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Nov 17, 2009|

Tedy talked about the Patriots-Colts game and what led to the loss, his thoughts on if Bill Belichick made the right decision to go for it on 4th and 2 late in the game, that if he was on the team he can respect the decision but still disagree with the call, and if the team can put Sunday behind them and get ready for the Jets

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T your world delivered former England patriots linebacker now. Superb analyst with ESPN Tedy Bruschi is with -- they Teddy K don't. All right guys undergo it -- -- around on his how to act and act as apply. Yeah real quiet right. Yeah not not much conversation about patriots colts from Sunday night now you you came out you wrote a great column and you said this. This really sends a message to the defense but let's go back before that. You see the game happening in real time fourth and two what are your thoughts when you're seeing that unfold. I would just not said it many times earlier this week I think the right call what the -- and especially. -- a defense the player I have a defense that mentality. I thought the defense that game what having. Except against Peyton Manning. During that whole game to got a couple -- exceptions there get three and out -- patent would get some momentum -- fourth quarter but they'll give him. You give the -- an opportunity to go up there get a stop in the two minute situation. With possibly that the. Teddy you've been out there on defense against Peyton Manning in situations where he was staging but come back in the past. What does he do what kind of pressures that he put on the defense that makes it so hard for the defense almost physically to keep up with. Well I think he keeps attacking. There isn't really any type of quit -- his game I think early on in his career we will -- getting his head. And you lost saw he had it with him in in the look of confusion on its face when he when he played against years back but eventually started to figure things out and become more mature. So he just kept on attacking the defense -- attack indeed it -- and eventually he always try to find that right receivers make directly in the weight room. And -- and you watch all the games and you're. Watch in this one pretty closely if you had to say. Three things. That led to the loss here. From the patriots what was that as we all say Bill Belichick not punting but there are some things that's on that game and I'm I'm wondering what you saw as the expert. They're really contributed to the loss. Three thing and I felt. Maybe one more big defense to play with needed whether have been on a two minute drive or whether would have been -- thirty ars ago. I know that act in a lot you put them on the 28 yard line but still. As a -- you go out there and that the situation you're presented -- -- you try to come up with a big plays but maybe one maybe another being played the stop them from scored on now strive. Maybe holding onto the ball courts ruled it fumbled the ball but really that's not a big issue either because the Wes Welker returned I think I -- -- would get ticket now. Now sort of -- and that the -- about a few -- maybe turn in the field goal into a touchdown rabbit. Seven points rather than three that nit picking guys but I think we all a I think we -- know we talk about that fourth in two. That's really the situation that that the whole game sort of revolved around and the topic that he'd. I understand completely that if you are a member of the New England Patriots the opinions that you've expressed in in the piece he wrote. Would not have been expressed I understand that if you're in that locker room you don't say I -- an and I am and I am I actually agree with that. But wouldn't they're still be doubts in your mind if you're in that locker room even if you don't say it. What if bombing of that locker room. I still say it. I still say it but I talked to -- Patricia about it I talked to Dean Pees about it I talk to Bill Belichick about it this isn't the first time. I've disagreed. With coach Belichick -- the defense coaches there have been many arguments in meeting rooms with with myself or Mike Vrabel Rodney Harrison where we feel. Something should be done a certain way and the coaches feel that things should should be done the other way and we sort of work it out at that time. There -- times during the -- Where we feel that things should be done the -- is still something else should be done and you work it out you work it out within themselves though. This type of discussions that happened inside the locker room. Well what I was there. Went went strong personalities like Eric and in great whether we work things that we let our opinions be known and I think that's what may get a better a better team is that the week we let them know how we stopping that players. And they took that into account. See I agree with that and and and at least it's my next question. Who is most likely. Leading that discussion from the defensive side right now from the patriots if anybody. I think there's that it's one of -- -- people with either that Wilfork. Or were Jerod Mayo into highly respected guys that that really do things the right way and and are somewhat verbal. So. Of course throughout the captive also mean -- captains meetings every Friday would you go in the top the bill. And I sort of discuss. Sort of topic of the week in and sort of concern that you may have and bill that the great job listening -- actually get things worked out but that that. That's tough because it worked out with in the locker I mean defensively. These offensively if you are a I mean if you're if you're a championship caliber player you want to beyond the field. In a two minute situation with the gain on the line. Said the -- that might back that those situations -- remote that you want. And if you are a setback didn't get that did he get that opportunity (%expletive) is wrong with. You should be upset about it because you want to be the ones who win the game yet coach Belichick in these. Tom -- -- best player on the football in his hand and that's how we I think we can with -- you're okay with that sure you're okay that's the decision coach Belichick makes you go with it. But still inside you still want you not have that