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May 13, 2009|

Doc checks in to break down Game 5 and the great comeback

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Fourth -- final -- Dennis and -- and the morning after our weekly conversation with -- coach Doc -- is brought -- in part by Lexus of watered -- and general manager -- -- the greatest general manager in the history of the automotive industry Lexus of -- on arsenal -- good morning -- and congratulations on another -- last night. Oh budget does it. You get fingerprinted. And have your mug shots taken after you stole this one last night. Yeah I'd -- that we didn't. You play great basketball but we've we've we've shown great -- in development that last quarter was moved it was a -- it would include some of defense William. Let the Bennett square it'll open the floor so you know we're we will go to. Or are you okay with the expression the Celtics -- game five or is that dismissive of what your guys accomplish last night. Well I pick him somewhere it didn't. You know I and are part of our guys for an intimate. Gordon did it yet but. You know weird -- the water and we just hung in there long enough the medical and you know we didn't. Developed reached. A -- to do with billion. And stuff they allowed us stay within striking distance and then you know are starting to imagine the -- all the work. So your really not trying to see how -- can cut it still pull out of victory garden got trying to do this. Well good we were we did that last I -- And that would cost you want to -- -- -- and that was that was one that went growth biblical. It -- -- estimation what -- last night's NBA losing teams is more disheartened this morning the rockets who lost by forty -- the magic who blew a lead and lose a heartbreaker. I would I would say the rocket. You know of the imagine -- -- current. You know on their mind the arms survey published does that -- over should've warned him four and five. But tomorrow we pulled -- -- I haven't fit that they know that they had lead they know their winning mean in both Spain and and expected tomorrow where the other way -- snow and -- in didn't like that. But thus far -- -- When he cut his closest as we watched you cut it last night you know observers always look at this -- what what was the one moment. -- out of the following a three important not scoring plays down the stretch -- what was the biggest win in favor of the Celtics the officials ruled that Rondo did hit the -- reset you get 23 more seconds -- -- -- -- down Rondo saved the ball out of bounds and it's an off the magic Ralston is -- -- -- believe that that sort of indicated where the magic mines were at that point. Thought I thought Rondo they was big and also bought the you know limited to rim and we've got to -- -- poke ribeiro. What they're devoted Republican remember that would figure out of that so we got two big offensive rebounds -- -- -- Basically to that. But because the way of when the -- A it's safe to say that the the magic of bigger than you guys who would you agree that there are more talented. Right now is two teams that constitute. A few other more talented team. Well there's a lot of players well just put it that way. You know and then we we -- -- and into the series. You know. They're they're very difficult there's third straight -- -- -- -- No we we knew going into this series that it is extremely tough for -- that we would have to -- itself somehow. You know what you think of their approach and it's pretty simple go into the big guy. And if you double he finds the guys on the perimeter. And they have three of four or five guys who can knock down those shots what is the simple answer to that simple strategy. Well we don't have one really know hurt him baby. So covering the remote for. The one thing we have done more in the last day you've been Rondo. And dark side to try to trip down on the right. Earlier on but it remittance the -- burden of but that's still -- About it right now and then when they're trapped in every time which run -- deployed to promote. Down on the polls and you know we're gonna put two reasons not only. The fact that he can score down there. You open -- The Blues Brothers. We're trying to keep potent -- in the game but I don't know them committee vote so. There's times we're distracted just keep them from following. -- -- after the game Dwight Howard was a little upset with only three offensive touches in the fourth quarter and just one in the final 650 ironically the one you're probably glad he touched that was the inbounds. Are are are you -- only touch at three times in the fourth quarter. Well I'm always evident to the ball over the second yeah you know what are -- put pressure up tremendously in the fourth quarter. That humans are probably -- the media -- found more than just look down their two home. Bob Perkins -- -- -- optimum spot. Although I don't think you know it sounds like disparate down to -- But deferred to their credit divert our credit what they did a really good. Of -- to development there. -- in the past I've never been able to get a handle on the expression. They don't know how to win or he doesn't know how to win however always saying the embodiment of that with the Celtics in the magic in this series. I don't know army bit beta build an auto image -- -- -- -- -- just won a series. Let the president know how to win you know. With this -- to the enemy does. And then the low in -- government -- women placed on the stretch commitment and