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Jul 17, 2009|

Steve Pagliuca joins Ryder and Lenny to talk about Rasheed and other offseason acquisitions, KGs' Recovery, the upcoming season and more

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Go one of the celtics' owners with -- says Steve -- UK's David said John writer Elaine May go thanks drew audience. Today we're great -- now you're on your way back from forty when dark so what charity golf tournament today. It directly edit that has taken a charity golf terms that they idiots were served as chip spoke. That's -- provides free medical care to people can afford it in order. To. And obviously some news -- you guys I know you can't get too much into the contract -- but to. You know Marquis Daniels a guard certainly a guy on the market certainly of interest as a potential back up to. To Ray Allen at that shooting guard position or or filling in for Paul Pierce of need to. Yeah -- we you know obviously we can't talk about anything. That's going on in in the market but that is very good player. -- It. You can talk about receipt about that. -- -- -- is there any other -- against these. Very excited that -- here. You'll receive it give us. Three guys have a tendency to all the links we need to combat people like Cleveland lakers. Yeah and and of this went and make it very very in those. And that really was probably you know the guy you're targeting all offseason I would think Steve I'm just guessing I mean that was certainly. Something that was missing from this benches -- -- you look back at last season with -- Garnett going down but not you know even if Garnett was was healthy -- You think about while Rasheed Wallace what he can bring had to get to this season as sixth error you know just such a valuable parts another piece really. Well the great thing about Rasheed is he can open up the -- it's three point shut nominee that's excellent report child like he does. And so when you have him in there it's in other shooters that that expands. Aren't that it. Steve do you think am -- gonna flesh out this team now -- pretty strong as it is semi file guys and healthier mentality. And decided. -- of the season known next week. You know you'd be simply wanted to favorites and and all the power houses as you know if -- You know significant Nazis and now moves. But do you think you'll still lab at a pace that through you know before Iraq. Before season opens you guys that done dealing thank -- Denny's ovaries diamond I've been looking around. If any sort try to prove the team's so so. You know you'll be doing that you know until the season starts. So it's all about does he think there's there's a quality players that can really help or really focused on trying to get. If quality players that would move the needle -- that be. Yeah it what do you think about some of these other teams Steve certainly it's interesting it's. Now this offseason ms. very enjoyable to witness has an NBA candidate all the moving and shaking it certainly. It seems like some of the powerhouse teams certainly years self with the Celtics and in the lakers with the addition of -- attest. You get Cleveland with the addition Shaquille O'Neal. Orlando which scant inches and because they lose who Turkoglu and they they lose Courtney -- you I think is a nice young player but they get Vince Carter so. A lot of movement this offseason and really from some of the top tier teams in the. It's -- exciting. In the east it's gotten better and that's what did but we get better so we need you'd better I think we have gotten better. And and and so it's going to be real battle. Group -- organizer. Washington the status pricing they've got a lot better well. Now they have. What about they have backed up point -- since Saturday a high priority a priority or in between. Yeah I think it's an -- Twitter you can that he can play the point -- to bring the ball up. You know rush on places is young and plays German minutes so such I think it's in between. But usually you know most NBA teams you know the backup point god is. Kind of a pure point but you the way you guys played you feel akin maybe I get away if you if you don't sign one. Everywhere you guys have a championship without without evidence that's true there and escape you know is developing -- developing. And we've also we also it was it was Lester put it to be one too as well. And so. But really the priority this out season Steve would you say it was is getting some -- -- the benches in the Rasheed Wallace move was that. Relieved when as first when he looked at the -- market was who was he pretty much your top target. Elect was the number 12 and -- -- and having that link now you know means means we in. Clog up the Lane Bryant comes in there and it goes with the Cleveland has as -- -- and and checked in. The justice so so we had to really -- and lately I think we've done that that with a really good player. Rasheed said at the press conference Steve that Saddam. You know on the you know always going to be asked when he wanted to -- come off the bench and you know he he he. Took the party line it's today whenever dark ones but it don't. Dark kind of hedged on it -- US and it wasn't. You know he wasn't committing to you know Rasheed coming off the venture and oh and wasn't committed to you know -- -- studying -- -- -- kind of left it open door and and I commenced today let's see when they get -- camp it's that's and that hoping for a gallon. I don't think Eric's going to be hurt if these I mean I'm sure. Ports proud of being -- style though wouldn't in the NBA but. You know for the greater good I think that's what you know your team so about the greater good so. What it's not a well minutes I think cast as. I mean it's who finishes right Steve it's not so much -- I don't know -- his sentence I think I think you're