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Terry Francona, Red Sox Manager

May 13, 2009|

Terry talked about the Sox battling through some injuries and if he has ever had to deal with any players who have used PEDs

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Back on -- -- -- show bill's not here Michael Felger alongside it is Wednesday as just afternoon you know what that means we speak with the manager. The Boston Red Sox joining us on the eighteenth to outline his -- and manager of the Sox Terry Francona. There is brought to you by Rockies ace hardware stores that sweet spot for your home on your project. Rockies your project simplify. And I make insurance -- covered you know. Tight treated I don't hear. About all these advertising spots votes. -- -- I'd do my god has won a lot better able. At start of it it. I gotta get what I think is brought you Iraq in the glasses this year you gotta get one of these I people who sponsor. Yeah you all of them means it means that people like you video of everything's stored facet of good feeling. What you know what it is is it just I think like everything's -- faster your team Kevin Youkilis on the DL. Pedroia has strained groin. You're a little banged up here what's the story. You know we are you know we went there to stay with you can I think it kind of surprised those two. That you know with a quick vote more rooms. And -- -- battle that started -- in that area you know hopefully carry -- don't want make a mistake. He took -- PR side and he is actually making progress. Well what we want -- what we but you know what this if we try to do it inextricably corporate America -- -- sort of bad state. And study and -- we do real quick because note he had been the last group. About 630. And I think you'd agree that you know what let's just do this thing right. Maybe by the end of the weekend hopefully getting our pocket and we could activated by an easier way. -- -- -- -- -- -- Terry if -- look at the standings I think you guys have -- second or third best record in all of Major League Baseball. And if you look individually at some of your guys if you look at some of all what we all thought -- be your top two starters look at their ERA if you look at -- you number three hitters and you know it's an individual pieces. It seems it seems amazing Terry that you could get performances from key guys like you've gotten it still have that record and win these games what do attribute that. Well a couple of things could be we've we've gotten a huge clutch hits late in games and the reasons I -- they are -- particular bowl that. Well you're more often than not has it was a chance to win games we've kept leads. Games we've been -- and they do that chances and abilities -- nick Green Bay but. Guide to promote would duplicate the different times and they end up being clutch hit. Because we've hung around your personal chipped away at. -- -- look at. Not this -- on the rotation obviously but could Jonathan Papelbon. In previous years. Locking anybody in last year. The -- -- in a separate guys. A couple of years ago he walked fifteen already he's got eight what do you attribute this walking. I should say issue problem but it's not what we're used to seeing from Jonathan Papelbon what do you attribute. Out of they've not a new issue it's just it's a little bit more than we have the past I think when you look up with the end of the year. I don't think they're going to be all all hacked or organ. In the days that they -- your war. These it's time but not the strike zone -- -- that you haven't gotten yet it is split. Well this split open an account that's pixel property of swelling is not -- that's what he'll wear it in digital -- called. Was which really makes some nasty. I mean if you -- the old. Got that a blue about all of the strike out and beat the most -- just really helped in the world park. When he starts command and that's what everything -- -- -- they know these tools in a vehicle. Now the big story of the previous week I think the last time though he was here. This story broke. He tell you tell me I shouldn't have been surprised. I was though mayor bears were suspended for fifteen games. For use of performance enhancing drugs. Former Red Sox obviously. Drop a lot of interest here what did you think of the news and in do you have any other comments on on this story that's pretty huge debates. It'll play beautifully detailed comments reward a resistant they all wore a lot of comment and I certainly understand that. What they are definitely in general. Is just like field or for the game of baseball. And so what happens every now and talk -- opens the I don't all it would cut -- because we just don't know I mean in a lot of people out the public comments and I think you're the first thing it -- what really don't know. So you know that that's kind of bothers them. There's probably. 