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Nov 11, 2009|

Sean joins us from the GM meeting in Chi-Town to talk Sox, Godzilla and more hot stove.

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The -- -- McCadam joins us live. They don't have any other work available they have John -- -- help -- which -- with him. -- always going to help of neat now I don't picket former. It. ETDs with the best of them you know that don't just take. Care I appreciate your sentiments sound. I let's get -- so much to talk about here in the Roberson just flying and most of them are probably a bunch of BS. But that's what we have you force -- to that kind of clear the path towards. Yeah holy -- so we. -- -- That one doesn't make it acceptable or not much. A commitment to read the American left field. Remember that GOP and he came after. Conference following. The teams in the angels -- What -- its stated goals was from. Typically. You do at 835 year old got creaky knees. Does not make it except me there's a because any arguing. Our armed what. A couple of weeks ago when treatment BP. -- still very -- -- a -- -- the coming through in the clutch speed up big situations for people looking at H. -- condition for people looking to commit multiple years in the outfield. You know unless they think. Talking us through unless they think they can. In. I asked him. -- -- -- appeal and then or he's. Speaking an option into a little bit in the probably. Then and actions to -- Final two years. That's about the only way to -- -- even in park. Internet -- But even that a year older now and you brought it up he's had trouble staying out on the field. Just you're right and it's coming from Japan's so write it that's where it's coming from -- So it could be it could be that he said something to somebody out there these teams are adjusted. And it is it may have just to develop a -- a little Japanese corporate knowledge that might have developed though like it's also think we'll tell you these things happen. Just I don't see where did it makes most -- -- And eat it suits you all act in eager so thank you hey -- Get away and a -- took the field. In I was -- and every -- that meet peak. But peaks and stopped might be sure to. -- figure TD. Also -- -- -- Turkey either a four week if you. About a year and speak English -- yours out from the system is here. Treated. At the map to reproduce doesn't make a lot of so given that. I think they -- you know and be on the defensive questions and certainly. A number of course she's in a bigger concern. Lack of Susan in terms of extra. And you look at a team that they agree that there are mostly is going to. -- and Mike poll -- to Arctic Hogue it's pretty quickly. He certainly did occur to -- Common number for a longer -- What -- Matt suing leads us right to bay -- the holidays so what's the latest if anything about what those two. Well -- it's wild fruits. Thoughtful skeptic you're talking about arguably the two position player here. Two they're probably gonna walk away objectives deals and again in terms the position where the build street agents. And we certainly -- look -- -- Scott sports on holiday beat up on one seat where after the bar. Market is going to sort of set the bar and commitment to opt outs or some strategy at most times. It's rare that -- large -- early in the offseason. And because they are pretty comparable guys. -- fielder's. -- -- if there's going to be teams that are going to be hit on. Com are significant technical on to develop. If -- if you're looking to -- the heatley. Or was making comparisons to our European take. And I'll say. Stretch a problem. What you bring to share your figures -- 180 billion dollars so. It keeps you wouldn't estimate about. He thinks he I think. More likely. On the pacers get -- but aren't the fall somewhere between what Soriano got which was a hundred. Thirty million and under eighty million in the future aren't for last year. Obviously. The number of you can afford that there could be one from product to get a skeptic actually. Weeks not months before you go. If you're an American League team are you committing a 130 plus knowing if Sean is right to Matt Holliday. I mean really think about -- it's a wondered is he's Sean I was gonna -- is this -- kind of almost like an NFL draft situation where. Just because it happens to be the best player at the top of the free agent board. He's almost in a scale -- -- trump what the last year's best creating cut this out almost -- some ways. Oh. I think will be bourses. Strategy Tom. That -- -- be successful. Particularly if as its seats. Keep Arctic part and trouble. Put the other after losing too much money in the many shops Campbell. Like they're going to be big hitters. If you go into an offseason. With -- New York teams out of the mix that's certainly. You at an agent. Trying to -- audio and so -- -- and an -- Universe you -- them this long Red Sox. Angels and spoke. Big market teams that are. Honestly think that can be difficult to do because. She doesn't. We'll just take you an example. We're days off landing spot if it is in balked. At the speculation it. -- would be completely -- need to improve predictably. America each room and Goodyear -- -- -- upfield and we did the topic North Carolina. Is not far away so they want to -- -- long term commitment to take the amount. On the angels to the giants look I'm not sure the marketer and developer for both these. Like the Dodgers are out of the mix to the system's secure Fiona Mac. Yet it may have a -- of it's difficult rubbing the proverbial technicals the other. They're willing to go 50% of what anybody else points -- that. Extra dimension Nady and you know we're gonna talk a lot here a lot of holiday. On. And Jason Bay and where their landing -- to be. But it's a guy like -- in that kind of maybe dark horse. Coming off a year and it's not as impressive in and maybe could -- who is that next your