gonna have -- you know and India today kept separate players really move the needle. And and play a lot of minutes and that affect the outcome of games. And throughout their played a lot of minutes you know you're I think be happy if your if you win and every win most games in you intend for championship. -- the inching things -- we didn't receive talk to his coaches and is that teammates and and anybody that those and they say fantastic team player that's really -- So yeah and really he's been fairly consistent over the past three years when you look at his numbers I mean he hasn't dipped much. Over the past five years I mean it's been pretty consistent as far as the points and rebounds yeah. Absolutely and and you know have a credibility issue three at 611. You know really you -- -- to a former player and we could cause other teams lot of problems. This stretches the floors so much I gonna ask you about disk as we get so many calls and I've gotten so many calls about it. And I think it's got overblown myself but. Its first initiated in the technical files are you worried about dad -- my jury in a lot of people think of him is you know a head case but. It really like there has been too many issues with with his teammates. Dollar and and in you know with there are certain players that you know it'll take -- it went -- -- and that's well and I'm hoping that that the atmosphere of failure so the ability to win the championship in in in and with the -- currencies -- It will well how -- moderates that. These they do expect a lot that's come out of frustration and when your you know when you're winning a lot of games you know you're I think it's far easier to to. That have post it. I'm surprised you -- -- ago and I see you guys sometimes get pretty involved in -- and I I IC Judy pulling you back this that down. It then they think they got we're working ourselves well thank that we haven't got that the technical yet. You know it may have a son David. It's I think will return ourselves. They've look at -- is you know and Johnson it he's been tempestuous attack we -- right good point is. Easily easily valuable commodities is a great way not a Hall of Fame player by the terrific guy and he went last this long. If he wants him but you know the old changes scenery thing I think. I mean the fact that I wrote the next day that they don't but the Pope went up to Detroit to see him -- that day and how could -- -- that up Mark Cuban flies through out. From Dallas to New York to talk Jason -- that's fine EC on the it. I mean you send you know everybody up media and how how can be not be impressed me that I'm not saying that it note that was only the selling point. But geez how could you I have three is come knocking you do or. One in the onus. The general manager and president of -- and the coach I mean that's that's pretty impressive Assad president yeah I am proud I can't think of any having great athletes that -- all the time and all sports but to have -- like that knock and you -- -- complain when asked. Man that's gonna get blown away in it. Yeah I think it's great it. You know all the players that we want to -- we try to create. And our management team awakening guys have done a fantastic job creating an atmosphere where we treat players respect we have we have. Every year and then they that that that they need we upgraded the -- and I think the players appreciate that and and we have a group that wants to win. So it took having. Twelve players and and it's sixteen dollars you know showed up is responsible. It's a debate successful and and into real testament to. That the enthusiasm men and and affect our players -- winner there's ones to and that but he uses socialist well and our fans as well people know. Playing in the garden is just to special special thing. Those being sent the turnaround yet it has become. There's still think -- off the top but that too but since the turnaround happened. And since the players we have Ripley that are team that's been very deep freeze. And also I mentioned I was unprecedented but really if it doesn't happen too much we get a bunch of guys in the NBA where they have time off. To fly up to -- somewhere elected Detroit three top women a lot of teams I think Steve once and his would have a tough time. Getting maybe a couple of other top players to go out there and actually recruit and actually fly to a guys plays in strategist maybe making a phone call. I have absolutely and and certainly I don't know does is -- our players. They want to do anything they've bused in to help and and they want what they wanna they wanna you know reading we stopped short this year we had a bunch injuries but. It we're attract attention do it again I think it really -- it. I was. I was Kevin Garnett -- and and it is -- progress. He could really really well you know. Reports are that it's going very very well so we're very excited. Steve -- that's -- and I'm and now the -- somewhat but that. You know why we -- cognizant of athletes that -- in the locker or get in trouble and you know from a Celtic Antoine Walker or when you read something like that Steve all the money a guy mates and you know I mean. Itself said what is the advice counsel what agents dude you know trying to prevent that or is it just out of control. You know these guys you think it's gonna last forever I mean that. Another cautionary tale Antoine Walker pro athlete that since never ends. Yet so very very bad and it whenever those reports and hope these you know and urgent that. Situation. Yes you know it's it's common in all sports where people make money -- an agent that that sometimes they go off track and if you vote track elect. So it's it's it's really unfortunate that opened -- to back but -- of very bad but. As doctor. Happy with what -- down front. That's very happy that the great mood