best soup that I ever had as well. And I we're gonna expect so much that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Areas Dustin Pedroia laser show joining us -- and Bradford on the eighteenth tee hotline at AT&T. -- better three G experience.

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