little bit of I would get the confidence that need to go out there and make that play to what sort of motivate. -- Senate and sent the message of motivation but initially. -- feel that way. You feel emotionally if you looked at you should feel like you want it to be the one out there to win the game and that's that's the attitude of winning defense to play. So what is the got the fire played. Better. I hope I don't know what that. Not -- -- -- but -- outlook perhaps play our part out of most of it I mean I've felt since I expressed things visit. This is that the way -- play that the only way I knew how to play a what is the biggest effect is that started. He's somebody out there but my emotions are what helped helped me succeed -- what would help those teams Expedia most of the players like myself and Rodney and brave people. I mean these players that you play what the -- you've played championship defense with emotion and when you don't get that chance. You get a little bit elect get a little bit earth. Because you wanna be the one to be looked at night in coach told coach that who -- go win the game you want that opportunity. -- how how was how is that feedback. That criticism so to speak of the coaches how is that received is that encouraged or is it dealt with in other words some people want you to you. Disagree with them they asked you to do it in other people don't necessarily want you to do it but if you do it they deal with that and there's a resolution saw -- -- out what would you say that where where did the patriots in the the coaching staff weren't what which category they couldn't. I think it will permit I think it will -- absolutely and that I think they won't -- because it shows you care. -- -- -- Care as a player you care about the decisions that are being and they care about being want to wanted wanna be looked at as the best on the team to be looked at in the most critical situation. Apple that that's what the defense the players are feeling that they wanted to be out there and and that this is the way they feel because that -- so that they feel like. They're the ones Beckett won the game but no bill is very strong about it opinions too and I respect that. I mean bill. The best coach in the NFL by far. You know and it and the decision that he made the Gulfport with his decision and -- ala the player on the team right now I'd respect that decision I respected. I can still disagree. I can still disagree with it in court Tuesday and Tuesday it move it on Tuesday. It moved on. -- about it on Monday YouTube a unit just he'll come Tuesday you'll move on you get in there want to mention a film you get back to the New York Jets. And everything out of everything out behind. -- in your opinion as part of bill's decision based on the fact that. I I believe Peyton Manning and the colts have won four of the last five meetings against the patriots are five the last six whatever the number is. And and shoot outs as well in the back of his mind as he think and without scoring because we come enables long down -- No I I believe him when he says this is my best chance to. I believe when he said that when he says Tom Brady my best player Kevin Faulk is in the best chance to complete that all this is the play we knew about the that situation. And this is the world and -- I believe him when he said that. -- -- And do you feel that this team you said this is moving on Tuesday. Do you believe when they go back into that into those offices tomorrow and and they go back on the practice field tomorrow they'll forget about Sunday night it'll be over with. I believe so I believe so because there at the speed limit you have all the way that it move not to but all the way to -- he meeting on Wednesday. You get to the team meeting on when they still live in this law. Build it and it a little bit but once you get talking about the New York Jets which you get the game plan from the east in that your mind is on your next goal. That your mind is on what you have to do to win. This week. Britain's players like Faneca and man goals and Sanchez and read it you start thinking about those players and that helps you move on from. -- getting a lot of guys which they do they get an exit date. They watched their exit film. And then they move on to date because you're thinking about them and now. There's been a little bit since we talk with you Teddy since the last time we talked about a month month and a half ago somewhere in there. What have you seen. From this defense how can you characterize -- that's I've always said the dale. This year. I really don't know what the defense is despite the the good performances that they put out their and I'm not sure what their personality is and what their strengths and weaknesses are what you -- -- -- the net them a positive development and it is especially in the secondary I think Darius Butler is doing good things will hide bodies of their -- wanna. Make big plays -- than they diapers the -- and I see development along the front especially with the linebackers and that you don't look at that would give you pack this Sunday night. And talking about that that go go report that a I wanted to see them develop more. I wanted to see them in this situation. Versus Peyton Manning and that seventy -- I want it see them I mean. Everybody talks about well there are players in the past that was there that that Belichick kept they've been in and that made big plays but in. And now the defense is sort of revamping that new names but. To give them the opportunity to become the new big name. The company's star to go out there and who knows Jerod Mayo mimic the play development opportunities they all that mail -- Well there he would oracle will hike or meriwether. -- those guys the opportunity the chance that while watching that game and -- that man. A lot -- -- that in that situation to see what they were able to do. The I'm convinced that in 2003 in house at that game that was a great finish the goal line game so to speak. If if bill had tried that in 2003 guys had a fourth and two and he went for it without giving you guys an opportunity to play defense. I think you guys would have assaulted him on the silent ever thank. Went -- wouldn't I don't you know. -- by the denied those those with a strong personalities that that was there you know