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Sep 3, 2009|

The Spaceman joins Mikey all the way from the west coast to talk about the Sox playoff hopes and pitching situation.

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Live from the newly refurbished. Third floor of the new balance building in lovely Brighton Massachusetts. It's a planet Mikey show John -- sit here with me and Billy of the space man is on the phone live from California where. He grew up and where he's aborting brush fires. Three hours earlier hello bill. -- there highlighted how. I got a full moon right they're over the Golden Gate Bridge don't get better and that the. He's speaking a -- that's another tattoo put on my ass. -- I I lost the -- that that with the UN Madigan and kept Cleveland Cavaliers series and our got a beautiful exact replica of the Orlando Magic logo on my ass yeah the only man with three cheeks. Only men with the Yankees and a magic tattoo on his Mo cheeks as -- he'd -- ideal man every single time. No I've been. -- -- -- -- ain't -- bats I'm out here stomping grapes and make the white. This fund meant as one might I was seated. It California hot right now what. Hot it was but a 105. Yesterday and it is called up the data but many do it. The winds coming off they ocean there's a big storm up the queen Charlotte's up in Canada and you know you can see the change in the air of the liquid amber started the changes. I guess you've had a little cool few cool days and in Boston now and. So you know -- -- -- it's been great I've played golf today I'm playing golf tomorrow yeah I guess you're -- down -- play golf -- Louis T Hans celebrity classic. Yes I am I anything really does solve show up for it was a great team made. You know they finally got it back to Cuba and I thought that was a very nice things who is is enhanced its CM and. As great great story great documentary about -- -- TI take his his term at courses. The fourteenth and -- for those are adjusted and are getting a foursome together for the Louie Tiant charitable. Foundation -- Louie -- dot org and the space and I will be a lot of people -- -- -- has always have -- I was they -- me off I guess bunch of bankers paid 8000 to play with -- and I about two weeks right before I left actually a couple -- I mean these that the pundits have but a bad because any time you're out there and me in a bottle of tequila. As I remember that he would drop -- 300 yard three wood bombs -- borrowed clubs to. Dale I'm drunk there's another shot I don't like. But you take -- you could they let the people -- believe made those shots either a the red site as a former Major League pitcher remember the Red Sox Hall of Fame which has good ring to it. Tell me what you think of the current state would -- beginning -- year Red Sox pitching staff was like while we got too many guys smoltz coming back and and now it's like a small schools weighty learns how to pitch again nationally. Penny goes away pitches great eight India -- -- separate Cisco last night and now you're you know buck -- is really you're number three. I know and all but called the start they get its speed editor Andre music got a great changeup he's got a Lincecum changeup. And I think he pushes the ball but. You know story I think is Pedro Martinez we could -- in -- And I'm telling you I've seen him deal any people Lincecum. And there was no slouch himself out here and that was the game that day and night turn on the red. Plus he's three you know bill Pedro gave up a leadoff homer and -- to NAFTA yeah he's three and always got three and a half earned run average in 23 strikeouts in his five starts he hit me you know he's not throwing 98 we -- So break it but he'd tell he's still mode you know he knows how to pitch. Only about a bit yeah that's the whole -- smoltz is -- two already tried to throw the ball by those guys from Baltimore and they were in my and you know when your catcher. Tell you got a good fastball doing delegates that owns this. You know. I -- this kid gets in the there and that. You know he moves around a little bit detonated he got he got -- -- -- breaking ball rolling Gloria I mean boom boom the morning good afternoon good night. You know it's challenged him like they did the night before hit that bomb. You know you stay away from Mac. Is is that whole thing overrated -- we hear a lot about it here as we tend to over analyze a lot of things anyway but but when we're talking about. A guy who's used to pitching to a certain catcher. For a you know regular period time. -- Beckett Varitek Lester Varitek wherever that Victor Martinez doesn't. And by virtue of his bat he's getting some starts behind home plate and -- -- -- yet he's -- he doesn't strike me as being a bad catcher. You know we -- -- political seems like can be placed anywhere he wants. And -- there's some Varitek infected have not been on the same page. In the first four innings or last or start that's true. And I'm telling -- Beckett had good stuff once he started toward that there's seam fastball back toward people and original little bit like match spit. Instead it I mean. Just can't he got he's got a pitch he can't come out and power pitcher early hit they'll say did it earlier don't get him at all and they get a -- They do and it and the home runs -- eight he's given up now. A 24 runs in the last twenty borne at third innings -- -- eight point eight Gator run average in his last 45 starts. He went Helio ten home runs the whole year bill and that gives up fourteen a bombing in five starts I mean that's that's something's really wrong here. Yeah there's some really wrong I mean -- best or any sort of by people he's saying is breaking ball. I never thought