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Mar 17, 2009|

Schefter tells D&C that Julius Peppers will NOT be a Patriot next year

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Joining us on the eighteenth -- -- -- world liver and in the development work at a good morning out of how are you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- ago. Hey Al obviously was talking about resuming the Patriots Carolina all that today -- your estimation animate this is to get done. Went to the following things would be the biggest obstacle to Peppers arriving in New England the compensation. Worked out the Carolina. The signing Peppers to a long term deal in this era of Haynes worth money and the impact or the impact of the arrival. On the pats 30 free agent class of Wilfork Seymour and Logan Mankins to name a couple. Well first I think all the reasons you just mentioned. -- -- How difficult it is going to be to have that trade goes through that -- is not going to happen a gay people to talk about all they want you and we go to bed rest the morning. Julius Peppers will not be an -- Patriots -- And it will happen for all the reasons that you mentioned. Partly because of the pending contract situations of those other Patriot players partly because. New England would have to invest enormous sum of money in Julius Peppers. Part because it would take like habitation because of that I know the word on the street is let him go this second round pick that. Think that they got from Matt Cassel the 34 overall selection in -- that would seem to make sense but. There a couple of technicalities to point out first and foremost. The Carolina Panthers. Right now are not allowed. To trade Julius Peppers because he hit -- this franchise tender. When Matt Cassell signed his franchise tender. That gave the Patriots the right. To trade him. Any place that he wanted. Anyplace they want to without his authority and -- do we report the story on the air that morning I got called. So close to back as was said I don't know if you stories right because we didn't know about this and I said you don't have to know about -- Haven't happened. And that's exactly what happened Matt Cassel once he's signed his franchise tender. Forfeited his trade rights to going to these Peppers has not signed is that there. The only trade rights. They can be broke right now are between his agent and it team and his age it would not be talking about trade compensation. It'll be talking about a new contract. So clearly there can't be facing in place. To trade him to -- it went. And even -- still war. Not a trade that I believe the Patriots would make. Oh. For all the reasons that you mentions. Every single one of them. You talked about an enormous sum of money that you're going to have to invest in Julius Peppers for starters you're going to talk about a deal that. Basically changes the dynamics of the salary short short in the locker room. When you've got pending deals coming up with Richard Seymour and Vince Wilfork. You're talking about a deal that. I think Woodson Julius Peppers. Is a great player but when he talked people -- believe -- -- -- he flashes it is always come through when it matters most. At that position to need to be a Patriots kind of got out. -- it's sexy if it. Is interstates -- it's almost things. Is just not real. Well well Randy Moss wasn't considered a Patriot kind of guy Corey Dillon wasn't good and a Patriot kind of guy in. I don't think when they when they signed and -- Thomas -- worried about you know when Vince Wilfork were -- most feelings. And I think they even when just when you think can know what the Patriots going to do they do just the. Oh. So where does that her route he come up with this horse. Idea you know and no I like they can respect it but I don't know where he got that and all I know waste. Is sticking to it of people that I do I don't believe for a second there's any truth to it. How assure you that Julius Peppers is not going to play the Patriots next year. 99 point 9% short while while. You realize you're just ruining everybody's Saint Patrick's Day up here and Boston. Well -- I election. We -- do that I've just -- I'm trying to bring you the best. Information that I have now look I -- people lateral water you know it adept at point 1%. -- good -- I can beat. Exposed as a complete fraud I mean that's part. All that -- and you might be wrong but you'd never be a complete fraud aren't bad on the path is going to traded to somebody. I don't I don't think they're going until there again first broke. At inside attend. We understand that it is you know they can do their best -- -- -- don't they can do things on the cute he'd make a blanket talk -- -- to them. They can but that would be a violation of violation of league rules today -- I'm just telling you the latest now again. I think -- it -- this situation also where Julius Peppers the name tags. Tremendous can't shake the public at large. And it went fiction script but what they forget how much money it's going to cost to get a player like that signs. At this time they forget that he has a only a short list of teams that he would place. So it is short was the TV would play well what you say the checks were Jaguars. Wanted to get out and that he had no interest loan rejection but -- that eliminate. -- team for the markets took. See on his short -- guys who literally about five teams to be willing to play for. All of those five teams. I would say. The -- Cannot spend the money war are not in situations where they would be willing to spend the money and again you bring a New England Randy marsh Jerry and that situation I think. And there is first and foremost. New England added desperate need at that position number one. Number 2 -- most did not require. A new contract and number three he went for a fourth round pick. Now if