free agents the could be dark horse guys. But look at position. -- left field overall -- to a just curious are there -- need are rising there. Yeah I mean certainly need to cut that you know -- except. And -- -- RBIs only a few years ago so. You know not. Quite holiday -- -- numbers but again not merely expensive because these comic pops. Some surgery -- are going to be some questions he did take a short term. And reestablish its value this year. And then you're gonna have guys you know boot that the body low -- hoped for I report pictures it's like you know and -- certain. And -- heartened. Mark Mulder and those guys are -- they're hoping. Two latch on somewhere and -- -- their value after certain injuries. Those would be the confident that category. -- -- -- included coming Thompson. Some injuries and political question marks and obviously not. Ready to commit the kind of money they might be coming off -- I -- to get -- the rest of the list Jason Varitek tonight apparently is the deadline for him to pick up the player's option at three million. Is there any doubt that he picks it up. Well I think there's always an element of pride here I surprised. Indeed if -- are correct beaten. For that player option I don't know -- he gets close to. Three million dollars repeated her frankly unless you use. You know do that -- -- here are. If he'd want to go compete for number one. Elsewhere. As -- and take a lot less money electric out. It's an option are supposed and the second would be that he feels uncomfortable coming back. Win it made clear to him months at a time that he's clearly going to be back up the curtain going to be sharing her market. Going to be competition in the market. And -- victory first. With a lot of playing part for him egos don't -- probably you can play more than forty opinions. And is that hardy entry into except in Boston beat. In Marin -- going to be relegated to look back up peak revenue due -- -- swear words he'd have kept that legacy June. Media has been embarrassed by it. Beyond those -- scenario under partly -- not an. We should work on not probably before too long got it got -- took. Action on an architect and late this afternoon -- -- world tour for. Guys I hear what you're saying -- I think you really have to be pissed off at the organization and the way he was treated to actually action shot. And go elsewhere because you're right -- there's no way he's gonna make the money that he's guaranteed to make here. And almost right now I think it churns for him and a positive fashion as the backup. He does not receive the same type of scrutiny that he has the last couple of years were people. Got all of a little bit -- maybe he's more productive playing fewer games maybe what we saw the first couple months last year. We see did did drips and drabs of during the course of the entire season. We'll -- its -- away that treats her direction perhaps even get to fifty. In limited playing time opted as one down as he -- in recent years. And you know you sit and eat it at home runs. It -- her parole in I think everybody's happy about -- -- to clean -- reasonable expectation. There's a rumor out there about Mike -- to the Phillies have heard that. -- I mean I think that. Which saw it grow shall acquire. It was sort of an option of at least -- to attract. -- -- -- About a week ago due -- potential opening that certain states but the mountain and -- -- up here at Arctic. Remembering that -- That actually had many geeks or Euro offer. A Michael Katrina and before lol good state for three years here then it. It could demonstrated an interest in him on the part Phillies in that ballpark ready that are probably did some damage. And it's not that this report would -- Earlier burst shedding. Twelve billion dollars they're role if they -- -- -- expect that it could feel free agent Gonzales. And after -- Michael and the only be logical and spot. Reports aggressively looking to have someone take -- -- locker and my guess is not entitled. Guilt in the works on one of the -- -- Sean you wrote recently the last two days about both Felix Hernandez and Adrian Gonzales and you can Gonzales would Jeddah where there -- now and he's. Do a total of ten point 25 million over the next two years obviously if they were thinking about trade him this year he's got more value than. In a one year situation and then you look at Felix Hernandez and you also wrote about. -- Hernandez somebody telling you that the Mariners might be likely to trade him but he's arbitration eligible this year correct Felix Hernandez. This is his first sheer. -- -- -- -- -- looking at two players Felix Hernandez the pitcher in Seattle Lori drew Gonzales hitter and and see any -- for two years would you say the Hernandez is more likely to be traded. Well that's of course a trip to butch I think that the Padres are certainly. Or higher economic straits and -- America received out pretty prosperous team -- -- needs ownership and investment. I have had payrolls in the past the over a hundred -- they are willing to spend and they certainly. Good pitching and you could be an argument between four. You know that serve a pound for pound dollar for dollar retreat but it and it might -- -- bargain baseball. And they don't know for three more years of stay long. So. You know I think that. That in that sense you know giving away. Aren't starting -- Current well. -- -- -- -- -- Voting this year it's not about right. That something. Or depart two decision in India where -- call. Economic. Comic. Related. And -- actually like the Dodgers also school related to divorced. With John -- stole in place -- in Georgia more accurate take over in the pocket -- just bought out and actually not. Draw. And they are looking. Cavity Marxist and -- order and -- -- -- -- I think most people would project that is one of the three worst in the ball. Street -- extra to the ground where the Marlins. They don't a lot in the next