today. He played super pop up there rose about it was but -- -- -- -- Boston and Orlando today it was point nine degrees set bellicose as scorching you know if throughout if. Well you know what's -- shocker Steve was about ninety degrees here which is the first time that's happened while I had -- lately it seems like it's been forty degrees in the summer. Okay I came back of that shortly fight with the with -- -- into rain right now it's really an outside of that would have with the. -- ironic we're afraid to. Let's any other I mean. What about any -- could tell us about big baby or anything going on there. You know we've looked at who who we vote epic paperback and so you know that the process -- it's about. So I mean it's still is still on the radar screen you still in the mix right now they. And I I think you know getting back is mentioned the guy I mean how it's banged out every night now disliked no family is very likely in this town patriots -- -- -- three -- You know won't have a -- DC you know yet. Getting caveat that certainly you know what you know I think. It's a fugitive acting hockey fans sitting in the US have aligned so it's again it's a great announcement a great decade the billion. For sportsman's town. But Rasheed in that environment and we know he looks up to our guy and add it as as most of players in the -- do. And to be with piston now went in in in new environment that you needed and a new beginning. And dad you know he's got that three years left may be a solid Korea. This is great way to end it with a chance to win championships which he's all about him he's not the sign which now and notice the Specter of Memphis even if they get a lot more money I mean this. This is the -- not doing I think he considered all both things. He was looking around the out. The flags that health point that day he couldn't help notice -- had to point them out. So I think he this is adding can be one of his best season the last 45 years. He -- it's a special place and it is that his wife and kids were here and they were impressed and they are very impressive themselves is great and and accidentally. He's an incident I think -- that we hear an eventful race. It's it's just you know fabulous that we can. With that fire era there I think he's very honored to play. With people like grilled Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in these guys serve at the top of fashion so. It has to. Steve my final question is we touched on as far as some of the other teams in the NBA in their moves this season. Not counting your selves as far as other teams in the NBA -- do you think that is made the most improvements this offseason. But it Washington. You know as is that bridge. The Orlando it's tough to say this is Turkoglu Turkoglu really presents a lot of proms effort for people and and he's he's -- Six and cheap -- three to drive can play three positions. So. You know what seat what would it looks like it's very different game. Without the guys that there won't be there. -- a much. That's. And that it I think Cleveland. That'll be interest into I think I think all the those situations to meet. -- -- lakers you bet but -- test -- reason was created or whether they're a little more speculative -- she also. If Rasheed Wallace. Is is they've proven player that can choose to read as long and then all of them off from long time. You know the question is to have -- -- you know lefties he's he's. The big it also -- chat about Chechnya if -- I think these teams. Are really really try to win but that but and they have from cells. But it -- -- 2000 mr. It did you what we should sensitive. Did you anticipate test lining up the Laker -- it seemed like who's gonna go that way and then it looked like it -- and then -- happened but how much vetted as he made them. I think he makes I think he he's a really good player. The you know reasons also was fantastic in the playoffs -- months. So the question is going to be how much can -- -- above -- reason reasons little bit different player. That are -- more energy player. Is that Peter -- up like 43% I think the whereabouts of three. And then they also looks like they're losing -- Odom moved you know sometimes shows up when he wants to and so but at same point. He had a pretty good day NBA finals as well also. We'll say they might lose him to Miami as well so that's another -- they have to feel but. And that's their problem going to be -- could be -- but it very interest offseason and just is very happy that. In anyway got links that we needed players have been there is really -- -- country. So what he'd do the rest of us some and now I mean even stay in May United States of America for more than five minutes are you going to be flying off to -- Saudi Ray Durham London error. Not an upbeat upbeat have a tragic epic itself because there -- two so much that it really well now that. It's that we do have some links and and and which successfully achieved I think. It is mr. -- so maybe if we can ever get some Sony isn't rotor -- Yeah I am lately there have been in. You know just what it'll you know it was all planning for you Stephen your return to add to the states or add to this area. To Massachusetts finally some nice weather it seems like -- I'm excited to be excited about that. Have a good night. And who are you guys to. All right thanks allowed to have saved appreciated to it's Microsoft's owner says Steve -- you get. Joining us here on WE I know and give back to your phone calls John Ryder letting meg 61777. Knives -- at fifty. Toll free 888525. Zurich have to take a break the back after the. Real musicians out there would tell you that they're actually worth listening to what's it like to be age. I -- And had steadily -- I have to believe them. It right here on the WEEI Sports Radio net.

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