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Jun 20, 2008|

Breaking news on The Dennis and Callahan Show -- Curt Schilling is having surgery on Monday and is out for the season and possibly his career

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And the last her. What would the sock -- where Bob brought to you by DC you are conversational Curt Schilling digital federal credit union for bank in the DC UA go to DC -- dot or good morning Curt Schilling what do you think this would be worth nationally this this the shirt you're collectible and. I don't know if it's an excellent point on people might is. Drove -- -- -- hatred spite. -- did you ever get a sense from any of the collectible friends what the sock would have been worth the the Hall of Fame didn't grab a. -- -- -- -- don't buy it if that means there you know what I all right I have no polite -- -- the but -- second one of the -- to open that is where you want. I can remember really literally -- the first well moved in kind of -- you know -- or about it. The number tobacco -- like some idiot that they published -- every Israel. You know did you sell -- -- like to -- that you wrote on anything like that. They're reading it stood firm it's also -- on -- area. -- beyond you know the visible evidence of of you getting the ball sitting courtside watching the Celtics. Emotionally did you and your teammates get caught up in watching Europe Boston -- through and win a championship. Yeah I mean were were -- or fans -- very. I I am I missed. I know it's only guys you obviously got a but much more rooting interest them as group mystics some sand and so -- camera. Took took the Celtics on as a second favorite team -- because -- were -- proximity. We're close to that gave it to go to guys you know personal rooting interest. Do you think German talked about this earlier you could not have created a better scenario for the Celtics to win this thing as much as people were disappointed that they didn't close the deal in game five when they came all the way back from nineteen. All the we lost that game the fact is that a it happened in Boston which is something you do and enjoy and beat the block out in game six was over you know with a quarter to go maybe a quarter and I have to go. -- all that on court celebration got to get the Gatorade bath the that the Big Three to be taken out that's something that you guys didn't get to enjoy. Yeah I I think -- Mike cables spoiled in in that sense -- if that's something that's very apparent due -- that it -- almost like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm trying to remember getting that except for the airline series you know in. Off for a tournament or if we -- quotes sisters here actually but what we will last year. Must guard play a hundred number big -- you -- -- -- -- different Quincy you all but. We beat you it's possible we were thought much about unions you know there's there's better at worst place but it won't relate. You know putting it all kind of makes everything perfect. So I was disappointed I was hoping you'd be in the front row so we could find out. Just what Kobe Hussein was teammates as they got blown out the other. Guess that. You know there was some comment -- -- about meet possibly -- -- -- -- what Church where convicted I don't. Did and you could not have expected that -- can of worms when -- just blog about what you earned. I don't sound though a lot about -- don't we won't know what the local things in my life. I don't measure out the reaction before -- do. -- and ask him Kobe about it the next day what are they elect Curt Schilling wrote. -- -- -- -- It was a pretty creative response give credit. I think the Celtics fell yesterday that you first experience in 2004 and -- in terms of the duck boat tour was it more than you thought less than you thought was that -- -- a pain in the butt but. Your your your was more extended thing in 2004 you went into the river it was much longer yesterday it was sort of got a quick painless no speeches and all that sort of stuff what experience -- huge -- in 2004 that they used to remember the maker. I watch -- give about a four hour in concert orange but the always lol it's been getting done in my ear Hendry in thinking well. I got -- some sort of a concept of the site reflects station in which was amazing to me so I don't -- I think it's it's. -- not sure it'd -- get some guys that obviously. What the whole year out. It's weird to think that you know starts is probably new -- in. In efficiency as a champion in and experience altering experience also -- problem. Sometime yesterday when those guys more guys are -- Don't do this again next year -- strike KG it and -- -- -- but or that it's it was a pitchers but also they. That occur what what percentage of guys in your guesstimate at at at this level performance whether it's Major League Baseball or the NBA. Win their first championship and say what you just said all. I am now addicted to this narcotic I need another one AS AP versus what percentage. Whether they would admit -- not feel like their thirst has been quite a little bit that. Pedro mentality where you won and now he had enough credits you want to go somewhere else. -- that happening in the R Pedro aside I mean what what percentage would say okay that's pretty good and kind of satisfied maybe I won't bust my ass quite so hard in the off season. I don't know I don't know I I. You know a that that's -- total total definite title fight but remember -- -- after being part of the first one. Being in the club lost within you know minutes after the game in. Of the champions -- it and as accurately covered just hit a replica okay that this is something he can. So you think that the vast majority of athletes at your level look at this as an addictive narcotics. I don't I don't know I really don't you don't know. I'm guessing and guessing the aforementioned KG thanks that well yeah I think it is the worst has not been clinched. -- -- tell us about the setback. Well you have roughed up mountain. So a lot of stuff happened the last