year so coming to replace that they may need to ought to. Upbeat orbit stir it up so. -- -- indeed who's more likely to -- probably any question. -- -- -- That can't -- as -- group. Where people who believe that despite resource is the Mariners have. If they get a sense that that she is looking for sabathia deal. They just say well what Arctic and Egypt may elevate him wait too long. Him well excellent control for a few years and can get the maximum four. Yeah yet like you said they still haven't for three more years so there really have to deal with that question right now let him unless we're John saying they need. To get something on the return I don't know actually does know national. I think that's two more years so this. -- arbitration year it actually puts it. So that would make -- region at the end double the speed and Lebanon. Right I'm looking I'm looking -- cuts baseball right now he avoided arbitration last year. And signed a three point eight million dollar what did you go to rebuild a whole organization that's how you do what you think the big time player that somebody else covets and you going to try to get as many good right players to prosper here's a similar -- The reports that you know that recur so willing to. Just about every thing to get pregnant as a -- and that they gave tractor and a list of eight. Prospects. And -- probably be best prospects direct talks happened -- -- I mean you know that that would clean them -- You'd be losing imagine -- all art cheeks he Kelly. You know and anybody else about you to get a guy I mean. Getting Felix Hernandez would not be all that if and then getting Pedro Martinez when they get in. In the you know in 1938 -- because you're talking about and and in fact public doesn't necessarily kept Pedro credentials. Already established by that particular bit wetter and you know they'll -- the top three it will be up about Felix but. At 24 to beat that good. With -- you know so much potential that that to -- years it's -- -- All that you know you're getting indict you're getting it was prime. Could be your years that treats for the next six years. I'd have -- -- court once we get because we're running out of time Billy Wagner what is he doing he did not want them. Two pick up salary arbitration is he finding out that now he wants to play and there is a lot of interest out there. Well I think two streets will be introduced on here maybe more than he ought -- point -- that like your organization probably treated in the protected him in the six weeks that he this year. That's not warm and I think he realized what happened to guys who were parties last year saw these electric can not be considered abortion but. It would be like a dispute missed. All but two weeks last year but he cute and he'd like big guy and that's gonna make it. It's difficult. For students aren't in this free agents may be looking at. You know law stay here it's set up. You know and and be contending team advocate -- and amount of money not -- but he did last year. The media for a lot and that. And if that's what comes to the report stroke -- -- noted that this is that they do not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fault that he comes to them and -- them okay. I it is Alex Gonzales can -- it cheaper dollars or did they make a run for. -- -- or somebody else out there. I don't -- scooter possibility that the people pay for our present one. Year at age 32 and it probably -- to Mexico and multi year deal. I I think they'll continue to track Gonzales but I guesses that Gonzales has a multi year offer or will promote your offer out here a bit more attractive than what the report. -- -- So we're there it's nice to have that's the case. Well that that it should you know I mean certainly. They're great unknowns about are did you keep going this retreating to -- he's going to be just the guy because conceit and stay healthy and even Merrill deal what -- talking the other day that he's resting that we are starting to export to -- the end of the year. So the rest remains -- a question mark. You know -- -- -- -- people on the system including -- -- who were not far off so they wanna get tied down to creep in long term but that may have to find another. You know in church doctrine -- got content. It could knock out adults to provide insurance accomplished. What a unique position of sexual Gordon who -- the future. Yeah I haven't announced it never seems to happen I want final thing is there anything else out did that we haven't hit on. Did you hear about. Dark magic you know you guys don't have meetings -- are kind of -- for cursor everything out as a lot of you know laying the foundation and -- -- back to normal part people in Indianapolis next month. -- that they get. Turk are on the agenda meeting in and -- on. On rules and instant replay and other stuff. Really wasn't a lot of substantial talks here I would expect it'll start -- in the coming weeks but given the absence again you know not a great economy and people. Are spending their money cheerfully. Record for wanted to winters where pixel art project to develop -- get ration. Not -- treatment were -- and T in the party made a couple more blows in the coming weeks credit going to be awhile before. -- great stuff as always show on in the course you can catch on Comcast sports -- A New England in what is it's easy ads ads and now -- outside the US then any dot -- yes in any. I've products -- get an idea congratulations Joe does is like six capitalized for years now what you -- is that. But not not like Clinton -- much you wanna go there are YouTube. Okay okay okay okay. Communities. And. Very nice size jog -- -- -- I. -- only get about their Chicago quick -- and where it will be back to coverage of the general manager meetings. It Chicago is sponsored by M -- doing its Major League. Oil spill cleanup -- dead end road that --

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