01 fax -- well you know whose goals who don't use. Its. Maybe bad maybe it's Wednesday you know I just by admired by personality like give people that the the benefit of the doubt but. I felt hopeful about. Like if those parts. Ortiz who's -- -- obviously as the relationship at -- said yesterday he was shocked. By the news you listen across Major League Baseball and a lot of people say well disappointed. But not surprised. What you fallen that Terry were you surprised. He had to go to them when things happen again -- I don't -- the fact that flight -- acute it's not appropriate for Rita comment on. Oh with a wide. Oh when you're always to devote going to be an element of surprise it's mature guys because everything is done. The testing is done and and we don't know. -- in less something whatever come back positive we don't know who's been tested. Whittle away at. You know again it's oh. It's -- -- really not opposed to people. Were kind of good to resist the pop -- Google what's on. How did you handle with the team did you have to do anything when the news broke for example I -- that pregame there was a ton -- -- down there aren't a lot of your guy spoke a lot of them came out and spoke -- -- more normally. They probably wouldn't you have to get people together and have just a little Hawkins set the stage to do -- to do anything as a manager. Not all all these these -- our water. We we worry about our house -- didn't even think the one of these. You know this is that a talk radio topic you know wonder what you think of it and -- -- talk radio topics. In 20042007. Manny was a member of this team. Does it does is. Issue. Diminish any thing that was accomplished. When he was here and I'm specifically refer to the World Series that. Also somewhere ability. Actually tried that make up -- it slipped my awful -- here and I'm actually out and quickly as well. Its armor I don't want the -- -- quite right the big government flattering about these. You know whatever happened. Though Andy whatever he got into whatever happened protested this year old -- All my idol. It'll. Bowl all of oh we want -- one. -- based all the issues. Fortunately. For the reds box you know and so it yeah -- -- -- and bird we -- because it's. If the luggage on baseball that it is -- It's out there and I think I think they've taken steps out to stop it. It took awhile but expensive -- -- good I just don't get -- but a wallet coming. I know also ought not -- to do because union because all the things. But I do think that would be replaced now is use is pretty good. It'll -- the oil a thing you can do blood test -- -- -- announced it will -- difficult. Terry do you feel the game has changed for the better it would seem to me that there's more emphasis now on organizations and young players and all around players and you're not. You know -- -- like Dustin Pedroia can win an MVP with the numbers he put up last year do you think. Overall that the game is better off for the testing -- All get together of the mightily has had testing in a pretty strict ethical to come up through. They they're not it's not that group that was 1415 years ago. The game has really try to do the right thing and -- You know the game as it's lot of the perception to look it. -- the guys in baseball something happens and and everybody. -- -- receive help before all of them. I -- four game suspension. Regret that all play well it'll open our. The perception about saying guys if you look too broad public right -- could -- -- but. It is just a little bewildered. And again so many times we don't. The black. And that's good stuff but we all but. Co workers in all of but it is still kind of -- But what I hear what woke up. Let's switch gears a bit and talk about David Ortiz. The home run drought continues and he came out and said that he's received a lot of encouragement from people throughout baseball Ryan Howard Carlos Delgado and I'm sort of of this teammates do you think that at this point. Is there a danger of hearing too many voices into many opinions. For David Ortiz. Well not the positive you know again I I think it's just don't look at a guy you think that all these. You know. He's very well I've got pocket change I think it's vulnerable but it. Yet they have responsibility. Lineup import all of which which is good but you know tried to do something that. You know that's why we we talked about what have an atmosphere on the ball park were good player want to do the right thing. Because when you start try to departure. Here. Targeted to get what about it gets harder and works in and out paper and it's fielded an old. We just dedicating my attracted that worked out -- way because you it will be better to to -- forward. And did you have to say anything to home. As you bring up a great point about trying to do too much. Now that Youkilis is on the DL and Pedroia is not there -- same thing to David about not trying to press too much and make up for those guys that. Well we actually want gulf war but not all are always just try to you gotta really be. We tried not to be up and down because 1% that they goal you know it's we don't mean it or were forced to pull. We just gotta be to save every day we try to be upbeat every day with everybody out there I think the best way to do it. Terry how do you manage as an organization what's going on some of your pitchers. End up Pawtucket I mean you just look at some of the numbers and they jump off the page Daniel Bard you've got the call obviously. 