couple days. It was -- -- in Philadelphia. Who've been for doctor gill and if this effect and -- Got to a point where we have to makes decisions. Going to shoulder surgery on Monday of next week. And and then. You know -- historic for a. -- is this the shoulder surgery the doctor Morgan recommended at the beginning of the rehab process. It's a lot of things are not exactly sure. You know there were still nailed down exactly corruption it's going to be. And does this end your season. -- -- Can you characterize the setbacks more specifically for us. I never could get past. Certain states. You know -- -- try to be used to explain to people that it's where does that close you know if you use is still want -- and and his pitching epic we game. -- about 3 right now -- And that he used to -- still on the hand probably don't want it to promote its -- standpoint. -- try and make them move in effort from three to four my ankles from water to -- separate. Does this mean doctor Morgan was right in the end current. I don't know. -- -- I don't care I -- beats. You know his chance a lot of things can happen here. You know my season's over there's pretty decent chance that that I don't must it's forever so. I don't care it doesn't matter. You know I opponents -- to make -- not hurt anymore which is torture. Skirted the rehab plan or the approach in the middle the rehab plan change or get ramp up and then affect the setback or was it just and -- evolutionary thing that. Didn't that stop getting better and then started to get worse. We have. I got strong I mean everybody involved deuce deuce. Very pleased then and in some cases and while buck or is it ecstatic with the amount strict and I have my shoulder. But the other remember -- comical what's so talk about it with people on. My fear was that fit I get strong and and be able -- all the awesome -- stuff but you don't -- pitch. And that's kind of what happened I I hate. Of functional and racial words and -- -- strong oh from Maria built patience -- -- if there's currently damaged. You know I've been in the rental which it is cancer. But I kept hope it's your pitcher that that's. Doctor Morgan explain to us and others in detail about the surgery that he recommended back in spring training and that was a I guess relocation of -- biceps muscle because of the disease is that essentially what you're going to have. Yes they can then smartest. Well there's a lot of the stuff that go on -- rotator. Yes and maybe. You know when -- he goes and gets done. Everything is speculation -- then you know in -- but. There's so. You know exhibit in my in my -- got to a point where. There are two possibilities and one of them was surgery in off of -- there's two -- well there's two potential which was. I can wake up after the surgery on people you know what it's been a good run but it. There's too emotionally get back out there and what shoes there's something you have to make this decision I have to be okay. Because it's a potentially like we -- And the other what does. You know okay we fixed it but whatever happens between now and if you decide it's again it's going to be five aren't much at the bulk -- You know that's those the -- surgery result the third one of or second option to me was my personal today I don't have certain actors and so. You know I've I've. Had become a suspect -- option. There two part question are are you in pain all the time or just would you throw. I started to get people against not -- -- which is. You know a huge part of the equation and that it's what I effort I would do or months of strengthening with really no -- what's Webber. And I was excited about the fact that it was not generating information and he'd -- intensity of rigor with which what we want to work. Them but at some point here. We got to a point where Matt that we might get I just hope we get there in the process. You know where throwing went from being kind of an awful thing -- would downright -- thing. And when the pain increases the amount of time between -- afterwards changes. -- -- Listing your words the tone of your words your surgical options and what the various results might be not only do not sound optimistic -- even sound. Cautiously optimistic it sounds like. At some point you might make this isn't just make me healthy and able to play catch with my kids and little life after baseball. Well again you know it's it doesn't take a rocket scientist to case study and and forty want. Battle -- it felt going under my belt. And period time pencils and things were stacked on top beat -- -- for a lot of years. I know. -- really an MRI in the chose things generally if chose to bare minimum -- -- opened -- he had a lot of -- I've got. Some some issues beyond that -- what the by accepted them. There -- will all will be fixed and Rico or it'll be fixed but it that I am very ready for others the wrong. -- if the surgery goes absolutely perfectly what in the world would make -- say let me put myself through using your words five times. The pain and effort and rehabilitation just to see if you could do it again next spring or next summer. Well that's again that's that's part of the decision making process in the under no circumstance I do everything to its next season as a whole. -- -- -- You know perfect world -- there was miserable and they you know negligible there were to open up and expects to. You know coming back next year would be something that would that would -- option depending on part of all of but it wouldn't pupils pleased with compact. It's his second season and again that's that is going to be a potential Leo getting. Literally completely -- -- -- -- -- -- I've still got buildup of harder. I don't want I it's almost think were it is it in your picture of the -- -- intended. I don't want it to end this way but if this is the way past their double came without. You know I -- If it's over in my last pitch was in the 2002 world I'm okay -- right right just can't stress enough. Media well right where I am mentally with -- I at the I have not regret in the world and if I'm not. Not that