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Oct 28, 2008|

Senator John McCain joins Dennis and Callahan this morning

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan. With Grousbeck. The opening act for our next guest just couple minutes. We're waiting on hold. With senator do you think variety skeptical about I don't think prerogative of the belts go on and Willie who Barack demand equal time when we're done imagine they -- didn't upgrade a good question Barack Obama. But first things first the senator mirrors on the Senator John McCain good morning Senator McCain argues Derek. Hello John and Jerry aria very excellent pay got a gut tells them -- off the top or -- Marxist socialist also are that's a question -- the other candidate as the. Perhaps -- -- -- that I should have of that idea I have many. I -- not free trader. Capitalists. Actually the basic avid baseball and sports and because I was a mediocre high school actually. There ago I'd -- Opponent truly understands the ebb and flow of the economic. Way things work in this country and chooses to ignore them in the interest of fairness. Or he just doesn't. All the ball. I think -- I think it's that kind of a classic. Oh liberal left. Re distribute the well like you said that the spread the wealth around them. Use government can tax policy of others there. To achieve that goal like I think it's sort of a classic. Liberal left idea. People have money and then take money from Barney Frank -- your own. State of Massachusetts says there's a lot of rich people out there that we're going to traction and you know that's the way they've eagle and obviously I feel we need to create wealth create jobs and then. Everybody moves out -- you know that's a fundamental difference in philosophy and it's becoming more and more clear about Senator Obama. Thanks to Joe the plumber that. What do you said at one point that we shouldn't be scared of -- Obama presidency that he's a decent guy in many years but I'm still scared I mean the idea that. We're going to raise taxes and increase spending and redistribute the wealth I find that frightening in these times. Well I think it could be very bad economically -- the tone of the questions that was asked which of that town hall meeting was some out that. That Senator Obama is not a fine decent depth person he is. He just as -- ideas -- George McGovern. West. A good -- still remains a good man I'd just because someone has some very liberal. Left philosophies and that I. Adamantly disagree within that have been proven failures and other countries which will assist country doesn't mean they're bad people just misguided it. I have many friends in the -- That better I'm diametrically opposed to their views and philosophies. But. There's still. No reason be scared about their potential -- in what we should elect are all about. -- -- the average hole margin is best -- tales about six point two point lead for Obama at this point what -- you know a two part question what do you know and it indicates otherwise and what has to happen the next seven days for you to win this election. Well -- movement and is in the right direction should of those holes where 89. And just a couple of weeks -- and they were about seventh grade now and our goals and other pulls it down around force not being. -- forward today if we can get within striking range. A couple of points and I'm confident that. That we can win here but you know sometimes all of us were political -- east at all hung up in the polls you know. -- that. We just gotta run our campaign -- think there's any doubt that. Joe -- Revealed. Exactly what he believes in I think it's true that. And then it inexperience you know present will be tested by an international crisis within six months. Of the time that he takes opposite I've been tested it is these people mummy and our friends know me you know higher and our adversaries. As well. And then of course we continue to -- This. -- -- evidence -- Senator Obama for a long time redistribution of the well take one group of Americans and give it to another and so I think the American people are beginning to figured out and will fight the good fight and and that's what I'm proud of a Sarah Palin. By the way I did -- ever seen anybody attacked the chair -- -- most popular governor in America. Look forward took a -- governor of their own party. And and has now been involved in all these energy issues Accenture but. You know push usually remarkable person she is energized our stations you know I'm so proud of. The only -- -- me. Is that you -- surprised and oh you joked about this at the Al Smith dinner and said. You know Chris Matthews has found some -- I don't know I know these people going to turn and you and you became a nominee of your party. Didn't you can you know that they were going to turn and it tack once you're running against their must hire this guy Barack Obama. I think they say that that I -- I know about a lot of people in the media and I I have always tried to maintain. A polite relationship with -- -- no matter where they are in the spectrum. And you can't let these things but yet that much. I had a good line and -- and I said you know that. Keith Olbermann -- zone. Mission accomplished banner. And they were going to hang it up and whatever padded room they had her for. Us. I I didn't you know you gotta make fun of these things like it got into it like this isn't this is incredibly shrinking. It's most important election. America look at hero here we are totally competitive and -- I don't care what. So the pundits keep China right -- in most liked it sorted it with with Hillary Clinton and the last few weeks of primary which and Obama and we get the right message last night I'm talent that we were pots will Pennsylvania 5000 people were screaming gallant. It is yes it was here we detective out there. I will fight the good fight that's what's important you know that Jerry you can I mention when I think I'm a great admire Curt Schilling. Not only because of its courage on the field. What all the efforts to Ian China make off the