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Jan 30, 2009|

Peter shared his final thoughts on SB XLIII and the Pro Football HOF

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Every week Peter King from NBC. Sports Illustrated brought you -- -- church insurance. Because that's not just the policy of the people meter is joining us on the eighteenth he hotline. Eighteenth two year old world -- kind of a busy week for the pool reporter for the AFC isn't it. Yeah you know I mean it was one day yesterday that was. That was a little bit interesting but. You know risk fairly uneventful I mean there. You know other than me as a Hines Ward -- in the Ben Roethlisberger -- Yeah you know rarely hear you can see -- I think I'm -- you beat. You know thirtieth or whatever it is it helped -- it is right now system very very healthy. Peter I was descended -- that you won the first guys. Who came out and said and wrote that Mike Tomlin is going to be one of the great steeler coaches we talk much about the coaching match up. In this game how do you see it playing out in do you think Tomlin has an advantage over with and not. I don't really think he's coached as an advantage. I excel. I mean Whisenhunt has got one of the hottest teams. To -- and -- the Super Bowl in recent years you know they had no business being here obviously. And they've played fantastic. Soul I mean you've gotta like the button pushed. Problem one. You know Tomlin is is interest into war in Europe practice I'd bet. Of the 53 guys appeared -- -- very good worker errors on the practice squad irrespective. He touches forty of those guys today I mean in some way your curling a -- there away. Four Larry go over put his arm around saint something. Any of it all without. It being an even remotely. Force. And he's just stay -- very confident. Man and very confident in what he does I think that confidence sort of lead in the -- -- there -- a game plan that Ken Whisenhunt to keep -- that he can put together. That would lead you to believe he wins this game on Sunday. All very much so. I think if the Cardinals -- -- -- -- a chance -- I would agonized over it only recent football games sort of agonize over things right at that. -- thought long and hard a couple weeks ago like ethnic pick I would pick the Cardinals. But you know over over there a few days in talking to of people who've played him. Not only mean. You know the you know coaches and and but you know corners and -- You know played them. They -- Fitzgerald that they think that the Steelers. I think here's here's a thought that the Steelers do something on beef that's. That can stop the Arizona offence. Mean Jenny when the defensive coordinator -- -- secondary coach Trevor minors. I think I think Ian and some others where our -- you know would just love to see him play. Just irregular -- kind of almost all being you know don't go with the nickel. Because Lamarr -- and James -- could -- -- cover guys you know slot receivers not twenty yards downfield but. You'll always outfield so it would just be pretty interesting I think the real chess match in this game. Is how much Richard Dick -- like Kurt Warner choose to look like Kurt Warner. And what Steelers do with Troy problem all he's made a living coming down into the box wreaking havoc and basically being in the old fashioned monster back. You know worded the -- where every wants. But I just I see the Steelers probably. Being more -- a traditional two deep safety teen. Against Arizona will -- Sunday night. In your opinion is this the last game that. Arizona offensive coordinator. Todd Haley will be calling for the Cardinals. -- suppose. Michael try to put the and if I never told board and I had to give odds. For the next coach of the Kansas City Chiefs could probably have Todd -- number one. But I think we're being pretty. Work work work credit company into the orbit quickly because. If I know Scott pioli and I know that that their respective Todd Haley has hurt for his job and his team. You know I doubt that they've spoken about this job. So. It is that true them. If Scott had at work with a guy in. Whatever 1011 years. And if if they haven't spoken yet it would be pretty hard to just say yet elite coach which keeps. And both of those to -- I mean -- it is the second -- -- -- -- I'm assuming they haven't talked. And I because I don't think they -- But I do think he's an intriguing candidate. Win or lose on -- Which team has a better chance of being able to run the football Sunday. Oh. Steelers easy night got low blows yet that -- coming -- around much against. Steelers. Unless you do it. You know even if you might have -- -- -- average if you if it's third and thirteen. And you know your candidate to war. You know your immune to a running Beck just because you don't want to -- quarterback killed -- -- blitzers and you know. By -- thinking -- I think Willie Parker. Eight to pick this game trip that electric the either correct but Willie Parker -- MVP. And it's all because of the approach -- problem take the game. And his approach to regain -- very simple. That we're gonna do what we do what we do is we establish the run that we. We even if the ball well all about in the old Bill Parcells brought -- the most important stat in football. Is that number carry out offensive -- that number Aires upbeat not the number rushing yards because. He wants to control the clock any active beat physically. Dominant over the over the -- it's. You got a pretty busy weekend big Fella not only -- have a game. But Hall of Fame information will be coming out tomorrow are you going to stick