its the many of them down that stretch last night. I'll go with that confirm that -- that at least. Which which make them and so -- brought into an -- -- I just did right now -- little boy to Madonna can do that. When you're watching a film and and prepared for this team who presents the toughest matchup would be Howard. Turkoglu or Lewis. Well withdraw our number one on the -- number two because of our you know that have indefinitely Arab. Who. What these lies are too but the big -- move their feet and then post up north -- couldn't put more pressure there on. Also and then Turkoglu have been no -- all difficult to guard. -- them. The most dangerous all of the player on their team. But right now Hulbert strengthened in boot because the matchup promptly have -- and we -- very -- What what would Garnett be doing if he were playing it seems to me the perk is doing a spectacular job. One on one all or with some help on our. That -- event and put it simply don't know. What -- -- would be doing with the guard and reserve though aren't that terrific job of it yet. That's very quickly and he's able to go out on the floor. And -- And then on the other -- their attempt to -- Publisher of the without more which we have been able to do with much in this news without regard that they weren't. But what was the gist of your pre game puzzle speech your team and how did that play itself out with what Stephan Marbury brought to the table last night. Well men have a lot of in the bottom line is you know -- -- we're talking about. The group -- -- about the -- there's a there's sport and the payment. Been involved in something about it -- every game in the day and they enlarge them you know respect a couple of you know that's so true for have been took out every single -- it and then what there's a new newspaper prominently in new chance for them. And I thought he went out there that. You know nothing is more. Ambiguous or statements in a player has heart and clearly you got a bunch of them -- team with heart. Who has the most hard anyone you coached or played with. And I would think that be the highest praise a player could give another player who do you think that would Blair has the most at the most heart. Well as far as new. Don't do. Coaching or playing with the again. Go to -- I've -- just out of control right now I couldn't tell you number one. I'm had been all the guys you know. As a player I would I would go to -- you're monopoly -- president of but he. Well the mentally that I -- editor of the -- but I have little doubt. It might towards the players but coaching undated there's so many guys that are -- All yours. You know would probably be my number one sort of of course the longest budget and the broken submitted. That we were talking earlier in the show the faces. When they come out of timeouts in the final minute the cameras shows the faces of the guys is they walk on and nobody looks more now confident. Is poised ready for that final minute then pierce and it was a good sign because. Turkoglu is always like shake in his head rolled his eyes and you never quite sure about Lewis. Kind of a blank look and and and and but pierced by contrast looks like. Gimme the ball and in -- let me do my thing and we will. It really you know. Are you -- you have the great poker faces probably -- you -- all the money on the playing on the guarded well. Passage of the that they. But he really than any. Always compliment. I mean all the great in the timeout just kept saying guy's gonna win this day just got to hang in there -- -- You know that that's stupid here when your best player that government like that don't about when you're struggling that they. My my guess is that baby is dealt four races on the card game everybody knows about it right. Back out of here. Now now I got you said earlier that the nice thing about basketball -- -- -- score you do something about it you're correct the mistakes apparently you made yourself clear about the quick files at the end of the game that sort of burned you in Chicago that they got it right last night right. Codec -- But so we did that. A terrific job of execution. -- student well you know -- Nobody you can get the shot up. You know we've we've actually probably right you know they're going to follow our. Board made the first regret still. With the with the filing always open book because -- the first was -- to live submit. The fact want to give our president did make the person and you're gonna put a commitment that ball. -- Obama's resume exactly the way you want it is so I mean -- -- yet to do their bit perfect as well. Coming out of that time out before you filed Howard was the plan to force the ball to him was that just lucky that he was the guy that came free and -- worst foul shooter ends up the ball -- You're out of -- permanent whoever where the ball was going. We're following a brief interlude want to we're going to file that was unfortunate weather was good people and nobody. Couldn't get the ball into the -- they're trying to get the ball into and Howard had a breakout trumpet the ball so -- -- -- -- sparked all of a replica. -- probably far too busy during timeouts to see what other people around you other than your your your five guys in uniform on the floor -- art are doing but any idea when Kevin Garnett pulled his palm up and does the little like the fingers in the yellow pages walking along his hand -- -- showing it to the Orlando magic's best you know what that means. I have nor do I do that movies are