field and -- of melanoma a number of other causes and issues to meet Curt Schilling is a truly great American I'd love to -- -- is in front brought some time. Well spoken very highly view on this program a number of occasions so via the favor in the sentiment certainly are returned a Senator McCain I'm wondering clearly the Obama campaign. Has focused a great deal if not all of their energy on somehow linking you with the policies in the politics of the Bush Administration. And it was not until the last debate that you stood up and said and by the way were applauded rally by so many people if you wanted to run against George W. Bush he -- run against him at four years ago and I'm wondering senator in hindsight you think you might have been a little bit better served that you emphasized the difference much earlier in your campaign between you and the sitting president. Well we try to -- hard and but. And during that period but you know it's. You gotta have and that's occasions such as -- national debate where you really reached the American people relational. And look I think it's very clear that I've had differences. With President Bush whether you know spending on the way to work -- was being conducted and whether the climate change whether the treatment of prisoners. Along west. But at the same time you know are needed gratuitously. Take shots at the present or -- button just -- not the way that. Is not the appropriate way to run campaign where the main thing is. As for me to being able to show the American people we have pasta plan of action to get this economy out of wood pitched. That's what people care about. And frankly when they see that -- Obama's -- raced actions. At the worst possible time that's what's really beginning to resonate out. When we -- the fact that you were coming on with us this morning I've gotten phone calls and text messages from friends -- the and -- all the -- said. Ask him what he thinks about Obama and Jeremiah Wright Obama and William airs Obama and -- Lewis Barakaat. Brother and ask you individually about that I would say this Q senator were there are things that you wanted to shout from the rooftops of America. About this candidate and some of his allegiances. That you chose not to because all I don't know you're your advisers told you that would seem to mean spirited it was not the way to go in your campaign. I think I think my point was it's well known center Obama's relationship with -- Reverend Wright. What is not well -- and it's still not complete the known. Is -- relationship. With William hairs and by the way there's another story this morning about his. Relationship which some guy who is associated air supporter that PLO while it is -- -- but. The point is that. He said -- -- -- richest guy in the neighborhood he had William Harris had a close relationship and it's Hillary Clinton's lead in their debates. We should know the extent of that relationship you -- -- for the guys book -- and the woods foundation together and gave a quarter 230000. Dollars. They've launched his his political career in the guy living so of course that that goes. That relationship. Should be well -- and I don't care and you that you about an old washed up. Unrepentant terrorist and his wife who was on the top and FBI wanted list but Americans should know that and that's why I was focusing on the William -- -- So what happens in the next six days will you. Reconsider and bring Jeremiah Wright. Uh oh he well in the open let's discuss it let's let's put -- -- radio commercials. There's anything that people don't know about in your relationship and obviously that should be -- I think the American people. Are well informed about that but about fears and now about this guy. At Columbia I think the American people need to know and so. But the bank that really the main thing that people -- care about it stand in their homes about. Keep an adjustment jobs create get our kind of creating jobs. And getting its economy out of the -- Frankly our resonance with the voters right now is it's becoming clear to them it's Senator Obama watched racetracks as redistribute the wealth. And has no real coherent plan. We get our kind of -- -- that -- besides sealed liberal actions warrant and I also get a little concerned about Democrats haven't total control. Again Barney franks said we're going to erase people's actions was going to increase spending and we're going to cut the -- By by a quarter and what went to war actually got to hit an armed military seems small oh really mean a remarkable. You have you should've mentioned bunny in the debates and on the -- didn't Arnie I mean most of most people know that he's a joke and -- index. And he was involved in getting us in this mess. Is as much as anyone. Why why do you think the American people don't see. Just -- Barack Obama's associations. With an -- With his friends in the Senate -- friends in the house by frank. He is. This is his people are responsible for putting us in this mess and yet this mess is the reason. That he pulled ahead you in the balls. I had well I haven't yet there's there's no doubt that one rank and Chris. Where the -- changed there's of this crap practice that. That and -- -- defended them so community reinvestment act. This kind of stuff and work. Senator Obama got the second most amount of money from a companions ready as anyone in history only Chris -- got more money from the we. A group of us after inspector general reports that we we proposed legislation to try to infectious. You know who's in charge the last two years and blocked it. Our friends the Democrat so. I got around my French but. I'm glad to be and I'm glad to hear from you thanks for your friendship -- Curt Schilling thanks for stand him up as a conservative voice what. Might get a little lonely sometimes the time and hard and I'm proud of you guys. That John McCain thank you for the time good luckily forward and will certainly be paying attention next Tuesday thinks that our our guys took part of it back flip side of the game.

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