you could tell the Patriots tomorrow that they -- Julius Peppers for a fourth round pick -- -- two B job -- They get to take over existing cap friendly contract. Of a player. I'm sure they do that he. But the dynamics of this player in this particular situation are very different. We're talking with Alan Shepard Smith on network -- isn't Carolina maxed out against the cap and ham strung in terms of making other any at other acquisitions and that was -- things worked out. Well if that's express a little bit like New England where do. Matt Cassel was franchise right and as soon as they traded him and Mike Vrabel they've put up eighteen million dollars in cap space 14651. -- three point 351 Vrabel eighteen million freed up. Right now they've got what seventeen or so million tied up in Peppers franchise number so if it was they were to trade him. They would obviously free up more cap space they've been up against -- all throughout the offseason. But again what's the rush -- the free agent market is essentially -- it okay there are fringe players. Still available that there are not difference makers high price difference makers so it's not like. You can go spend money. On top flight creation at this particular point I'm so it doesn't matter that they -- -- dollars. Are allocated right now in Julius Peppers who may or may not be with them but. Again I think he will wind up being with them. Solely because they are so few options. -- either side right now and I think that when we CD 2019. Kickoff. -- guess would be that Julius Peppers is any Carolina -- -- uniform but feel a lot less confident. Bet that I do it affected you would be the Patriots. How. What did you think when Jared Allen was. Have there is issues in Kansas City in the points as the new one and out did you think. He was going to. Command this kind of package the Vikings -- but the seventeenth 73 82. Draft choice in the draft and turnaround in the 73 million dollar six year contract. I mean is -- some parallel from that situation at this one and you don't. I think there's a difference. In the type of players that -- Julius Peppers is mortality in gifted. Been in -- -- he is. He is a freak of nature he is incredible player Jack Jared Allen was a high energy guy. Who also want to dedicated sitting in the -- way to Julius Peppers -- And I think that we and you look at that trade from Minnesota and -- -- -- they gave up -- to the team into the player. You look at it now and say worked because that's pressures -- -- And so somebody out there may say you know what it's worth it to trade for a guy like Julius Peppers but again. I I -- back to the fact that you're -- to give them a contract. Well north of 73 million dollars with in the vicinity of 303540. Million dollars guaranteed money. And the world to day. -- a bit different than it was a year ago it was difficult for the Vikings. To do that deal from a financial standpoint it was not easy -- that he had done. It would be even harder. For a team today. To make that type deal in this financial climate. We'll tell that Albert Haynesworth in the. And -- work out but we know we we think of the few teams right now. In our mind that would be you. To the financial realities that have affected everybody else the Washington Redskins would be one of those teams however. Expect their money this just -- They gave it to Albert change now if they didn't do that in Albert Haynesworth -- opted to resell at Tennessee river near giant -- ticket destination. -- at Washington perhaps to be sitting out there with this -- of cash. Willing to -- around another player and victory as a result the race. What's a percentage damage on the 99 point nine on Julius Peppers about Jason Taylor do you see any scenario where he ends up knowing. Not like it's safe bet that could be as realistic because Jason Taylor is on the street he wants to play he's -- to want to peripheral were eighteen. And most importantly you don't want to play for it. That knows how to use him we've seen. How the Patriots. Like or most seemed like to go and take players that are from that position and Jason Taylor for years you guys saw it first and old people there. Sort first and Jason Taylor tremendous success as the Patriots so could be I absolutely. Could see that. Okay to me that's all I've seen him in either. New England or San Diego. Those of the two place education -- certainly 5050 like epidemic. Adam you surprised that apparently Josh mcdaniels has stubs his toe if not broken it in the first couple months in Denver. Don't. To -- situation here and I think that they made a play from Matt Cassel and. They obviously intended for it to work out well and it did not and it blew up. And I don't know that that situation. Has done exactly the way -- anybody's thought it would from the moment that the new. News broke that the Broncos were involved in the -- -- trade talks I think that there is the situation there where. I think just ridiculous is learning -- the -- you know what it's not like. -- a young coach Bennett and embassies in general manager or -- young general manager seat in coach Davis 32 year old coach. As 36738. Year old general manager Brian Sanders. And I picked a bad combination. And just. Basically. Exacerbated. This whole situation. But does the way the Broncos have handled it from the castle foray to the meeting with. The quarterback that didn't go well. Make a little bit more sense it may do you buy into the fact that no way no how no hell is is is Josh mcdaniels going to have. Cutler as his quarterback but he does want him there. Well I don't think she doesn't want him. Okay I didn't think it would judgment day of cervical had tickets so that it chipped to get back -- you know that he preferred Matt Cassel and I think that's obvious. He. Right now is in a situation where you -- -- teams. Detroit the -- The 49ers