with the two. Loc Hall of Fame statement hall of famers statement that you made last week. Yeah I I don't think anybody else's I don't even -- -- one to say -- because you know. You know what can tell what happens but. I'd be I'd be surprised if Bruce Smith and rod Woodson did it in. And quite surprised and act. I I mean you know after that and we get Bob Hayes and Henry hit that sterling dropped them. And some of the other guys but I think it's most likely. That those first two guys. Senate -- -- yeah yeah does not mean. You have it in chocolate but that it the first two guys judging by -- -- -- it's hard for that it would you know first ballot. Not caused some -- I was discuss there are I was telling -- saw mad dog the other day said he was on you were on with him. At some point and he was making the case against Bob Hayes he said Bob -- should not be in the Hall of Fame elected up. In not too big games against the Packers 66 and 67 he had one catch how can this guy in the Hall of Fame. When the playoffs were on the line he was an invisible what do you think. Well you know the last time and the -- came up I voted against them. And I've got to keep an open mind but I have yet to be convinced. That he deserves to be at the Hall of Fame now I do I have a lot of respect for the people who. Are very adamantly pro Bob -- but as I pointed out. First four years ago and and again this this year. I hate I want I want the proof I want to know what I want a defensive coach wants several of them to say. We changed what we did on. I don't argue that that that they played defense a little bit differently into Dallas when -- on the team. Well my point is beginning was going that way there's a player the exact same time. Homer Jones who played for the New York Giants who was also a world class sprinter and homer Jones and is that five years person pays in his past five years. The numbers are exceedingly. Similar with the exception of the touchdowns for Hayes has an over but. He -- Jones was three yards bettering yards per catch over its five week period and so. I I don't and I have never heard one person argue the call -- don't should be in the hall. So and you can probably make the point what -- just changed again. A I don't. Whatever anybody says any change beginning I don't I'm not one of those people automatically sit oh yeah yeah he changed again. I mean Shelby prove it to me. I don't I don't know that I don't I don't I'd never seen truth that Bob aces change in myself. When Cris Carter be better than either awful. Well I'm recruit her -- because I think he's the best -- -- put it this way and I was trying to always think of the of the worker praised the university caught the ball -- guidelines and an end zone. Stretching out everything better than anybody Epstein. And curt and Randy cross said the other day and Hillary are surely set that up. He -- around the catcher he's ever seeing. You know those catches William bakery kept it to Holmes. In bounds one on each foot and your extraction. You don't seemingly about. Three yards out of bounds and kitchen -- your fingertips and keep the ball the ball when you hit the ground. It's you know he's he's the best I've ever seen everything yet the best chance. You know that type of guy who covered that means that includes jury right so I. You know that -- a lot of hundred pitches 130 touchdowns as they get it puts him all the same. For me it's simple at the time he retired those two numbers -- game where the second best ever. Yeah I mean how are on sale right now Villa Park right now. Because. You can't -- look for instance. You know even when he retired. And he he had every tight end record. Well I mean Tony Gonzales is -- now. Probably had five or six years he stays healthy and Jason Witten going to practice again perhaps from -- before -- relegated perhaps. Problem in this era of football. Is that three year Trammell Derrick Mason might have a thousand kept. And we're not putting Derek mason in the Albany. So that is where you really get beat up by the numbers. He you know why you have to look at them as football players to not only is people who possess. And you just have to ask yourself respect I pass the sniffed at the B at all Famer and a lot of people believe that Bob Hayes did. I don't mean to demean Bob Hayes and anyway he was the tremendously explosive receiver. And weapon in the game. And and you know -- -- -- in the Hulk they've unlocked the sail board with stupid call like I don't do that. It's there's 44 people ever -- 80% of them they probably should be in the Hall of Fame. Congratulations. Welcome you deserve. Back to your point about the tight -- the I don't see it as a problem at all Peter. When a guy retires there's nothing -- can do in the fact that the game changes a bit after he retires is not his issue mean you look back at. Ozzie Newsome. What his numbers hold up against. Some of the guys now know but he was great for his era that that's good enough but. I agree -- -- Michael like I'm not arguing -- -- in any way shape or form. The the point that I am making about the Hall of Fame in general is that we can't allow it could be a new mayor furcal paradise. And I love that about it at the pro football team that's. That's why I think it's my favorite one because we're just having -- conversation where we do about. Somebody -- brought up Drew Bledsoe take a look at the numbers with the numbers. It's not all about numbers for the pro football Hall of Fame so let's let my paper one. Yeah I mean and that's one of the maddening things student because. Everybody screams of the month