29 strikeouts in sixteen innings -- Clay Buchholz has pitched twice seven innings. As a 133 ERA Mike voted one point 06 -- -- epic reached just huge numbers is in -- How do you keep them down there with a putting up those kind of numbers. Well its first vote it's fantastically organization that they are doing. The verdict figures whose views we don't just go on your idea -- we get reports -- -- two -- and other where all other other types of -- everything. Richard doubtful but. -- -- -- -- at -- if we ever have a problem work guys. It seems like -- did help back because we have to put pigeon. Whoa we have a big problem if those numbers -- and we told I told -- retreating you know. If you can really help us don't -- might not be under timetable. Hope was not well it's a voice that -- and RJ in those guys they they it'll look the situation room while we -- music -- is we don't just we've. But they did talk to all the well aware of experience and what sort of political just -- bulk up. You've said over the years some pretty good things about. Hobby or Lopez. What went into the decision to designate -- Simon. Don't a couple of Michael he's one of devices is no one of the best gentleman we've ever around here in real life. You know he started out the left hip specialist out of all the time to order of that. He wanted to reach were to write these out what the report lefties out. He -- restrict this year we're wasn't really get anybody out and because -- that that was directed. Had. Guys -- -- -- four weddings and are you good moral. -- Hillary innings in the early in the game tried we were doing was not wearing. And it didn't do wasn't doing anybody can do it. I think -- -- typically I think it's effectively. He just really -- in the battle -- -- and the -- our bowl they'll -- we thought we could we felt we could put it to better use like it barker. You wanna hear from the real experts now. Time now for Mohegan sun's what are you -- I don't ask our guys you know it's not be. I'm -- from Williams onslaught with a -- today's question comes from McKinley. From Brighton -- had gone. That's because just wonders. Oh record your career as an entry ever become aware of the players used to performances -- drug. And if you have or how you approach that play -- it's realistic that simply stop or -- try to approach each planet at a different level depending on the personality is. -- -- obviously do in this you know this. For what. The first part of that is as a young manager I've followed -- very naive a -- of not just about the Bible of it. The other thing is when the testing -- and Hughes is oh we don't know we don't know what they're being tested. We don't get results. That's you know the union has all these. Policies where people people in my don't know unless somebody tests positive. And then we would know what. Oil and I have ever been notified which is good and make -- -- perfect so. You know there have been a lot of -- out there for. Well my editor because work just thought in the loop and we're not supposed to be about Bolivia's. Now and just be clear if I'm playing for you. And if I'm playing for you you're about to fired okay. If the bad news probably your place but let's say you you see me walking around them and of the clubhouse and I am putting a syringe. In my blood. Okay. Did you don't. Do you hope we can -- it island I'm gonna say did you say. Michael you. Probably do that in the bathroom or you shouldn't be doing that it's bad for baseball or or not our place as a manager me how to approach a panic. You oil and -- legitimate that's all the noise about that happened. We have so many good people -- organization. Mean you know doctor. Raiders that they are in Belgium in necessary. That I think that there's like victors but yeah you don't want to -- just. But -- I think there as -- reason that we have had some success. Because we have good people around that really do they care about the players. And terror plot to look right and Larry rolled in and in our trading step in the always with they've page always. Also double the output but try to take care of the players -- correctly and it's ongoing. It's it's a work in progress but like golden rule here. While this is something that we talked about this week a little Bologna last weekend mentioned that when he was a player with the Red Sox that they brought an independent doctors who came in and counseled them. On steroid usage and education of steroid use and low indicated that that the one doctor one year may have gone over the line and tacitly. In cars or or or sad that is not the worst thing in the world but. His original point to me -- to make sense and Duquette came on this week Terry and basically confirmed that -- we brought in outside people to do. What would be equivalent of a sex education class a steroid education class and to me. I don't think that Red Sox deserve criticism for that to me that would seem to be a smart thing to do you think other teams. I don't know what I'm gonna look. They're -- that. Paula I just got a little over a moment on somebody said here's united redo that no I don't know -- I don't think I did. You know you don't know how true that statement is viewers you should be glad -- not here for the previous regime necessarily a lot of -- Often -- that reduced the -- I do know any lineup -- is that it thing I don't actually trying to appease some things together because the injuries anything which would. -- no -- they would Pedroia one more bite you want to kill mile flight out. Which is a good side because he must look good trust that we won't work site. Although that you go off to Paris mayor because well experts in the -- article go to. You miss the Celtics last night man and I you're you're Celtics fan you missed it. Fantastic let me. Yeah they would do it and typical scoreboard a couple of of the Mighty Ducks. Erica while the and the lakers we -- to -- -- the government hopes that a. How are it to you know always appreciate the time -- care. -- Argentina. Terry Francona was brought to you by Iraqis ace hardware stores to sweet spot for all your home paint -- care projects Rockies. Projects simplified. A big insurance that despite covered -- you -- it. Another spot to get the most sponsored guy in Boston in new England and by Bigelow tea.

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