mcginnis and mcginnis lead in the way with those those strong personalities and myself and as you know braves and all those guys that Washington was on -- -- you know go to the personalities that truly believe that. Put -- out there. We'll get the job done. And I think those personalities are very different forms that now that there which you gotta give them the chance. I think you have I think defensively at the -- that. Defense of minded player if I was on that team which you then you'd hear them talk and right now it's almost in the elect Obama and but to go out there and and give them a chance to become those guys that they get -- confidence -- and put their sort of stamped on the rivalry of the decade. Which Eric Collins at that now others knew indecent Sudanese that'll make in the same deeply. Is there any concern on your part and and Rodney was just as critical on Sunday night on NBC. Is there any concern on your part that Bill Belichick won't be very happy that a former linebacker on the team said this. You know I don't think so because I tell Bill Belichick -- myself. I tell on this myself we've had conversations like this. Within it is his office or -- in the hallways or on the practice field we've had this agreement before but now it's it's sort of been a different form now. -- not a member of the team anymore but I still feel the same way about these things you know Rodney -- I -- the ride he regularly and we talked about the patriot because we. -- what we still care about the future. It did it since this is still the team that we've got a lot of great friends on and got. The patriots play the colts again and that in that the patriot political -- in the playoffs I think they're beaten them. I think they're -- known whether it whether -- that at that the Lucas Oil field there wherever it is I think they get the job done it's just that you know it's it's it's it's unfortunate that invested in this situation -- this -- a decision was made like that that that's sort of sparked all of these emotions amongst all of. The patriots have always been a team that that has said you know what we'd play 161. Game seasons. And this game is just as important as any other game and it's the only game matters and and you were as good at that as anybody I've ever seen having said that. When you're gonna play a team the second time. We you Marty loss to the first time and they were talkin' jump -- they were strut his stuff. This this game just jump on match a little bit more of your sit in that locker on this week. You remember it you remember it then you remember what happened from from the last time yet you've played in New York Jets in and you realize that that they got they got the better of it and you remembered your member of the things that are that I think there -- even post game part in the thing about that they will remember -- this week if any -- this is this is a great week to get over what just happened because there's so much motivation to get Activision. And reestablish ourselves and the power of the -- by beating achieve that as he. I don't wanna say you guys. When you played you guys and play with emotion because clearly you did but off the field. You think with some of the things that that Bill Belichick did he almost made the team. A motion less when. When big things happen and the one thing I've I think of -- -- lawyer Malloy in a lawyer Malloy is cut. Before the season starts. Five days before the season starts and then you know he moved down the road. Deion Branch is traded. Just before the season starts as an almost got you guys to the point where you can handle. Any other you can handle any overly emotional situation because. You've dealt with that before his is that fair to say. Yet that is I think I think what bill does so well. Every single player many times he he tests your resolve at the perfection. Are you able to move on from that adversity. Are you able to move on from this decision that you make it over the course of my career there there were numerous times. That my professionalism with have to. So. If you set it once twice in in numerous times in the get better and better at it get more mentally tough. More mentally strong and you realize with the focus really is about about a huge problem it was talked about getting back on that on the winning track. You love this media thing aren't you can tell you not love that. If it. Dad I -- stay in the game somehow Mike -- too much I love it too much and I mean you know the patriots might FEMA the only people on Nazis in and so -- -- sparked the most who have talked about a talk about the patriot because it -- -- very closely have closed. Aside talk of a boomer. Last thing Chris Berman. That like you -- -- you know get him get him out their run and a little bit manually you you're very enthusiastic. In any less to. You got. You work with whom you work with all of you. You know he's he's area. He's fun to work with you know -- -- -- you also -- lot of emotion in what he he has fun with what he's in among the countdown last night that that we earlier accident is this. Sort of topic over and over again with the guys and -- lot of fun for. To hell with -- media stuff you wish you were playing against the jets on Sunday. -- -- last week last week guys ballot -- what sort of the first time the first time that's sort of the bigger the -- you know the more you wish you were part of and so I think last week with the first elements but really. That's -- release started started in the game and feel like. You know this is this would've been real on -- play in but. Nobody as a linebacker guy that is what they realize it can't you can't play it forever and I think -- now these these guys are doing great I think that it's. They called. That they caused. The patriots. We thought what not to play. -- Cuba at. Albeit a doctor bill they're idiotic it was like you know with you we we talked about that scenario later on in the years of the enacted it'll come. He called junior junior came back he could call you. -- good line that they'll be terrified. In an economic that it liked to gamers that. -- it's always fun to talk football we do we appreciate it. Take -- that he Syria at has a former patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi.

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