girls. Half -- dornin is here. That's the first -- mussina. Your -- since game one of the first series. Forward to develop a threat the first burned into -- -- I have no idea maybe walk you down I don't know what that -- look at it that do so I'll find out. -- yes I'll but it doesn't. -- said that in in the street ball parlance means we're creeping up on you and that would make sense that -- be doing it so the Orlando Magic could see it happening because that's who he's doing it for. Well. If that's true then I hope he's right every garment the and I've never noted that it did it with. I'd I'd vote for conservative last month. It was with with this intensity in his screaming and as yelling during the course of the game. Is it is all it does ever get funny does it make you laugh with some stuff he says. Oh yeah and plenty of you know from the stuff is if people addicted so excited. That I don't know my consent. There are ignored it at that time. But he is so excited -- and you -- discrepancy -- obviously. -- loved the play. But -- delegates -- still into the -- and you know that have to help our guys. Keep practicing with the guys and what is he. What does he do -- practice. We look at film on the floor of any member on the floor. We're partners -- Back -- didn't treat men and you know lifting weights for the most part is that going to get our northern. Yelling at somebody coming out its biggest -- -- yelling. At the problem high definition television or widescreen stop we see absolutely everything correct me if I'm wrong you've got little heated at the train last night at the end of the game. With that right it was that somebody else. I was -- through better ideology is going to have to make sure that the magic had no timeouts and these data -- -- -- -- -- and it would turn around talking one of our other players that the timing. I need to know right then go. It didn't needed does that allow just -- -- -- Speaking you wish did you see yourself on video after game four baby after baby at the shot you've got more excited and I think you do that when you clinch the title last year. And deal looking yourself there NC got -- and one little overboard or is that is that okay. I just figured OK Kevin how are I would love to become their respect them but you know got the one thing I learned in the board emotional game. You know -- just so be emotional sometimes even when they're yelling at someone. But didn't put yourself back -- -- but the division you're gonna move by. I would still some houses so we're happy that the -- I was happy for -- seventeen. To did that many jobs and trust each other you know people all looked at the -- Or no pressed the cabinet in the beginning but he made -- -- the debate and I thought that spoke by Martin. Right you know what else speaks volumes last year. It's -- Brian Scalabrine in the post season never played I mean you didn't play them and all he was inactive for awhile. A few BNP's. Big baby played eight minutes a game two points a game at these guys gotten that much better or you just that much more desperate at this point. What but it -- a combination of both. They've been played terrific basketball they've they've really rallied. -- Obama orbit are injuries and pick -- -- No I think we just separate trusts that obtained. And we're trying to -- -- spots where they can be fiscal. And they've been doing that so. Really proud of their apartment last year obviously -- You know a lot of times we have voted on the floor with Kevin and -- pretty brilliant ball. No now we know from normal or important lower than normal -- and it's there's been -- ripped it -- these are guys. To produce in the third situation. But I'm sure it like this thing and in six but in the event the Orlando steal one down there and you come back here for game seven. We're trying to improve on the chant let's go Celtics -- major input here for game number seven is this is gonna help your team what do you like better keep on joking. You'll be fired or how about Howard hates -- to their head coach with but. Well we'll that you have been lowered from -- -- do it but it. But I don't mind serial ball the ball but -- Out there we're note they are -- let go to open rather. Do I think you should first play first time to come back and defense I think big baby should -- that plug you'll kittens that. Just told. All for a there are prepared to do. Chip okay Howard sort of yeah go after the bad. Maybe for God's sake -- back -- due -- So just funny thing and now we're down the final hours -- all going to be Monday night by the way. Well I did nobody these are 1200 to our finale. Well I don't know obviously Jack Lemmon and daughter is gonna get everybody outfitted and somehow. -- -- -- -- -- Open going to go put on the total debt to literally. It's addressing ever rumors that the last forty or so. Did the rest but look. We also read that next -- is going to be the last and it's going to be in New York city's so Jack is going to survive that means Tony's probably don't ask for surviving his daughter had to survive they won't killer. Why everybody's -- my apartment yes I haven't gotten back it would not in optics the president's daughter with the and -- -- Dawkins the conversation that's always we'll talk it down the road. Figured out Doc Rivers -- weekly conversation with Doc Rivers has brought due in part by Lexus -- -- the greatest -- history of the automotive industry -- -- Lexus a watered down on Marshall street.

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