this is mystery bidder for angrier tested you know. It is what it is so it has is that in that sense -- -- honestly it is very very easy for. Because so I've been able experience compared to what I want it when I first started my career but. If I have missed some space and outs to end. You know I want to be different than what it is right now. What do you think in which said before that you'd go elsewhere to pitch and I guess and it I don't know not thinking about not. Earliest that I -- sort of understand. If like -- -- they wanted to do and Radenovic could do and need to do and I was healthy yes and I it was you know. As better than that you know 2007 in this -- guy wasn't painful you know I've got a decent track record after September. -- put myself up there next you know next bolster our break him as healthy. And auditioning for workers in contention and hand pitching well for months of the season Cavagnoud David told tired and kind of thing. I would care where it was what I was you know from first appointment that was in. -- my guess is that 99%. Of the athletes in your position would look at what you've accomplished what you earned how many rings you own and say. How -- an end any better than it did for you in 2007 and and and while you know coming to grips with one's own athletic mortality certainly is an adjustment I. Yes that that that most athletes would. Not give the right arm but a lot of money to have -- and the way you have it with your resume intact. Well no it didn't unfortunately unfortunately now my current it would be taken a pay check for six months about pitching. In I'm I'm back to good about the fact that it went back to them in in and did restructure the deal. From and they don't not getting paid to weigh in but part of me feels bad about the fact that. You know -- all this happened to begin with and my eight I think there's at some point plundered process. There's a lot of things in question about me. Integrity principles that point I hope that it's you know those things are question with the people ball anymore. But whatever. Intended for -- to be the way it is -- -- there were. That's what anybody and we are where we are because now I got hurt and and I can't change that. Are you are you going to hang around well we see around -- unit. -- good I would do I would really like to -- -- Mark McGwire. In a sense. For -- -- -- I think probably from the great thing to do from. Outside the Red Sox two point are well I don't know what the club wants to do I don't know that like we do anything. We have a discussion tension -- So your season ending surgery will be done by doctor Morgan just in Philadelphia. Yes well. And win them but -- eleven. Well he's having a -- actually there was a discussion -- goal was was trying to accommodate. Request to -- in. Own on my decision on the surgery and the I have altered state but the gentleman next to. It would benefit procedure that that the that the transfer device apostle is actually going to companies -- I UConn it would come down. It as well. Well good luck -- Well -- kind of lets the Ronald Blum doesn't it. -- let it don't it doesn't he can't beat it it's shouldn't I've been blessed a billion times over. Did I have I've been given for more than they ever ever ever could have imagined didn't. -- be able spent the last couple years Lakers remember this franchise and probably since it is the gift of that will be able -- -- it's not a this is not a it's not a funeral is not you know it's not a bad thing. I -- I've been I been given up billion times more of treatment you get to -- -- -- finish -- that's what happens is -- is okay. And I had nothing but that appreciation and gratitude love for the people that that -- in the teammates of mine in. So -- it's not a bad thing. I know it's with mixed emotions you look at this but the Red Sox have like seventeen guys ready to step in and -- pitch. In the minors in the -- than in on the on the DL. -- -- wander -- an embarrassment of riches. And you know it never laughed so they'll so it would make a trade in and then -- sort of start oh start at short so. I don't get this was this was unfortunate that that. In the way it ends between north -- flights in and so I don't that that doesn't bother me. I'm not. Bad that I didn't pick away at walk away part of my fault in the good about way. Again it's not -- epic and I appreciate that. You know the condolences so to speak but I am I'm not a particular example I'm -- talking old woman. They Bridget is 31 years golden this picture perfect Health Department pregnant villages between cancer. That's six but -- salute. You know what that's tragedy this is not this is 22 freaking years have been Wednesday so. I'm not again I would hate to think that I'm not going to get a shot but it I don't I don't. Well someone -- raise millions for LS I guess is that you can't be involved in that and look at this says. Even significant. It's the bulk up perspective yeah you know -- it would. What we all like you know throw a no hitter last start the age of forty in the world checkers and -- -- world it would be cool wouldn't that that that's not real life. -- far -- -- for -- the -- you surgery -- let me just say when that -- anesthetic anesthetic is time on Monday asking for the party -- Mostly I like a prolonged one where I don't go to sleep. I want to feel the effect as long as possible for about. The best of luck on Monday. All right we'll talk you can elect Curt Schilling. Then Mexico and wondered why it was a little down yeah. When we first discussed the Celtics championship with them and now we know yeah sounds like it's all over for. Certainly season ending surgery and at least half of next season but you can -- in his voice based on. The fact that he says there maybe -- Brohm and rotator cuff problems in addition to this. Revolutionary surgery the doctor Morgan is going to attempt by relocating the biceps mountain. At 41 -- promising a forty wanna now and 21 of the winds up from right. -- little scary -- -- sport slash

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