he was a three it's pitcher and you know he's his changeup is not slow enough. And -- his -- I mean. He doesn't rely on the breaking ball I hit in the that's in direct with the right timing or something is that I mean -- right now it. He ended after you throw that fastball is straight symbolically it's -- up above the -- I mean it's a real credible and is that there -- -- and out they have. I'm gonna we M in the playoffs if you don't have a number to restore. We're number one thing that's happened right here is it is it mechanical or mental or both but what's relevant. He's got -- tired arm and yeah I think is that he's really notable late lately I've been watching him any he's put the ball right over the plate and it is crusty crab -- just not. It's it's going 94 when people's maybe -- he's mean he's got to be 97 what that he's real smooth I think -- really get a good look at you know. And I I this. I mean I watched Pedro. Here and I didn't see it today I was on the road a little bit but I mean he must have dealt after the first -- -- he did. We did today again and you know read. And the problem heaven right now the -- such as you we will okay if if you go three deep in your in the playoffs. I've I'm a little pissed that they didn't make a veteran of the division here. Well -- I hate the Yankees you know that. And I hate them -- but -- they can flat out yeah that's how they're just put -- point I mean Melky Cabrera all those guys are hit the ball like got rid of all are dead wood that. I mean aside that guides -- every theory know what time it is. What before Intel front and I didn't know what about their pitching staff I mean. CC is sees about -- great and stretch from Milwaukee last year but the Red Sox have handled them in the playoff before. And and that's this guy that was ugly face up their bread per day and I can't stand his face. He well we we we elect them I mean that the thing about that it's it boils down to a seven game series. I mean they're gonna its its part has got to throw great you know Okajima has got to throw great pupil then got a stroke rate and you know parts got to come out there and just I mean he's got to go to step -- -- ever. And you know I mean aren't I I would wanna be Papelbon coming after Bart. Thing about it is venerated -- throws one inning they don't get to look bad right right right it's different than they used to be used have to have. You have one look at menu had become and have different pitches -- second second century. I didn't show -- I was sinker sinker sinker first inning. And changeup and then the second camera product or break and stuff and a third time I've pulled some out of my ass. That's an old an old out of the -- pitch -- -- the -- -- -- it works well you know -- -- does throw really really hard. The bullpen being a whole different subject you know Billy Wagner. Coming aboard and he's been impressive he struck out seven guys. In a diet that died as a superstar when he was healthy and now he's got Tommy John and -- and as long -- your shoulders by and he I mean. What would I mean it's the greatest thing. That ever happened to us as far as I haven't left hander -- right -- control art at the end Okajima with his changeup -- you know you just. Hard to say it's a bad move if he doesn't Amaechi get out there and -- he's been doing it and regularly identical to greatest move their mates got a good slider to yeah. Well I watch I watch penny yesterday and it was deal and against Philly so if my kid you know I don't think eventually as anybody to comply. Don't let me ask you that because this is this week is another thing so many times we've seen guys goal. From the and that includes two guys we talk about Pedro many -- and these guys they go from the American League the National League and they just kick the the where they couldn't get it done the American League -- how much of an earned run average difference you think it is for pitcher in this league resembling. 011 -- -- -- runs a full run because there's two US citizen and nationally. You know you get your radiator -- nine hitter the pictures coming up every third inning. It's the way it always what is -- but do everything. I mean debate the reds -- I watch and the other day they don't score don't -- the body and really put a ball in play in the score right. And the funny thing is that they didn't have that they were escort -- maddening. That it sort of space or have all three ball for twice in that I watched. You know I watched I just want these guys -- nationally there is no reason to get out. 88 do you have any Currie I would craving and Earl Weaver's story lately. Jimmy Earl -- stories about our innovative play for him. It was great I it is noted when he was -- minor leagues. The other team when they started beaten up on. Well his own team started beaten up but I mean that what I was not like by any but. That was called out of the way he was he was just. The tenacious little bulldogs that packer -- yeah it was like that and I think he's the funniest guy I mean. I used to radio shows or them all the more with him and there. Great guy three run homer and -- It's gonna I -- any and it always hated him but Palmer pitched really well that he didn't -- the literal get the best of them and I think great managers pissed off pitchers and Matt makes some achievement. Yeah it could even -- with today's baseball. -- earlier for the I just loves his little you know he says hello pain in the ass -- not -- well. There are mean. You look at oddly here yes you know he's got that little bit of that that -- well and stuff but. You're you're Dick Williams here they were tough guys that advocate but the game has changed its. Is everything -- scrutinize I mean there's so many channels let me right over it'd be a Major League Baseball I mean what they wanted me and a yes PM when this started out but space from USC and I -- who's gonna watch sports point four hours. Right now can you imagine net. Yeah I was gonna ask you to because we talked about this last night retirement that he was 7778. -- it's just talk when their president in and where you trio roster. Francona is very a cognizant of days off from rest for guys you know and -- got. Don Zimmer. Who plays -- disk or what your 152 games -- that in 77 are hundreds 15637. Games know 78 I was it was like. How do you start -- -- 157 games. Well Carlton -- is he's he's a rare breed. He's kind of -- to put one -- out. One way one put out a 180 degrees away anybody's nose on the ground you're never met a man that was more flexible. More durable in your entire life that I mean he's. Use the most likely to tie him into a pretzel. And resemble a boy he was taken out by LeRoy and relief. In seven before he came back from but terrible knee injury right. A one horse I mean. -- -- -- He was the runt of the litter of three other kids and his family were stronger hand while my semester I mean is that the sister was married -- Miller. Featuring a one point 75 leaders -- Chardonnay. -- the road and 85 miles an hour slides through about. Thirteen 300 year old maples. You know -- -- I mean she was shot down. This economic data source you once you've picked up by her ankles and jail rather bad it was like. That's worked out just that's sounds like it to compete I mean -- our partners -- 82 years old -- his own chimney. -- -- got two artificial hips and you can pick so asparagus. With both -- out of the Clinton and I mean. I -- depressed at the at a fairly elaborate but as well -- -- family that is this was -- -- I think I can. Oh is that story in your book your first book. The wrong stuff. I think it was netbook where you'd use said he just as you were releasing the ball you've noticed that. Negative risks testicles were exposed from his cup. So what was to go to implement and Joe Torre than the ball bounced up with a camera like that today -- -- picture -- to great routes. I -- results despite -- -- -- -- -- jump for joy and nothing but he was out there is something -- survive more. Track -- that prostate cancer by that. We can't resist top. Is amazed he was a pain in the ass. The broad -- yeah. You know he threw a ball harder than ideas and -- -- -- -- really upset me out of every throw the ball to Leo one tyrant yet I'm gonna catches like those that are filled with a busy route so -- thought -- suggest -- McNabb never expect that. And it looked like that Barbara you Carter he's a brave -- world record breaking story. -- -- -- But I prayer -- as he got to think that team right there is my favorite Saxton are -- -- like him and I know people very fond of 0407 know it an amber -- world championships. We did talk about his character an interesting guy and mystery. Those are those those seventies Red Sox teams were just unbelievable. Malaria hilarious -- people don't realize so funny demand as. Used. Yeah once you get to understand the dialect you know with him or you're like yeah I used to -- you understand everything you say he is the funniest bastard you know. He is what Larry I mean. That's the penguin you know I and you -- on a golf course together it's that that's I was not pay money goes. It's funny and so someone's gonna be paid to play the -- for charity for Louie -- charitable foundation. On the fourteenth to September for those huge did not. Getting your -- force and go to Louie -- dot org and bill Lee I will see you who. The fourteenth I'm looking forward to a magazine like time. Now unless I hit. Kennedy you know here's where I figured. You do have is here despite -- and inserted during -- -- it's a lot of like it looked just like investment. That's your earlier this. Drink single ball announcement this shipments tends to. -- -- the tank yeah well you know you have that much money entering that bland you know of course you gonna have to vote for the the Obama health care -- All of your diet he's got Chinese baby until it got to turn around -- -- got a drop some. -- -- -- -- well outpaced targeted men and there's a lot of things -- are not at the golf term of the fourteenth did not take give my best to Diana. Yeah being out in plain and media competition 10 o'clock on Labor Day -- -- -- and there and that's where. That's a legitimate. Against Peabody police right and intuitive for fifty years they're calling them. Remember watching you and -- pitch against each other and that game a few Summers ago -- -- it's our offense but the point but he says why do most paper. That that's that's that's this Saturday. Monday on a Monday Labor Day. -- at 10 o'clock integrate it TV at the the ball field near the senators -- oh god that's. On our we at number 77 but the Bruins play at third base one -- And he was unbelievable. He's a great guy to -- -- when. He -- been Mike Schmidt people are based. Yeah and yeah he's from we all round great -- that's on the of the day to with a guy at the golf course he's a really good guy man and I think about my third base he gives a winner. I think I can't wait to -- -- premiere at eight our rights based man take -- -- -- Life. California. -- it's early out there you know for him miss early was it's 824 out there in California your phone calls 6177790858885250850. Comin' up in ninety seconds. Mike Adams resent the fact that he's only known to be a witty intelligent sports talk radio host comes over. -- it's planet Mikey on the WEI Sports Radio network.

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