visit Titans needed are coming up -- connections Jake color everybody wants a young Pro Bowl quarterback what do side. I've endeavoring you're going to trade judgment delegate tragic color. You have to make sure that you get a quarterback if you we've seen teams struggled for every years for decades. To come up with a quarterback if you have one. You better make sure that you -- he can to keep him and again I think that right now. Just ridiculous that there were brought was aren't sold on -- color and Jay Cutler. Is not sold on the Denver Broncos win it which creates a volatile situation. What are someone blows them away said the Jets this world and and and draft picks players whatever gets. -- -- to the trade Cutler in New York with what's the backup plan the who'll play quarterback for from Josh mcdaniels in September. Two -- that Jerry and I think that ever want I think that. The Broncos are in sort of a bind because. Other teams that are making the deal for Jay -- -- proposed the big deal might just say well. Matt Cassel different too so it Jake over the. -- you don't know this and be you can look you know we've got a confirmed it. This was all part of Belichick's evil plans -- conspiracy -- run by you he knew immediately. Who's happy with the dealing him Kansas City but as an ancillary benefit. He got the kind of submarine Josh mcdaniels has McNeal stole as long snapper Lonie Paxton it. Is wide receiver Devard -- night. Well. It's an interesting -- Q secretary it was then that as -- we haven't confirmed. That's where we conclude that ticket yet you need to -- and bud. More it is very much mail so. -- made that part. Crossed some line and broke some cold -- And violated some code and now. Belichick is getting his revenge in and let's -- credit in his sweet revenge is McCain is stumbling around in the dark in his first days as head coach. Well it's been a challenging beginning we shall see that it and I know that. Is not exactly the way that. The Broncos and just ridiculous and expected this to begin. And it's comeback that quarterback when he got approval quarterback what would take that they give up and will be answered. I think it would take a lot but it is it would not obviously self but too late to -- do Beck hasn't that was in the -- up more. Is this go to the Pro Bowl and they don't have a -- -- at Tom Brady on the bench. Number two. If they were to move him right now the only option Christians who may or may not be a good -- court knows he's been -- pieces 2006. Though -- knows whether or not he can get it done. And that's part of problem here if you trade. Jake telling you get -- -- -- these -- restricted to any of the quarterback the peppered quarterbacks in this quest -- that he Stafford nor. More changes -- Josh Freeman. What order -- 50% chance -- -- that those guys are gonna make it and that you traded eight Pro Bowl quarterback. For pitched -- quarterback who doesn't make it is that if you its respective franchise for years to come. Is Jeff Garcia not a viable option. Well I don't think he's even more viable right now think Christian yeah I you know they wouldn't sign Christian in the game. Two years six million dollars with incentives to boost the value of the -- to nine point so. That's the guy that they believe it right now but. Maybe there's another guy out there that they could get in a trade maybe this team out there that it would trade another quarterback to Denver. You know at sixteen because if they want to trade Tennessee -- short attention be only be too happy to trade Vince Young came in the same draft less shake up the. They know we heard a report -- and confirm the bus cook Cutler's agent was in Buffalo Buffalo yesterday and doesn't have a quiet on the bills. Boy that's. I I didn't know that you know -- that I traded -- -- yesterday had never spoke to him but. Could go on vacation yeah outlets -- are important but I'm not Niagara Falls. Yes it could be that that debate you know I don't. -- you know would sit -- say that it just seventy it is all kinds of crazy things that usually are flying out there are a lot. Give us the credit you give us the crazies when you heard that they'd just pique your interest. I heard at one point. About -- scope which they're seem to be no validity to it did Julius Peppers is going to be treated to shop aren't the straight up. That actually made a lot of sense. Lies merriment likens -- to -- his leg amputated or something I'm very mental -- This contract you know two sides have kind of been an. They have all these people -- -- San Diego. You would go back the ACC country were they comfortable barrel and Julius Peppers -- city positioning theory. It's -- it was more plausible. In Julius Peppers to -- it. But again there was nothing -- it and again. How could those teams discussed that trade. Went -- news service -- registered. About Jay Cutler to Buffalo for Trent Edwards. Straight up in pencil them -- and I know Terrel Owens. That I. Not a loans. Something else. That. I don't know again it's going to have to be a quarterback. Josh mcdaniels likes. And trust. And and -- do it let's be honest here. -- suited up and trying to work that you like I don't know SI mean so it's silly it's silly. I I just don't see that. Doubles again Julius Peppers not a Patriot next year. Julius -- The support of all these are people so -- that if they will not be doing a Patriot picture. The is Adams after from the NFL network morning I'm going to anybody. You know I can be ahead of public to get -- -- voted to ask me humiliate. I would there right now I've kicked that -- do right now I. Out of -- -- that ever that we're good talk that you appreciate the time that out of it and do you out of show after on the NFL network in -- -- dot com on the eighteenth -- outline your world leopard.

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