for years and I can tell you they'll be screaming about Tim brown. I have a feeling -- down might struggle to get in the Hall of Fame and he's over a thousand what the market notes and I'm not convinced that Marvin Harrison belong. Thank you brother thank you I don't know what he can vote for him Marvin Harrison in the playoffs. Scary. It is only in the play are what you what you ask yourself is and what I asked myself all the time about Marvin Harrison. In in this and and again you know what I mean it's not it's not like 67 years for network will be considering Marvin Harrison -- is that just. Right knee jerk reaction right now. -- that is. Now what what exactly is spirit signature kept. Is there an incredible game what is there about Marvin Harrison -- them read it it was incredible numbers that. Quite honestly the argument will be and I might buy it. It -- about fifty guys in the NFL the year that Peyton Manning walked in the door. Who we -- -- late who Marvin Harrison for a thousand golf to grow bills. Peter you've been a lot of these Super Bowls we've heard a lot about the economic climate the world and its effect on the sports world. Does this seem like a different Super Bowl TU because of the economy and what's going on out there. Normally in a Super Bowl a year I'd go hosted dinner. I've done -- several years ago posted bear first for some company like Sports Illustrated or some more help. You know that. That is not happening this year and and the Sports Illustrated party which has been a staple. Of the Super Bowl scene for years remember the first year the second time the Patriots -- in. Hey you know getting -- getting huge number requests from Boston get a bunch of people into that party because that was the party. On Saturday night before the game. And you know those kind of parties don't exist the way and even even the parties that still do exist. You know I'm pretty sure there's still a Playboy party this year -- matchup -- -- play itself. -- call. Okay Playboy you talk well I mean what all these things. You know when you look in the paper Circuit City closes. 600 -- 600 stores nationwide and you see all these things. He just sort of say to yourself -- on this is a totally different world out there and it does it does have a different feel with the Atlanta journal constitution. I think you're tenth largest paper in the country when they -- about staffing the Super Bowl. Some happen and it's just it's just got a little bit of a different feel it's not like it's minor leaguer anything but it just doesn't feel. It just doesn't feel the same -- traffic is insane -- literally can't drive anywhere in this town I train if you think you're coming. They'll get a -- curry might as well walked from downtown and walk from the airport to downtown. But anyway yeah other otherwise it just it just does have a little bit of a different feel. As far as getting around -- reverend last year had a lot of construction in Phoenix right around the convention center and it was a disaster. Compared to Phoenix is it a little war well run and and well managed. I I think I think you know about the same I mean. Do you remember numbers. Same thing -- traffic. Snapped pollute the air the security is immensely tight. Especially around that they headquarters -- I mean. -- while ago -- I could have been you know here I am I am a little bit away from Armenia MBC -- this year which is about four miles from downtown. And here you go out and -- kind of like parking garage now close event that. Regular permit parkers and need is so yep park at six blocks away. And it's it's all of -- really very at least security detail but to mailboxes downtown -- close they just. It's just it's something that you deal in this world the NFL but -- cautious. I think is any public and pitino's first security bills. You know I'm not going to let you get up the -- without. Giving your opinion on Jason Varitek what should the Red Sox do what to Varitek DO. -- you know what I I only saw on the -- all this morning but is -- talking about not playing. That's double Michael has had. Moulds who have indicated to him he's considering. Considering. Considering sitting out but strongly considering. Telling the Red Sox no thanks on on their latest offer. Just make me feel bad you know in news is he's the ultimate. Professional competitor. All that I I just. You know I I wish. That -- -- I just don't mean fertile of courtesy of all wind resign either I still think it even if he gets to 23. That he's an extremely valuable piece of let ovals still because of what he contributes defensively. Which they can work it out. But I I guess I'm probably. From having seen the Patriot. Work over the years and having seen and mostly of well a lot get from the outside what Theo Epstein does. You know if they reach a decision -- -- feel strongly about it they're not going to be swayed by emotion. Maybe in some cases they should be but I brought this up like killed the Patriot Act like criticized the Patriots for not resigning Vinatieri. And by any measure. Even -- -- he over the last three years been credited Vinatieri. And Vinatieri kicked inside. You know -- -- ski one quarter the price kicking outside has been better it's. So at some point you do have to say goodbye to your -- I just wish get better alternative than what it -- they -- Peter into the game this weekend will -- again. You to hear him Peter King from Sports Illustrated SI dot com and NBC sports brought -- buy -- the church insurance. Because it's not just policy it's the people.

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